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Today, we bring you another preview of what is to come in the 1.50 update for American Truck Simulator. In cooperation with our friends from International Trucks, we are excited to reveal that we will bring new interior and exterior options for the International LT and a refreshed interior for the LoneStar!

Excited? Let's take a look at the exterior of the International LT which will now get a major update! Not only did we add new features and customizable options to selected parts of the truck but we also adjusted and polished some of the existing parts and redesigned the base geometry of the truck. The biggest upgrade coming is the addition of the S13 Integrated Powertrain which includes a new engine, the T14 transmission, and new accessories.

These new accessories include more options for chassis fairing extenders and more bumper and grille options. We also added FlowBelow fairings, an APU, blindspot detectors, and a completely new shorter day cab chassis. But it doesn't end here! If you look closer, you will surely spot some smaller details that have been adjusted as well.

The interiors of both the International LT and International LoneStar have undergone a complete overhaul. Truckers can look forward to new models, updated textures, and interior materials. We also added a completely new feature in the form of customizable interior cabinets. Last but not least, both trucks now have functioning cabin physics, which is a highly requested feature by our #BestCommunityEver!

We hope you are excited for this update to come as much as we are. Remember to follow us on our social media (X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) so you won't miss out on any news from the world of American Truck Simulator. Also don't forget to follow our friends at International Trucks on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Until then, we'll see you on the road!
Today, we would like to invite our #BestCommunityEver to take another journey with us in this episode of SCS On The Road. This time, we head to Greensboro in North Carolina, USA, to take a close-up look at the stunning Volvo VNL 860!

A few months back, we had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of Volvo Trucks North America, nestled in the scenic surroundings of North Carolina. During our visit, we had the fantastic opportunity to record an exclusive walk-around of the beautiful Volvo VNL 860. Guiding us through the details of this remarkable truck was none other than Jason Spence, the Product Strategy Director, who has been working with Volvo for an impressive 25 years.

We want to thank Jason and the entire Volvo team for granting us this invaluable experience. And now, without further ado, join us as Nemiro and Jason will tell you everything about this amazing truck in today's episode below!

We hope you have enjoyed this episode of SCS On The Road. If you did, you can also check out another episode we did with Volvo Trucks North America a few months back about how they are designing their trucks here. Don't forget to stay connected with us and all the latest information through our social media channels, make sure to follow us on X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, Youtube, and TikTok. Happy trucking!
Buckle up, it's time to hit the road! Today, we're excited to share with you the very first gameplay preview from our upcoming Nebraska DLC for American Truck Simulator. Join us as we drive from the city of Valentine, Nebraska to an Agriculture Facility just below North Platte.

Please keep in mind that what you see here is still a work in progress and does not represent the final product.

From cities to scenic byways, Nebraska has plenty left yet to be discovered. If you like what you see, be sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist! We thank you for your continued support and look forward to reading your comments and first impressions on the Cornhusker State in American Truck Simulator.
Known for its scenic beauty, clear lakes, and abundant wildlife, it's easy to see why Arkansas has earned the title of the "Natural State". In our upcoming Arkansas DLC for American Truck Simulator, our team has been hard at work re-creating the various trees, vegetation and more you'll come across on your travels. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Did you know Arkansas has its own State tree? Designated in 1939, the Loblolly Pine can be found across a majority of the state, and continues to remain the most significant timber species. These trees can reach heights of up to 100ft, with its pines growing between 6 to 9 inches long, which is makes it the ideal species for lumber and pulpwood, in which Arkansas is the leading producer in the United States. When you see a pine in Arkansas, it’s probably a loblolly! You'll be sure to spot plenty of them on your travels.

Another tree you'll be sure to see is the Bald Cypress. Commonly found in swampy or wetland areas, they are well-suited to the diverse wetland ecosystems found throughout the state. Often found across the South-eastern United States, particularly in areas like the Mississippi River; Bald Cypress trees contribute to the scenic beauty of Arkansas with its unique shape and and iconic "knees" – woody projections that emerge from the roots.

However, not every plant or tree you'll find in Arkansas is native to its homeland. The Kudzu Vine is a fast-growing, invasive vine native to Asia which has found its way into the States in 1876, where it was touted as a great ornamental plant for its sweet-smelling blooms and sturdy vines. However, they forgot to mention the rapid growth rate of the vine, which is capable of growing up to a foot (30 cm) per day under ideal conditions. It climbs by twining around trees, poles, and other structures, often forming dense mats that can shade out native vegetation. In Arkansas it is commonly found along roadsides, in forest edges, and in undisturbed areas such as abandoned fields and vacant lots.

Another such example is the Silk Tree, an ornamental tree species native to Asia, particularly Iran, Korea, and Japan. Its elegant fern-like foliage, vibrant flowers, and overall graceful appearance make it a popular choice for landscaping and ornamental purposes. While the Silk Tree undoubtedly adds aesthetic value, its ability to spread its seed rapidly, means it often outcompetes native vegetation and disrupts local ecosystems.

These are just a small handful of the various new vegetation species you'll find in our upcoming DLC. Those who are familiar with different species of trees will spot the likes of the Smooth Sumac, Black Oak and many more. We urge you to look out for them and maybe a take a minute to learn about them when you have are taking a rest!

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into the vegetation side of things, and we look forward to highlighting the natural beauty of the state in the near future. Until then, be sure to add Arkansas to your Steam Wishlist and to follow us on Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) for all the latest news.
The intricate network of roads and highways in Nebraska plays a pivotal role in connecting its communities, industries, and travellers alike. Stretching across the expansive plains and rolling landscapes, these thoroughfares serve as vital links for commerce, transportation, and tourism. Today we are happy to share with you a preview into some of the Road Networks you'll find in our upcoming Nebraska DLC for American Truck Simulator.

Whilst there will be plenty of roads to explore, one major Highway you'll come across is the famous I-80, the longest Interstate in Nebraska! Along this crucial route you'll find plenty of places to stop if you need a break or some extra fuel, such as Rest Stops and Truck Stops both large and small.

Prior to the 1900s, travelling across Nebraska was extremely difficult and roads were few and far between. During the late 19th century, various interest groups began putting pressure on the Federal Government to create a larger Road Network, and by 1904, the State had created thousands of miles of roads to travel on.

Today, Nebraska has hundreds of thousands of miles worth of roads, many which our team have re-created for our upcoming DLC. From major routes to backroads, there will be plenty to explore. You may even find yourself a scenic viewpoint or a route that is not on your GPS!

Whilst we are still working hard behind the scenes on the road network, we hope you enjoy the previews of the routes you'll be travelling on in the future. Let us know if you recognise any of the roads, highways or areas by commenting below, on our official forums or one of our social media channels (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook).
Today, we're rolling out something a little different: the Experimental Beta for American Truck Simulator's upcoming 1.50 update. Why call our upcoming beta experimental? We need to manage expectations right from the start. We are starting the beta cycle this time from a rather early stage. The level of polish and stability is not the same as for our usual Open Betas. We believe in transparency with our community, and we also need to gather a lot of feedback early this time, to understand how well the features perform. That's why we're offering this Experimental Beta as a precursor to the Open Beta, giving you a glimpse of what's to come while acknowledging that it's still very much a work in progress.

Behind the scenes, our team is hard at work juggling internal projects and releases, all scheduled for version 1.50 of our games. Despite our best efforts, certain aspects of the update are still undergoing refinement. However, we recognize the importance of involving our community in the development process, which is why we're making this content available to you in its current state. Your feedback during this phase is invaluable as we really want to deliver the best possible experience.

With the Experimental Beta, we invite our dedicated players to join us in fine-tuning, testing, and providing feedback. Your input will help us identify and address any issues or imperfections before the Open Beta and eventually the full 1.50 version release. It's important to note though, that this beta may cause instability in certain areas. If you prefer a more polished experience, we recommend waiting for the further Open Beta release.

Rest assured, our commitment to delivering high-quality updates remains unwavering. In the days to come, we'll continue to debug and finalize everything that's coming to ATS with the 1.50 update. Your patience and support during this phase are greatly appreciated as we work towards a seamless transition to the next chapter of American Truck Simulator. Now, without further delay, let's take a look at what you can expect from version 1.50.

Renderer Changes - (still based on DirectX 11 API for now)
We're consistently working on improving our rendering system. It's been a key focus lately, though it'll take some time to complete. Until then, you can expect additional content and enhancements in version 1.50, including:

  • A new feature was added - TAA, or Temporal Anti-Aliasing, which sets itself apart from other anti-aliasing techniques, that aim to smooth images to reduce jagged edges or flickering through higher resolution rendering. Instead, TAA harnesses the timeline, particularly previous frames, to calculate color values as if from a higher resolution, providing a smoother result.
  • Cascaded shadow changes: Smooth transition when blending between cascades, smoother and better-stabilized shadow edges.
  • Soft particles: Particles and light flares smoothly fade out when near geometry, eliminating harsh intersections for a more seamless visual experience.
  • Lit/shadowed smoke: Smoke particles with enhanced volume perception and shading from sunlight, providing a more realistic and immersive atmosphere.
  • Far shadows: Ever-present shadows from distant large objects like factory halls, skyscrapers, and road overpasses, with the option to toggle them off in the Options menu.
  • Optimized light computation: Dynamic lights are evaluated in a single pass, known as clustered lighting, improving performance in night scenes.

User Interface Rework
We are introducing substantial UI updates to enhance player interaction and accommodate more features. The redesign adopts a flatter, minimalistic design with tooltips and layered navigation, ensuring easier accessibility. For most UI screens, the visible changes are just an evolution of the previous look, though functionally, a lot of work was invested into making them work more comfortably with a gamepad or a steering wheel, requiring less time reaching for a keyboard. The biggest change is the Home screen redesign, a new Status Bar sitting atop many various UI screens, the Quick Menu shortcuts, new fonts, icons, and much more. The result should be a clearer look on 2K and 4K resolutions, with all the changes contributing to a more streamlined gaming experience. We plan to have a separate, more detailed blog on this topic in the near future, so stay tuned.

California Rework - Phase 3
The eagerly awaited third phase of the California rework is focused on central California. Six cities have undergone a complete rework: San FranciscoOaklandStocktonSanta CruzHuron, and Fresno. We have also added two brand-new cities; San Jose and Modesto, which will replace Oakdale in our game.

All roads in the area have received a complete overhaul, including major routes such as CA-1, US-101, I-5, CA-99, US-395, and more. The beautiful Yosemite National Park also underwent significant enhancements as part of this update! You can watch our trailer for this phase of California rework below.

International LT S13 & International LoneStar
The International LT will receive revamped interior and exterior options, and the LoneStar will get a refreshed interior. The International LT's exterior sees significant enhancements with new features, customizable options, and adjustments to existing parts, including the addition of the S13 model with its Integrated Powertrain. Additional accessories such as new chassis fairing extenders, bumper and grille options, FlowBelow fairings, blindspot detectors, and a shorter day cab chassis have been introduced.

The interiors of both trucks have also undergone a complete overhaul with new models, updated textures, customizable interior cabinets, and functioning cabin physics, fulfilling a highly requested feature. Stay tuned for more updates as we plan to have a separate blog on this topic in the future.

Options Tooltips
Placing your mouse over each setting option will now display helpful information, including explanations of what the options do. You will now effortlessly grasp the purpose of every adjustable option in the settings, enabling you to easily fine-tune your experience.

Lane Assistant
After implementing various driver assistance features, developing lane assistance was the next step for us. This system is more complicated because it has to work well with different ways people control their vehicles. Making it work well with steering wheels with force feedback was particularly important, even though it was challenging because of possible problems like control-force feedback loops and other details.

Also, the lane assistant features different modes, each serving distinct purposes, making it more complicated. Now, truck drivers can enjoy simply turning it on along with adaptive cruise control, letting the truck do more of the driving.



  • California Rework – Phase 3


  • International LT S13
  • International LoneStar (interior) and LT (exterior & interior) rework
  • Lane assistant feature added


  • Substantial UI design update (Home screen redesign, persistent Status Bar, Quick Menu, new fonts, icons and more)
  • Settings options show information about what they do


  • Improvements in the rendering system
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing feature added
  • Cascaded shadow updates
  • Soft particles
  • Lit/shadowed smoke
  • Far shadows
  • Optimized light computation
  • Frame rate limiter added


  • Brake squeaking sounds added

So, do enjoy all these new additions, but please remember: It's only an experimental beta, not an open beta yet or even a stable public version, so you may encounter bugs, instability, or crashes. It's completely okay if you want to wait for the open beta or the final release. But if you're interested in helping us get there faster, we'll appreciate all of your feedback on our forum and your bug reports in the dedicated section.

Please check our modding wiki to get details pertaining to mods for the game.

If you wish to participate in the experimental beta, you can find this version in the public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right-click on American Truck Simulator → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → 1.50. No password is required. Sometimes you may need to restart your Steam client to see the correct branch name there.

So, to our community, thank you for your ongoing dedication and feedback. Together, let's make the Experimental Beta a valuable stepping stone towards Open Beta and an exceptional 1.50 version. Don't forget to stay connected with us and all the latest information through our social media channels, make sure to follow us on X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok. Happy trucking!
Hey there, truckers! We've got some updates to share about the upcoming Nebraska DLC for American Truck Simulator. Get ready to explore fresh industries as we venture into the Cornhusker State. With three exciting new companies on the horizon, there's plenty to look forward to in our virtual trucking adventures!

One of the standout additions to Nebraska's industrial landscape is the Recreational Vehicle (RV) dealer. You'll find these dealerships sprinkled across cities like Omaha, Norfolk, and Columbus, offering a wide array of recreational vehicles. But it's not just RVs; they've got buggies, ATVs, and UTVs too! We're bringing these dealerships to Nebraska because there are so many beautiful places ideal for camping in the Cornhusker State. These vehicles are a hit not just in Nebraska, but all across middle America!

The Utility Vehicle Factory in Lincoln represents another key addition to Nebraska's industry. Here, they manufacture a diverse range of equipment, from UTVs and ATVs to buggies and motorcycles which are then delivered to the RV dealers. However, the crown jewel of this facility lies in its production of subway cars, destined for public transport systems across various states. As players deliver cargo to or from this factory, they may see these subway cars that operate in iconic cities like New York City.

Agriculture remains a cornerstone of Nebraska's economy, with the state being a leading producer of corn, soybeans, beef, and other agricultural commodities. That's why we had to incorporate a few Soybean Factories into its landscape. Located in cities such as Scottsbluff, Alliance, and Lincoln, these facilities specialize in soybean processing, serving both human consumption and animal feed purposes.

Apart from those new industries, truckers can expect to encounter a variety of prefab reskins scattered throughout Nebraska. These include revamped versions of road garages, construction warehouses, and farm garages, adding visual diversity and realism to the state's infrastructure.

We cannot wait to bring you this map expansion. If you are looking forward to it, make sure to add the Nebraska DLC to your Steam Wishlist! Until then, stay connected with us and all the latest information through our social media channels, make sure to follow us on X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok.
Welcome to Jefferson City, Missouri, a charming destination renowned for its blend of historical significance and picturesque landscape. Today, we are happy to share with you a look into the work our team has undertaken in recreating this city in our upcoming Missouri DLC for American Truck Simulator.

Situated on the banks of the Missouri River, one of the main attractions of the city is the famous and iconic Missouri State Capitol building. Built between 1913-1917, it was constructed with Burlington Limestone, sourced from the nearby city of Carthage. This impressive structure stands as the main landmark of the city and hosts the State Senate and House of Representatives, as-well as other important government bodies and offices.

Drivers in our upcoming Missouri DLC can expect to explore and drive through a part of the downtown area themselves, and those with eagle eyes may even be able to spot some locations our team visited on their research trip previously; Let us know if you do! There are plenty of smaller details and other landmarks to be found too, including the barracks of the Missouri Army National Guard.

Across the river, you'll find plenty of work at some of the local industries, which includes an agricultural farm and a construction site. Players entering the city may spot a view of the local quarry too, as well as some of the more residential areas of the city where the locals reside.

The city has changed a lot since the times of Thomas Jefferson, the city's namesake and the 3rd President of the United States, but we're sure you'll enjoy trucking through it!

We hope that you enjoy all the work that our talented teams have put into recreating this historic city in Missouri. Looking forward to the release of the Missouri DLC for American Truck Simulator? Be sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist! Until next time, keep on truckin'.
Special Transport operations are expanding! Drivers looking for speciality work in our upcoming Nebraska DLC for American Truck Simulator will be pleased to know that oversized loads will be on offer in the Job Market.

Truckers who are ready to take on these mighty loads will find several new Special Transport routes in Nebraska. Whilst these routes have been carefully pre-planned by our dispatchers, you can expect there to be some challenging manoeuvres on the road to your final destination. As always, local police and trained escort teams will assist in guiding you along the correct route, and where necessary, help block traffic to allow safe passage.

Seasoned truck drivers with experience in this field will know that these jobs are no easy task and require patience, skill and knowledge of their rig. Loads range in size and length, and drivers can expect some new ones to come too! Think you got what it takes? Special Transport DLC owners will find contracts on offer between the following cities:

  • Scottsbluff to McCook
  • Norfolk to Omaha
  • Lincoln to North Platte

We look forward to welcoming drivers old and new on these Special Transport jobs in Nebraska. In the mean-time, be sure to brush up on your skills by checking out some of the contracts available in the Job Market. New to the trucker scene? Then be sure to add the Nebraska DLC to your Steam Wishlist, and to check out the Special Transport DLC for American Truck Simulator. Until next time, keep on truckin'.
We have some exciting news for our #BestCommunityEver! We are teaming up with Western Star Trucks to bring you a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Last year Western Star started a new tradition by hosting the unique Star Nation Experience event in Bend, Oregon, for their community. Now, for the 2024 season, we have been invited to participate! Alongside us and Western Star Trucks, two lucky American Truck Simulator players will have the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Oregon from 8th to 11th August and take part in the unforgettable Star Nation Experience 2024!

To give you an idea of what the participants can expect, let's take a look back at last year's event. In the heart of Oregon's untamed wilderness, Western Star Trucks made history with an epic 4-day event in 2023, marking the first of its kind in the trucking industry. It was a wild, adrenaline-fueled adventure celebrating everything that makes Western Star and the Star Nation community special. Eight winners of the raffle got access to the Daimler Truck North America facilities and leadership, along with an exclusive preview of the latest X-Series lineup. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the behind-the-scenes tour of Daimler's High Desert Proving Grounds in Madras, where they took on the ultimate driver challenge, pushing Western Star X-Series trucks to their limits.

And that's just the beginning, participants also indulged in a variety of outdoor adventures, from trout fly-fishing, and brand photoshoots to ATV rides, and even had the chance to meet with the legendary STARSQUATCH. It was a wild ride from start to finish, showcasing the true spirit of trucking enthusiasts coming together for an unforgettable experience.

Despite being strangers at the beginning only connected by their love for Western Star Trucks, this group immediately came together as friends and became like a family by the end of the trip. Want to see more? Dive into all the action-packed details here.

Following the success of the Star Nation Experience event in 2023, Western Star has approached us with a desire to recreate the magic in 2024 with two members from the #BestCommunityEver involved as well!

Perhaps you recall our special live stream last year, where we had the honor of hosting Anthony Pires, former Brand Manager of Western Star. During that stream, we hinted at the possibility of such a collaboration, and since then, developments have been quietly underway behind the scenes. Now, we're thrilled to announce that this project is indeed becoming a reality, and we are partnering with Western Star once again for the Star Nation Experience 2024. The event will retain the essence of its predecessor but our community will have the opportunity to participate alongside us! Want to see more? Watch the teaser for this year's event here.

Do you want to put the Western Star X-Series to the test at the Madras Proving Grounds, meet the masterminds behind the product, and spend the weekend landing monster trout and trailblazing the Oregon terrain on ATVs? Then test your luck and enter the raffle to be one of those two lucky winners of the all-expenses-paid trip and join us at the Star Nation Experience 2024 from 8th to 11th August in Bend, Oregon. You can apply here!

Before applying, we strongly advise you to review Western Star's Terms and Conditions, read the FAQ, and thoroughly examine the application form as there are specific limitations for applicants this year. For instance, this opportunity is exclusively available to individuals from the USA or Canada who are 21 years of age or older. Also, while not required for entry, a Commercial Drivers License will be required to participate in all Grand Prize trip activities. Western Star Trucks will then select two winners from applicants who meet all requirements. We wish everyone the best of luck!

In addition to the fantastic activities awaiting participants at the event, we're happy to reveal that Oscar and Nemiro from our team will also be attending. They'll not only meet with the participants and winners but will also be on hand to capture all the unforgettable moments and memories throughout the Star Nation Experience 2024!

Don't miss out on any updates regarding this exciting collaboration between us and Western Star by signing up for the Star Nation Experience 2024 newsletter at the end of this page. Also keep a close eye on Western Star's Facebook and Instagram, and our X/TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. Get ready to embark on this unforgettable adventure with us!
As we prepare to embark on another journey through the heartlands of America with the upcoming Nebraska DLC for American Truck Simulator, we are reminded of the rich history and profound significance of the landscapes we traverse. Among the rolling plains and bustling cities of Nebraska lie monuments of remembrance, many of which pay homage to the brave souls who selflessly served their country in times of need.

Throughout Nebraska, travelers will encounter a myriad of war memorials, each one a solemn reminder of the sacrifices made by countless individuals in defense of liberty and justice. From the tranquil countryside to the vivid urban centers, these memorials stand as a testament to the resilience and courage of those who answered the call of duty.

Can you recognize some of these places? Or maybe you have personally visited one of them to pay respect and honor the fallen with a minute of silence? In the spirit of remembrance and gratitude, with this upcoming expansion, we invite players of American Truck Simulator to take a moment during their travels through Nebraska to visit these sacred sites of commemoration. Let us never forget the sacrifices made by those who came before us, and strive to ensure that their legacy lives on for generations to come.

In closing, let us reflect upon the words of President Abraham Lincoln, who once said, "Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause."

Until we see you next time, we wish you a great time and happy days. Make sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist! Don't forget to follow us on our X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok so you won't miss out on news about this upcoming DLC and our other projects.
We're happy to bring you another sneak peek into our upcoming Arkansas DLC for American Truck Simulator. In this blog, we want to showcase another batch of charming Arkansas cities that truckers will be able to explore, following our previous blog about cities in Arkansas.

Fayetteville, the second-largest city in Arkansas, offers truckers a glimpse into the heart of a lively college town. As you navigate through its downtown area, you'll encounter a landscape dotted with beautiful churches, bustling banks, and the iconic courthouse. Fayetteville's vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage make it a must-visit destination.

Springdale is an integral part of a conurbation that includes Fayetteville and Bentonville, forming a trio of major cities along the I-49 corridor. The US-412 cuts through Springdale as well, so we just couldn’t leave out this important checkpoint. With a history deeply rooted in the agricultural industry, Springdale was once known as the "Broiler Capital of the World," a title it earned due to its significant poultry production. Today, remnants of its agricultural legacy can still be seen throughout the city.

Fort Smith, the third-largest town in Arkansas, boasts a captivating history rooted in its military origins. Originally established as a strategic military post, Fort Smith has weathered its fair share of challenges, including a devastating tornado in April 1996. Today, the remnants of historic buildings like the Reynolds Davis building serve as poignant reminders of this natural disaster.

El Dorado stands as a testament to Arkansas's rich industrial heritage, especially during the oil boom and the World War II era. As the heart of the region's chemical, petroleum, and lumber industries, El Dorado will include all of these sectors in our game as well. From bustling refineries to lush forests, this city embodies the essence of Arkansas's industrial legacy.

We hope that players will appreciate the attention to detail and enjoy the immersive journey through the cities of Arkansas. Keep in mind the work you see here is still a work in progress. If you can't wait to get this map expansion, add it to your Steam Wishlist! Also remember to follow us on our X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok so you won't miss out on any news. Safe travels!
On your travels throughout the U.S State of Nebraska, a variety of hidden gems await drivers in the form of captivating art murals and street art, transforming ordinary stretches of road into dynamic galleries. From historical references to modern interactive art, our talented teams have recreated and preserved some of these art pieces virtually in our upcoming DLC for American Truck Simulator for drivers to view and enjoy.

These roadside masterpieces, found across towns and cities large and small, offer travellers a glimpse into Nebraska's vibrant artistic tapestry and history. In today's blog, we're happy to share with you a preview into some of the ones you may spot whilst on the road.

One such mural which can be found in the city of Beatrice, depicts the Pioneers who travelled the Historic Oregon Trail seeking new opportunities in the West. At the bottom of the artwork, you'll see a representation of the Big Blue River, one of the largest tributaries of the Kansas River, which served as notable landmark for the Pioneers, which is found near the city.

This large art mural which spans across an entire wall depicts an old train station along with a locomotive, harking back to the days when these iconic steam trains traversed Nebraska and passed through the city of Bridgeport. Featured prominently on this artwork is Henry T. Clark. along with the toll bridge he built over the North Platte River, as well as iconic natural landmarks located near the city.

Some of the other art murals found across Nebraska range from commissioned pieces from the local governments depicting nearby landmarks to notable figures, to older long-standing businesses which used art as a way to attract customers, long before the days of TV and digital advertising.

Today, art comes in many different forms, one such piece of modern artwork which you'll find in this DLC is the Wings Across the Heartland project. This interactive display of art consists of wings painted on buildings in Grand Island, Nebraska and soon across communities located across NE Highway 2. You may spot a few of these on your travels, and even some of the locals posing with these wings!

Art in public places continue to play an important role in preserving culture, conveying the history of local communities, and beautifying local areas. One county in Nebraska is making it their goal to support the creation of murals throughout the area to promote the creative expression of the artist and to provide an enriching visual experience for residents and visitors. From this project, a variety of different artists have been able to display their artwork for all to enjoy.

We hope you'll look out for some of these unique art pieces and murals on your future travels through Nebraska in American Truck Simulator. Each one has their own story, and we hope you'll take the time to really appreciate the work and time put into each one, both virtually and in real life! We look forward to sharing more previews of this map expansion in the near future. Until then, keep on truckin'!
Welcome to St. Joseph, Missouri! Located just a stone's throw away from the state of Kansas, this charming city has a history dating back to the 19th century. Whilst this DLC is currently heavily under development, we wanted to share with you some very early previews from this upcoming U.S State for American Truck Simulator.

So please keep in mind, some of the screenshots you will see here feature areas that are still work in progress and contain some placeholders.

While this city may not look particularly too exciting at first glance, St. Joseph has a pretty famous history. One of the city's most iconic historical contributions was its pivotal role as the starting point for the Pony Express. In 1860, St. Joseph became the eastern terminus of this legendary mail delivery service, which provided a swift communication link between the eastern United States and the rapidly developing western frontier. The city's central location made it the ideal launching point for some of the most famous riders in the history of the American West.

Today, industries are still very much at the heart of the city's core. Players looking for a nearby job contract will surely find some availability in the southern portion of the city. Here you will find Grain Elevators, a Large Food Factory, and a smaller Chemical Plant, which you will be able to deliver to and from. Those doing some window shopping for a new truck will also find a Kenworth Trucks dealer in the area too!

In the Northern section of the city, you'll come across the downtown area, which features a variety of different historical buildings. Most notable are of course some of the old brick factories, houses, shops and warehouses which can still be found standing today. Here you will also find the Town Square, which features landmarks such as the “The Journey West” pilgrim statue, the Civic Arena building, and the signature Downtown Marker.

Those familiar with this area, knows of St. Joseph's proximity to the Missouri river, which travels alongside the city and acts as a State Line. One significant landmark players will be able to find along the river is the famous Swing Railway Bridge, which was opened in 1906. You'll also be able to travel on the I-229, a unique two storey Highway which runs alongside the river.

Road & River is not the only transport around these parts however! You'll also find an extensive rail network across St. Joseph, which serves as an important link for cities across the State. Many industries both locally and beyond rely on this important transportation network to move products, parts and more across the US and beyond.

There will be plenty more for you to discover on your journeys in St. Joseph and beyond. We hope you enjoyed this early showcase of this city, and look forward to visiting it yourself in American Truck Simulator in the future. If you did, be sure to add Missouri to your Steam Wishlist, as it really helps to support our future developments, including this one! Until next time, keep on truckin'.
In December, we launched the Christmas Winterland event for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. This ended up being one of our biggest and most successful World of Trucks events in which truckers completed over 2,600,000 deliveries. Recently, we spoke with some of the developers responsible for creating the event to bring you another "Under the Hood" blog.

As this project involved dozens of people, we couldn't interview everyone, so we selected a few of them from various departments to bring you an insight into their work on the magical Christmas Winterland! Let's take a look at how we put this exciting event together.

"It was the largest World of Trucks event we've ever produced, incomparable with anything previously attempted. We wanted something more engaging and visually stimulating than previous Christmas events, but the final result was much larger than what we initially discussed," says Gavin, our game designer.

The discussions about the Christmas event first took place in November 2022, so more than a year before its release. "The initial idea we had for this project was to create a wintery and magical depot, impressive in looks, with an environment attractive enough that you would be willing to come back to it for the duration of the event, with three portal entrances offering different routes to reach the depot," Gavin shares with us.

An event this big required everyone to chip in to make it on time so we could deliver the Winterland to our community in perfect shape. "A lot of people were involved! There were sixty people in the event channel. On the whole, the event called upon many disciplines; gameplay and event design, production, map design, asset design and research, vehicles, technical art, programming, audio design, 2D graphic design, and quality assurance. It was the incredible effort made by all the teams that made this event possible," Gavin tells us.

Lucie, our producer, managed the Christmas Winterland map and asset production, which required facilitating communication and assisting all teams in identifying and resolving issues. Her previous map designer experience was of great help in this process.

"It was my first project and it wasn't exactly a small one. Challenges were found almost every other day, from unfixed bugs to lost assets, and map hacks. All year I acted as a sort of organizational glue connecting people pushing the production forward and doing everything I could to make sure we got it done in the end and surprised our community. I'm so happy that we did it together and it was a great honor to work with everyone," Lucie reflected on her work on this project.

The magical snowy Christmas Winterland map was created by our map designer Milan who walks us through the process: "The map was done in several steps and it was a bit different from a normal production. We had to find an angle that had the reality of trucking while evoking the festive and slightly fairy-tale feeling of Winterland. We ultimately chose a world resembling old Christmas postcards. We also tackled the size and content of the map, the result was determined by the time limit we had. Also due to this, the map creation was done through the heavy use of placeholders and alternate solutions, which pushed the final testing phase a bit and led to some hectic work at the end of the project. But otherwise, it was enjoyable, thanks to the enthusiasm of everyone involved."

"Probably the most complicated part of the whole project was the fact that the map and the assets had to work for both ETS2 and ATS and since it was the first time we did such a thing, it was not without problems. But we made it," Milan says.

What makes every map come to life are the assets such as houses or cars and the surroundings. In Winterland, we had to give them a layer of snow for the first time which was quite challenging as Anna told us.

"I used procedural generators to decorate and cover most of the assets on the map with snow. The biggest challenge was to maintain a balance between beautiful visuals and performance. Due to the geometry of the snow, the 3D model polycount was significantly higher than our usual standard. We had about two hundred such models in Winterland, so there was a bit of a risk. Players could officially see snow for the first time, that's why everyone on our team was excited to give the best Christmas gift to our best community," says Anna, our artist.

The first part of work on the assets was done by our research team who gathered reference material as guidance and inspiration for our asset makers.

"This event was special for ATS & ETS2 in many ways, it was important to gather all possible references and inspiration that would help the process of creating the Christmas map. Part of that work was also the design of Christmas depots, including their brands. We made sure they felt warm, welcoming, and in the right spirit for the event. That was the fun part for us," says Mary, our researcher.

Not only did we come up with a new map, but we also made specific trailer and truck paint jobs for this event which turned out to be more difficult than one might think. Tomáš, our graphic designer responsible for the paint jobs, told us more about it.

"The main goal was to come up with 5 trailers, each representing a specific Winterland depot. Dealing with the paint job was complicated, as it had to be compatible with both European and American trailers, which differ in size. In the end, we created one identical frame that was the same for all the trailers, but only the inside of the frame was changed."

"The next step was to come up with a paint job for the truck that would match all the trailers. As with the trailers, we created a single paint job for the cab that was compatible with both ETS2 and ATS. Despite the initial nervousness, I ended up appreciating that the team gave me this task and I was able to be part of my first big project which allowed me to develop some new skills. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this project," Tomáš says.

The Character Assets department had a lot of work on their plate. They had to develop completely new characters for the Winterland map and create new animations for them. The most memorable ones were probably the ice skaters on the frozen pond.

"For the event, we have created an extensive list of new characters and their animations in winter clothes with a sufficient number of variants - 16 women and 8 men with 10 versions of each character. In addition to human characters, a group of reindeer and an animation of the crank mechanism of a steam locomotive were created for this event. Another task we participated in was the modification and creation of new particle emitters like snow coming from the truck and trailer wheels and different types of smoke from chimneys and the locomotive," says Rado, our Character Assets lead.

Another task the team had to tackle was the design and implementation of the portal tech. "Early in the project, we decided that each generated Christmas event job should have a decent selection of portals available nearby. We also did not want to place the portals at services or garages; those would not feel magical enough. In the end, we decided to use parking areas outside of cities," Sipak, our programmer, says.

"This was a challenging task since parking areas weren't designed to support the spawning of vehicles after players teleported there. We developed a set of algorithms that automatically decided which parking areas are suitable for portals, find safe spots where the player's vehicle teleports to, and decide which portals to use so it's neither too far from nor too close to the destination and also on the correct side of the highway. We also had to teach the servers about the portals to enable them to generate the event jobs, and to update the game's UI in many places to correctly support jobs where the player, not the GPS, chooses the path," Sipak shares with us.

To add as much realism as possible, we also needed to adjust the truck's physics of driving on snow and ice, which our programmer Max told us about.

"Creating the support for snow, snowy roads, and ice physics simulation was fun indeed. Since we introduced an electronic stability protocol with more precise simulation and refined physical behavior in the previous update, we could make use of that even further. The rest was just a matter of fine-tuning the ABS, ASR, and automatic gearbox shifting conditions to fit the new terrains and physical materials. Now we have another source of trucking fun, especially if you disable all those assistants," Max told us.

And we cannot forget about those beautiful cabin accessories you received if you successfully completed the event! Those cute Christmas-themed decorations were made by our graphic designer, Wolfka.

"This year, thanks to a completely new map for the Christmas event, the approach to inventing accessories was a little different than in previous years. In the past, the overall theme of the event was more of an issue, but this year it was necessary to connect the interior decorations to the individual depots the players were going to while still maintaining the connection to Christmas and the event theme. The biggest challenge in creating the Christmas toys was to make them in a short time so that they were presentable and exuded the Christmas spirit, which I think was successful and resulted in a beautiful collection that combines the classic Christmas colors. Does anyone have any idea where you can get a sweater exactly like the one I made? I'd love to wear it next Christmas," says Wolfka about her work on the project.

Of course, before we release any new content, we must test it thoroughly to ensure that our #BestCommunityEver can enjoy it without any problems along the way and this event was no different.

"Testing the Christmas event was a fascinating and challenging experience. At QA, we were aware that this big event required the utmost care as it was a Christmas gift for our community. I was excited about finally having snow in the game, and eager to see the players' reaction when they saw it. It was very interesting to tweak the behavior of the truck on the snow. Our programmers did a great job of maintaining a sufficient simulation without affecting the fun of truck control. Zigzagging on a frozen lake leaves many fond memories, especially when a flying tree suddenly appears next to you or you plummet under the roadway into an endless abyss," says Petr, our Senior Tester.

We also had a beautiful old-school steam locomotive driving around the map which gave it a more fairy-tale feeling. Our graphic designer Dino tells us about designing this locomotive. "One of the things I didn't expect to work on in our games was a steam locomotive. I didn't have any knowledge of it prior to this task, so the researching of the components was very fun. And since it's supposed to be an AI vehicle, it means it will be animated so all the logical moving parts should be there. Texturing was very fun too, and it was all very well coordinated by Lucie, the producer. She was giving quick feedback which helped to achieve the Christmas feel of the old locomotive and wagons," Dino says.

With a project this big, the teams had to overcome a lot of challenges. "Especially understanding and agreeing to the artistic vision as a team; there were many challenges in conveying and iterating the creative vision with all key stakeholders. Effort forecasting and scheduling were difficult, because of the uncertainties surrounding the new map-loading technology and the portals," says Gavin.

"Testing posed another significant hurdle, due to new gameplay mechanics, especially regarding the impact on convoys in multiplayer. The logistics and resource management were also complicated due to other competing high-priority projects. Moreover, fine-tuning assets and refining the environment presented their own set of obstacles, due to the nuances of the Christmas event lore and the information that we wanted to convey to the player," Gavin adds.

Even though there were a few last-minute concerns and challenges, we luckily resolved them and released the event in time. "When we finally saw what the event was going to be like, once it came together and was being reviewed and tested, it galvanized the teams to commit to the final level of polish to make the map and event really shine. And typically, it’s that last ten percent of polish that requires the greatest effort. We simply saw that the event was so good, we had to nail it for the players, and for ourselves, since we had been working on it for such a long time," Gavin concludes.

This definitely isn't the last time you're seeing the magical Christmas Winterland. We are already having discussions and design meetings on how we can improve the whole concept and technology for future events to come, so stay tuned for that! Remember to follow us on our social media (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) so you won't miss out on any news about our upcoming events. Until then, we'll see you on the road!
Today we're happy to share with you the final blog on Phase 3 of the California Rework project, which we are excited to announce will come to American Truck Simulator players in the upcoming 1.50 update! Previously we shared with you a variety of different topics here on our blog, which if you missed you can take a read here. So without further ado, let's delve into what the team has been up to!

Welcome to San Francisco, arguably one of the most famous cities on the West Coast, and the second-most densely populated major city in the USA. We are excited to present to you a look into the work undertaken in and around San Fran, and what changes you can expect to see around the area from a truck driver's perspective. We spoke with Patrik S, who was one of the main driving forces behind the rework of San Francisco about the process behind it all.

When the team began working on this area, they first looked at how they would approach it. "We all agreed that San Fran holds a special place in our hearts, and that really did like the original version which exists in our current base map" Patrik goes on to explain, — "Created originally by Milan Vavron who we nicknamed the "Father" of ATS maps — he was the very person to work on the map after Pavel approved the ATS project; we wanted to choose a different approach to keep the charm and details he created there". However after Patrik visited the city back in 2019, and a research trip was conducted more recently, the team came to a decision together on how to tackle the area.

"We decided to take a different approach from the other cities we had worked on. Instead of removing the whole area and starting from scratch, we decided to revamp his original creation and bring it up to the quality standard we hold today" Patrik tells us, "We made layout updates that match our current standards, including updates to the surroundings such as material switches, newer models and more. We also took the time to correct a few things that were not possible in the past due to technical limitations. This includes things like view distance limitations from areas such as the Golden Gate Bridge and other parts of the Bay Area"

"We updated but kept the iconic waterfront of San Francisco, as well as the famous steep streets and even added new trams that extend to new areas of the map. The road network has been reworked to give them a modern and more realistic look, and we updated all the road signage with thanks to our Australian colleague, Nathan. However one change you may notice is that a majority of the steep streets have become "secret roads", so that we could keep famous roads such as Lombard Street in-game, whilst not forcing the player to drive where trucks usually don't drive."

"We also added a new junction at the west end of Bay Bridge, that includes a ramp from the bridge which takes drivers downtown which we are sure players will love. This will be first time in American Truck Simulator that players will experience driving between towering skyscrapers! For the iconic Skyline you'll see from different points around the area, we used some of my own reference pictures to make a panorama model which can be viewed from a distance".

As you can see, the rework team has really gone above and beyond when updating this area. To give you a taste of what is to come, we've highlighted a couple of areas which you'll be able to experience in the 1.50 update for ATS.

Golden Gate Bridge
Would it even be San Francisco without the world famous Golden Gate Bridge? Our rework team has completely re-made this model from scratch to best represent the current state, look and layout of the iconic landmark. You'll find that it now includes the arch at the south end, as well as the option to drive under the bridge to see the Fort, if you do find the way.

In total, the team made around 20 different draft versions of the bridge, with different lengths and widths, until they came to a decision on the most suitable one for the scale we work with. This new updated version you will find is a little bit wider and longer than the original, just to keep to proportions.

When you enter the Bridge, you'll approach a completely new tollgate which has been custom built, so it is no longer one large prefab as it was previously. We also decided to remove the artificial fog that permanently surrounded the bridge, and replaced it with an updated system that can generate fog with our weather system. So depending on the time, the day or the weather, the view could be different!

We are happy to give the love that this wonder of the modern world an overhaul and a fresh update for all drivers to enjoy.

Pier 39
Pier 39, where San Fran meets the Bay to Play. This iconic waterfront area is a popular attraction for residents and visitors alike. Our team which focused on reworking this area made quite a few changes to accommodate truckers and to add in more details. The first being the truck garage which has now been moved from behind Pier 39 to a more suitable location.

We upgraded the model of the pier significantly, as well as reworking the roads in the surrounding area to better match its real life counterpart. It also serves as a great location for our new expanded Tram network to make a 'U-Turn', which is where the real thing does too!

You may even be able to spot some of the local residents of Pier 39, who reside there for a majority of the year. We're of course talking about the Sea Lions! Be sure to use your ears to navigate towards them, if you'd like to see them. We are excited for you to check out this famous area for yourself, whilst out on delivery or during your free-roam time.

As you'll have the opportunity to explore the third phase of the California Rework project in the upcoming free 1.50 update, we've also crafted a brief video trailer highlighting the beautiful transformation California has undergone in recent months. We hope this preview ignites your excitement for what lies ahead!

We look forward to the time when you'll be able to explore this fantastic city for yourself, which will come as a free update to all owners of American Truck Simulator in the 1.50 update. Whilst we're still working hard to bring it all together, be sure to share your thoughts and comments with us on our social media channels, as our team would love to hear how much you love the changes. We hope you enjoyed reading, and we look forward to bringing you more development news in the near future. Until then, keep on truckin'!
On your travels throughout Nebraska, you're going to see some pretty beautiful landscapes. Our team has worked hard to re-create some of the most popular spots for you to check out in our upcoming Nebraska DLC for American Truck Simulator. Let's take a closer look at some of them, shall we?

Often with some of the more popular viewpoints, you'll find a dedicated turnout to pull in and park. In these areas, you'll often find information boards, which offer a brief history about the area, as well as some public amenities.

One of the more unusual, but popular roadside attractions in Nebraska is Carhenge, a replica of England's Stonehenge but with... you guessed it, cars! Constructed in 1987 by Jim Reinders, with the help of his family members, he built the 38-car homage as a memorial to his late father, who grew up on the farmland where Carhenge now stands, just north of the city of Alliance.

Another famous stop for travellers in the State is the Scotts Bluff National Monument, which offers travellers a breath-taking roadside vista, with its dramatic rock formations and sweeping plains. Consisting of layers of sandstone, volcanic ash, and siltstone, it towers 800 feet above the river. Back in the 1800's, it also served as an important landmark monument for Pioneer travellers, and those who walked the Oregon and Mormon trails.

If you love learning history, Nebraska has a unique location along the I-80 which no driver can miss! Offering visitors a unique historical exhibit that brings American history to life, the Archway is a landmark and museum which stands as a monument to the adventurers who followed the Great Platte River Road and helped to build America. Our map team could not miss out on including this iconic structure on the road network.

One location you will surely not miss is the McConaughy Lake, Nebraska's largest reservoir. At full capacity, the lake is 22 miles long and four miles wide! Here you'll also find the Kingsley Hydroplant, which was built to meet Nebraska's growing demand in electricity. During the year, many visitors come to enjoy its waters, especially during the summer seasons.

Of course, you'll find plenty of rest areas, scenic overlooks and lookout towers along your travels too. Be sure to look out for them, you may just find a viewpoint or two! We hope you look forward to enjoying the beautiful scenery that our map team has re-created in detail in our upcoming Nebraska DLC. If you are, be sure to add Nebraska to Steam Wishlist. Until next time, keep on truckin'.
We're back in the USA for our newest SCS On The Road episode! This time, we're in Cleveland, North Carolina to check out the Western Star 57X at the Daimler Truck North America Cleveland Truck Manufacturing Plant!

During our visit, we met up with Anthony Pires, who took us on a detailed walk-around of the 57X, which you can also find in American Truck Simulator! This truck brings the best of both worlds of Western Star, with it's X-Series DNA crossed with Daimler's platform tested over millions of miles, bringing you the most advanced on-highway Western Star, ever!

We hope you enjoy this fun, but educational video with Anthony, who at the time of recording was Western Star's Brand Manager; he has since moved on to a new role. We'd like to express our gratitude for all his hard work and we wish him all the very best in his new position.

We hope you've enjoyed our latest SCS On The Road episode! Let us know which part you enjoyed the most in the comments below. Stay tuned for the next episode! Until then, make sure to follow us on X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.
Last year, a few members of our American Truck Simulator map team traveled to the USA to explore the state of Missouri and its surroundings. Along the way, they were gathering references and insights for our upcoming Missouri DLC. In this blog post, we'll offer you a peek into the team's exciting adventures.

The team consisting of Patrik, Pavel, Ilona, El, and Annie visited not only Missouri but also the neighboring states. "Every time we go to a state we will work on, it gives us a new perspective on what is typical for that area, what the atmosphere and the character of the state is," Patrik tells us.

What is the purpose of visiting the state in person when you can just find reference pictures or use street view? "One gets a quicker and more accurate view of what might be considered generic, so by visiting a state we shorten the research time and refine the results so that we can order from our asseters what best describes the area. Missouri is considerably hillier compared to Kansas, the landscape is more rolling and the whole state looks greener," says Patrik.

Captivated by the city's rich history and vibrant culture, Pavel found himself drawn to St. Louis' unique charm. "I liked St. Louis the best. I was intrigued by the Gateway Arch, right in the heart of downtown. I had the privilege of looking up at the very top of the Gateway Arch, and the city's view from 200 meters up was phenomenal. I will be creating this city for our players and the fact that I was there makes my job a lot easier, as it made me realize what the real landmark of the city is and what definitely needs to be in our game," Pavel shares with us.

"Since I've seen American cities live, I've decided to build more of them in our game. Building cities in our engine is a challenge I like to take on. Besides the cities, I loved the local nature as well. America is absolutely amazing and hides a lot of beauty," says Pavel.

St. Louis was probably the favorite city of the whole team, as it captivated Patrik as well. "My favorite city in Missouri is St. Louis, a city with an amazing atmosphere and a unique skyline due to the arch," he says.

"I also liked Cape Girardeau where we mapped the bridge with a drone. We like to take a drone with us on trips to get to places inaccessible to humans with a camera and see things from angles not visible from the road, which helps us model them better in the 3D world. Most often these are bridges, dams, and road construction on hillsides. In Colorado, our team used the drone to map out the terrain outside the road and were able to better model the Million Dollar Highway, which is a success according to the reactions of the players, so we want to do the same thing here", says Patrik.

The team has to get ready ahead of the trip to take as many insights as they can from their journey. "We already knew which towns and roads we would be doing before our trip, and this allowed us to better prepare for it. I focused on Jefferson City, the Ozark lakes area, a beautiful road from Springfield to Branson, and a little bit of Branson as well. Branson fascinated me with its atypical architecture and the beautiful surrounding nature. Ozark Lakes appealed to me with their natural beauty and the vast array of boats. In Jefferson City, I had a funny incident at a car wash, where the change machine took $20 and wouldn't give it back," Ilona tells us.

El shares the highlights of the journey, from the bustling streets of Kansas City to the scenic beauty of St. Louis and Joplin. "My favorite places we explored were Kansas City with its underground warehouses, St. Louis and its brewery, Branson, and Joplin. Joplin, the city I will be recreating in our game, was particularly exciting to see in person. I was especially impressed by the landmarks and wall paintings at the Route 66 mural park. Another aspect of Joplin that I am eager to recreate is the large truck stop along I-44, where we took a brief break," says El.

The team also recorded some videos on their trip to the USA which we compiled into one short clip for you to enjoy!

We hope you've found this journal of our trip to Missouri interesting. Don't forget to follow us on our X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok so you won't miss out on news about the Missouri DLC and our other projects.
We have another update regarding the third phase of the California Rework project for you, our #BestCommunityEver! This time, we will give you a glimpse of the reworked cities of Oakland and San Jose in the Bay Area.

San Jose presented us with a delightful challenge with its diverse districts and lively neighborhoods. We did not have this city in ATS until now, but could not leave it out. Driving through the city, you can see the bustling airports and thriving commercial zones, the busy industrial sectors, and cozy residential areas; the city pulses with the heartbeat of American life.

At the heart of our rendition lie the dynamic intersections of US-101 and I-880, where the city's spirit truly shines. We couldn't resist including two standout airports, each with its own unique flair, including an aviation museum that adds a touch of history. Another prominent site in San Jose is the large Voltison car factory placed on the edge of the city.

The Oakland port is what this city is important for in the real world and will be the main attraction for truckers in our game. There are several depots and a lot of new assets, as well as amazing views of the San Francisco skyline on one side and Oakland's downtown on the other.

The downtown, full of tall skyscrapers, is connected to the port by a winding series of underpasses under the railroad and the highway. This connection and multi-level traffic arrangement offers unique views and adds to the character of the area.

Truckers will be able to drive through Oakland on Interstate I-880, which goes near the downtown and separates it from the harbor. This interstate then heads north to a huge freeway interchange - the so-called McArthur Maze. From there it's just a short drive to the tollgate and the Bay Bridge, which connects Oakland to Treasure Island and, of course, San Francisco.

We hope you are excited about the release of the third phase of the California Rework project and to visit the reimagined cities of Oakland and San Jose. Stay tuned for more updates, as we continue to cultivate a virtual California that mirrors the real thing on our X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok.