API Terms Of Use
1. License to Tricky's API & Data.

By using "Tricky's Server API, "Tricky's API" you agree to the terms of use.
You agree to keep your API key confidential, and not to share it with anyone else. You agree that you will be personally responsible for the use of your API key. sharing your API key will result in your key being blocked permanently. You and/or your server/application wont be allowed access to the API again.
• You can only have one API key per person.
• You may not present the Data (or permit the Data to be presented) so that it appears (a) that your Application is endorsed or affiliated with Tricky's Server, Tricky's Server API, or (b) to be available from a third party.
• You are limited to one hundred twenty (120) requests to the API per minute. Tricky's Server may approve higher daily request limits if you adhere to these API TOS and your eligible.
• You must provide a user agent including what is it and your steam name on the end in the correct format. An example; I have a discord bot called Tricky Bot & steam name is Tricky so the user agent would be: "Tricky Discord Bot (Tricky)".

2. Acceptable Use.

You agree not to use Tricky's Server API, Data, in any way that is unlawful, or harms Tricky's Server, end users or any other person. Further, pursuant to Section 6 below, Tricky's Server may terminate your use of the API, Data and Tricky's Brand & Links at any time in Tricky's sole discretion.

3. Changes.

Tricky's Server reserves the right to change the API Terms of Use, and you are responsible for regularly reviewing these API Terms of Use. Your continued use of Tricky's API and/or Data after the effective date of such changes will constitute acceptance of and agreement to any such changes. If you don't agree with any such changes, or to any of the terms in this Agreement, your only remedy is to discontinue using the API, Data.

4. License to Tricky's Brand & Links.

Tricky's Server grants you a "license", to implement the "Tricky's Server" name(s), logo(s), and links to Tricky's site, on any Web page/app/bot incorporating Tricky's Server API and/or Data, in accordance with Tricky's Server API documentation.

5. Credit

You are required to show credit showing where the data is coming from, after all this is free. Here is what you can put: "Data from Tricky's API".

Using API on website

- If you are using the API on a website you must place a "credit" in the footer or where the data is displayed.

Using API on discord bot

- If you are using the API on your discord bot you must place the data in a "embed" and place the credit on the "footer".

Using API on application

- If you are using the API on your application then you must place the credit on the splashscreen and/or about section.

6. Termination.

Tricky's Server may change, suspend or discontinue the API and suspend or terminate your use of the API, Data at any time for any reason, without notice. You may also terminate by ceasing to use the API, Data, removing implementation of the API from your Application(website, bots, etc..), and deleting all copies of the Data.