American Truck Simulator News & Announcements
As you might remember, recently we announced Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator. Before we fully dive in with the classic news from the development, we have decided to sit down with some of the developers and create a blog article that will let you know a little bit about some of the SCS members themselves, but also their thoughts on this DLC. Sit back, relax, and check out what Patrik, Seki, Martin, Ilona, and Anton had to say about who they are and what working on the Sunflower State means for them.

Patrik, Kansas DLC Lead

As the Map DLC Lead for American Truck Simulator, my primary responsibility is to oversee the development of the assigned map expansion, which is currently the Kansas DLC. I have previously led the Washington and Colorado DLCs, and I started as a regular map designer when we were still working on California.

Our goal with the Kansas DLC is to show players that even seemingly empty and monotonous states have their own unique atmosphere and impression. Our biggest challenge in this project is to create large grass areas that are visually appealing, modern, and well-crafted. Kansas has a distinct architecture that differs from the states we've worked on in the past, so we're also facing the challenge of creating new assets such as neglected shops, barracks, houses, and other buildings.

Players can look forward to a dozen new cities, and we will gradually release the list over time. We are also working on improving the economic model, which we will share with our #BestCommunityEver in due course. Moreover, new economic chains will be introduced as part of the Kansas DLC, as we regularly do with every new DLC in ATS.

Seki, DLC Asset Lead

As the DLC Asset Lead and a senior graphic designer, my role at SCS involves collaborating on graphics for ATS and all related projects. I've been with the company for seven years and have contributed to all DLCs for ATS released thus far. While there are others on the team, collaboration is key to our success, and I credit the entire ATS team for our achievements.

As the DLC Asset Lead, I'm responsible for the quality and delivery of all necessary 3D models for the DLC, including everything from generic benches to city and depot areas where trucks move. I consult with Map Designers and ensure that all landmarks are delivered to their cities or settlements. I initially joined SCS as a graphic designer, where I created models for the game, including the last major project, Random Events. I then switched to DLC Lead and completed projects in Idaho, Texas, and am currently working on Kansas.

Our goal is to bring players a new state where they can spend countless hours in their trucks, discovering the beauty of Kansas and its industries. We aim to beat the previous map expansion and give players the best possible experience. We have added many new landmarks to cities and their surroundings, including unique rest areas, truck stops, and industries. We are pushing the limits of our creation with each DLC, and we believe that Kansas will be a great example of this. While we can't reveal everything yet, players can definitely look forward to many new locations and experiences.

Martin, Texas DLC Map Designer

I started at SCS 2 years ago and I have worked on several projects including California Rework, Texas and the city of Emporia, which was my first attempt at designing a city. Currently, I am working on two settlements, roads, and we have received a new palette of terrain materials, which also includes a new set of grasses that I have to include into the map.

One of the most exciting parts of my job so far was designing the city. However, my focus now is on creating a rural-farming atmosphere in Kansas, which is known for its vast grassy plains and farming communities. There will be many farm depots, farm assets, silos, and wind farms to explore, and players will have the opportunity to get up close to the fields with their trucks.

Overall, players can look forward to a truly immersive experience in Kansas, with a focus on the state's farming heritage and beautiful natural landscapes.

Ilona, Texas DLC Map Designer

As a map designer at SCS for four years, I am responsible for designing the layouts of two cities, Colby and Hays, in western Kansas. I also designed depots and generic architectural elements, such as shops and suburban houses, that reflect the state's diverse architectural styles. For example, as part of the new DLC, we've added a brick-and-mortar store and I hope this new store will be a great authentic detail for the town center. Moreover, the generic architecture in Kansas is characterized by great diversity, as it is unique in many ways but it also contains elements of various architectural styles from the surrounding states

Having previously worked on Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and Texas, I am most looking forward to creating an authentic experience that conveys the unique feeling of Kansas. The biggest challenge will be portraying the vastness of the open plains and endless vistas through the use of details. Players can look forward to exploring Kansas's farms, plains, and downtown cities, with unique architecture and details that capture the state's essence.

Anton, Researcher

As a researcher, I deal with a little bit of everything. With every task, our job consists of two components. Firstly, we need to look for more technical kind of information like which variants of the warehouse are more typical for a given state. But also we try to find a deeper meaning behind the raw data we process. For example, while working on the Kansas DLC we took great inspiration from the work of American painters known as the regionalists. They are famous for depicting the American midwest in a really insightful and captivating manner. We used their work a lot, communicating our impressions of the state to our map designers and 3D artists.

Because in our line of work, we need to translate our own vision of a state to the rest of the developing team, each DLC is a surprise for me. I’m really interested to see how 3D artists and map designers are going to implement our comments and ideas regarding Kansas feel. A map expansion is always more than just a mechanical arrangement of assets down the road. It’s the idea of a geographical and economic area that the developers build in their minds as they work on a state. I like to think that we help them in creating that internal image.

We hope you have enjoyed this very early insight into what you can expect to see in the upcoming Kansas DLC. For more news in the future make sure to follow our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to never miss any updates. We can’t wait to show you more!
It's been a while since we last spoke about the California Rework project; in which 2 phases were already completed and released as free update in American Truck Simulator. Today, we are excited to share with you some information on Phase 3, the team working on it and some teasers on what will be included this free update.

Phase 3 of the California Rework

Speaking with the map lead of this project, he was quite excited to tell us how much the project has progressed, and how the community has played a big deciding factor in shaping Phase 3. From our official forums to our social media channels, we've been listening to your comments in regard to adjusting layouts and sizes of cities and the balance between highways and smaller roads. In a few cases, the community influenced the shape of our Phase 3 content, even some time into development, adding or adjusting content on the go.

So what is in store for Phase 3 of this project? We have quite a bit up our sleeves, which we won't share all in one go. Without going into too much detail, you can expect the rework of several cities, towns, industries and road networks and so much more; Which includes the introduction of the highly requested city of Modesto, which will replace the currently existing city of Oakdale. This addition was heavily influenced by the community, which we look forward to sharing more about in a future blog post along with another unannounced new city addition.

We are also excited to share that the US-50 between Sacramento and Carson City will be included as a new addition in this rework phase. Featuring mountain passes and ski resorts, this route is incredibly scenic and feels like a completely different region when compared to the rest of California. If you enjoyed Truckee and its surroundings, you know what to expect.

Our team has focused a lot on reworking the layout of existing cities by taking advantage of the space created by the rescale after the release of American Truck Simulator. This means we've been able to utilize more of the map to create more road networks, expand city sizes, introduce new industries in the area, and ultimately, bring the quality of the state up to par with our current DLC quality standards.

We have also invested a lot of time and work into smaller secondary roads, especially around central California where a large part of the Agriculture industry exists. Finding the balance between highway and smaller road networks is always a challenge, but we believe that creating more secondary roads is a good investment of time and provides more options for players to choose a route that escapes the fast-paced highway life and experience a different driving style.

As you can imagine, a rework of this size has required a lot of work, with new assets, updated industries, roads, cities and so much more. The content density of this project is very high, and our aim is to make sure that this rework will stand the test of time; Trust us, it will be worth the wait!

All of this exciting content wouldn't be possible without the team behind the scenes working hard on this project, which brings us to our next topic...

Update on the Team

During the development of Montana and Texas, the number of dedicated members of the California Rework team was only around 1-2 people. This was because of the demand and focus needed on these DLCs at the time. However, thanks to the recent influx of new map designers, we have been able to return to normal stable numbers within all our teams. After Texas was released, we were able to return to 5 stable members of the rework team, which has been boosted by another 5 new map designers from January, so we now have 10 people dedicated to improving California.

With this, we are excited about the future and how the team will be able to progress with the current project at hand, as well as with other tasks in the future! For now, our focus is on Phase 3.

As we mentioned earlier, we still have so much more to share, and as development progresses, we will post our progress and work in future blog posts. We can't wait to showcase them all and ultimately, bring Phase 3 of the California Rework to American Truck Simulator. Until then, keep on truckin'!
Today, we are happy to share with you that the 1.47 Open Beta branch for American Truck Simulator is now available to try and test out. If you plan on participating in this Open Beta, we ask that you please help us by reporting any bugs you may encounter in the appropriate section(s) of our official forums.

Your feedback and reports are extremely valuable to our team and we thank you in advance for taking the time to help us out. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what the 1.47 Open Beta has in store.

Ownable Gas Cisterns

Are you ready to haul your very own Gas Cisterns in American Truck Simulator? As we covered in a previous blog post, Ownable Gas Cisterns are available in this update! These trailers will come in a variety of lengths, chassis and customisation options. These cisterns are designed to transport dangerous and highly flammable gases such as Ethane, Propane and LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas).

However, please keep in mind, that as of now the in-game economy for these trailers and also the list of available cargoes for them are still in a work in progress state and are subject to change.

The Ownable Gas Cistern for American Truck Simulator will be available as a single or B-Double trailer. It will also include 5 chassis types; 32ft, 43ft & 48ft 2-axle, 53ft 3-axle and 4-axle 53ft with a steerable rear axle. Each gas cistern comes with over 50 accessories which include (but are not limited to):

  • Paintable/Chrome Boxes
  • Paintable/Chrome Valve Covers
  • Customisable Side Lamps
  • Paintable Wing
  • A wide variety of hoses
  • A variety of rear fenders and rear bumper lights
  • A variety of trailer paintjobs
  • and so much more!

We look forward to seeing you deliver with these new Ownable Gas Cisterns and how you will customize them. Be sure to share your first ride with them on our social media channels.

World Ambient Sounds

As we continue to make sounds more immersive across our truck sim world, one big change we have made for this update is introducing sound scatter technology through FMOD for our virtual environment. So what does this mean for players?

It means you'll now notice a variety of SFX coming from different directions and distances, on top of our base 5.1 sound layer, which has an existing basic environmental loop for a specific place. For example, you may be sitting at a rest area in the quiet Texas plains, hearing the chirping of crickets, but you'll hear them at various distances, some further away, some closer!

Another change we are introducing is a direction filter for trucks. Where applicable, we have included sound engine equalization in the sound system, which works according to your current camera view. For example, if you are using a camera behind the truck, you will hear a change in sound according to that view. The effect is most audible when you are able to watch your truck drive past while the camera remains stationary.

You can read more in detail about this change to our world ambient sounds and more at our previous blogpost on the subject.

Adaptive Cruise Control & Emergency Braking System

Released originally as a hidden experimental feature back in 1.44, we are glad to be able to bring this highly requested addition to the 1.47 update. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts the distance and speed from the vehicle in front when in cruise control mode. This is especially handy when encountering a busy highway, where you may find traffic often merging into a gap in front of you, or in situations where traffic speed is constantly changing.

Coupled with ACC is the Emergency Braking System, which activates your brakes whenever a collision is imminent with the vehicle in front, to avoid or minimize damage. This technology in the real world has saved countless lives and is found in most modern trucks.

These features have been in the works for a while, but it is still work in progress and we look forward to seeing how they perform during 1.47 Open Beta. Please share with us your feedback and comments on our official forums.

Custom City Intros (Utah & Idaho)

Carrying on from our previous update which introduced custom city intros for Colorado & Wyoming, we have now expanded these cutscenes to the Utah and Idaho DLC's for American Truck Simulator!

These special cutscenes appear when a player selects a starting city when creating a new profile. We hope that new players (or those restarting a new profile) will enjoy these new additions, showcasing the area where you have chosen to begin!

Let us know your thoughts and any feedback you may have at our official forums.

Random Road Bumps

We're excited to introduce Random Road Bumps into 1.47! These small bumps are procedurally generated to give the roads an imperfect feel to them. While they may not be visible to the driver, you will be able to feel these subtle bumps and in some cases hear them affect your vehicle whilst driving.

We look forward to working on expanding this feature in the future, but for the time being, let us know your thoughts about it! Any comments or feedback can be made over on our official forums.

Career History UI Redesign

This update also includes a refresh for the Career History UI! For those who are unfamiliar with this feature, you can access it via the main menu of American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2. It displays a graph of your experience progress and some statistics.

This new redesign will now feature a much more detailed look into your statistics and previous deliveries. The UI now shows 4 sections which are: Deliveries, Exploration, Driver experiences and Penalties. Each of these sections displays different statistics that give you a more in-depth review of your journey as a truck driver so far including total deliveries, your past delivery ratings, how many of your deliveries were on time, map exploration, companies visited, truck data and discoveries.

We've also included a section that'll show what penalties you have received over the last 2 weeks of your career. We felt that little things such as hitting traffic signs or falling asleep at the wheel don't need to be on your permanent record.

We've also redesigned your delivery log which shows clearly your previous jobs, your cargo, what day you made the delivery on, income, XP, time spent etc. We understand that these statistics are important for drivers to look back on, especially if you are part of a VTC where you may need to log your previous jobs for driver activity.

We really hope you like this redesign, and we hope we can expand on it in the future. Let us know your feedback and comments by heading to our official forums.

In-Game Update Log

We've now added a new UI feature to both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 which will show users the changelog of a major update or showcase the featured of a DLC release.

This will appear in the form of a pop-up either when you launch the game after an update or whilst in-game in the main menu if an update was made during your time on the road. Not only that, but you can also access a history of previous changelogs, in-case you missed out on several, and find all our official social media links.

We hope this helps you stays informed no matter where you are on the latest changes and updates made to our titles.

Economy Reset Teleport

Whenever the player's economy is reset during a game load, it was the norm for you to be teleported to your HQ garage. Today we are happy to make a small change that will allow you to make the decision whether you want to teleported to your chosen HQ or a free quick travel to any service station of your choice.



  • Addition of World Ambient Sounds
  • Random Road Bumps


  • Ownable Gas Cisterns
  • Adaptive Cruise Control & Emergency Braking System
Kenworth W900

  • DEF-Less fuel tank options returned for certain engine types (150, 220 & 300 gal)
  • Reinstated Cruise Control speed display on dashboard

  • Custom City Intros for Utah and Idaho
  • Addition of Sound Direction Filter
  • Performance Improvements (night, bad weather, dense traffic)

  • Career History UI Redesign
  • In-Game Update Log
  • Economy Reset Teleport

So enjoy all the new additions, but please remember: It's only an open beta, not a stable public version - so you may encounter bugs, instability, or crashes. It's completely okay if you want to wait for the final release. But if you're interested in helping us to get there faster, we'll appreciate all of your feedback on our forum and your bug reports in this section.

Please check our modding wiki to get details pertaining to mods for the game.

If you wish to participate in the open beta, you can find this version in the public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right-click on American Truck Simulator → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → 1.47. No password required. Sometimes you have to restart your Steam client to see the correct branch name there.
As you already may have guessed from our previous blog articles, Oklahoma is a major agricultural state in the United States. Known as the "breadbasket of America," the Sooner State is a top producer of a variety of crops and livestock, contributing significantly to the state's economy and the nation's food supply.

Wheat is a truly significant crop in Oklahoma. In fact, the state is the sixth-largest producer of wheat in the country, and it produces enough wheat each year to make over 13 billion loaves of bread! However, cotton production definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Transporting these crops to Crops Farms, Grain Elevators, and Cotton Gins across the state and beyond is a critical role for truckers and the thriving industry will keep all of you busy and entertained for hours and hours.

Oklahoma is also a major producer of livestock. The state is home to over 4 million head of cattle, making it the fifth-largest cattle-producing state in the country. There will be an opportunity to check out a number of related prefabs such as Dairy Farm, Livestock Auction, or Feed Mill. When put together, these places represent the chain of production quite nicely, as you need the feed to take care of the cattle and then trade it at the auction afterward.

Judging by the numbers shown in the text above, it is safe to say that local agriculture will have a strong presence in the upcoming Oklahoma DLC. If you are looking forward to exploring new industries and experiences, make sure to add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist or follow our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to never miss out on any important updates.
Since 1923, The Kenworth Truck Company has been manufacturing trucks, the first of which was built in Renton, Seattle. Today, Kenworth has become one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks in North America, and this year, they are celebrating their 100-year anniversary!

With an excellent heritage in quality, innovation and technology, Kenworth has manufactured more than half a million trucks over the decades. To celebrate this amazing milestone, Kenworth Trucks has revealed a special anniversary edition of their legendary W900, which we are also proud to be able to bring to you in American Truck Simulator!

The new special Anniversary Edition of the Kenworth W900 includes:

  • New long 6x4 chassis painted in red with side markers
  • New exhaust pipes engraved with the number '100'
  • New side hood badge logo
  • New sleeper side badge with Kenworth 100 lettering
  • New fully painted plate below doors
  • New paintjob for 86 inch sleeper
  • New interior version with black dashboard & with red 'Kenworth 100' logo
  • New interior dashboard trim option with metallic look
  • New leather seats and bench

But that isn't all. Whilst working on this upcoming addition, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give one of our first licensed vehicles in American Truck Simulator a little bit of love in the form of a remodel. We'd like to express our gratitude to PACCAR and Kenworth for their continuous support and partnership since the launch of ATS back in 2016. We look forward to what the road brings for both of us ahead!

So what does this remodel include? As we teased during our Christmas live stream, a special project has been in the works for the Kenworth W900; Which includes new options, parts and accessories and more! We really wanted to bring this vehicle up to our current quality standards with this project.

Starting with cabins, we've added the option to upgrade to the 86" studio sleeper, the largest option yet! All our sleeper options now also include detachable roof and side deflectors. There is also a new customisation point for the studio sleeper side badge. We have also redesigned and added several new chassis options too. There are now 3 chassis sizes, short for the daycab, midsized for the sleeper 72" and long for the studio sleeper 86". Every size comes with 5 versions (6x2, 8x4 liftable, 6x4, 8x4 liftable and 8x6). Every model now reflects if the axle is liftable or drivable & comes with lots of little details including warning stickers and cables.

On top of all that, the fuel tanks are now fully separated and updated to their newer versions which include DEF tanks. This means you will now be able to choose your tank size independently. We have also added an array of accessories including several different doorsteps and door handles, handrails and hood logos.

The cabin and interior were also completely remodelled with great attention to detail, including the colour pallete! This update will offer three cabin trim options, Splendor Slate Gray, Diamond Slate Gray and Diamond Black. There is also a new interior design with a bench for the 86" studio sleeper. Additionally, the front seats now offer the option of being trimmed in a different material from the rest of the cabin; which come in leather and cloth options. Dashboard trims are also available in wood or black plastic.

Along with all these updates, changes & more, the W900 remodel also includes:

  • A new front bumper
  • A new modern rearbumper
  • New modern rear mudflaps
  • New modern rear mudguards
  • New modern front mudflaps
  • New window rubber seals with chrome trim
  • New LED hood blinkers

As you can imagine, this was quite an extensive amount of work for our team, who worked hard to complete such a big project in-time. We hope that you enjoy the vast number of updates and love that have been put into this update; which did not come without its challenges.

Once you hit the road in your Kenworth W900, we'd love to hear about it! Share your screenshots, videos and more with us and Kenworth trucks using the hashtag #Kenworth100ATS. Don't forget to tag us both as we would love to see them. Happy Truckin' and Happy 100 years Kenworth Trucks!
A trucker’s journey consists of more than complex highways or wonderful nature, which is why there’s always the need to include numerous detailed cities and settlements in every additional expansion of American Truck Simulator to perfectly capture the whole "picture" of the local land. The upcoming Oklahoma DLC will be no exception, so today we will show you four of the cities that are arriving in the game with the Sooner State.

First up is Guymon with a population of about 12,000 people, which makes it the biggest small city that is located in the panhandle of Oklahoma. While in general, the city has a rich history and a strong community spirit, most importantly for us, the city's main source of business comes from large livestock farms and meat processing factories. Even though a local food factory may not seem like too much work at first glance, the entire area will provide to be a perfect starting point for your journey across Oklahoma.

Next, we have Enid, a city with a history closely intertwined with the expansion of the railway system in America. It’s no coincidence the city was originally supposed to be called Skeleton Station, but, well, let’s just say it sounds less catchy than as we know it today.

The city is surrounded by flat land and wheat fields, which is why a silo depot will most likely be your main place of visit when you will find yourself in the area. However, the city center is rich in landmarks such as a hospital, police and fire station, local school, and more.

Lawton is primarily known for its local Tire Factory for which we have created a brand-new depot (as shown in our previous New Industries blog). The factory is a significant part of the city's economy and the investments and state support are increasing every year. Moreover, the city is also home to a large paper mill, which we've added to the game as well. It's also worthwhile taking some time to see the interesting water tanks and churches in the area.

Lastly, we have Idabel, the smallest town in Oklahoma in the upcoming DLC. It is located in the southeast corner and the main point of interest for the players will certainly be the adjacent Sawmill. Additionally, it's worth a visit to see the Museum of the Red River, which is an unusually futuristic structure considering the local area. Other landmarks in Idabel include the fire station, hospital, high school, and water tanks.

And finally, we have some screenshots for you of the local settlements you will be able to pass through while cruising through Oklahoma. Can you guess which small towns are present in the following screenshots?

In conclusion, these cities and settlements will offer diverse experiences for players to enjoy. We can’t wait for you to check out the second part of this blog topic in the future and we’d suggest following our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to not miss out on any potential updates.
With the intention of celebrating the timeless tradition of Valentine’s day, exactly two weeks ago we introduced a brand-new thematic World of Trucks event, in which we asked the players to deliver special Valentine Presents cargo across all the trucking territories. And now, since the event was successfully concluded on Sunday the 19th, we'd like to thank and congratulate everyone for taking part and offer you some final thoughts and impressions.

The community goal which was set at 500,000 deliveries was actually completed before Valentine’s Day itself and we consider that to be absolutely amazing! We knew that achieving this number wouldn’t be an easy task but all of you managed to surprise us with your true passion and dedication to finish the goal as quickly as possible. We also appreciate all the feedback we have received and, as we hope to return with another event next year, we’ll make sure to take it all into consideration. For now, let’s take a look at some of the final statistics from this year’s Sweet Valentine event.

These numbers are truly incredible and we hope you are enjoying the Trucker Cupid and Box of Chocolate rewards. We realize that Valentine’s Day is a really time-limited holiday, but you can now explore ETS2 or ATS with the accessories all year long. Additionally, don’t forget we have also updated the Valentine’s Paint Job Pack for each game with the styles used for the special event cargo!

The power of our #BestCommunityEver is always one of the main highlights of any event and it was awesome to see you all sharing the love all over social media and other platforms, such as Youtube or Twitch. We really enjoyed looking at the screenshots, videos, and live streams, and it brings a lot of joy to all our teams to see how much you enjoy these World of Trucks events.

Once again, we are grateful for all your effort and the love you showed us during this event. We hope we’ll be able to provide you with more challenges and entertainment in the future as well, and while we are unable to say right now what our plans are, keep an eye out on our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to always be notified of any potential announcement.
As you might remember, last year, a small team from SCS Software traveled to the USA. However, visiting expos and researching areas were not the only tasks on our agenda. Members from our sound team also traveled along to record a number of new environmental and ambient sounds for the world of American Truck Simulator. Today we wanted to share with you a glimpse into the development of some of those sounds that will be coming in the next 1.47 update!

As we continue to make sounds more immersive across our truck sim world, one big change we have made for this update is introducing sound scatter technology through FMOD for our virtual environment. So what does this mean for players? It means you'll now notice a variety of SFX coming from different directions and distances, on top of our base 5.1 sound layer, which has an existing basic environmental loop from a specific place. For example, you may be sitting at a rest area in the quiet Texas plains, hearing the chirping of crickets, but you'll hear them at various distances, some further away, some closer!

This change not only applies to nature but also in the city too. From the sound of distant highway traffic to a nearby police siren, these sounds will not only vary in intensity and location, but also change depending if you are parked or traveling at low or high speed; where you'll experience the doppler effect. Sounds will also vary depending on the day and night cycle.

This new sound system allows players to always hear different sounds as they travel through the environment. Hundreds of these sound spots will be included in this first update, so the variety of sounds will be quite noticeable.

Another change we are introducing is a direction filter for trucks. Where applicable, we have included sound engine equalization in the sound system, which works according to your current camera view. For example, if you are using a camera behind the truck, you will hear a change in sound according to that view. The effect is most audible when you are able to watch your truck drive past but the camera remains stationary.

We are excited to bring these changes in the future. Keep in mind, this is just the first implementation when it comes to sounds. This year will be another busy schedule of recording for our team, and we look forward to bringing more updates in due time.

Until then, keep an ear out for more news in the future about sounds, we love to hear your thoughts on this topic.
With the road network of American Truck Simulator growing larger and larger every year, the need for rest breaks as you travel across the mighty USA becomes a regular occurrence. Whilst some might like to find a small layby or other area to stop in, most players have found that Truck Stops are there go to when on a long haul!

In our upcoming Oklahoma DLC for American Truck Simulator, you'll be sure to find plenty of these great facilities for all truck drivers alike. All of them, have their own little way of being unique, if that be by design or in some other way!

Whether you need gas to go, a rest or even need to double check your loads weight just in case, truck stops have got it all for you. It's also a great place to see a variety of other trucks, watch as they come and go! But be sure to arrive in time if you planning on sleeping overnight, these trucks stops can get pretty busy and you may struggle to find a parking spot.

Whilst the state of Oklahoma will have a lot to see and do, it's always good to slow down a little and to look after yourself and your truck. So be sure to take the rest that you need between hauls and take advantage of the Truck Stops you see so often!

We look forward to featuring more upcoming content from Oklahoma! Be sure to follow our social media channels for all the latest news, teasers and more on the go! If it's OK, we'd like to ask to you to add Oklahoma to Steam Wishlist too! We appreciate the support of those who have done already and we can't wait to have you visit this great state; until then, keep on truckin'!
Join us today as we celebrate our latest World of Trucks event - Sweet Valentine!

All around the world gifts and romantic letters are exchanged between loved ones on February 14. The origin of Valentine’s Day can be traced all the way back to the 14th century when a famous English poet was the first to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day as a day of love through romantic poems. Shortly after real-life lovers began to send each other love poems on February 14th. Today about 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making it the largest card-sending holiday of the year.

To uphold this timeless tradition, we present our Sweet Valentine verse to you:

With trailers hitched, set out on this quest
The road is long, the task earnest
With 14 cargoes to deliver
Spread love's joy as we go together.

For we are united, in this grand endeavour
To deliver 500k presents with the #bestcommunityever.
For our effort, let us be driven
In gratitude, sweet rewards will be given

From city to city, far and wide
We'll transport presents, side by side
With a goal set high and spirits bright
Let's make this journey with love as our guide.

Thank you for joining this special time
For Valentine's day together we chime
The spirit of love, in which we praise
To cherish our loved ones in embrace.

We invite you, our #BestCommunityEver, to take part in our first ever event that celebrates the love for your sweetheart by delivering heart felt Valentines Presents across all trucking territories, with a community goal of 500,000 deliveries to make! You'll be impressed with our beautiful Valentines themed trailers that will be laiden with your special event cargo...

...and this is another a great chance for you to create a matching paint job with your truck for that extra element of romance, especially if you happen to own the Valentine's Paint Jobs Pack DLC for either ETS2 or ATS!

This time your personal goal requires 14 deliveries of Valentines Presents cargo, and we have some really attractive and lovingly crafted rewards on offer, including your special World of Trucks Achievement. All jobs for the event will be 100Km each (62.1 mile) or more, and don't forget to check out the rules.


Using External Contracts, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both, the community goal is to achieve 500,000 deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo, from any city in any trucking territory.

When a player completes 14 deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo across any trucking territories in either game, it will complete their personal goal.


Personal: Players that complete 14 or more deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo will gain a unique World of Trucks Achievement as well as a Trucker Cupid hanging item as a Steam inventory item for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

Community: When the community goal of achieving 500,000 deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo from any city is met and if the player has also achieved their personal goal, then they will receive a Box of Chocolate cabin item as a Steam inventory item for their cabin.

Note: In order to qualify for any community reward, you must complete at least your personal goal in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both. Each reward will be a Steam inventory item for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Once completed, claim your reward in the Events page on your World of Trucks profile.

The event will be concluded on Sunday the 19th of February at 23:59 UTC.

Looking to convoy with that special someone this February? Then why not check out our Sweet Valentine Bundle; which includes the American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and the Valentine's Paint Job Pack DLC for both titles! Alternatively, this bundle will offer you a chance to fall in love with the title you are missing out on if you only own one of them. But be quick, this sweet deal is only around for a limited time!

We expect this to be a new and heart felt journey, with sweethearts on both sides of the pond, using American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Your deliveries are counted in both games, so take a trip this year using the hashtag #SweetValentine and share it with us on our ATS / ETS2 Facebook pages, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, we'd love to see your pics!
In December, we shared a teaser, showing off some early previews of Ownable Gas Cisterns for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Today, we are excited to share with you a more in-depth look at these trailers, which will arrive in the 1.47 update. Let’s take a more detailed look at this trailer type, shall we?

These ownable Gas Cistern will come in a variety of lengths, chassis and customisation options, which vary depending on European or American models. These cisterns are designed to transport dangerous and highly flammable gases such as Ethane, Propane and LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas). However, please keep in mind, that as of now the in-game economy for these trailers and also the list of available cargoes for them are still in a work in progress state and are subject to change.

The Ownable Gas Cistern for American Truck Simulator will be available as single or B-Double trailer. It will also include 5 chassis types; 32ft, 43ft & 48ft 2 axle, 53ft 3-axle and 4-axle 53ft with a steerable rear axle. Each gas cistern comes with over 50 accessories which include (but are not limited to):

  • Paintable/Chrome Boxes
  • Paintable/Chrome Valve Covers
  • Customisable Side Lamps
  • Paintable Wing
  • A wide variety of hoses
  • A variety of rear fenders and rear bumper lights
  • A variety of trailer paintjobs
  • and so much more!

The Ownable Gas Cistern for Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be available in the most common trailer combinations found in Europe. This being the Single 2-axle 10 metre chassis with a 40m3 Gas Tank and single 3-axle 12 metre chassis with a 50m3 gas tank. Accessories included (but are not limited to):

  • Paintable/Chrome Boxes
  • Valve boxes with additional toolboxes, sideguards etc
  • Fire extinguishers
  • A variety of rear fenders and rear bumper lights
  • A wide variety of hoses
  • A variety of trailer paintjobs
  • and so much more!

We look forward to seeing you deliver with these new Ownable Gas Cisterns and how you will customize them. There is still more upcoming news about the 1.47 update, so be sure to follow our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest. Until then, keep on trucking!
American Truck Simulator is no stranger to the Western Star® brand. With 2 of their newest trucks, the 49X and 57X, already available in-game, today we are excited to announce the arrival of a legend. Introducing the Western Star® 5700XE, which is now available at your Western Star® Trucks dealership in American Truck Simulator!

Combining tough performance, modern technology and the traditional look of a classic truck, Western Star® didn’t overlook a single detail when creating this truck; with advanced engineering to improve efficiency and aerodynamics. XE – which stands for extreme efficiency – summarizes exactly what this truck is all about.

Ever since we saw this truck at the Mid-America Trucking show in 2016, we knew we had to have it in the game! We are very thankful to the team at Western Star® in helping us bring this legend to the virtual roads of ATS, especially when it meant digging through some archives to find the information we needed for its development.

The Western Star® 5700XE arrives with a select choice of configurations and customizations. This includes a day cab, the 54" High Roof Stratosphere and the 82" Ultra High Roof Stratosphere. Chassis available are short, medium and long versions in 6x2 and 6x4. Engines included are exclusively Detroit Diesel, which offers the options of DD13, DD15 and DD16 up to 600HP. Transmission options include the Detroit DT12 automated manual as well as Eatons.

There are lots of customizations available for this truck too, including plenty of Chrome parts, aero fairings, interior trim options and so much more! You may even find a big screen-inspired paint job included. Be sure to check them all out. We look forward to seeing how you customize your 5700XE for the road.

Ready to ride? Share your first journey with us and Western Star Trucks on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #ATS5700XE to be in with a chance to WIN some cool merch provided by Western Star. Winners will be picked by members of our team based upon their favourite shots. Screenshots that have been edited and/or contain third party modifications are allowed too, so get creative!

A massive thank you to our friends over at Western Star® for allowing us to once again work with them so closely to bring this truck to American Truck Simulator. We are sure that there is more to come from our cooperation with Daimler Truck North America in the future. Until then, keep on trucking!

Western Star® is a trademark of Daimler Trucks North America LLC and is used under the license of SCS Software s.r.o.
The state of Oklahoma is home to a variety of industries, and today we are happy to share with you previews and information on some of the new and unique depots that you'll be able to deliver to in our upcoming Oklahoma DLC for American Truck Simulator. Please mind, due to the development still being in the early stages, the following screenshots are not from a completed map as the areas are still a work-in-progress.

Tire Factory

One of the wheely unique industries in Oklahoma is the presence of two of the most famous tire manufacturers in the world. Based in the cities of Lawton and Ardmore, the state's history of tire-making stretches back nearly a century. At full capacity, both factories combined can produce up to 108,000 tires a day, providing drivers around the world with safe rubber on their vehicles and truckers busy all year round!

Gas & Chemical Distribution

Oklahoma is among the top oil and natural gas-producing states in the country. With a lot smaller towns and industries depending on the distribution of gas and chemicals for a number of uses; Truckers in Oklahoma will be able to take on jobs from larger depots to deliver across the state and beyond. Be sure to have your tanker trailers clean and ready!

Bus Factory

Did you know Oklahoma is also known as 'The School Bus Capital of the World'? In the city of Tulsa, up to 11,000 of the iconic yellow American school buses are constructed and rolled out every year. From engine parts to paint, the factory has a rolling assembly line that requires constant delivery of essential materials to keep production moving and on target.

Municipal Depots

Public and Emergency service vehicles require a high amount of maintenance and upkeep to make sure they are safe on the road. Everything from public buses to ambulances have their own depots, garages and warehouses where they are maintained for safe usage on the road. Truckers will be able to contribute in delivering parts among other materials to these important vehicles on the road.

Electrical Appliance Factory

Everything from air conditioners to transformers (no, not the robots in disguise) are produced here. While these factories are quite generic, truckers will be able to haul an array of different electrical appliances to deliver across the state of Oklahoma and beyond!

River Port

Based on a real port located along the river in Tulsa, this hub serves as an important transshipment point for all imports and exports transported by boat to continue their journey forward by a range of transport including Truck! Its public and private terminals serve grain, dry bulk, breakbulk, and bulk liquids. And large volume is no problem. In fact, customers send and receive over 2.2 million tons of cargo each year by barge, rail, and truck.

Furniture Store
From tables to bed frames, these stores provide locally sourced and built furniture. This depot specifically compliments the many woodworking industries that can be found across American Truck Simulator. From the source to the product, you can be a part of the process in this unique industry.

Tulsa Airport

From Oklahoma to the world, Tulsa airport serves as an important hub for both visitors and cargo alike. Home to a handful of logistic operations, with daily cargo flights departing for larger hubs across the states, it is a vital part of the freight network which can deliver cargo across the world quickly and with precision. You may even find yourself delivering or picking up some unique cargo at the airport, which is a round-the-clock operation.

There is always plenty of options when it comes to haulin' in our upcoming Oklahoma DLC. Whether your company specializes in tankers or refrigerated trailers, there will always be a job waiting for you in 'The Sooner State'. We look forward to sharing more previews in the future. Until then, if you like what you see, be sure to add Oklahoma to your Steam Wishlist!
Since November, truck simulation fans around the world have been celebrating the release of the Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator by taking part in our #CruisingTexas World of Trucks event. During this special event, truckers could earn Texas themed in-game rewards by completing personal and community goals whilst delivering to and from multiple cities across the Lone Star State.

It didn't take our #BestCommunityEver long to smash through the set community goal of 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km); in just over 2 weeks, the goal was met! We are always blown away by the work and effort put in by our players to complete these events. We really ought to up the ante in the future. To all those who took part and even contributed past the set goal, we really do appreciate you.

As always, we've put together a small infographic which shows some of the statistics from this event. That's a lot of driving (and we don't even want to imagine the money spent on fuel!), awesome work! We hope you enjoyed #CruisingTexas over the past few months.

But that wasn't the only event running. In December, we also hosted our annual Christmas World of Trucks event. This year's theme focused on Love, Peace, Hope, Care and the positivity that comes from sharing them with others. Over the holiday period we asked you to deliver Gifts to and from all cities in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, challenging the community to get 400 Gifts awarded to cities across all trucking territories for each of the five tiers.

In a true holiday spirit, you completed our #ChristmasReflections event on Xmas Day (25th December), Santa would be proud! Once again, the collective strength of the #BestCommunityEver has produced incredible final numbers, so let’s take a look at how you all faired throughout the duration of this special event.

Absolutely amazing work truckers! You really did deliver this Christmas and we hope you enjoy the unique Xmas themed accessories and paint jobs which you earned during this event. We thank you all for participating, you really did help in sharing Love, Peace, Hope and Care across the world.

No matter how much or little you delivered during these events, we hope you enjoyed them and the unique cargo and rewards that came with them. We also appreciate all those who took to our social media channels to share photos, videos and content alike during them. It really does bring a lot of joy to our teams to see how much you enjoy participating in these events.

We especially loved the positive feedback which you expressed in regards to the Xmas Desktop Theme, as this was a new edition to the event. We hope to make this a more regular feature in the future when it comes to seasonal events.

As we continue on into 2023, we look forward to bringing new events to the trucking calendar. Until then, we wish you many miles of safe and happy driving!
How time flies! The year 2022 is behind us and, as always, we would like to take a brief look back at everything that we went through over the last twelve months.

When we glance at the combined development and progression of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, we can say that there are certainly a lot of positives that are worth bringing up. We have managed to release several projects, such as map expansions, new vehicles and parts, in-game features, and general improvements in numerous updates. But to top it all off, we are glad that we could further strengthen some of the partnerships with real-life brands, which, as well as this being reflected in our games last year, leaves us excited for what the future holds. We hope all of these elements helped to raise the bar once again and successfully improved the gaming experience of every player.

Check out this awesome video that showcases everything that our games and we as a company went through in 2022!

You have once again proven that you are the #BestCommunityEver and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on all the cool stuff that we are planning for ATS and ETS2 in the year 2023 (you might want to check out our annual Christmas Special Live Stream for some hints and teasers).

And as always, in order to stay in touch with all the latest information, make sure to follow and keep an eye out on our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) this year as well. We’ll see you on the road!
Happy New Year! We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season so far and that 2023 brings happiness, peace, and health to you all. This may sound strange to some and perhaps familiar to others, but we believe this year is a Sunflower year!

What does this mean? You'll just have to guess or wait and see. Until then, we look forward to sharing more news, content, and updates in the near future.
How about a little challenge for the Holiday season? Recently, we announced that Oklahoma is the next State we are working on for American Truck Simulator, and today we are excited to share with you some screenshots from this work in progress project. Do you think you can correctly guess where in Oklahoma these pictures were taken from?

Let us know either in the blog comments below, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Those who post the correct (or closest) locations will then be put into a draw to be picked at random to potentially receive a small reward. We look forward to sharing more development news about Oklahoma in the future. Until then, keep on truckin' and Happy Holidays!
We know you love sneak peeks when it comes to real-life brands and their facilities. Today, we have good information for you, as some members of the SCS team recently traveled across the pond to spend some quality time with the kind people of PACCAR, the parent company of Kenworth Truck Company and Peterbilt Motors Company.

The journey took us to the PACCAR Technical Center in Washington and to Denton, Texas, where the Peterbilt headquarters is located. We’d like to thank Brianna Potthast, Tim Lychik, and Don Palmer from Kenworth for arranging the visit to the Technical Center, as well as Derek Sancer, Hanson Morris, and Justin Tjahjono of the Industrial Design team at Peterbilt for the session at their lab. We met with these all these awesome people and are extremely grateful for their generosity and the help they have given us!

However, in addition to meeting the representatives of both brands, our goal was to gather valuable data for our future projects - reference material for multiple trucks and other content coming to American Truck Simulator.

While we are currently unable to say when will all of these projects arrive in the world of ATS, we can’t wait to update you on our progress down the line and eventually show you what we managed to create. Until then, keep an eye out on our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) for any potential hints and teasers.
Dear #BestCommunityEver,

as the holiday season approaches, we at SCS Software are filled with joy and gratitude, and we want to share that with you. We wish you the opportunity to spend quality time with the people you love, and that you'll find ways to show compassion and generosity to others. We hope you'll be able to take a pause and savor the joy and peace of this special time, just like our development team.

We encourage you to take some time to enjoy your hobbies and passions as well, and we would be pleased if it included playing our truck simulator games. This year, our Christmas Reflections World of Trucks event is all about celebrating the values of Love, Peace, Hope, and Care in our lives. We invite you to join us in spreading cheer this holiday season.

As we reflect on the year 2022, we will undoubtedly think about the moments that brought us joy and those that brought us sadness. It has been a challenging year for many people around the globe, and we sincerely hope that the world will become a better place in 2023. If you're curious about what SCS Software has in store for the coming year, we recommend checking out the recording of our Special Christmas Live Stream. It's packed with exciting news, glimpses of upcoming projects, and plenty of hints and teases from our development teams.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Christmas gifts are part of the holiday tradition and since you, our #BestCommunityEver, have been extremely good and supportive this year, we’d like to show you our gratitude in the form of a small early present. The Christmas Paint Jobs Pack DLCs for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 have received some new additions!

Last year during our annual Christmas World of Trucks event we introduced a number of uniquely painted trailers that contained gifts for transportation. After your excitement and many requests, we have decided to add these awesome-looking styles to the existing DLCs dedicated to this special holiday. That means with the start of the #ChristmasReflections event yesterday, both packs (ETS2 and ATS) received three new paint jobs for your trailers!

We can’t wait for you to combine the matching paint jobs on your trucks, but feel free to experiment and mix it up a bit as well. Make sure to tag us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and show us what you will come up with. We truly hope this update to the packs will cheer you up and fully evoke the holiday spirit within you!