StormWorks News & Announcements

Dear Stormworkers,

This weeks update is dedicated to bug fixes and improvements, as we prepare for the big major update in just 2 weeks!

There is a huge list of fixes and improvements, with the full change log below. Once major change is that we have completely replaced the audio code, to fix a range of audio issues, including those on Mac. The new audio code is based on our new audio library that we developed for use in Carrier Command 2. This was a lot of work but was an important change as it fixed some wide ranging issues.

In our ongoing mission to improve multiplayer, we have also greatly reduced freezing when a vehicle loads in. This freeze was caused by the vehicle data being sent in order to load the vehicle on clients. This is now done in the background, with only a small amount of compressed info being time-critical for the final stage of spawning the vehicle. This freezing was causing players to experience a few seconds of lag immediately after a vehicle loaded in which made vehicles unresponsive for a few seconds. This delay is greatly reduced and responsiveness greatly improved.

Thanks to everyone who has reported issues using the official issue tracker. The issue numbers are included in the change notes below for extra detail.

With just 2 weeks to go, we are adding the final touches to the upcoming underwater major update! We will release more info next week about a new component included in the major update, changes to the ocean, and the new missions! We are really excited for this update and can't wait to share more in this new release!

We recommend preparing with submarines, remote operated submersibles, and diving equipment!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


In this update we have reworked the sound library that underlies all of Stormworks' audio effects, these changes should result in a much more stable experience especially for MacOS players.

Fix - #756 Sound library rework
Fix - #2765 Sliding Connector not connecting in certain circumstances
Fix - #2852 Train wheels now activate when applying torque
Fix - #1899 Water falling effect render issues around turret ring
Fix - #6636 Vehicle overwrite save file warning was case insensitive
Fix - #7154 Time and weather overrides not saving correctly
Fix - #6995 Prefab rocket launchers mirror incorrectly
Fix - #7388 Npcs not taking vehicle fire damage
Fix - #7473 Terrain issues near Mount Goldblum
Fix - #7524 Clouds / Lightning not generating correctly
Fix - #7555 Fixed mesh issues with monitors
Fix - #7558 Audio settings not updating
Fix - #7615 Laser point stops showing when moving 170m away
Fix - #7673 Updated small warhead meshes to match with SRBs and radar
Fix - #7690 Several minor component graphical defects
Fix - #7692 SRB nozzles using wrong force direction when flipped
Fix - #7705 Corrected cannon belt mass values
Fix - #7854 Voice chat range issues
Fix - #7868 Propellers repair

Dear Stormworkers,

The next major update is almost here - and it will be the new Underwater Biome Major Update!

The new underwater biome includes over 40 square kilometres of underwater landscape, a volcanic ring of fire with several active volcanoes, underwater trenches, ruins, wrecks, and a vast network of underwater tunnels!

The new biome has many new named locations, in honour of the great community members and vehicle creators in the Stormworks community. These players have been selected because of their dedicated and selfless help given to other community members, or because of their incredible workshop creations that have risen to popularity on the workshop by community choice. We look forward to honouring these players in this major update.

There are also new missions including ocean floor submarine emergencies, ship salvage, sea floor cable maintenance, and more! Many of these new missions are ideal for spawning in the underwater biome, but can also appear all over the world of Stormworks.

We are adding a new glowstick first person item which can be used in a similar way to flares except is much less bright, has a much longer lifetime, and greatly assists location and path marking underwater.

The much-requested Kraken button will also arrive with this major update, allowing players to summon the kraken from the custom menu.

We can't wait to share this new major update on the 2nd June at 4pm UTC! Join us then for the big launch. And until then, be sure to check back here next week for an exciting minor update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

In this weeks minor update, we bring new train bridges to make it easier to get taller ships past the trainlines!

The trainline has long been a difficult obstacle for large ship creators, and a solution to this issue has been a frequent request from players.

With these new bridges, there are frequent passing places for tall ships to be able to cross the boundaries. We are also including AI pathing data for these new tiles, so that AI ships can better navigate across the trainline.

This update is also a huge bug fix update, with at least 40 new fixes! As previously discussed, we have been putting more focus into bug fix updates recently, with huge progress on the backlog of issues, and few new issues being introduced.

Please see the changelog below for full details of these new fixes and improvements!

EDIT: Here is the developers Q&A video as promised!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Bridge Train Track Tiles (#3507 #2197 #1090)
Feature - Expanded Addon Lua pathfinding (#7030)

Rework - Client movement now always uses client camera direction instead of server authored direction
Fix - #3873 Suspension rendering when flipped
Fix - #3904 Jet Exhaust rendering when flipped
Fix - #1840 Pick-block raycast not accounting for sub-mesh offsets
Fix - #4570 SRB fin mirroring issues
Fix - #6426 #6877 Hotkeys still activating when typing in a text field
Fix - #6558 Removed ability to place C4 on characters
Fix - #6295 Improved voice listener position data when transmitting audio
Fix - #7218 Assorted typos
Fix - #7113 Can't spawn mission editor test on Mac
Fix - #7100 Vehicle editor allowing multi-body components to go beyond bounds
Fix - #7099 Cleaned up old Bugsplat files
Fix - #7077 #7256 Reworked ?reload_scripts so that it now correctly reloads workshop addons. Removed unused addon data from scene.xml.
Fix - #7074 Documented server.dlcWeapons()
Fix - #7056 Fixed empty inventory names
Fix - #7054 Heli rotor blades wrongly detected by lasers when folded
Fix - #6967 Respawn button not getting un-focused with controller
Fix - #6895 No underwater effect with window when shooting underwater
Fix - #6884 Updated description for onButtonPress callback to be clearer about its function
Fix - #6826 Different cameras in sealed container behave incorrectly while submerged
Fix - #4951 Wind direction not updating correctly
Fix - #2898 Robotic hinge rendering in select mode
Fix - #2467 Unconscious characters imparting force when loading a save
Fix - #2142 Coal does not get refunded when despawning a Vehicle
Fix - #2126 Ammo Belts not refunding when editing a vehicle
Fix - #2003 Inverting radars causes them to detect behind the radar/inverted detection
Fix - #132 Tanks with both ports connected pressure issues
Rework - Adjusted underwater welding brightness
Fix - #7250 #7270 #7431 Improved safeguards against logic thread freezing
Fix - #7253 Weapons can now fire underwater
Fix - #7360 Fix crouch speed horizontal movement being affected by look direction
Fix - #7372 Fix setVehiclePosSafe using sub-grids in bounds calculations
Fix - #7379 Fix component inventory sometimes rendering incorrectly
Fix - #7485 Robotic door hinge tooltip
Fix - Crash caused by invalid logic slot data
Fix - Lua vehicle spawning failing occasionally when the spawn point is very far from any islands
Fix - #7625 Updated propeller sounds
Fix - #7532 Added buoyancy surfaces to rotor/prop hubs
Fix - #7576 Removed animation from component inventory
Fix - Ai boats no longer initialize with a path that leads them straight ahead (into islands)
Rework - Reduced max particle buffer size to save memory
Fix - Updated dedicated server default playlists to include all playlists
Fix - Weather overrides now parse correctly

Addon Lua Changes:

Added { = {x = world_x, z = world_z} } = server.pathfind(matrix_start, matrix_end, required_tags, avoided_tags)
Passing "ocean_path" as a required tag will produce the same behavior as server.pathfindOcean.

Default Ai addons now navigate different paths based on their size.
Large ships can no longer path through the sawyer river or under standard train bridge tiles.

Waypoint offsets are now randomized within the game code and can be adjusted by providing a "precision=X" tag which will confine the randomness within X metres of the node. As an example we have included this tag on all bridge waypoints in the default_paths playlist.

Dear Stormworkers,

This week we invite you to submit your questions for an upcoming developer Questions & Answers video! In these videos, we answer questions submitted by players, chat about Stormworks, and just get into that bit more detail than we usually can. We really enjoy these videos and it is great to talk to players about their thoughts and ideas.

Submit your questions here within a few days of this announcement (Thank you for all the submitted questions!) and we will answer as many as we can in the upcoming video!

The results have been coming back from the new crash reporter, and we are pleased that last weeks update reduced crashes by 60%. We have more crash fixes in next weeks minor update and expect to continue making progress through any remaining crash issues.

The next minor update is due out next week and includes many new fixes, as well as a new content feature. We are just finishing testing this update and there is a lot of quality improvements included so it should be another big changelog, like last week.

We are also finishing off the next major update, and are almost ready to plan a release date! No promises, but the release date and other info may follow in the next announcement in 2 weeks.

We look forward seeing what questions you have, and are really excited about sharing the next few updates!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week we release minor update 1.4.17, including new outfit items, as well as many bug fixes and improvements.

This update is dedicated as a tribute to all of the Youtube content creators who are part of the Stormworks community. These content creators have a genuine passion, they are highly skilled communicators, editors, story makers, and are just lovely people with a positive energy that we admire. Building a Youtube channel is very difficult. It takes huge commitment, energy and skill. Building a brand and a business up from nothing is a great achievement that few have achieved.

I am not sure if we have spoken about Youtubers before, but Stormworks owes a great amount of it's success to the many content creators who have covered, supported, and promoted the game over the years. Almost all games that release on Steam don't reach enough players and fail. A lot of people would say that Stormworks has been lucky, but it wasn't luck. It was Youtubers, and players who gave their time up to help others, the incredible player created workshop items, and all the players who share our love of design and engineering.

In appreciation, we have added new branded shirts and hoodies to the Stormworks wardrobe in honour of Camodo, Spycakes, Beautiful OB, MrNJersey, Raptor, Frantic, ND, GQ, LynxHighland and RubberDuck. This isn't every great Youtuber, but we have added outfits for the top 10 youtubers by most viewed videos from the last year or so. Please consider checking out their channels.

And there is more in this update! Check out the extra wardrobe items and huge list of bug fixes and improvements in the patch notes below.

The new crash reporter that we added last week is working well and this update also includes some crash fixes so crashes should be dramatically reduced. We continue to monitor quality and will continue to add more fixes.

We have also added a new "auto" physics setting for the physics quality. The game will automatically step the setting up and down based on the physics simulation speed. If you do experience physics issues, you can always set this setting back to "high".

We hear the players who may be pointing out what their ideal next minor update is, and perhaps not all players watch as much Youtube as we do! But please do take a moment to consider how all players benefit from the content creators, vehicle builders, teaching players, and the community that has supported the constant free updates for the last 4 years.

We hope you found this weeks update interesting, and enjoy the new content and fixes! We look forward to your feedback :-)

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - New casual outfits and youtuber outfits
Feature - Auto physics quality (Steps up and down based on fps)

Fix - Frequent crash caused by destroying physics objects
Fix - #2196 Characters do not clear ragdoll on revive
Fix - #2190 Characters get of beds on death for clients
Fix - #1860 Player can return mission objects set as 'show on map' to workbench, but get sent to 0,0
Fix - #1427 Coal duplication glitch
Fix - #567 #6913 Monitor block rendering flickers when it moves
Fix - #4924 Whale animation issue
Fix - Static vehicle behavior inconsistencies with electric
Fix - #5113 Door tooltip at hospital island
Fix - #5330 Wave patch issue for sealed volumes in whirlpools
Fix - Light and billboard light distance rendering re-balance
Fix - #6455 Ocean draws over elements like HUD or light halo
Fix - #5611 Vehicles Fall Through the Ground in Low Physics
Fix - #6305 Crankshaft Converters do not output RPS value
Fix - #6367 Fish spawning upright at save load
Fix - #6377 Radio RX composite descriptions are switched
Fix - Ladder climbing now respects the inverted movement setting
Fix - Fixed fog/water attenuation for light sources
Fix - Fixed volume lights using atmospheric fog values when underwater
Fix - #6712 Swimming direction inverted on controllers
Fix - #6718 Increased catalytic converter conversion speed
Fix - #6701 Updated property slider description in micro-controllers
Fix - #7185 #6761 All controllers are now activated on any controller button press
Fix - #6802 Added several missing localizations
Fix - #4968 Removed dynamic icebergs
Fix - #6808 Missing face on battle-cannon
Fix - #7165 Vehicle spawned by script does not have a peer_id of -1
Fix - #7415 being unable to heal survivors while in seats and stuff
Fix - #7469 Guns don't deal damage to other players
Fix - Main menu settings not saving correctly

Dear Stormworkers,

This week development has pressed forward, with big progress being made on the 2 next minor updates, the next major update, and the new crash reporting system.

The next 2 minor updates have long lists of bug fixes and we are making good progress on fixes and improvements. We use the issue tracker to get info from players on where the quality issues are, and this gives us clear metrics on how many identified issues there are. This data shows we are steadily reducing the total number of bugs, and our new quality control processes are introducing relatively few new issues.

Next weeks minor update will also include a new cosmetic feature, and we will announce more next week as we release it!

Recently we have seen a surge in reports of crash to desktop, which is of major concern to us, particularly with our recent push to resolve issues and implement bug fixes. We have been unable to reproduce this new crash, with the game playing very stable in the office. Steam crash reporting only works with 32bit software, and most players play the 64bit version of Stormworks. We had tried using Bugsplat (a 3rd party crash reporter) but that also didn't work well for us. So, we have implemented our own and put it live yesterday. The new crash reporter is very similar to the built in Steam one, except it also capture data when 64bit applications crash.

Immediately we can see that the crashes are probably just a single issue related to physics objects being despawned, and we are already investigating how to fix. Moving forward, the new crash reporting system will help us monitor the stability of Stormworks, and quickly recognise any quality issues, as well as clearly see exactly which update introduced new crash issues.

We will return next week with the next minor update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers


Feature - implemented new crash reporting system

Dear Stormworkers,

Today we release the multiplayer bandwidth and vehicle desync update!

Bandwith and Sync Improvements

Players have told us the multiplayer experience needs to be improved, and we have been hard at work for a long time. We have made 3 major changes - we have reduced the overhead of our network protocol, vehicles now use a new technique to replicate, and we have created a proprietary compression algorithm that works specifically for Stormworks vehicle data.

This means that bandwidth usage has reduced by 60% to 80%, and the issue where vehicles would sometimes appear delayed is resolved.

This isn't the first multiplayer update we have released, and multiplayer has been a long-standing challenge for us. In Stormworks, vehicles can often have hundreds of individually moving physics bodies, as well as hundreds of complex logical components, all of which have lots of data that needs to be replicated between server and client. Stormworks is probably the most complex vehicle builder game, with the smallest block size, and the most data to sync up. This is simply a problem that other games have not had to solve and so requires a lot of engineering.

This new update solves a lot of these issues, and the new bandwidth reduction and netcode dramatically improves the multiplayer experience for a lot of players.

What About Slow Down / Slow Motion?

Some players experience slow-motion. This is caused by playing on a server with too much stuff spawned in, or the computer being below min-spec. When too many physics objects are spawned in and interacting with each other, the game will slow down. This is true for all physics sandbox games.

If you check the comments, I am sure you will find a few multi-threading and optimization arm chair experts who think the game just needs to run faster. However, the reality is that the physics calculations are complex, we have already optimized a lot, and there are no shortcuts if you want the detailed physics, robotics, ocean physics, and other mechanic that Stormworks has. It is the nature and the core of Stormworks to be a detailed physics sim.

So, if we can't magically make the same game run faster, what are the solutions? We are putting a lot of thought into this and welcome players to let us know your thoughts and ideas!

This isn't the only change and we have been also working hard clearing out the bug backlog. Please see below for the full list of fixes and improvements.

We hope this new update improves your multiplayer experience and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Improved crash dump reporting system
Feature - #5247 #6364 #6221 Multiplayer time dilation algorithm overhaul
Feature - Multiplayer bandwidth optimization

Fix - #6770 #6862 Two sided buttons now use the correct color zones and are paintable on both sides
Fix - #6765 Door color changes after saving and reloading vehicle
Fix - #6777 Window inverse pyramid 2x2x2 mesh offset
Fix - #6764 Instrument panel bar and radial indicators are now unpaintable
Fix - #6757 Door frame edge and corner component coloring not working

Fix - #6465 #7029 Gamepad sensitivity issues on varied framerates
Fix - Controller Axis settings getting reset
Fix - Small inputs on controllers when leaving the dead-zone not registering correctly

Fix - #369 Menu Audio Glitching
Fix - #106 Clients moving while in workbench
Fix - #1365 Rotor blades don't snap off
Fix - #3920 Small Engine sound inaudibly quiet
Fix - #2797 Mirrored barrel extensions for rotary canon rotate incorrectly
Fix - #2762 Editor tooltip sometimes get stuck
Fix - #4885 Wind sounds when submerged
Fix - #5140 #6673 #7044 Environment sounds no longer play in editor
Fix - #5098 Laser beacon not rendering glass/additive mesh
Fix - #5527 Character deforming when emoting in photo mode
Fix - Tornado wind affecting enclosed compartments
Fix - #5235 Meteors show in editor
Fix - #5699 Autocannon belt naming inconsistencies
Fix - #5862 Visual glitches on HUDs
Fix - #6082 Fuel stations pumping slowly (Updated default gantry plumbing)
Fix - #6100 Very tall tornadoes
Fix - #6199 Engine temperatures below absolute 0
Fix - #6210 3x3 and 5x5 Fluid Heat Radiator (electric) missing faces
Fix - #6211 Cost calculation is not reduced when in mirror mode and parts are deleted
Fix - Kraken sometimes refusing to let a ship go
Fix - Host not waiting for tiles to simulate correctly (falling through map on teleport)
Fix - #6354 Tank wheel mesh issue
Fix - #6571 Weather and Time of day overriding when a player joins a server

Rework - Updated default path nodes to match the new iceberg tiles

Addon Lua:
Fix - setGameSetting can now correctly set weather_override
Fix - #6150 onVehicleDespawn happens twice

Dear Stormworkers,

This week is announcement week, as we alternate between game updates and announcements every Friday!

This week, we will discuss the upcoming updates and general plans we are making at the moment.

We already have the next 2 minor updates underway, with many improvements already complete and being reviewed. At the moment, we are regularly testing multiplayer as we want to make improvements to this area of the game. We are making progress, but this is still being worked on. Players can expect some improvement although we are not sure how much will be in the next minor update. Players can know this is being worked on and some progress is being made.

Otherwise, we have a long list of bug fixes and minor improvements that have been requested on the issue tracker. We are working our way through these, and we are making good progress. The new quality processes we now use have dramatically improved the quality of releases, with much fewer new issues, and we are fixing things at a good rate. Our goal is to reduce the total issues and get through the back-log of issues that has built up as a priority.

That said, we are still dedicating some resource to feature updates and major updates! We have loads of minor updates planned for the rest of the year and we are working on the next major update which should release at some point this summer. Our support plan for Stormworks continues to run indefinitely, and we are already discussing update ideas for the rest of this year and into 2023.

While we are committed to supporting Stormworks into the future, we are also thinking about other projects. The engine powering Stormworks is our own in-house engine and is now 6 years old, so we are discussing how we want to do things differently in the future and looking at creating a new engine that could power our next generation of game. This is still in the game-engine design stage and a new game is still a long way off.

Be sure to come back next Friday or a new minor update release!

And do let us know if this style of announcement is useful! We want to keep players in touch with the studio's plans, but with our personal style, we prefer to "do" rather than "talk", and we prefer not to give too much detail on anything until it is complete and working, so that we don't disappoint.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week we add support for painting components on multiple sides! This has been a consistent problem for creators, particularly for things like 2 sided buttons and some windows, where you may want to set the paint color to be different on the inside compared to the outside.

Many components now have different paintable zones where needed, so you can change the color of different parts of the component as you wish.

We have also been hard at work fixing issues and making various improvements. The full list of patch notes is below. The issue numbers are included so those who want to cross-reference with the issue tracker may do so if they wish.

We are continuing work on the next minor update (due in 2 weeks), as well as the next major update. We will announce more on this when we have more info to share!

Thanks for all the players who have been asking for multi-sided painting, it has been a very long requested feature and we are pleased to have brought it to the game.

We look forward to your feedback!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Fix - #6405 #6369 Seats displaying wrong tooltips


Feature - #2885 Multiple component paint colours
Feature - #5693 Re-painted and optimized ai/mission vehicles

Rework - #2878 Ammo drums now lose their ammo when exploding
Rework - #502 The chat window no longer shows up over other UI
Rework - #5514 Fish no longer spawn under island meshes
Rework - #5257 The tutorial will now end when moving away from the starter island
Rework - Disabling vehicle damage now also disables engine overheat effects
Rework - Passworded servers have been pushed to the bottom of the server list
Rework - Servers now sort by network quality
Fix - #3472 Clients not taking damage from explosions
Fix - Fixed some code causing weather desync (#4881 #5245 #6138 #6204 #6251)
Fix - #4880 Wind override slider inverting its value
Fix - #4795 Gap in rail-line near O'neill base
Fix - #5480 Disaster Sirens now take into account tsunami travel distance
Fix - #3087 Lowered some dock mission zones for boats with origins below the waterline
Fix - #5818 Players lose their hair when in the seat
Fix - Buoyancy surfaces added to the air and liquid exchanger components
Fix - UI focus not clearing in certain situations
Fix - #6495 #6471 Fix Kraken data for saving/multiplayer
Fix - Ping always displaying as 0ms in multiplayer

New packet loss network graph has been added to the F1 menu

Addon Lua:
Feature - #5307 Added setWeather lua function
Rework - #715 onButtonPress() now returns the type of interaction (press/release)
Fix - #4588 parented server.spawnFire only spawning at vehicle center

Dear Stormworkers,

About 4 weeks ago and shortly after the natural disasters update, a small number of players started to report encounters with a kraken-like creature. Sometimes the claims lacked any evidence, other times there were dark screenshots in foggy storms suggesting something that could be huge tentacles.

Some stormworkers chose to believe the beast could be out there somewhere, but most dismissed the creature as a hoax, vehicle creation, modded xml or modded mesh.

And, for the next 4 weeks, the legend of the kraken lived on as only a myth. This was except for a small number of players, who remembered the megladon was released in secret, and were determined to search the oceans and prove that the kraken was real and was out there somewhere.

And finally, they have succeeded, while creating vehicles, and info to help others also search for the kraken. Several youtubers have released videos over the last few days with this new info, proving the kraken is real.

The kraken is a physics based squid-like sea creature which uses its tentacles to swim around the ocean, attack and wrap around player vehicles. It is a very unique approach to creating a kraken, and we are not aware of any other game where the creature is a complete physics based animal rather than more of an event or tenticles and mouth anchored to the sea floor.

What Are The Spawning Conditions For The Kraken?

The kraken only spawns in strong weather, at night, in deep water. The ocean must be atleast 150m deep, the sun must have set, the fog must be atleast 25%, and rain atleast 50%. The "Enable Megladon" setting must also be ticked in the creative menu.

These conditions may change in the future, and we may add a "spawn kraken" button to the creative menu in the future too.

The kraken has been huge fun to develop and test in Stormworks. We have had a lot of fun so far playing with, trying to survive, and battling it. Releasing as an easter egg and watching players react has also been awesome fun!

Development continues as normal, with a feature based minor update coming next week, and several more minor and major updates continuing development.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback on this new creature of the sea!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

We are back with more updates and improvements to controller support!

You can now control the player character, as well as rebind all your controller settings, with a joypad or controller. We have also fixed some issues for players with complex controller setups. This means that most of the game now works with a joypad, as well as multiple controller support. The exceptions are the vehicle editor and add-on editor, which still require keyboard / mouse / touch screen.

As well as improving the game for any players using a joypad, this update dramatically improves the player experience when playing on the new Steam Deck.

We have also fixed lots of bugs and issues that players were experiencing. Please see below for the full details. The full set of controller changes can also be seen below in the patch notes.

We will return next week with an announcement, and again the week after with a frequently requested feature that has long been asked for by vehicle builders!

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback on these new changes!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Controller support updates:
- Character controller support
- #466 Vehicle controller support
- Characters/Vehicles no longer move while in map/photo/creative menu
- B button now acts as a generic back button for all UI screens
- Creative menu day/night slider support
- Research screen controller support
- Photo-mode controller support
- Sunrise-Sunset slider support
- Back button keeps getting selected when scrolling a list
- Pad input key-binds now work for UI navigation (#6070 #6081 #6206 #6264 #6001)
- #6000 Rebinding menu can no longer be backed out of except with 'Esc'
- Photo-mode hotkey tips now display their bound keys
- Reset button now works correctly for bindings

Rework - Iceberg tiles now have more room between bergs for ships
Rework - #1553 Force non-combat AI vehicles to despawn if they sink
Rework - #5262 Catalytic converter now converts exhaust to air rather than destroying exhaust

Fix - #5871 Edge-case logic thread lockup caused by setVehiclePosSafe

Fix - #5441 Crash on vehicle despawn while interacting
Fix - #5122 Prevent vehicle fires when damage is toggled off, vehicle invulnerable flag is now checked for all damage systems
Fix - #4926 Objects removed via lua now force an update to despawn them
Fix - #3615 Make radar ignore trees
Fix - #2792 Fix setVehiclePosSafe getting stuck when targeting an area between two vehicles (occasionally caused game lockup)
Fix - #793 #728 Language workshop uploading disabled
Fix - #3924 Added buoyancy surfaces to heat exchangers

Fix - #5254 Missing collision mesh for filing cabinet
Fix - #5891 Missing Face on Fluid Hose Anchor
Fix - #4981 Floating tree cluster
Fix - #4940 Foghorn model issues
Fix - #4930 Mute sirens when damaged
Fix - Short Tornadoes

Dear Stormworkers,

Last week, we released new controller support for some of the UI screens in Stormworks. Next week, we will further extend this support to include character control and further joypad improvements.

This extended support is important for players who want to play with controllers, and also for supporting the new Steam Deck hardware which has just launched. Its a great excuse for us to improve controller support which is something we have long wanted to do.

The new character support will enable you to move around, use first person items, interact, and use seats, from your joypad.

We are also improving controller settings so that you can program your UI bindings for multiple controllers, and set your controller up to work as you want. This will also resolve some issues that players with multiple controllers / hotas / steering wheels are having.

This upcoming update will also include several important fixes and improvements, and as usual, the full list of these changes will be released in the change notes.

Next weeks update has already entered testing in our new and improved quality process, and we are already working on the subsequent minor update, which is a feature update, and a very popular player request!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

This week would normally be an announcement week rather than update - but instead, we are adding improved controller support for players with controllers and Steamdeck!

In this minor update, we have introduced new controller support for many of the UI menus in Stormworks, to allow players to play more of the game with a controller. We plan a further update next week to introduce character movement controller support which will make most of the game playable with controller.

However, we are not "badge hunting" and simply want to improve support for players where it makes sense. For example, the vehicle editor is most comfortable with keyboard and mouse, and we don't plan to try to introduce controller support to the vehicle editor where it would not feel comfortable.

As well as new controller support, we have also been listening to the many players asking us about multiplayer support - this week we introduce new ping displays, and sort multiplayer servers by ping. Servers also display their ticks per second value. Once in game, we then display improved player list information, with current ping, frames behind server data, and bandwidth quality indicator. Players with insufficient internet connection to the server will also be automatically dropped to avoid degraded performance for other players.

We look forward to players feedback on these new features and will continue to read and take on board player feedback as we build these fixes and improvements in the future.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Improved Controller support for UI and menus
Feature - Internet servers now display and sort by their ping (and show current tps)
Feature - Improved player list network information (current ping, frames behind server and bandwidth quality)
Rework - Removed old network frame numbers from the scoreboard as players often confused this with ping.

Fix - Friend servers now show their DLC status
Fix - Fish sync rate being very high and causing large bandwidth usage

Fix - MacOS Audio crackling

Dear Stormworkers,

This week we release a minor update entirely focused on bug fixes and quality improvements!

This update is the latest in a campaign of quality focused minor updates, and we have more planned for the future.

The main quality improvement is a change to how we save vehicle files - this change is backwards compatible so your existing vehicle files still work the same - but vehicles will now saved with a better compressed format, meaning their size on disk is now smaller. This has several benefits to players - some players with lower spec PCs are less likely to run out of memory if they don't have much RAM, saves are generally smaller, and vehicles should spawn faster in multiplayer.

In the patch notes below, you will see a lengthy list of all the changes we have made for this update. Some of the patch notes include an #issue number which relates to the issue id from the issue tracker. We are trying to provide this extra info so players can better see what has prompted the change, as well as look at the official issue tracker to better understand the discussion around the change.

This also clearly shows what is driving bug fixes and improvements to the game - the clear and concise issue reports that players submit - so thank you to every player who submitted an issue relating to the below. We are really pleased to have made these improvements to the game, and so thank you for your help.

This week we have been made aware of some networking issues caused by the new physics based fish system. While we were unable to patch this issue for today's update we are working on a fix that we hope to deliver by next week. In the meantime we recommend that server hosts disable wildlife in general settings to prevent network slowdown. Thank you for your patience and helping us out by reporting bugs to the issue-tracker site.

While our schedule can still be subject to change, we hope to release improved controller support next week in time for the launch of Steam Deck, and a week or two after that, return with another bug focused minor update. We also have several minor update features in the works, as well as an exciting new major update.

We hope these new fixes make a positive difference to your experience playing Stormworks, and we look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Parsing Optimization

With an update to our parsing system, you can expect save and vehicle files to be significantly smaller in size; we managed to reduce the default mission vehicles by ~50%. We are not only hoping this will save users storage space but also reduce load times when sending vehicle data in multiplayer. You may need to re-save your vehicles.

Fix - #5064 Fix health sync requests causing ragdoll on respawn
Rework - #5381 Added addon option to disable natural disasters in default missions
Fix - #5158 Adjusted default natural disaster period from 5min to 15min
Fix - Volcanic ash now affects jet engine intakes
Fix - #2943 Increased relevance threshold for radar hits by 10x
Fix - #4395 increase detection range for cargo deliveries / cargo not delivering to large zones
Fix - #2973 Added buoyancy surfaces to motors and generators / modular engines sometimes not linking correctly
Fix - #4862 Unable to un-crouch when carrying a survivor
Fix - Initialize AI Aircraft state on vehicle load (Aircraft dropping out of the sky on load)
Rework - #1986 Solid rockets lose fuel on damage and take damage anywhere along the body of the rocket

Fix - #3763 Emp warhead now uses built-in impact threshold
Fix - #3781 Rename detonate warhead nodes to Arm
Fix - #2792 SetVehiclePosSafe not accounting for target vehicle bounds size
Fix - #4061 Muzzle break -> muzzle brake spelling error
Fix - #2165 Keypads not de-focusing when leaving their range
Fix - #4727 Arctic volcano mesh fixes
Fix - #4686 Train-line mesh issue for Donkk arctic exit and track diagonal variant
Fix - #4996 All electric parts should now be disabled by EMP blasts
Fix - #4941 Fluid cannon mass increased from 1 to 11
Fix - Impeller pump preventing flow when torque slot not connected
Fix - Ocean surface render issues
Fix - Reduce particle spawn rate for lava physics contacts
Fix - Lava emissive texture ignoring fog
Fix - #3472 Projectile splash damage not affecting MP clients (Fixed for non-dedicated servers)
Fix - #4507 Emotes broken when crouched
Fix - Minor tornado position desync for mp clients
Fix - #5091 Tornados bypass damage prevention

Fix - #4930 Siren component placement surfaces removed, added to research group
Fix - #5173 Add success returns for disaster lua functions and rework volcano spawning checks
Fix - #5172 Remove success return from guaranteed functions getWeather, getTime and cancelGerstner
Fix - #5048 Add tsunami callback for meteors and add lua param to allow meteor tsunamis
Fix - #4435 remove duplicate onVehicleDespawn() lua callback call
Fix - #4510 getAiTarget returning vehicle/char ids as numbers not integers
Fix - Creative menu button not calling onVolcano
Fix - #4580 Return params for getAiTarget
Fix - #5396 Megalodons spawned with volcanic eruption button

Balance - #4925 set fish flee speed higher than player swim speed
Balance - Increased fish scare distance
Balance - Increased fish max spawn depth

Dear Stormworkers,

Thank you so much for all the love and support around the natural disasters update! The feedback has been overwhelming and it is a joy to see so many players having fun battling the meteors, volcanos, hurricanes and whirlpools!

The update was a big success, with almost record levels of concurrent players (only beaten by the Weapons DLC!). We were also pleased with the quality of release, with very little required in terms of new issues. Our new quality assurance processes and better allowances and awareness of testing is working much better for us, which is really encouraging, as it is something we have been working on a lot the last 6 months. This was probably the major update with the least friction yet.

If you joined the launch party live stream, then you will know some info about our upcoming plans! One thing to note is that the good folk at Valve have sent us a Steam Deck, and we are working on improving general controller support as well as support for the Steam Deck. The hardware is really awesome, and we are really enjoying playing with it. You can check more info at The Steam Deck website. Its worth noting that there are joysticks, but also touch pads, touch screen and even a gyro.

We are initially planning on making some improvements to controller support, which is generally much needed anyway, but will make a big difference to Steam Deck players. Many players have been asking for improved controller support as well. These updates will hopefully start to arrive over the next few weeks.

Otherwise, we are planning a big bugfix update next week which we have been working on for a while now. The whole development team remain very interested in improving the quality of the game and review issues and discuss our plans together on a daily basis. As always, if you encounter issues or have ideas for the game, be sure to give us clear info including reproduction steps using the in-game report bug / request a feature buttons.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

The Natural Disasters Major Update is out now, and to celebrate, Stormworks is 30% off, in a Steam Weekend Deal!

Natural Disasters

This update includes a host of new hazards in the world of Stormworks, including active volcanos, meteor impacts, ocean whirlpools, and hurricanes. These new events can be disabled (by turning off the necessary add-ons), and can also be accessed via the creative menu. Otherwise, they spawn naturally within the world, and sometimes even as part of missions!

Keep an eye out on the map because sometimes you may receive early warning of an impending disaster, and listen for the chilling sound of warning sirens which will fire if a disaster is imminent.

New Fish System

With this update, there is an all-new fish system, with physics based fish. These fish roam the ocean, and flee from vehicles or players. There are many new species of fish, and are now biome based, so depending on where you are in the world and how deep you are below the surface, different fish will spawn.

Being physics based means the fish can be trapped, or wash up. Out of water, the fish will flip and flap in an effort to return to the water. Please do help them back to the water as they can die if they are out of the water for too long. Many boats and ships are faster than fish and should you impact a fish, listen out for a satisfying slap sound.

Patch Notes

Please see below for the full list of patch notes. This update also includes important fixes and improvements.

We continue to work hard on other fixes and improvements that players have kindly reported on the official issue tracker. The next update will be dedicated to bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy this new free update and look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers


Feature - Natural Disasters
Feature - Weather System Rework
Feature - Disaster Relief Missions
Feature - Fish Wildlife System
Feature - Air Raid Siren Component

Radial Tsunamis
Meteor Strikes
Volcanic Eruptions

Fix - Crash in multiplayer when entering/exiting seats
Fix - Weapons addon tank damages itself when pitching turret
Fix - Default addon zones sometimes being mis-positioned
Rework - Mount Goldblum is now a volcano
Rework - Megalodon now have 5x more health

Additional Info:

Natural disasters can now spawn through the world, and are interlinked with the mission system.
Although rare, natural disasters will make missions more challenging and spawn more frequently as time passes.
A new save is recommended to enable the default_natural_disasters addon for the full experience.

Weather is no longer bound to the host's position:
- Custom menu sliders now display client-side local weather conditions when not overriding
- getWeather now correctly samples the target position

Fish can be enabled by toggling wildlife in general settings (moved from graphics settings); their spawnrate can be adjusted by the game host in general settings.

Volcanic ash can clog up air intakes, be careful when navigating them in vehicles.

We are expecting to make some balance changes on spawnrates, strength and other factors of natural disasters based on player feedback, the disasters may be very ferocious on launch day so keep a keen eye on the horizon!

Dear Stormworkers,

The Natural Disasters Major Update is almost here! We will be hosting a launch party stream at 16:00 on Thursday February 3rd, which is 1 hour before the launch of this new major update. We will be chatting with players and answering your questions, playing and discussing the new update! Please join us for this live stream and the big launch!

The Natural Disasters Major Update includes new volcanic eruptions, tornados, meteor strikes, whirlpools, rogue waves, radial tsunamis, and new mission content. See the previous announcement for full details on the new main features!

In the live stream, we will be discussing more in detail, as well as some of the other features, improvements and fixes that have not yet been announced in full. We have finally got that new microphone that we have been promising so audio quality should be much improved.

We look forward to talking to you at the launch party live stream!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

In this weeks minor update, we are introducing dock bollards with integrated rope connectors to Stormworks! These new rope connectors are found all over the world of Stormworks at docks and other mooring locations to easily and conveniently tie up your vessels.

This feature has been frequently requested for a very long time, with some players even having a go at making their own mods and add-ons! We decided it was time this was officially part of the game so introduce this as an official add-on that is enabled by default. All new games will start with these rope connectors in the world. However, if you wish to disable this, you can do so easily by unchecking the add-on when starting your game.

Use the first person rope items to connect dock bollards to rope connectors on your own vehicles to secure them in place.

As always, this new feature isn't the only thing in this update, so see the changelog below for all the fixes and features that are packaged in this release. We are continuing to include the issue numbers in the patch notes where we can, to make it clear which specific issues have been addressed.

After the huge response players have given to the upcoming natural disasters major update, we are more excited than ever for the big release on Feb 3rd! We are working hard on the last few issues and tasks, to get this update ready to go live.

We will be back next week to announce more, so check in then for extra details about the launch!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature - Default Dock Bollards Addon

This Addon will be enabled by default when starting a new save.

Fix - #756 Fix macos audio issues with sounds not playing
Fix - #207 prevent no sleep vehicles from unloading
Fix - #4022 onPlayerUnsit now returns peer_id as expected instead of object_id
Fix - #4145 fixed missing faces on barrels for heavy autocannon
Fix - #3835 compass ball additive layer rendering
Fix - #3735 floating trees fixed on multiplayer base
Fix - #4454 auto cannon ammo drum fixed mirroring
Fix - #4446 resolve fluid slots even when off
Fix - #4313 clear network requests when disconnecting from a server
Fix - #4298 hosts now send map update lua events when closing the map
Fix - #4023 onPlayerUnsit() and onCharacterUnsit() now trigger on ladders
Fix - #3029 allow crouch animation to override jump animation to keep camera aligned with physics hitbox during crouch jump
Fix - #4453 fixed gaps in the air ram model
Fix - #4311 hole in oil refinery fixed

Added ?mclear alias for ?mclean

Dear Stormworkers,

Natural Disasters (the next major update!) is will be here soon! It will release on Thursday 3rd February 2022 at 5PM UTC.

What is in the Natural Disasters Major Update?

Players have asked for hurricanes, volcanoes, meteor strikes, whirlpools, improved tsunamis and rogue waves, so that is what we have been developing! These events are spawnable via the creative menu, as well as occurring naturally within the world, and impacting the missions system.


Volcanic eruptions can occur at specific locations within the world of Stormworks. We looked carefully at the different types of real eruptions because we want to create convincing and authentic volcanic events. Volcano eruptions are divided into several stages, from smoking and increased activity, to explosive eruption, pyroclastic flow, debris, ash pollution, and more. Volcanic eruptions are terrifying and deadly.


High winds can now result in twisters. These powerful wind events involve a vortex of rotating wind energy to descend from the sky, meeting a water spout or debris cloud at ground level. Wind dramatically accelerates near the hurricane, and is powerful enough to lift vehicles that get too close. The power is awesome, with the first signs that a twister may form being clouds forming a spiralling vortex in the sky.


Meteor strikes can occasionally occur, where fields of rocks of varying size may begin falling from the sky at high velocity. Impacts can cause explosions, and if a particularly large meteor hits the ocean, the energy release can result in a new kind of radial tsunami.


Huge vortices can form in the ocean, where adjacent currents can feed energy into a rotating body of water. In Stormworks, these whirlpools are kilometres across, where huge ships can easily be swallowed by the eye of the whirlpool. These swirling bodies of water create strong currents in a spiralling direction towards the center, pulling down deep below the surface.

With these new natural disasters, there also comes a host of other features such as API support, new missions, and more.

We can't wait to share this new update in just a few weeks! As always we look forward to your feedback on this news. Between now and release, we will continue finishing this update, as well as working on new minor updates, fixes and improvements.

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Dear Stormworkers,

Happy new year!

To start the year off, we are releasing a bug-fix focused minor update! This update includes many fixes and improvements that have been requested by the community.

As always, we thank the many players who have given clear and detailed feedback and reports on the issue tracker - this makes it much easier for us to add the changes that you are asking for - so thank you. This week we have tried including the issue numbers in the changelog to help explain what has changed and why it has changed.

We are planning to announce the release date and more details of the next major update next week! The next major update is really exciting so this is a big event for us. See you next week for more info!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Fix - #986 CTD when vehicle is removed while player is viewing a tooltip from it
Fix - #565 Microcontroller component states not saving
Fix - #3117 Restored missing Donkk Island Ruins
Fix - #1668 Microcontroller mass and centre of mass now scale with size
Fix - #3792 resetVehicleState offsetting loaded vehicles by their voxel offset
Fix - #3709 despawnVehicle deferred event not triggering onVehicleDespawn
Fix - #3708 discard on despawned objects are now handled immediately (deferring this caused them to persist after a save/load)
Fix - #3732 Weapon components pulling from blocked junction surfaces
Fix - #4296 Added getStartTile alias for getStartIsland to be consistent with documentation
Fix - Fluid port/intake components not using compartment sampling position

Rework - Air Scoop Intake now has a reserved voxel consistent with other intake components
Balance - Reduced radio voice chat static noise