StormWorks News & Announcements

Dear Stormworkers,

Nvidia have been in touch with us to add Stormworks to Geforce NOW, and this has just launched in their December update!

You can now play Stormworks on the Geforce NOW cloud streaming service. Simply launch the Geforce NOW software and you should see Stormworks if you have your Steam library connected. The those who have lower spec PCs, but don't have Geforce NOW, I believe there is a free account type to try it out, with limited session lengths.

Players have been asking for Stormworks to be available on Geforce NOW for years, so we are very pleased to finally join the service. Contrary to what you might expect, we don't have direct contact or behind-the-scenes access to all the big hardware manufacturers, but credit to Nvidia to reaching out and getting in touch with a smaller business like ours.

As previously discussed, we are continuing work on minor and major updates, with the Inventory Slots Update due next week with many other fixes and improvements.

We hope this new launch on Geforce NOW is useful to some players, and we look forward to more updates over the coming weeks and months!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is minor update week, and we are introducing some new and reworked audio effects!

We have added new sounds for premade engines and modular engines. These sounds have different layers that blend with each other based on RPS. Similar to the old sounds, there are different sets of sounds for engines classified as "small", "medium", and "large". Commercially available sound samples for engines are surprisingly uncommon and it has been a challenge to rework these sounds, but we are very pleased with the result, and we hail an end to lawnmower engines!

New lightning and thunder sound effects give a more authentic sense to thunder storms, with different layers of sound used based on distance, and better effects overall.

Boat propellers also have new sounds, with new layer blending and different effects based on RPS. As with many Stormworks sound effects, the challenge here is decomposed sounds - the propeller component in Stormworks can only make the sound of the propeller interacting with the water. However, in the real world, propellers are always accompanied with the sound engines so these have also been a big challenge!

And there are more sound effects, including new sirens, buttons, and gearboxes!

As usual, these minor update features are accompanied with many fixes and improvements. Please check the notes below for full details!

We are already working on another audio minor update, as well as all the other updates discussed last week.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new sounds!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - New sound effects and audio updates
Feature - Addon editor component copy and paste support

In this minor update we are including some of the planned audio changes we have been developing;
Engines and modular engines have new sounds with improved blending.
Gearboxes now have a sound when changing ratio to give feedback to the player.
Lightning/Thunder now have a selection of sounds based on the range of the storm.
Marine propellers have new sounds with improved blending.
Key buttons and circuit breakers have new sound effects.
Throttle levers now make a button sound when pressed.
Added a many new sound effects to the buzzer block (Sirens / Horns / Klaxons / Bells)

Rework - #11569 Characters now only drop equipment on death instead of incapacitated
Fix - #15693 Common creature physics crash
Fix - #11619 Removed some unnecessary surfaces from windows that prevented raycasts
Fix - #13348 Winch up and down editor warnings inverted
Fix - Lights sometimes rendering a light flare with 0 power
Fix - #13613 Updated function block to handle very small values
Fix - End effector no longer interacts with manual components
Fix - Improved vehicle editor loading time
Fix - #3196 Increase text length for detailed tooltip nodes
Fix - #14082 Army outfit mesh issues
Fix - #14088 Pilot Seat (Hotas) incorrect control display
Fix - Fixed animal interactions when incapacitated in beds
Fix - #15075 Restored debug.log() behavior
Fix - Creature sync inconsistencies
Fix - Dogs fetching animation issue
Rework - Removed minor healing from normal beds
Rework - Static vehicles electric reworked, batteries on static vehicles have infinite charge, components on static vehicles no longer act as if they infinite electric

Dear Stormworkers,

In this weeks announcement, we discuss specifics on our plans for upcoming minor updates. In this announcement we share our plans and intentions because it is useful for players to have some roadmap for what to expect. However, plans can change, and this information is a guide only. Nothing is certain until it is released!

All minor updates are minor! They will include mostly fixes and improvements, as these are what we spend most of our time on, but also include some small features which we will discuss below.

25th November:

Next week we are planning to release an audio update! We have multiple updates planned, and this is the first. This update will include engine, propeller, siren sound effects and some others.

9th December:

Expanded equipment inventory. We plan to increase the number of items that the player can carry. While only a minor change, this is a popular request and important to many players.

23rd December:

Christmas update! The usual Christmas event will return with decorations and snow, but with animals joining the fun! We plan to take a break over the holiday but are preparing this update ahead of time.

6th January:

Multiplayer optimization! Many players have told us that this is the top priority. We have been making progress on this regularly and several multiplayer improvements have happened in the patch notes that have not been the headline of the week and may have been noticed. On the 6th Jan, we plan to release a bigger improvement that we hope will prevent input delay and lag that many players have reported.

We look forward to sharing these updates along with all the fixes and improvements we are working on soon!

We also continue to work on major updates, and our goal is to release 3 major updates during 2023.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week we are releasing a new desalinator component, along with the ususal fixes and improvements in this minor update.

Desalination is the process of removing salts and minerals from water. In sea water, the smallest molecules are the H2O water molecules, and marine desalinators work by pushing salt water through a very fine filter paper which only the smallest molecules can fit through.

This new Stormworks component converts sea water to fresh water.

This is just a small feature update, as we return our focus back to bug fixes and improvements. We have been very active in releasing new features recently (with the new Industrial Frontier, Zombies, etc). However, players have continued to help us identify issues that need fixing, and we have a great list of stuff that we can improve in the coming weeks and months. We plan to continue making steady progress working though any issues, as well as regularly adding minor features.

Progress here is going well and we have a lot of fixes and improvements in production, many of which will hopefully have a big impact for many players. While development continues at the same pace, we are now giving more time to testing so there is a longer lead-in time as we take care to make sure the updates are to a higher quality. These upcoming fixes are very important and we will go into more detail about our plans in a future announcement.

Please see the patch notes below for full details on all changes.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Fix - Negative integer table indices are now supported when saving addon script data


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - Desalinator (#6859 #8557 #8575)
Feature - Addon editor creature support and localization (#14990)

Fix - Repaired various train-line issues (#14877 #14942 #14976 #15064 #15275 #15300 #15350)
Fix - #15494 Custom tanks without a fluid spawner now correctly add their contents to workbench inventory on vehicle despawn
Fix - #14461 Modular starter audio sfx crash/memory leak
Fix - #11629 Sonar missile output failing when sampling multiple bodies
Fix - Tutorial DLC disabling not working as intended when hosting MP games
Fix - Improved some thread safety to avoid lockup situations
Fix - #13075 Rotor end fold/unfold raycast
Fix - #11572 Scuba outfit un-paintable
Fix - #1335 Incorrect ui highlight when re-entering map
Fix - #13462 Updated purchase dialogs to use property instead of island
Fix - #13469 Missing localization strings for bindings menu
Fix - #13591 E/Q camera controls in editor are inverted
Fix - #13689 Hand cranks now consider damping
Fix - #13731 SGK Outpost physics mesh issues
Fix - #13732 Oil refinery stairs hitbox
Fix - #14854 Nuclear plant mesh issues
Fix - Campbell lighthouse light rotation speed
Fix - several small terrain fixes for arid island
Fix - #14823 Monkey Brain typo
Fix - #14829 Sharpspoonful typo
Balance - Improved rocket fin control surfaces underwater
Balance - #13275 Rebalanced leak flow rate to compensate for leak spawning bugfix (reduced 3x)

Added a preset torpedo example
Removed the default zombies addon

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is upcoming announcement week, with content updates releasing last week, and also next week. Our schedule alternates every other week between game updates and upcoming announcements.

In this announcement, we discuss our plans for future updates! We are working on several minor updates, starting on some new future major update content, and looking for new ideas as we plan out development for 2023.

We are planning minor updates every 2 weeks (as usual), which will be mostly fixes and improvements, but also with some new components and features too.

These minor updates include some very frequently requested changes and improvements. The first of our audio updates will arrive before the end of the year, as well as other common requests.

However, these updates will be predominantly bug fixes and improvements, with each update having useful fixes for all players. These are well planned out and we are constantly reviewing the issue tracker and planning more work and tasks, and planning more updates.

We are also talking about major updates at the moment. No final decisions have been made yet for what the 2023 major updates will be, so now is a great time to let us know your thoughts, ideas, and requests. Drop your ideas in the comments, or if you want to go into more detail, make a feature request on the issue tracker! As always, we love to hear feedback from players, and this feedback is a big influence to the direction of the game, as has always been the case in the past! Almost all of the updates we make to the game are direct responses to requests from players.

Thank you to everyone who has already given feedback! It is appreciated. And also, thank you to everyone who has supported us by getting the game or the DLCs! Stormworks continues to be a great success on Steam. We really enjoy developing and supporting this game and its players, and we are delighted to be planning support into the future.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

It is Steam Scream Fest!

Today we add zombies, and animal fancy dress!

The Stormworks undead wander around aimlessly, until they hear or see the player. If they hear a sound or catch a glimpse, they may investigate and wander in your direction. If they get a better look of a player, they will break into a sprint and if they get close enough... attack! This behaviour is actually a general improvement to all predator creatures and it is now possible to avoid detection through remaining quiet and out of sight.

The dogs and farm animals are also celebrating the Halloween festival, and are wearing fancy dress!

The animals and creatures is a new system introduced in the Industrial Frontier DLC. The zombies use this system, and that is why the Industrial Frontier is required for zombies.

Zombies are very dangerous, and our survival style add-on also involves spawning loot, including guns. Because of this, our zombie add-on (the bit that spawns the zombies and loot) is only active when both DLCs are present.

And of course, Stormworks isn't actually a zombie game, so our Undead Survival add-on is only active during Halloween. However, our add-on can be modified and uploaded to the workshop if players wish, and we are sure that many creators will want to make their own zombie add-ons which could be active all year round.

This is a minor seasonal update, and just a bit of fun. We hear those players who have other priorities for the game, but this won't stop us releasing fun content for the players who want it!

While the headlines are above, this update also includes lots of important fixes and improvements that will be useful to everybody. Please see the notes below for full details.

We hope you enjoy this new update and look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Halloween Seasonal Event:
Feature - Stormwoofs seasonal outfits
Feature - Added several zombie creature types
Feature - Aggressive creatures advanced AI
Feature - Zombie Apocalypse Addon (#5689)
Feature - Fluid tanks improved detailed tooltips
Feature - Add Workbench for ground vehicles at North Meier Outpost (#14888)

In this spooky update along with various bugfixes we have some new additions to our regular seasonal Halloween period:

Stormwoofs will temporarily have fun Halloween themed outfits on, with each breed having their own unique costume. (Let us know your favorite!)

Zombie Apocalypse mode is a new Addon which will be enabled over the Halloween period for players with both 'Search and Destroy' and 'Industrial Frontier' DLCs enabled.
We recommend disabling the dlc weapons ai script as minimum when playing with this addon and if players wish to turn off this addon they can disable it as usual in the addon selector on the new game menu.

The zombies addon has various settings to balance the mode to your own preference, so make sure to check them out in the addon settings when creating a new world.
With Default settings Stormworks will be plagued with undead lurking across the sawyer and arid biomes, with new aggressive creature advanced AI that respond to sounds like player footsteps or gunshots.
Players can go guns blazing or opt for stealth and avoid zombie vision cones as they search buildings for randomly generated loot, breaking line of sight will cause the zombies to lose interest after a while.
Loot (and zombies) will respawn after ~5 mins of a tile being unloaded, and random loot is themed to the location (Hospitals more likely to drop medical supplies etc).

Some of the following fixes are updates to default addon content or terrain, which may not be updated/fixed on pre-existing saves.

Fix - #14827 Updated default resource storage vehicle to fix an issue with pumping air after it runs out of fuel
Fix - Repaired several trainline rail/mesh issues
Fix - #14938 Workbench not working at benzin gas station
Fix - #14989 'Invisible walls' / for-sale sign physics not despawning correctly
Fix - #14866 Weapons outfits ids have now been corrected for inventory components
Fix - #10358 Increased async network buffer size for vehicles
Fix - #13695 Weather De-sync on load/join
Fix - #12053 Winch audio persisting at max length
Fix - #13319 Disabled some developer debug logs
Fix - #12318 Fix syntax error in lua docs
Fix - #13911 Oxygen tank and parachute animation issues
Fix - #14857 Unable to use scene ladders when carrying creature
Fix - Tooltip not appearing on workbench when carrying creature
Fix - #13382 Environment slider affecting voice volume
Fix - #14297 Fix charger component not providing power to grids connected directly to output without a charge reservoir
Fix - #14854 Mesh fixes for the Nuclear Plant
Fix - #15069 Bear attack mission description appearing incorrectly
Fix - #12943 Spawned structures should now count as static
Fix - Creature attacks dealing 3x damage to clients
Balance - #14860 Rebalanced initial workbench fuel resource amounts (5000L Diesel, 2000L Jet, 100 Coal)

Lua Api:

Due to the changes to equipment IDs for weapons armor outfits players may need to update scripts with the new id values:
Dog Whistle was inserted at 73, dlc weapons outfits have been shifted up by one

Added spawnNamedAddonLocation
Added getSeasonalEvent
Added spawnEquipment
Added onCharacterPickup
Added onCreaturePickup
Added onEquipmentPickup
Added onEquipmentDrop
Aliased getCharacterData to getObjectData
Added creature_type and scale to object data

Dear Stormworkers,

Steam Scream Fest starts on Tuesday, and to mark Halloween, we are doing an update to Industrial Frontier including zombies! While it is just a bit of fun, we have been having a great time testing and can't wait to share this update on Tuesday!

Many new zombie variants will be available. These have been added as a new creature type, using the new creates system that is introduced in Industrial Frontier for the animals. We are also adding various improvements to the creatures system in next weeks update. The awareness AI is being improved with field of view, line of sight, and hearing. This means that sneaking around is now possible, where staying out of sight is important. Creatures will investigate noises like nearby footsteps or distant engines and gunshots too, even if they haven't seen a player.

To continue the fun, during Halloween, many locations will have spooky decorations as in previous years. This year, dogs and many farm animals are also joining the fun and wearing fancy dress!

The new zombie creatures will be available via the lua API to all players with the Industrial Frontier DLC. They will be permanently available so players can use them in their own add-ons.

For players who also have the Weapons DLC, we are also creating a new "Undead Survival" add-on! This is a limited time event, just for the Halloween period. Zombies will spawn across the world of Stormworks, as well as loot, often around buildings. You can disable this add-on when starting a new game if you wish. It is loads of fun and we recommend giving it a go on Tuesday!

We look forward to sharing this update on Tuesday! Catch you then,

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

The Stormworks: Industrial Frontier DLC is out now!

You can view the store page here.

What is included?

The new arid mainland more than doubles the land mass in Stormworks, with 400sq km of desert, salt plains, canyons, mountains, volcano, quarries, mine, industrial sites and more.

New road and rail reaches across this new mainland, with hundreds of km of new track and tarmac. Rail routes are mostly arranged in loops, and include shunting yards, access to industrial areas, and even slope into the sea at the ship launching yard.

New mineral types include iron ore, aluminium ore, and gold rich dirt. These minerals can be reduced and refined at the separator, foundry and industrial laboratory to produce pure ingots that can be sold at the trading yard.

Wild animals and farm animals roam the new arid biome as well as the forested mainland and the arctic. Be mindful of dangerous predators such and bears and wolves. Domestic dogs can also be found around the world and can be instructed with the new dog whistle.

The new animal-attack mission type requires you to rescue survivors from wild animal attacks.

For the Steam Scream Fest starting 25th October, for a bit of fun, we will also be adding new creatures to the DLC - zombies! And we will also be adding an Undead Survival add-on (active during the Scream Fest for owners of both the Industrial Frontier and Weapons DLC).

New Updates To The Base Game

We are also releasing free updates to the base game, with a remodelling for the Sawyer Isles including new train lines, the new mining component, new coal and uranium mineral deposits, and a reworked fuel management system for career.

We can't wait to hear what you think of the new update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Features marked with are only available via the new Industrial Frontier DLC.
Due to reworks to the trainlines, game mechanics and default playlists we strongly encourage users to create new saves for this update.

**Feature - Sawyer Isle Trainlines**

Revamped the railways on the Sawyer isles with scenic coastal cliff and valley routes, rail-road crossings and a new large train depot.
The outbound connection has been relocated from the north to the west coast of the island, with a new route to the south which connects to the New Arid biome if the DLC is enabled.

**Feature - Mining and Refining**

New Mineral Drill vehicle component for mining coal and ore from the ground.

Updated the Dean Hall (Sawyer) and Old Arnold (Donkk) quarries with coal deposits.
Updated the Underwater caves with uranium ore deposits.
Coal gantries at the quarries have been removed.

Renamed coal ducts/funnels/hoppers to mineral ducts/funnels/hoppers and added mineral type filters.

Uranium ore can be refined into Ingots at the XFury Drilling Co. in the arctic.

**Feature - Workbench resource storage**

Tiles now have an internal inventory for Diesel, Jet Fuel, Coal and Uranium Ingots.
Information for tile inventories can be viewed on the fast travel tooltip for a base or within the workbench itself by expanding the currency button in the bottom right of the editor.

The Auto-refuel setting has been removed:
Instead of filling inventories with fuel using money the resources are directly consumed from the workbench's inventory.

A new default addon 'default_resource_storage' has been created to supersede 'default_fuel_stores':
Jet fuel and Diesel can be pumped out through the provided pumps, Coal and Uranium Ingots can be deposited via the hopper.

Uranium Ingots are now required to fuel nuclear fuel rods.

** Feature - Arid Mega Island**

A vast 300 Square Kilometer territory featuring Salt Flats, Mesa Desert, Rocky Mountains and a Huge Volcano.
A mix of truck stops and isolated industrial facilities are scattered throughout with an emphasis on truck and train logistics.
Deliver ores to the foundry via rail or explore the abandoned nuclear facility (Bringing a hazmat suit is advised).

When the DLC is enabled the preset starting tiles (Beginner Outpost / Creative Island) will be replaced with their Arid island counterparts.

** Feature - Animals and Stormwoofs**

Animals now spawn throughout the world of stormworks.
Chase the seals in the arctic or race wild horses on the salt flats but watch out for bears in the woods.

Stormwoofs (Dogs) are a rare spawn that can appear near bases or residential areas in the world.
Unlike other animals they can be issued commands with the new Dog Whistle component to assist you on search and rescue operations.
Stormwoofs will alert players to nearby survivors by barking in their direction.
There is a guaranteed spawn location at the North Meier Outpost and FJ Warner Docks.

Yes, you can pet the dogs! (and many other animals)

Additionally we have added a 'Bear Attack' mission complication for thematic rescue mission types

** Feature - Metals and Metal Ore**

The Arid Biome is formed from mineral dense rock and is home to several quarries and mines, with gold ores scattered across the plateaus beneath the surface sand.

Players will find Iron, Aluminium, Uranium and Gold Dirt deposits, which require processing at specialist facilities scattered across the islands.

- Gold Dirt can be sifted for Gold Ore at the Ace Master Separator.
- Refine Uranium Ore at the Uran Wind Power Plant.
- Smelt Iron and Aluminium and Gold Ores into ingots or temper Iron Ingots with Coal to make Steel at the Empire Industries Foundry
- Purify Dirty Gold Ingots into Pure Gold Bars at the Mallamar Mineral Lab


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Revert - Reverted a fix to damage parsing that was causing highly increased load times for vehicle states
Fix - Crash caused by new train wheel assembly 3x particles
Fix - Improved client catchup when under high render load
Fix - #13755 Adjusted physics triangle culling (holes in floor)
Fix - Birds maximum flight height increased
Fix - #13641 Rail junction tile with incorrect connection flag
Rework - Tile generation reworked; seeds should persist in future versions
Rework - Coal (and Minerals) ground despawn time increased to 60sec
Rework - Coal (and Minerals) now sink in water
Rework - Updated mineral duct component network events for better sync
Rework - Mission characters no longer apply their orientation (Fix NPCs facing away from player)
Rework - 'First time' new game auto-setup now disables DLC

Misc Changes:

Added links to DLC store pages on the main menu if they are not owned.

Updated some dedicated server config names to reflect their in-game counterpart.
These were added as aliases so old names will continue to work:

Addon Lua:

Return false instead of error when dlc lua functions are called from non dlc save
Fixed DLCWeapons script access error
Fixed property.slider not displaying decimals
Voxel-pos support for all set/get vehicle component functions
get/setVehicleHopper can now set mineral inventory for all mineral holding components; and has an additional type parameter
Added spawnVehicleRope
Added getVehicleRopeHook
Added getTileInventory
Added setTileInventory
Added dlcArid
Added spawnCreature
Added setCreatureMoveTarget
Dear Stormworkers,

Join us for the launch party live stream!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week, we release a huge update to train wheels!

Steam Powered Wheels

The new steam powered wheel components include train wheel pistons and linked drive wheels. These are modular parts where chains of drive wheels connect together with drive wheel linkages. A connecting train wheel steam piston will also link to the drive wheels, converting pressurized steam into driving force.

These new steam drive wheels come in multiple sizes and wheel types, from solid wheels to spoked and counterweighted.

Other Train Wheels

We have also added other train wheels! These new components include steam era leaf sprung stock wheels, as well as modern styled wheels in single, double, and triple configurations. This allows much more customization and replication of designs.

Mechanical Reworks

Train wheels now work differently! The wheels no longer pivot freely, and are fixed in the orientation they are placed. If they twist to too high a degree, they will derail. Derailment becomes more likely with speed as well.

Brakes are also reworked, and now have high high holding power at low speeds, so when applied, brakes should firmly hold your train in place.

This is a massive rework of train wheels, and just in time for the new DLC release on Thursday next week, featuring hundreds of km of train lines.

Thank you to all the players who have asked for improved train wheels. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on this new minor update!

The new Industrial Frontier DLC arrives on Thursday at 5PM UTC / 10AM Pacific Daylight Time! We will be hosting the launch party around 1 hour before then, as a stream on the Steam Store page. Please join us!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - New Train Wheel Assemblies and Pistons (#2393 #14402)

In this update we have reworked our train bogie code and added a variety of new parts:
- Added several new train assemblies of varying size
- Added steam train assemblies and pistons that link together when placed in sequence
- Updated the braking mechanic to prevent rolling on slopes
- Updated how trains attach to the track for improved cornering
- Added a derailing mechanic for train bogies turning through critical angles which are more sensitive at high speeds

Fix - #9407 Fix pipe components being draggable in unintended axes
Fix - #10449 Mesh error at Kalopsidiotis Chemical Storage
Fix - #10680 Detonator antenna sticks out of the block
Fix - #10987 AWACS radar has missing/transparent textures at certain angles
Fix - #12970 Cable anchors received data issues when disconnected by players
Fix - #13178 Logic slot name typo
Fix - #13224 Memory Register typo
Fix - #13233 Winch description semantics
Fix - #13236 Reversed mass changes to tank track parts
Fix - #14291 Incorrect Description for Laser Sensor (Missile)

Dear Stormworkers,

The Industrial Frontier DLC is almost here, arriving on October 13th at 5PM UTC / 10AM Pacific Daylight Time!

In this announcement, we discuss new information and details on this new DLC. We also have an incredible month of updates planned, with hints below on next weeks minor update, as well as a Halloween update in the works!

The New Biome

The new arid mainland is the new, dry biome, inspired by various deserts, canyons, mountain ranges, and styles of geology from around the world. Different areas of the new mainland represent the style and nature of various world locations, each blending into the next to create a varied and diverse landscape.

There are various built locations around the world, including an abandoned and damaged nuclear power plant on the coast (with low levels of radiation), a large oil and gas storage yard, abandoned iron ore mine and ore terminal, huge flat salt plains with ship wrecks reminiscent of the Aral Sea, metal works and foundry, gold ore separator, deep uranium mine, a radio frequency telescope inspired by the Arecibo telescope, and many other unique locations.

The new biome is 30km from end to end, 400 square km in total, and surrounded by many new small dry islands. The many dozens of new locations and landmarks across the islands are named in honor of the many great Stormworks vehicle creators who have shared their creations on the workshop.

New Rail

The new railway lines are extensive and are designed to largely form loops, as well as provide freight access to many of the new industrial locations. As well as routes and junctions, there are various shunting yards to allow for more of the operations required in rail freight. Next weeks minor update will make further big improvements for train gameplay,

Mining and Refining

The new mining system adds a new mining drill component, which can drill mineral patches to break down and extract minerals. These minerals can be held in hoppers in a similar way to coal. New mineral types include iron ore, aluminium ore, gold rich dirt, and uranium ore. These can be refined and reduced via the metals foundary, dirt separator, centrefuges, and industrial laboritory. Pure metal ingots can be sold at the metals trading yard, while uranium ingots can be taken to workbenches for building uranium fuel rods in career.


The new animals are largely grouped into some main categories: domestic dog breeds, farm animals, predators, and herbivores. There are around a dozen breeds of dog, from traditional working dogs such as German Shephards, to less traditional search and rescue canines, such as the Pug. Farm animals include breeds of horse, sheep, cow pig, goat, chicken, etc. Predators include types of bear, wolves and more, while prey includes types of hare, deer, etc.

As a reminder of the upcoming timetable:

Oct 7th: Train themed minor update

Oct 13th: Industrial Frontier DLC Launch

Oct 25th: Halloween update

Thank you to everyone for all the support we have received. We are super excited for the upcoming expansion and can't wait for release! We look forward to your feedback, and see you next week for the minor update.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

In this weeks update, we are adding a new component - the missile laser sensor component!

The missile laser sensor works a lot like the radar sensor, except it locks onto laser points rather than radar contacts. This greatly assists the creation of compact laser guided missiles and bombs.

This new sensor is similar to the laser point sensor, except it is smaller, cylindrical, and has the same composite output as the radar missile sensor, allowing simpler and more compact munitions.

We have included a new preset vehicle to help players get started with the new sensor. It works in a very similar way to the radar missile sensor, so you should be able to do a simple sensor swap-out on any existing missiles you have made. In our tests, it works great for both LG missiles and also bombs.

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on last weeks announcement! We have been overwhelmed by the level of support and enthusiasm for this update and we can't wait for release!

Here is a quick recap of the roadmap to release:

30th Sept - More info and details of the Industrial Frontier DLC

7th Oct - Minor update including some very highly requested new components

13th Oct - Stormworks: Industrial Frontier DLC launch

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this weeks update. Be sure to join us next week for more important info on the Industrial Frontier!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - Missile Laser Sensor (#5754 #6954)

Fix - #3713 Game music doesn't stop when returning to main menu
Fix - #7177 Charger sometimes not functioning as intended due to block placement order
Fix - Rope states not updating on client join
Fix - Held rope animation not matching hand position
Fix - #13070 Removed non-functional MC editor 'Don't show in inventory' option
Fix - #2633 Removed arrow rendering from logic links for improved performance

Dear Stormworkers,

On the 13th October 2022, we will be launching the new Industrial Frontier Expansion!

New Lands

The Industrial Frontier update includes a new 400 square km arid mega island. This is a huge new location, and is two times bigger than the current largest island. Overall, this expansion doubles the total land area in Stormworks.

To the south of the Stormworks world, this warmer location is a combination of salt flats, arid cliffs, hills, canyons, volcano, industrial facilities, bases, and more.

New Rail

The new location includes hundreds of km of new train line and roads, including loops, switching stations, storage yards, bridges, and more.

Mining and Processing

Several new mines and quarries are introduced, with new surface mineral deposits that can be mined using the new mining drill. The extracted ores can be transported to refining and processing facilities and foundries, to reduce them to pure metal ingots that can be sold at the metal trading yard.

Wildlife and Farms

The new wildlife system introduces dozens of species of animals, including wildlife such as deer, badgers, horses, hares, farm animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, as well as aggressive animals such as various types of bears, wolves, and more.


Many species of trained and domesticated dogs are introduced in the Industrial Frontier. They are a rare encounter but also a useful friend, and will follow instructions given by a dog whistle, as well as having a keen sense for survivors.

Additional Free Content

The Industrial Frontier expansion is a DLC and so will be a paid update. However, we will also be releasing a free major update at the same time, including an industrialization of the Sawyer Isles with loads of new rail line across the island, and the new mining mechanics for coal and uranium will also be included in the base game, with a new career fuel management system.

We cannot wait to share this new release with you! More details will come soon.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

In this weeks update, we are adding 20 new military uniform items to the wardrobe!

For a long time players have been specifically asking for these outfits, more tools for role play, and better outfits to match the Search & Destroy DLC. In response, we are adding these new outfits to the base game for all players. To access these new outfits, check out the wardrobe in game.

For these outfits, we have been inspired by specific sections of the armed forces of various countries. Obviously the outfit set is non-exhaustive with the countless armed forces and their many uniforms from across the world, but we are also supporting color picking with these new outfits, so combined with the 20 clothing items, there is a new wealth of styling now possible.

As always, this update comes with many fixes and improvements. Please see the patch notes below for details.

We look forward to seeing how players use the new outfits and what you get up to!

As a reminder, we are planning a big announcement next week so join us then for the big new info!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - Military Uniform Outfits

20 New military themed clothes and hats available for all players in the wardrobe.

Feature - #7836 Added a new custom menu setting to disable lightning for accessability
Fix - Lightning sound now respects the environment master audio slider
Fix - #12176 Diagonal sloped block faces not being repairable with the welding torch
Fix - #12263 Mesh issues at train terminal
Fix - #12347 Radars now ignore rotor child physics
Fix - #12355 Medium Turret Ring mesh issue
Fix - #12397 Clutches no longer instantly engage/disengage
Fix - #12398 Unable to detach ropes while both rope anchors are within max equipment rope length
Fix - #12489 Impact detector typo
Fix - #12622 Boiler's light goes through blocks
Fix - #12654 Spelling issue in piston description
Fix - #12675 Renamed Megalodon button to Sea Monsters to indicate that it also disables the Kraken
Fix - #12812 Characters accumulating speed from nearby tornados while being carried
Fix - #12838 Characters with invalid outfit values appearing invisible
Fix - #13590 Torque crank buoyancy missing surface

Dear Stormworkers,

It is announcement week! We have planned the next few minor updates and announcements and are sharing the roadmap:

9th Sept 2022 - Minor Update

This minor update includes a big set of new wardrobe items with a Weapons DLC theme! The outfits will be available to all players including non-DLC owners. More info when we release this next week.

16th Sept 2022 - First Details on Next Major & DLC

We will be announcing the first info on the upcoming free major update and paid DLC. We are announcing them together as they will be released together!

23rd Sept 2022 - Minor Update

This minor update includes a new sensor type component and some quality of life improvements.

30th Sept 2022 - More Major & DLC Info

This update will be a deep dive into the features and content in the upcoming big release, with lots of details.

7th Oct 2022 - Minor Update

This minor update is still a work in progress, but we expect to be a very popular minor update with lots of new components.

We have some awesome plans coming up and are really excited to share. More info coming soon!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

It is minor update week! In todays minor update, we are adding new manually operated components! These include:

The Hand Crank

The hand crank is a person-powered lever that when interacted with, produces a small amount of torque. This allows simple systems to be operated by hand where the torque requirement is low, or where some manual operated backup is required.

The Tap Valve

The new manually operated valve is a fluid on/off valve that can be toggled by hand, without need for electricity or logic. This is very useful for a variety of things, to more authentic steam trains, to emergency release or override systems, or just simpler, more mechanical operation of fluid systems.

The Lever Pump

The new lever pump is a new hand-powered pump that will push fluid while the pump is being interacted with. Again, this is useful for several situations where there is backup, emergency, axillary function, or manual operation just fits the era or style of your creation.

We hope you enjoy these new parts! And please do check out the patch notes below for details on all the fixes and improvements also included in this update.

And now for some quick notes to manage expectations:

Recently we did suggest upcoming audio improvements! In that post we said "We hope this will bring a big improvement of quality of audio over the coming months", but some players showed acute bewilderment when the following update wasn't audio based. That announcement was just about how we are creating a permanent audio engineer role at the studio and we are starting a long term mission to have better audio in our games, starting with Stormworks. Development takes time but I hope we will see a few audio updates, released perhaps every 2 or 3 months. The improvements are coming!

Many players are predicting that the upcoming potential DLC could be space themed. This is not the case. We love the idea of a space update, but we started this next potential DLC a very long time ago, long before the recent uplift in suggestions for space. However, we are really excited about the update we are making and expect it to have a huge impact for a lot of players. We will hopefully be making a big announcement with all the details in October.

We look forward to all your thoughts and feedback on all the new manually operated parts!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - #2486 #2712 Manual pump, crank and valve
Feature - #8074 Add keyboard binding support for vehicle editor
Rework - #12436 Improved steam piston code for a smoother and more consistent behaviour
Rework - #12441 Steam Piston now outputs the cam rotation instead of extension factor so stroke direction can be determined
Rework - Starting weather state is now more heavily affected by world seed
Fix - #8934 Fix tick delay consistency issue with Up/Down gate
Fix - Players receiving healing when disconnecting from the server from a previously used medkit
Fix - #11620 Fixed setVehiclePos not failing when passed nan values, adjusted processing for safe teleport (fix will only apply to new saves)
Fix - #11835 Suspension labelling mistake
Fix - #11851 Increased size of wheel colliders to better fit visually (old wheels sink into floor less)
Fix - #11993 Seats not showing Trigger label if there is no labelled hotkey or axis
Fix - #12091 Terminal Endo Hole in map
Fix - #12865 Body armour double names
Fix - #12918 Moved several non-sensor components out of the sensor category

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is the announcement week, while next week will be a new minor update!

We want to dedicate this weeks announcement to saying a few words about creators. We wake up every day with a need to just make something. We are particularly lucky that this game is aimed at people who share this passion. Playing Stormworks is all about designing and creating, sharing what you have built, and thinking about how to improve it. We know how time consuming and difficult it is to make many of the Stormworks creations we see on the workshop. We really value our players passion for design and building. This type of game is not for everyone, and so there is a lot of excitement, joy, and pride to know that these qualities are shared with so many.

We have also talked about content creators and Youtubers before. The processes may be different, but I am sure there are a great many players who like us, appreciate and admire the determination, energy, creativity, and craft that goes into creating this kind of content. Building things is awesome.

But we also want to talk about the many other great building games on Steam. Steam has proven itself as the best platform by far, for supporting an ecosystem of specialist and niche games, that can only exist on PC.

I think around 9 years ago, when I was starting out as an indie game dev, I discovered Space Engineers and Kerbal Space Program. These games are technically creative, and innovative, but at the time, I was most amazed that they had proven viable. It seems obvious now, but 9 years ago, the idea that a highly technical building game for an audience who likes to geek out about science and build stuff, was crazy. These developers took the leap that has lead to a whole generation of new games for people like us. Thank you.

Other big games that deserve a lot of recognition is Scrap Mechanic, Astroneer, Satisfactory, and Stationeers. Each have pushed the genre in their own style, and their enthusiasm to believe in their vision, put everything behind it, and continue to love and support their players for years, is inspirational to all developers. Thank you guys, you are awesome.

This post is getting long, so sorry that we can't list more games or give all the praise these games deserve. Please do check them out and let us know about other games and why they are important in the comments!

Some quick notes:

AMD fixed their drivers!! If you have been crashing with AMD graphics recently, please update your drivers.

Potential new DLC! We are considering a huge update before the end of the year, including loads of new big features that we have been working on for over a year. Some will be part of a free update, while some of the optional stuff might be in a DLC.

Incoming minor updates with new content and components! We have the next few minor updates in testing and there is some great new content to come! Come back next week for the next one.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

In this minor update, we are adding a new size of tank tracks between the small and medium sizes. These tracks will be 2 blocks wide, which has been frequently requested by tracked vehicle creators who are struggling to get the look they are going for, because the 1-wide tracks were too narrow, and the 3-wide tracks too wide. These new tracks otherwise work just like the others!

We have also been continuing to look at multiplayer. A popular request is for servers with players on to be sorted to the top of the list. This makes it much easier to find servers with players already on. We have also been looking at a rare issue where some players found themselves such in place and unable to move in multiplayer. We have made some improvements to this, and it should be resolved for most users.

This update also contains the usual bug fixes and improvements. Please see the full patch notes below.

Thanks to all the players giving great feedback on potential audio changes! We have been planning many of these suggested changes, and they should make for some great minor updates.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - New medium size tank track wheels (#9371 #5466)

Rework - Updated dedicated server sorting algorithm to lower the priority of empty servers
Rework - Amended multiplayer client event processing for more consistent ticking

Fix - #9783 Adjacent hatch buoyancy generation preventing vehicle spawn
Fix - #5456 An issue with door buoyancy surfaces with water entering
Fix - #10013 Fix resize selection grid crash
Fix - #10794 Lighting flare billboards are now based on light intensity
Fix - #11054 Addon editor focus now raycasts correctly when the target point is below height 0
Fix - Fix some components requiring more charge to activate than they use
Fix - #10716 #2622 Special colours (orange) are now ignored for character meshes
Fix - #11365 Removed input/output labels from two way logic node types
Fix - #11486 Fixed some issues resolving refunded cost when removing asymmetric vehicle components in symmetry mode
Fix - #9657 Fixed mirroring issues for the Fluid jet
Fix - Prevented some cases where inputs can be sticky while interacting with buttons
Fix - Crash caused by parsing states of vehicles with microcontrollers
Fix - Crash when attempting to send data to a server that has been disconnected from

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is announcement week, with a minor update due for release next week!

We are working hard to improve Stormworks in many directions! Some of these directions are less interesting to talk about in an announcement, such as fixing crashes and digging through netcode, while more cosmetic changes tend to be easier to write about.

One such direction we are exploring is improvements to audio! For a long time, players have been asking for improvements to various sound effects, and asking for new sound effects where audio would be useful feedback. For the last 8 years we have been lucky enough to work with Chris Randle and Jon Daou across various games.

For sound effects it has worked best in the past to order in batches, but for Stormworks we have frequently found ourselves needing sound effects on a weekly basis for a new component or interaction. This has encouraged reuse of SFX, or missing SFX out, and there are many places where we would want to improve.

Instead of ordering in batches, we will now be having a sound engineer work weekly with the team to improve all these missing and borrowed sounds, but also work creatively on the sound design. We hope this will bring a big improvement of quality of audio over the coming months, and we will be looking to players to let us know where they think we should start, and where the highest priorities are in terms of improving audio.

In the mean time, we will also be getting on with all the various fixes and improvements, minor updates (including new frequently requested components), major updates, potential new DLC, and more.

We look forward to your audio ideas!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

In this update, we add 4 new outfits: light, medium and heavy body armour, and bomb disposal. If you have the Weapons DLC enabled, these outfits give additional ballistic protection from small calibre rounds, or in the case of the bomb disposal outfit, explosions!

Many players have been asking for Weapons DLC updates, and we are really excited to bring this new update. Even if you don't have the DLC, these new outfits are still available with cosmetic only function.

We are also adding several important bug fixes and improvements, please see the patch notes below for full details.

As always, we are continuing to work on more fixes and imrpovements, minor updates, and major updates! The next few minor updates will include new components and we will announce more soon!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on the new update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via which can be accessed via the 'Report Bug/Request Feature' button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature - Functional Weapons Outfits (#7960 #3217)

In this update we have added 5 new outfits that protect the player against projectile and explosive damage at the expense of slowing down the player's movement speed.
Most of the new outfits include a helmet which will additionally reduce headshot damage.

Fix - Player now orients to the look direction when walking (using walk hotkey)
Fix - #10701 Audio settings tab sliders not applying correctly
Fix - #11200 Fix default weapons script breaking when failing to spawn a turret
Fix - Fix onButtonPress event interactions with instrument panel buttons
Fix - Updated several component descriptions that were using hard coded hotkeys in descriptions
Fix - #11642 Adjusted mounted end-effector raycast to begin within the component
Fix - #11676 Mesh issues between arctic airport and main island
Fix - #11717 Gyro now creates editor warning when electric is not connected
Fix - #11746 Speargun inventory spelling error
Fix - #11805 #11754 Leaks now occur for voxels that take more than 1 damage in a single instance