StormWorks News & Announcements

Dear Stormworkers,

This week we are releasing a new update!

Along with many fixes and improvements, we have added a new vehicle editor change - sticky rotation. A components rotation no longer orientates based on the direction of the surface you are hovering, but rather responds to the rotation keys. This change is intended to reduce the issue of it being unclear which key produces which rotation. Why is it always the last rotation key that you try?

This change obviously reworks a fundamental vehicle editor behaviour that many players will be used to. While we expect most players will be relieved that this has finally been changed, we are also aware that some players may feel that they are used to the old behaviour, however confusing it was. Let us know your thoughts and feedback!

As well as this change there are many fixes and improvements in response to player feedback on the issue tracker. Please see the patch notes below for full details.

A big thank you to everyone who turned up last week for the live stream!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Rework - #21443 Orientation is now sticky when placing components in the editor
Fix - #23076 Leaks not using their bounding when resolving with the ocean (Boats not sinking)
Fix - Crash fix for occasional issue with character input resetting
Fix - Hand item not clearing when teleporting (Fishing rod physics issues)
Fix - Seats applying an offset to character position when testing for drowning
Fix - #22332 Advanced rotor counter-torque forces applying in space
Fix - #22419 Waypoints are now grid based and distance restraint has been removed
Fix - #22457 Removed inert electric node on liquid fuel rockets
Fix - #22601 Addon references to removed node locationData.is_env_mod
Fix - #22652 Fixed lights issues on the arid island
Fix - #22766 Updated classic mode description
Fix - #22792 Reworked raycast interactions to fix several issues with rays from recent character network physics changes
Fix - #22813 Reworked visual effects of fluid jets
Fix - #22817 Directional rx description error
Fix - #22845 Distance sensor high electric consumption
Fix - #22916 Resolved buoyancy mesh generation issue for gas tanks
Fix - #23184 Enabled keypad waypoints to work on the moon (shows universal coordinates and not moon-relative coordinates, for lua addon compatability)
Fix - #24099 Fishing rod inventory description
Balance - #22846 Large solar cell price
Balance - Rebalanced hopper mass

Dear Stormworkers,

We are doing a live questions and answers session this Thursday, 22 February at 18:00 UTC.

This live stream will be found at the top of the Stormworks store page.

Please join us with your questions. Click "Set a reminder" on the menu to the right!

See you on Thursday!

Much love <3

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is minor update week, and we have added a new component, the map icon component!

Use this component on your creation to determine which part of your vehicle is considered the primary part of your vehicle for map purposes. Other parts will be considered secondary and will not show an icon.

As well as this new part, this update is a particularly large fixes and improvements update, with many important changes. Please see the patch notes below.

There are many more minor updates and major updates in the works, as well as work continuing on our new game.

Let's do a developer live questions and answers session on Thursday 22nd Feb at 18:00 UTC. I will answers questions live for at least an hour. While we won't confirm any new unannounced features in development, we will discuss the pros and cons of any ideas and suggestions, and do our best to answer your questions.

Please do join us for this on the Stormworks store page where the stream will appear! We will create a Steam event shortly.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - #21954 Map icon block

This new block allows the player to choose which vehicles in their vehicle-group should render on the map.
If no map icon block is found the default behaviour will remain to be rendering all vehicles in the group.

Fix - #23281 Fixed zero pressure transfer through doors when in complete vacuum
Fix - #23076 Leak rate issues at equal pressures
Fix - #23076 Fluid backflow issues with vehicle damage leaks
Fix - #21818 Seawater turns to freshwater across doorways
Fix - #21326 Mis-tagged arid mission zone (Boat spawned in road / lag)
Fix - #21772 Liquid rocket logic node typo
Fix - #21940 Missing stars in skybox
Fix - #22078 Space seats description
Fix - #22234 Day night length sliders when above default length
Fix - #22306 Transport supplies missions typos
Fix - #22365 Fixed CO2 poisoning not working
Fix - #22658 Workshop author map icon info broken

Fix - #21638 MacOS game icon
Fix - #24096 MacOS missing clouds
Fix - #21637 MacOS game close crash
Fix - #21636 MacOS quit multiplayer crash

Fix - Leak at map border crash
Fix - Animation blend crash
Fix - Slider gripper brake crash
Fix - #23012 Addon lua ropes resources crash
Fix - Remove connectors crash

Dear Stormworkers,

Last week we released the Fishing Rod Major Update and we have enjoyed seeing all the adventures that players have been going on, ways players have been fishing, and the huge trend of players taking screenshots of themselves holding fish!

We have also enjoyed reading your feedback and even watching the feedback videos that several Youtubers have made with their communities. A lot of this stuff has been noted down and we can discuss it more in an upcoming Q&A session. We are very busy and not sure when this will be, but hopefully we can set a date in the next few weeks.

Yesterday we released hotfix v1.10.2 with several important fixes. Please see the previous Steam post for patch notes.

Next week on Wednesday is update week, and we have a slightly larger fixes and improvements update, which also includes one new component! Be sure to join us then!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers
v1.10.2 (HOTFIX)

Fix - #22989 Flow issues with default fuel stores
Fix - Fish storage in equipment boxes
Fix - #24117 Disabled fish collision with players
Fix - #24103 Fixed misaligned fish ids in default Addon
Fix - Fixed some misc addon lua return values
Fix - Fixed some misc addon lua docs issues
Fix - #24104 Improved fish support for addon lua:
Fixed fish equipment spawning as binoculars
Fixed pickup and drop callbacks for fish equipment

Addon Dev Note: Fish are not creature or animal type and do not have an object associated with them for technical reasons. However, they can now successfully be spawned with spawnEquipment similar to ores.

Dear Stormworkers,

The Rod Fishing Major Update is out now!

In this new update, you can catch fish with the new fishing rod, store and transport your catch in hoppers, and sell them at fishing trading points in harbours.

It has been huge fun developing this update, and it has been great to see players getting excited about it! We have been reading your thoughts, comments, feedback, and even watching some on Youtube. Thanks for all the time and effort to let us know your thoughts. Making trailers takes a lot of energy, and we were very impressed by the epic trailer made by ProfNCognito! Check it out below:

Please see the patch notes below for detail on this new update.

As a reminder, updates now happen on Wednesdays.

We are planning on doing a live Q&A session soon, we will keep you posted.

We are still interested in player feedback on fishing and particularly, their requests for future commercial fishing updates.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Fish system overhaul; behaviours, items, animations and sounds
Feature - Physics based first person fishing rod
Feature - Item Vacuum hopper-block
Feature - Default trading addon fish markets
Feature - New map-label icon types, including hospital boat and refueler plane
Fix - Rope buoyancy issues
Fix - Resolved several issues with addon lua rope support
Fix - JSI dock physics mesh issues
Fix - #14434 Bug tracker not showing warning when attempting to post large files

Dear Stormworkers,

There are 2 things you need to know:

Rod Fishing Major Update

Next week on Wednesday 31st January, we are introducing fishing with a rod to Stormworks.

The new fishing rod inventory item allows players to cast a lure into the water. Over time, fish may become interested in the lure and have a nibble, or occasionally bite. With a fish hooked, you can reel in to collect your catch.

Fish can now be picked up with hands, and dropped on the floor. Their new mechanics are similar to ore particles, and so can also be stored and transported in hoppers.

A new hopper vacuum component can extract ore and fish from hoppers by pressing against it, pulling the contents out.

Fish can be traded at special fish gantry locations in some harbours.

Many thanks to the many players who have been asking for fishing and inspired this update. There are many requests on the issue tracker, and even youtubers have been very vocal, with Camodo sharing his ideas for years, and 454 doing a recent video.

But, is this the fishing update you wanted? I see many incredible fishing trawlers on the workshop! If you have ideas for commercial scale fishing, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback for potential future updates.

Releases Moved to Wednesdays

Thanks to Vandalich who got in touch on the issue tracker to share their development experiences and advice to help us reduce the stress of regular updates. We are following their recommendation and moving releases to Wednesdays, to give better breathing room around update timing and reduce the number of weekends we work.

We have also reviewed what other games do. Very few developers do their updates on Friday, probably for this very reason. Most are also on Wednesdays.

We are also looking at frequency. Very few developers do updates every 2 weeks on a schedule, and it probably makes sense to either reduce frequency or move to a non-regular schedule. This would mean less frequent but larger updates, and for us it means that we have more time to test each update.

However, we won't make this change right away, and so please expect updates every 2 weeks on Wednesdays for the time being.

We look forward to your thoughts on feedback on these new announcements!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is update week, and we have a small update focused on fixes and improvements!

While this may be a minor update, there are many important changes which players have been asking for. These improvements include a new "space" tag for the workshop, to help organize and find these creations.

Sadly, the bug allowing players to fly with a fire extinguisher has been addressed! Fire extinguishers still apply force in space allowing you to propel yourself around, but on Earth they don't apply any force any more.

For a full list of changes, see the notes below.

Next week we have a reelly big announcement so be sure to join us for the new info. We won't say any more as to spoil this update so catch you then!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - #22081 Added space and train tags to workshop uploads
Feature - #22258 Added rotation, angular speed and tilt to the astronomy sensor
Fix - Multiplayer rope render sync
Fix - #23781 Winch speed setting appearing on rope hooks
Fix - #21497 Hide addon popups during photo mode
Fix - #21797 Disable editing of vehicles with passengers
Fix - #21815 Skybox rendering issues
Fix - #22168 DLC icons on server list overlapping
Fix - #22376 Compartment internal fluid height issues (fires extinguishing under waterline)
Fix - Fixed tractor and engine preset issues
Balance - #21773 Reduced fire extinguisher force

Dear Stormworkers,

Thank you for all the feedback on pulleys! It was really fun to release a physics based component, and seeing players engage with the mechanics and engineering of pulleys has been awesome. The new and updated crane creations are incredible!

While the last couple of minor updates have included features, next weeks minor update will focus on just fixes and improvements.

Beyond that, we are continuing to work on the major and minor updates, and the new game.

We are also planning on doing a live Q&A session soon - time and date to be announced!

We will keep this weeks update short - please join us next week for the fixes minor update.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

Grab your block and tackle and start calculating your mechanical advantage - rope pulleys are now in Stormworks!

Rope pulleys work in the way you might intuitively expect - a pulley allows rope to pass through, with equal tension on each side of the pulley. Pulling on one side of a pulley will pull the rope through from the other side.

You can create an array of pulleys to create mechanical advantage with a block and tackle style arrangement, or just use pulleys to better design your cranes by separating your winch from the top of your gantry arm.

Two blocks are provided - the 'U' arrangement with rope anchors on the same side, and the 'L' arrangement with rope anchors at right angles to each other.

We have also reworked the preset vehicles a lot, so expect many improvements and new presets.

We have also added several fixes and improvements, please see the notes below for full details.

We hope you enjoy the new update, and look forward to your thoughts, feedback, new cranes and inventive ways of using pulleys!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - #4053 New Rope Pulley Block
Feature - #21412 New/updated preset vehicles
Feature - Decorated sawyer bases with seasonal meshes
Fix - #19513 Train wheels slower in reverse
Fix - #21611 Hide player option in camera mode not working
Fix - #21484 Fixed and optimized lights in hangar offices and hangars
Fix - #21477 Electric valves not working if below 90% charge
Fix - #21442 MC editor logic gates descriptions not showing in hotbar
Fix - #21342 Removed mega_island_16_3 floating trees

Dear Stormworkers,

Happy Holidays!

It is update week, and this update includes new variable pitch ship propellers!

These new propellers have a pitch input that allows you to adjust the pitch angle of the blades. This controls the amount of energy transferred by the propeller and controls the amount of thrust generated. Small, medium and large variants are included.

As well as these new components, there are several fixes and improvements included. Please see the patch notes below for details.

We have now included the dedicated server exe with Stormworks. Please can we ask server owners to transition over as we plan to discontinue the separate dedicated server app after 16th Feb 2024.

We look forward to your feedback on the new components and fixes!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Variable pitch ship propellers (small, medium, large)
Fix - improved positioning of player when leaving a seat, particularly at high speed
Fix - fixed looping equipment sfx not playing if 2 items with looping sfx were on the hotbar
Fix - fixed oil deposit placement sea floor height calculation
Fix - fixed typos in the radio antenna transmit logic nodes
Fix - fixed typo in description of the Uran Wind Powerplant
Fix - allow player inspect raycast to ignore ghost physics for hovering NPCs
Fix - Lua addons, added missing documented alias, fixed -1 support for seated_id and seated_peer_id
Fix - resolved issue where looking at NPC wouldn't always bring up the context menu
Fix - oil spills no longer cleared by pumping through fluid jets and improved stability of oil simulation
Fix - fixed occasional crash when spawning vehicles related to body mass calculation
Fix - hid data logging blocks which are used for our unit testing
Fix - fixed crash related to spawn vehicle add events
Rework - renamed 'gender' to 'body type' in character editor

Dear Stormworkers,

This is announcement week, with a new minor update planned for next week.

Updates will continue as normal over the winter holiday, although we will close the office for a few days so we may not make the interim announcement.

We have some really important fixes on the way, as well as really exciting major updates, and progress on our new game. At the moment, we only talk about stuff as it releases, and this is because it makes it much easier for us to change what is in an update and when an update will release. It also helps avoid disappointment - no expectations can get built up before release if we don't hype it up too much before hand.

This strategy is aimed at minimizing release pressure, and allowing the most focus to go to actual development. However, we are aware that different developers do stuff in different ways, with some doing something similar, and others being very open.

What are your thoughts? What stuff would you like to see us do?

We should probably also do another live Q&A session in the new year.

We look forward to your feedback!

Please call back next week for the minor update.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Fix - Resolved crash when deleting vehicle from vehicle editor

Dear Stormworkers,

It is update week! This week we have one small feature - end effectors can now cut ropes!

We have also replaced grass with snow for the xmas event, which has been frequently requested, and was in such high demand that one player (briish) even managed to mod this into the game themselves! Very impressive.

During the xmas event each year, some decorations will appear at bases, rain will render as snow, NPCs will often dress up in seasonal outfits, and now the grass and trees will appear with snow. This event is locked based on the date.

Otherwise, this update is mostly bug fixes and improvements. Please see below for the full list of changes.

Behind the scenes, we have finished the framework for the vehicle unit testing system, and are now working on creating the unit test vehicles.

As we discussed last week, we have a big list of stuff to work through and will be releasing minor updates with fixes every 2 weeks as normal.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback on the new update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - End effectors now cut ropes (#19287 #18207 #12104)
Feature - #6069 Changed grass to snow for Xmas
Balance - Updated heat rate based on volume for heaters inside compartments
Rework - Identical notifications now stack
Fix - Debuff icon rendering stacking
Fix - Map center revealing on game start
Fix - #21808 Fluid cannon pressure issues
Fix - #21628 Fluid hoses clogging
Fix - #22878 Fixed server side workbench interation for static vehicles
Fix - #22856 #23334 Fixed static behaviour for addon spawned groups
Fix - #21872 Jet engine turbojets applying force in space
Fix - #22811 Steam pistons now base their power on steam pressure instead of volume

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is announcement week, with minor updates planned for next week 8th December, and also every two weeks following as normal.

Next week is mostly fixes and improvements, but does include a minor new feature. While we are using the majority of our time for fixes, we are reserving a small amount of time to introduce smaller new features, and plan to add something new on average every 4 weeks.

We are also planning the usual free major updates, and next year should bring 4 of these. We are carefully listening to players, and next years majors will be highly requested features. We have plenty of work to do here, but we are really excited and expect they will make a huge difference to players.

We are not currently planning more DLC for Stormworks in 2024. Our focus will be on quality improvements and highly requested features.

Work continues on 'Not Stormworks 2'. If you are not familiar, 'Not Stormworks 2' is a new game that we are working on. Only one thing is known for sure: it is NOT a sequel to Stormworks! Stormworks will continue for a long time, and isn't affected by this other game. We will announce more info in 2024.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week's minor update brings many fixes and improvements to Stormworks!

These are important fixes that players have requested on the issue tracker. Many thanks to all the players who shared their feedback!

In a couple of months, we are planning to merge the dedicated server into the main game installation rather than having a separate Steam product. This simply means that server.exe and server64.exe will be installed with Stormworks, rather than the separate Steam App where they currently exist.

To help server communities, there will be a long transition period and we will be listening to their feedback. As we understand, it should be a simple process to make minor changes to their install scripts. We will let you know when the transition period starts with more info on what to do if you run a server.

The reason for this change is to ensure that the server and the game updates at the same time, removing the risk of an error where the game and the server may have different versions for some period of time.

The other reason is that Valve have released some new security measures requiring 2FA via SMS to update the game on Steam. This means that automated pipelines can no longer push updates, and a person with the right permissions must be standing by with the phone to confirm each release for each app.

I am not convinced this makes any sense. The SMS confirmation isn't required for beta branches or workshop uploads which can also go live directly to players, and its broadly agreed that automated release processes are less prone to errors than those involving humans. However, we love Valve and we appreciate they are just trying to make Steam as safe as they reasonably can.

Please see the patch notes below for full details on this update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Balance/Rework - Wide scale adjustments to fluid pressure and flow through doors
Balance - Rebalanced water jet energy conversion to better match old behaviour
Balance - Reduced air scoop reaction to wind and velocity
Balance - #23038 Rebalanced engine cooling and heat
Balance - #22867 #22872 Reduced large firebox and diesel burner coolant capacity and reworked heat transfer to be higher in larger boilers
Fix - #22752 Improved flow in restricted scenarios, apply flow limiting after resolving fluid islands
Fix - Crash when attempting to offset the physics position of a group where not all vehicles were loaded
Fix - Turbojets no longer apply force in space
Fix - #22917 Weapons AI autocannon tanks not firing
Fix - #22510 #23023 Updated weapons AI boats and fixed AI captain raycasts colliding with character physics
Fix - #22191 Resolved default disaster siren not containing a battery (running out of electric)
Fix - #21163 Fixed sharks dragging characters through thin walls
Fix - #20947 Ordnance type default value
Fix - #23109 Keep active block functionality for vehicle groups
Fix - Flush addon script deferred events immediately before triggering initial autosave after onCreate
(Some addon data based on onVehicleSpawn callbacks missing if load initial autosave of a game)

Dear Stormworkers,

Next week we will be releasing another minor update focused on fixes and improvements.

Fixes will be included for the following topics:

Trading add-on, keep active blocks, enemy AI, large fire box, diesel burner, water jets, underwater doors, air scoop, turbo props.

We remain determined to clean up all these issues for good, and there is plenty of other stuff that we are also getting to, that players have reported on the tracker.

Thank you to everyone who have reported issues and helped us resolve these problems!

If you are experiencing an issue with a component not listed above, have not reported it yet, and have a simple example, please do get in touch via the in-game "report a bug" button. We want to make sure we are aware of all remaining issues so we can get them resolved as soon as possible.

With the above said, we have made huge progress, fixed the majority of problems, and fixes are for increasingly rare issues.

We are also working on the unit test system and should have this integrated into our process in the next few weeks.

Fixes and improvements remain the priority, but further ahead we are planning some great new content and features which are highly requested. 2024 should be a great year for updates!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

It is minor update week! As well as a long list of fixes and improvements, there is also a new feature - release rope input for rope anchors!

You can now detach ropes using logic on a vehicle. This new on/off logic node can be triggered to release the rope connections on an anchor for ropes.

The fixes list includes some important changes, including some fluid rebalances. These rebalances are tending to be smaller and finer in magnitude as the system is generally backwards compatible in most situations. Thank you to all the players who helped by posting issues on the issue tracker!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Rope anchor "release rope" logic node

Fix - #22825 Resolved door/turret-ring flow and pressure issues
Fix - #22287 Default missions tow mission spawning error without DLC
Fix - #22483 Default missions repair missions using outdated function call
Fix - #21092 Crash when attempting to carry a creature-dragged character
Fix - #20876 Fix pressVehicleButton behaviour for toggle buttons
Fix - Predators no longer attacking
Fix - #20988 Default secondary equipment binding to R (prev B)
Fix - #21069 Fix buzzer audio layer volume initialization
Fix - #21117 Prevent vehicle fire damage ignoring vehicle damage setting when enabled
Balance - #21843 #21853 Balanced heat sources (Firebox no longer kills you, heaters twice as effective, burn damage and radius balanced)
Fix - Crash which rarely occurred when creating ropes
Balance - #21952 Adjusted liquid rocket fuel consumption
Balance - #22120 #22803 Rebalanced RCS thrust and consumption and clamped flow
Fix - #22799 Antennas not highlighting when in logic placement mode
Balance - #22849 Rebalanced diesel burner consumption and max temperature
Rework - #22911 Rescaled maximum ocean pressure to 30atm

Fix - fixed dedicated server crash
Fix - fixed jet engines with inf fuel
Fix - limit fluid transfer through doors based on compartment size to resolve oscillating with very small compartments
Rework - liquid fuel engine internal capacity now based on engine size to improve flow
Rework - premade engine internal capacity now based on engine size to improve flow
Rework - increased modular engine fuel manifold capacity to improve fuel flow at low pressures
Rework - water jets now convert momentum less agressively to reduce power stall
Rework - reduced backflow threshold so that backflow only occurs with low or zero flow (improves pressure inside leaking compartments)
Rework - rebalanced diesel burner to heat up slower
Rework - reduced centrifugal separator internal capacity to make flow more responsive

Fix - compressed gas tanks now fill completely
Fix - water jets thrust increased to match previous level
Fix - modular engines now work correctly with inf fuel