Railroads Online News & Announcements

Dear Community,

We just released an update on both the main and the beta branch. It contains important fixes related to the recent release of the Winter Update.

We will continue to work on further improvements, including the "glass floor issue". Should you encounter this problem, please watch this very short video to find out how to resolve it for yourself in the meantime.

Today's update stays at but will move up to version number 46883. That said, here are the patchnotes:

  • Fixed an issue where invert controls didn't work anymore
  • Fixed an issue where coal tower didn't accept coal anymore
  • Fixed an issue where loading didn't work correctly when FPS is low
  • Fixed some texture issues on the map
  • Made loading of grain possible in Gregg Boxcar (accepts 4 loadings)

Your Railroads Online Team

Hello everyone,

it’s been a week now since the release of the Winter Update on the Beta Branch. In the past days our team has worked tirelessly on resolving any major issue that came up in the game! A huge thank you to everyone who reported bugs to our team and helped us to get more information about the issues! Today we have good news:

The Winter Update is now officially released on the Main Branch!


What’s changed?

Since the release of the Winter Update on the Beta Branch, we have made some changes to the game in terms of bug-resolving and quality of life improvements.

Let’s have a look at all the changes since the Beta Release, version, build 46783:

Bug Fixes:

  • Bridges now save color types when being placed
  • Fixed an issue when you buy engines

    • They no longer overhang on the spawn tracks

  • Fixed an issue where it would snow inside of the telegraph office & the Silverton Depot
  • Fixed an issue when build ground works at a really high level caused them to lose their hitboxes

    • This resulted in the players being pushed outside of the map and softlocking

  • Fixed an issue with the buy menu not charging you money if you opened the store fast enough

    • You are now charged as soon as you buy something

  • Fixed an issue with birch trees not despawning after cutting them down on Aurora Falls
  • Fixed an issue where you could not open doors on the Railway Express Agency
  • Fixed localization issues on the REA

  • Removed the graphic’s presets Low, Medium and High as this was causing the “Glass floor effect”

    • Note: This did not affect everyone, just folks on the low and medium preset.

      • Low preset had 3D resolution at ~50%
      • Medium preset had 3D resolution at ~70%

  • Fixed an issue where the dredge was not placeable on the lake in Lake Valley
  • Wood rick produces firewood automatically again

Quality of life improvements:

  • Increased the size of the delete tool

    • This returns the delete tool to its former function pre

  • Handcar now has a speed limit of 16mph

    • Can carry firewood in the box on the car

  • Added information to Wiki about needed input in industries and about reward for goods in the freight types (Gold ingots are 6,400 USD/each, not 7,000 USD as mentioned in the DevVlog)

  • Added snow effect also on Lake Valley

Still existing issues

We have worked on an issue that was causing a “Glass Floor Effect” on the maps and had to remove the graphic’s presets Low, Medium and High. This bug only effected the players on the low and medium presets. Should you experience this issue even after the update, you can follow these steps to fix it:

  • Set graphics to Overall Quality “Epic” (The only preset left)
  • Then select the individual settings
  • You will no longer see the glass floor

Watch this short video for a visualized guide: https://youtu.be/WiyAJO2d_nE

We are also currently still working on other reported issues, especially concerning the new UI and hope we can resolve them soon!

By the way: We also updated the "Previous Build Branch" with the content from the Cattle Update plus fairly recent hotfixes. It now contains version

A Little Recap

Let’s summarize all the content that has been added to the game with the Winter Update!

We have got the magical new winter map “Aurora Falls” with great snowy mountains, grassy plains, lakes and rivers, waterfalls and even polar lights, you can watch at night! This new map definitely promises great views and is even bigger than the other already existing maps in Railroads Online, so you can fit all the buildings and great builds you always wanted to create.

The Gold Industry has also been a great addition to the game with 5 new buildings, from which you can even enter 2, including our first railway station! With this new industry also comes new rolling stock for transporting the gold! The new D&RG High Side Gondola, DSP&P Mail-Baggage car #110-112, and Side Dump Ore Car go very well with the new locomotive, and all have different customizations to personalize them with.

What else?

Well, we’ve released the currently largest and most powerful locomotive of the game, the Denver & Rio Grande Class 125! Designed by Baldwin, this new engine by far surpasses all other locomotives in terms of strength with a possible tractive effort of 28,000 lbf and revolutionizes the drive on the narrow gauge with a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement, its vauclain compound cylinders and an outside framing for its drive wheels! This earlier version of the most famous narrow gauge locomotives K-27 even comes with a ton of different customizations to choose from, including 5 different paints!

Get more details on the Winter Update!

For more details on the added content, have a look at the posting from last week, when we released the update on the Beta Branch: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1696810/view/4033605438039467374


We hope you all enjoy the winter update! See you soon!

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

We just released the first hotfix for the winter update.
Following issues have been resolved:

  • Added player collision for Class125 cylinders
  • Fixed unloading bug at Railways Express Agency
  • Adjusted Wiki
  • Gregg Sugar Cane Flat Car can load seed pallets again

Your Railroads Online Team

Hello gold miners!

We have all waited patiently for this… It is time to grab your mining equipment, locomotives and rolling stock because we have just released the new industry chain, the new community-requested locomotive, and a few other awesome changes for you all to enjoy.

The Winter Update is now officially released on the Beta Branch! 🥳

Let’s go through the snow! ❄️

Ride your first locomotive through the snowy landscape of the new winter map, “Aurora Falls”! Discover the environment with its great white mountains and expansive grassy plains, which offer stunning views while riding your favorite locomotive. You can find lakes, rivers and waterfalls scattered across the entire map and even experience illuminating polar lights at night!

I’m here to sell some gold! 🪙

The Gold Industry consists of 5 buildings. The Gold Mine and the Dredge form the first step in the chain, providing gold ore that can be processed into refined gold at the Stamp Mill. At the Gold Smelter, the refined gold gets cast into gold ingots, which you can sell at the Railway Express Agency for some good money.

Make yourself at home!

Come in and see the beautiful interiors we have created for the Stamp Mill and for the Railway Express Agency, aka our first station ever! ✌️

How will I transport all these ingots?

New rolling stock has been added to the game, designed to meet the transportational needs of the new Gold Industry! This includes our new D&RG High Side Gondola, Side Dump Ore Car and the DSP&P Mail-Baggage car, which complement the new locomotive perfectly. Additionally, they come with different customization options, so that you can make them all your own!

How strong do you want to be? D&RG Class 125 ➔ 😎

Did someone ask for a strong locomotive? Check out the new Denver & Rio Grande Class 125, which is currently the largest and most powerful locomotive in the game! It surpasses the other engines by far in terms of tractive effort by having over 28,000 lbf, while also weighing in at more than 125,000 lbs! It was designed by Baldwin in 1903 and revolutionized narrow-gauge railroading, being an earlier version of the famous narrow-gauge locomotives K-27. It especially stands out with its vauclain compound cylinders, an outside framing for its drive wheels and a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement, which is also the first of its kind in Railroads Online!

Still not convinced?

If you’re into customization, this engine is also a very good choice. The Class 125 comes with 5 different paints, 7 different smokestacks and 10 different headlights to choose from! It is quite expensive though, so you might need to save some bucks.

Ready to step up your game with this loco?

Your quality of life is improving!

We are excited to announce some changes coming to multiplayer this patch. Our partners at BlackSheep have fixed the long running issue that is popcorning! This effect made it look like cars and engines were popping off the rails and it only got worse the larger the server was. We also did some other bugfixes, which you can find listed in the change log at the end of this posting.

To ensure that no potential major issues will occur on the Main Branch, we have decided to release the update on the Beta Branch initially, where you can try everything out and give us your feedback! Until we release the final version to the Main Branch, our team will work on resolving any significant bugs that may arise, based on your feedback.

You can support us in this time by reporting any bugs you can find! Check out our “support-center” on the Railroads Online Discord for details!

We are on the road to delivering a better experience for you as players! That's why we will push more multiplayer fixes as well as fixes for performance issues over the next several months, so stay tuned for that! We are aware also of some current desync and stuttering issues when running trains as a client and we are working on providing a fix.

The complete change log for version

New Content:

  • Added new map Aurora Falls

    • Alaska-themed map
    • Partially snow covered
    • Added sound reverb to map

      • Sounds the best in valleys and by mountains

  • Added snow accumulation effect

    • When selecting the snow weather

      • Light snow
      • Snow
      • Heavy snow
      • Blizzard

    • You will see the snow start to take over the map, different snow settings will allow for slower/faster accumulations.

      • Snow will melt once you change off of a snow effect.
      • Use the West Side Lumber plow to clean your rails
      • We plan on added more plow types in the near future
      • Snow is removable in both single player and multiplayer
      • The effect is available on Pine Valley and Aurora Falls

  • Added new rail types

    • All existing rail types now have a snow ballast and snow covered rails
    • You can pick these when you start construction of new rails
    • Alternatively the regular dirt ballast will change over snow covered once you change the weather
    • Perma snow covered looks the best on Aurora FAlls

  • Added the D&RG Class 125 Locomotive

    • Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1903
    • Is a 2-8-2 Mikado
    • Has 28,246 Lbs of tractive effort
    • Has 5 paint choices

  • Added D&RG High Side Gondola

    • Built by American Car & Foundry Co in 1898-1906
    • Can Hold Iron Ore, gold ore and Coal 22 units of each
    • Has 4 paint choices

  • Added Side Dump Ore Car

    • Built by Pacific Car & Foundry
    • Can hold Iron ore, Coal and Gold ore 6 of each type
    • Has 5 paint choices

  • Added DSP&P Mail-Baggage car #110-112

    • Built by Union Pacific in 1880
    • Can hold 16 refined gold and can hold 5 gold safes
    • Has 2 color choices

  • Added new industry chain gold

    • Gold Mine
    • Dredge
    • Stamp Mill
    • Gold Smelter
    • Railway Express Agency (Not a prop)

      • For unloading Gold Ingots

Quality of Life:
  • Added new construction UI

    • Added a Radial Menu that can be accessed with middle mouse button
    • New UI is streamlined and cleaned up from the big box in the upper right corner of the screen
    • Removed orange background box around the driving UI (it is still a placeholder and will be replaced with the UI Update)

      • More UI changes will arrive soon

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the popcorning effect that was happening in multiplayer

    • Thanks to our partners at BlackSheep we are able to deliver very early fixes to stabilize the game. Over the next months we will slowly add in fixes and performance changes.

      • Note: there is some slight desync issues going on still in multiplayer and some stuttering when running trains as clients, we are aware of this and are working hard with BlackSheep to fix the issues

  • Fixed the engine shed doors displaying water level

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use W and S to operate a locomotive while in the 3rd person UI

  • Fixed an issue with re-railing carrying momentum when trying to re-rail

  • Fixed an issue when having a controller plugged in, it would override mouse controls

  • Fixed missing water tower animation
  • Fixed an issue with the telegraph poles

    • They no longer double up on save loads
    • They also no longer have gaps after save loads

  • Fixed an issue with the sand house having inverted spout movement

    • Also fixed the ladder on the sand house

A new devlog has arrived!

You want to see everything in action first and get additional details about the update? Then check out the devlog that was released just yesterday!


Enjoy the new update! We’re so excited to read your feedback!

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Players!

Hit the brake for a second, it’s finally time: On February 12, we will release the Winter Update on the Beta Branch of Railroads Online!

Welcome to Aurora Falls!🌌

Look forward to the beautiful new winter map “Aurora Falls”, which forms the heart of this update with its majestic snowy mountains and wide, calming grass plains. Lakes, waterfalls and rivers adorn the vast landscape, in which you might even experience magical polar lights illuminating the night sky.

Did you say Gold?✨

As you can already see in the info graphic above, the new industry in the game is all about shiny gold! Receive gold ore from either the Gold Mine or the Dredge, both of which form the first step in the industry chain. The Stamp Mill is a processing plant which produces gold dust from gold ore and gives out bags of refined gold. The final products, the gold ingots, are cast in the Gold Smelter from the refined gold and can be sold at the Railway Express Agency (yeaaah, we have a station!).

What a nice interior!

For the Railway Express Agency and the Stamp Mill we have not only built an exterior to look at, but a whole interior. These are therefore going to be another two buildings you can check out from the inside!

Let’s not forget about rolling stock!

With the Gold Industry there will also be new rolling stock coming to the game to transport the gold and assist you in all steps of the chain! These include a high-sided gondola, a side dump ore car and a baggage car, coming with different customization options (of course ;) ).

Ready for a game-changing locomotive?🚂

Presenting the new D&RG Class 125! This new engine will not only be the heaviest in the game with more than 125,000 lbs, it will also be the strongest engine, by far surpassing all other locos in terms of tractive effort with over 28,000 lbf!

Do we need to say more?

Additionally, it introduces the new-to-the-game 2-8-2 wheel arrangement and will be customizable with 10 different headlights, 7 smokestacks and 5 unique paints!

The D&RG Class 125 will certainly be the perfect engine to step up your game in terms of motive power! Are you excited yet?

Quality of life improvements

When it comes to the performance of the game, the update will come with the removal of the popcorning effect in multiplayer and some bugfixes to improve the quality of your playing experience.

From this update forward, we will release new updates on the Beta Branch initially, as we have done in the past, in order to prevent any potential major issues on the Main Branch. Until the final release on the Main Branch, our team will work on addressing and resolving any significant bugs that may arise.
We would love you supporting us on that by reporting all the bugs you can find!


Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm! See you next week!

Your Railroads Online Team

Hello everyone,

and a belated happy new year! We hope that all of you had a wonderful start to 2024 and are looking forward to everything that is ahead of us, as it currently promises to become a truly exciting year – especially for Railroads Online.

Today, we want to look at what’s next for the game, which updates you can already get very excited about, introduce changes to our update strategy, and outline a few more changes in our priorities.

Let’s dive right in!

Coming soon: The Winter Update

We took our time to establish some wonderful winter festivities for the current season – but in the end, we think it was worth the wait!

In February, we will release The Winter Update, introducing a brand-new map that is based on areas in the state of Alaska with both huge snowy mountains and calming grass plains. While the mountains will create a large and magnificent natural border, the rest of the map will feature a bunch of other unique pieces like lakes, waterfalls and rivers. As if the beauty of the snow weren’t enough already, you can also discover polar lights once the sun sets and the world pitches into darkness, creating an unprecedented backdrop for your next ride.

That’s not all, however: A new industry chain awaits you, and it’s just as shiny as this entire update! The Gold Industry Chain will require the attention of all railroaders. No need to rush things, you’ll have plenty of time to get familiar with the material! Enjoy the gold rush but be careful not to catch the gold fever.

BTW, we’re also shipping cargo in a new set of rolling stock and a brand-new locomotive with The Winter Update which can handle the snowy tracks through the mountains with ease. More details will follow very soon!

What’s next?

If you’re following our official Trello Roadmap (which you totally should!), you might have seen a few of
our upcoming updates listed already. These updates will all ship within the next few months and focus on numerous areas where we’ve received a lot of feedback, indicating the need for both general but also quality-of-life improvements. We want to take the opportunity to quickly summarize them in more detail:

  • The Map Update: In very close cooperation with our co-development team at Black Sheep Studio, we will overhaul the entire way the 2D map works. It will feature an overhauled HUD, greatly improved readability and visibility, comfort tools like a zoom option, and easy-to-understand icons. In addition, there will finally be a mini map so that you won’t have to open the full map every time you just want to know where you currently are, making life as a rail worker so much easier!
  • The UI Update: This update will be released alongside The Map Update as they just fit so well together. The UI artists at Black Sheep are overhauling the entire UI, from the main menu to singular buttons, creating a completely new experience. The UI will appear less technical and more stylized, therefore improving readability and visibility. We’ll share the first footage as soon as possible!
  • The Spline Update: The spline system is an ongoing topic that requires additional improvements. We plan to upgrade it, making it easier to create splines and align facilities by enabling them to conveniently snap to splines and rails. Plus, we’ll make the spline system much more understandable: Their placing behavior will be simplified and explained in-game in a more coherent fashion, while also displaying easy-to-grasp error messages and feedback should something not work out. We’re also making re-railing much easier, yay!

We'll reveal even more details about each update the closer we get to them!

Multiplayer Improvements

One of the most frequently mentioned areas in need of improvement is the entire online component, and we’ve heard your feedback about that. Our team and the great people at Black Sheep have put a lot of work into improving it greatly and minimizing pain points as much as possible.

Over the course of all the next updates, starting with The Winter Update, we’ll therefore gradually introduce several multiplayer improvements. Our internal tests are very promising, indicating the elimination of issues like popcorning for example. We also want to generally reduce desync issues and minimize stuttering, but as mentioned, it’s a process that will take some time.

Even more great things are planned!

From new props and buildings, over to new quality-of-life features like an undo button and a greater experience for new players, a lot of other things are planned for this year. We also plan to introduce another new map, new rolling stock, overhauled loading screens, and much, much more. Something that will follow later this year will be the introduction of a Player Rights Management System, allowing for server hosts to have greater control about what other players can do and what they can’t.

That’s not all, however. Our team is working on so many other things in parallel which we can’t reveal quite yet (too early atm!), but the sooner we get there, the more we can finally spill.

Changes to our update release strategy

One last thing: We took your feedback to heart and have decided to change our strategy for releasing updates.

Right now, it appears to be fairly random if we put an update into the beta branch prior to its release or not. Despite extensive testing efforts prior to each and every release, releasing an update to a huge playerbase with different hardware and software environments always comes with risks. Issues could pop up which we couldn’t possibly have anticipated.

Based on all your feedback, we'll make the beta branch now the first destination for every new update. Once an update is released, it will first be available on the public beta branch – and that will start with The Winter Update in February. Once we are sure that the beta build is stable, it will be moved to the default branch.

And that's it for today! Have a good time in the valley and never stop shaping the world of Railroads Online.

Your Railroads Online Team

Celebrate the season! 🎄

Snow covers the ground, hot chocolate has been prepared and our PC shines as bright as a decorated Christmas tree: The Steam Winter Sale is returning, alongside some fantastic deals!

The Steam Winter Sale ends on the 4th of January at 7PM CET.

Save 30% on Railroads Online and enjoy building your tracks now on a discount!


The offers extend throughout a broad variety of games from the amazing astragon library! Check out these great discounts:

Check out the Winter Sale page for more details and a full overview!

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

Christmas is near but this hotfix, oh, it's already here! Check out the full patch notes below for details.

We are still working on the fix with the mouse issue. Workaround until it is fixed is to unplug other devices like driving wheel, gear shifter, controller, joystick or something similar.

Patch notes for build:

  • Fixed an issue with the cranes not loading cars
  • Fixed an issue with the skeleton flats not loading
  • Adjusted the gregg cars to have larger hit boxes
  • Fixed an issue where Gregg Stake Flat were not accepting raw iron
  • Fixed an issue where players were not getting a payout at the refinery
  • Fixed an issue with the wheat farm not using water
  • Fixed an issue where Ohau Water cars would stack when ordered from the buy menu
  • Fixed an issue where Montezuma was not at the correct max speeds
  • Fixed an issue where the logging camp had unintentional hit boxes around the log loading side
  • Fixed an issue with the coaling towers not accepting coal correctly
  • Fixed an issue where you could not attach tracks to the coaling tower
  • Fixed an issue where the driving UI would not shut off the sanders
  • Fixed some issues with the Wiki

    • Added difficulty texts
    • Adjusted Montezuma top speed
    • Fixed Straw cargo limits
  • Fixed an issue where players could not start the game and would get fatal errors.

    • Game is now defaulted to start in DX11 mode
  • Fixed an issue where players would get a fatal error on the Shay couplers and brakes
  • Fixed an issue where clients and hosts would clip through certain freight types
  • Fixed an issue where the helper menu would stay on in the 3rd person driving UI
  • Fixed an issue where clients would see an empty boiler in the 3rd person driving UI
  • Fixed an issue where turning heavy snow on would start the blizzard weather setting
  • Adjusted coal firing

    • Engines will now have more coal in their tenders resulting in longer run times before refueling tenders/bunkers
    • “Low” setting still feels the best for a casual play style
  • Tutorial 5 works properly again
  • Construction menu - "red" was available in the switches and bridges dropdown but had no function
  • Fixed an issue where “overall quality” settings in graphic menu did not save

Your Railroads Online Team
Dear Community,

we are sorry to hear that our latest update caused trouble to some of our players and made the game unplayable for them. Although we put a lot of effort into testing the update it seems that the switch to
UE 5.3 causes our game to have problems with certain hardware combinations.
We are currently working on a solution with high priority.

To give the players who are currently affected by this the chance to continue their game, we created the "previousbuild" branch, which features the last main branch build.

To switch to this branch go to your steam settings, open "Betas" and choose the "previousbuild- Railroads Online previous build branch".
Please be aware that new content is not available there.

We will keep you updated about the progress.
Thank you for your understanding.

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

Farmers, grab your straw hats: It is now time to expand our wheat industry. The Cattle Update is now available!

In this update you will find some new and exciting additions to Railroads Online. We will keep this short and sweet so you can get into the patch notes. If you want to have a great overview, we recommend to check out our latest devlog where we go through all new content in much detail:

Say hello to the cattle!

A new industry is here, and it certainly adds another layer of complexity! To make sure you know how it all works, we've prepared a handy little graphic:

Other than that, we fixed a lot of bugs, introduce some new locomotives and cars, provide some cute little decoration, among much more things! Check out the full patch notes below!

One last note, I know you guys were anticipating snow on Pine Valley and parts of Lake Valley. For this year we decided to not add snow. However, you will still get some snow in a future bigger update... stay tuned for that in the coming months!

Patch notes for The Cattle Update

New Content

  • Upgraded the game to now run on Unreal Engine 5.3

    • With the addition of 5.3, the variable brake bug has now been resolved.
    • Brakes now work as intended from 0%-100%
  • Added water well

    • This is used to transport water from the well to the wheat farm and cattle farm
    • Please note that the water from the water well is a new freight type
  • Added cattle farm

    • You take grain, water and straw here to produce cows
  • Added Meat packing plant

    • Bring coal and cattle here to produce meat product
    • Can be sold at the freight depot
  • Added the new industries to new lake valley maps

    • If playing on an already built map you will have to place the new industries.
  • Added Ferries and Cliff House Locomotive

    • 2-4-2 coal burning tank engine
    • Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1887
    • Has 4,311 Pounds of tractive effort
    • Top speed 30mph
  • Added water tank car

    • Built by Central Pacific Railroad in 1875
    • Holds 12 water from the water well
    • Has 9 color options
    • NOTE: water cars do not fill with water towers, please use the water well in order to fill the cars.
    • Water for tenders is a fuel type and water from a water well is a cargo type. Please use accordingly
  • Added ventilated box car

    • Built by Virginia & Truckee in 1881
    • Holds 36 meat
    • Has 6 colors
  • Added Oahu Sugar Co Water Tank car

    • Built by Oahu Sugar Co in 1920
    • Has 7 colors
  • Added 2 new paints to the class 48
  • Added 1 new paint to the Ruby Basin
  • Added 1 new paint to the Cooke 2-6-0 Coal
  • Changed the stock car to now hold cattle

    • Still holds tools
  • Added New Props

    • Can be found under decorations
    • Look for SM_
  • Updated speeds

    • Class 70 now goes 23mph
    • Both Cooke 2-6-0’s go 25mph
  • Updated Reverser - Added Cut Off Simulation

    • At 100% reverser you are compromising max speed for max tractive effort
    • The closer to center you get with the reverser the faster you will go
    • However when going at max speed with the reverser towards the center you will compromise tractive effort.
    • In short, full reverser equals max pulling power, anything less than full reverser equals speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed brake bug
  • Fixed some translation issues

    • Let us know if these issues are resolved as we do not speak every language
    • Post on steam or discord with any issues
  • Fixed Fps loss when cutting down trees on Pine Valley
  • Fixed the lima and the class 48 not having cut outs for water

    • You can now see water level in the saddle tank and the tender
  • Fixed an issue where locomotives and cars would be derailed when buying them from the store
  • Fixed an issue where there was a text under the cooke 2-6-0 Coal
  • Fixed an issue where the Gregg Stake Flat no longer held raw iron

    • You can now haul raw iron with the stake flats
  • Fixed an issue with the collisions at the sawmill
  • Removed an unintentional wall at the oil refinery
  • Clients no longer see seed pallets when loading grain into box cars
  • Fixed an issue where some freight would bounce off of the freight depot and land back in the cars
  • Host draw distance setting now saves values after closing the menu

    • Also is now saved after closing the game
  • Fix volume’s resetting after exiting the game

    • Praise the sun, you no longer go deaf when starting the game
  • Fixed rocks in desert

    • They now have collisions, inspect your rails before operations

Quality of life improvements

  • Tender water level is now shown when looking at the lid of tenders and saddle tanks.
  • Wiki displays everything properly in imperial units (unit option setting planned)
  • Reduced the player character size

    • The smaller player character size allows for the character to not clip through the cabs of the engines
  • Increased the player character running speed

    • When running with default button Shift, the character runs faster now
  • Crouch is now not as low as before

    • The new crouch lowers the character enough that it is possible to see out the front windows of the engines
  • Adjusted the firebox hit boxes to account for the changes to crouching
  • Fixed collisions with the wood trestle bridge
  • Added a new 3rd person driving UI - Functional placeholder

    • functional placeholder to settle for a good UI LAYOUT
    • NOT FINAL DESIGN!, the design will get an extra update
    • You can turn off the driving UI with the default button Y
  • Added DirectX11 and DirectX12 modes in the graphics settings

    • Swapping between the two will require a game restart
  • Cranes and cow ramp now load 3 freight with each loading cycle

    • This is applied to all industries to help speed up loading process
  • Added a gameplay setting for WATER and COAL consumption aka rebalance

    • Off, no consumption
    • Low, x1 usage
    • Medium x2 usage (best option)
    • Hard, x4 usage (For those who want an extreme setting)

Your Railroads Online Team


Dear Community,

we love to see this game come together, especially with the support of your enthusiastic feedback! As we want to provide you with more content now and in the future, we are very happy to announce that new stuff is coming to this game very soon:

The new update will officially be released on December 11th, 2023!

Mysterious industry business

Considering the development of the game you might already be able to assume what will be launching next week. To provide you with an additional hint, we have included some mysterious screenshots.

Any ideas yet? We are eagerly anticipating reading your wild guesses, because for now this is as far as we will go to maintain the excitement leading up to the release! 😈

Oh, and there might just be a new locomotive coming with a wheel-arrangement that hasn’t been in the game yet… 🙈


So, with that said, stay tuned for the release on December 11th! We hope you’re thrilled!

Your Railroads Online Team

It's raining leafs, it's raining discounts!🍂

As the leafs are changing colours and start to fall, the annual Steam Autumn Sale is returning, carrying some great offers exclusively for you!

The Steam Autumn Sale ends on the 28th of November at 7PM CET.

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Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

We just released another smaller update for the latest hotfix - version number stays the same once again but two additional major issues have been resolved:

  • Players that had cut respawned trees (in Pine Valley only) after the update on November 13 got the trees back after hotfix on November 16 and were not able to cut them anymore. They can be cut again, sorry for the double work.
  • Fixed weather always set back to Blizzard when entering a save game

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

We just released an additional smaller update for yesterday's hotfix - version number stays the same, but a very annoying bug has been fixed:

  • Tree synchronization for client and host now works as intended

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

Just in time for our Free Weekend, here's a hotfix that resolves some of the most annoying issues. Another updates are in the works so please keep the reports coming!

Patch notes for build:

  • Fixed an issue causing coachesto disappear (coaches bought before November 13 are back again, if you did not save your game between 13. and 16. november. If you bought coaches between 13. november and this hotfix or if you saved the game in this period, the coaches are gone)
  • Trees are back on Pine Valley, they should be removed again for hosts (clients still see them, next fix is in work)
  • Fixed some issues with blurry graphics
  • Fixed loading lumber to Gregg Sugar cane stake flat is twisted (across instead of lengthwise)
  • Fixed Groundwork Ballast I with no rail have sharp ends
  • Fixed an invisible wall at coalmine back
  • Fixe Freight Depot and Logging Camp cause collision
  • Fixed that both Clients and Hosts lose money and game XP when using the respawn button
  • Fixed clients opening the buy menu causing the game to crash
  • Fixed that Lake Valley world border has shrunken down
  • Fixed cactus shiny texture at sunset/sunrise
  • Fixed stock car name and numbers not showing correctly
  • Fixed some marker lights and head lamps have had their led’s installed back on them

We hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. Happy Railroading! 🚂

Your Railroads Online Team

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BTW: We also just released a smaller new hotfix update. Check out the patchnotes for details.

Have a great time playing!

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

Hello, and welcome to another Railroads Online update. In the patch notes below you will find an in-game wiki, tutorial, new industry, and a few other changes we have made!

For a quick overview, we also created a video for you:

Of course, we have also been hard at work in testing some backend stuff to improve the game and we will share more about those changes at a later time when we feel that the changes are in a good place and ready for release to the public.

A Free Weekend is approaching!

To celebrate the update, Railroads Online will be completely free-to-play from November 16, 10 AM Pacific to November 20, 10 AM Pacific. In addition, the game will be discounted for everyone who wants to join us on board!

Create your very own world or meet up with other railroaders in a multiplayer session for up to 16 players!

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Do you have some friends who are ready to serve the valley? You should definitely make sure they're aware of the Free Weekend and ready for a fun time! 👀

Patch notes for build:

New Content & Adjustments

  • Added an in-game Wiki
  • Press 'H' to bring up the wiki guide
  • The wiki has information on everything Railroads has to offer.
  • The wiki will be updated whenever we add new things to the game

Added an in-game Tutorial

  • Can be accessed from the main menu
  • Guides players on how to play the game
  • Intended for new and returning players

Added a new industry: Wheat Farm

  • This is a placeable industry
  • You can get started by picking up seed bags at the freight depot
  • Farm outputs straw bales and grain
  • Rest of the chain will be added in December

Added an in-game clock and date

  • Can be seen by pressing 'P'
  • Clock speed is bound to the players day cycles

Increased speeds for Montezuma and Eureka

  • Montezuma now reaches up to 22 mph
  • Eureka now reaches up to 30 mph
  • More loco speed increases will come later along with fuel type changes

Adjusted the gameplay menu

  • Made it a bit better to understand
  • Added dynamic weather
  • Note: Weather settings are now saved after a game load and after closing the gameplay menu

Added a requested setting mouse sensitivity

  • Can be found under the controls menu under camera sensitivity

Improved game load times

  • On your first save load after the update it will be slow
  • Once you save the game the new changes will be applied so when you load again you will load much faster
  • Saves load in about 8 seconds

Added better lighting

  • If you stare at the sun (we do not recommend this) you will now see lens flare

Starter locomotive Montezuma now has a headlight

  • Note: This is only applied to new lake valley saves

Added the ability to delete saves while in a game

  • Note: This can’t be done from the game menu, only while you are in a save

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the items duplication issue
  • Spawn area Water towers and telegraph offices can now be deleted, they do not come back after save load
  • Tenmile sander control is now the correct way
  • In multiplayer, locomotives will not lose their bells or whistle cords
  • Stub switch is now symmetrical, rails now line up properly on both branches of the switch
  • The client draw distance setting is now fixed, still does not save after menu is closed and reopened

Pretty short list this time around, however the next update in December is just around the corner. Keep an eye out for that! We hope that you have a wonderful week and we can’t wait to see what kinds of builds you guys make with the wheat farm.

Your Railroads Online Team


Dear Community,

with so much new content launching and so many new players joining us, our next step will be to make the game more approachable. That's why we're incredibly excited to share that The Tutorial & Wiki Update will officially launch on November 13, 2023! 🎉

Initially, these two updates were meant to be separate releases, but as we made some nice progress, we were ultimately able to merge and combine them. In the end, we think that's for the better, as they go hand-in-hand so very well! :)

The new tutorial

Getting to know the rules of a huge sandbox experience like Railroads Online can always turn out to be a challenge. For a while now, we heard from newer players that they wish for more beginner's guidance – while experienced players expressed the need for a quick way to look up important information.

A set of fully interactive tutorials will welcome you in the main menu, each teaching you one important aspect of the game – no matter if it's about driving a locomotive, laying tracks or operating facilities.

The new wiki

Don't need a full-blown tutorial but still have a question? The brand-new in-game wiki will provide you with everything you need to know!

Definitions, statistics, historical details, what goes where, handy tips, and more are all available here. No need to search the web anymore!

A secret new industry

You heard it correctly! But as we're still two weeks away from the update, we want to keep it... somewhat of a secret. Still, we'll just keep this little teaser inside this article and let you guess. Hehe.

It's Halloween!

We hope you have some sweets and carved pumpkins prepared! 👻🎃 We're hosting a little Screenshot Contest over on our Socials, so if you took a ~spooooky~ screenshot in the past or are about to take one... send them to us or upload them here on Steam into the Community Hub. We'll highlight our favorites next week! 🎉


A new tutorial, a new wiki, a new industry... there's never been a better time to try out Railroads Online! And to make sure everyone can do just that, Railroads Online will be completely free-to-play from November 16, 10 AM Pacific to November 20, 10 AM Pacific.

Create your very own world or meet up with other railroaders in a multiplayer session for up to 16 players! Have some friends who are interested? Make sure they're aware of the Free Weekend and ready for a fun time! 👀

Psht: Someone even told me of a little discount...

Until then, see you all on November 13 when The Tutorial & Wiki Update finally launches!

Your Railroads Online Team

Railroads Online - Early Access - Build

Hello everyone,

below the patch notes for the hotfix build verison for the main and beta branch.

Added: Pre-placed industries to the map LakeValley when starting a new game
Added: Objects and props can be rotated in step sizes from 1, 10, 50 or 100 degrees
Added: Montezuma and Betsy spawn with headlights when starting a new game on LakeValley
Fixed bug: Industries / depot does not pay out players in some cases
Fixed bug: Telegraph office door is blocking the players
Fixed bug: Cactus glowing at sunrise / sunset
Fixed bug: 2d map is blurry when texture quality setting is lowered
Fixed bug: Clients lose locomotive parts
Fixed bug: Client vehicle view distance is set to default upon opening the gameplay UI
Fixed bug: Engine sheds and telegraph officees are sunken in the ground when loading a game

Have a nice day!

Your Railroads Online Team

Dear Community,

Happy Anniversary! 🎉

It is time to officially celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of Railroads Online. This game would not be possible without our playerbase. So let’s all take the time to celebrate this moment!

For this occasion, we’ve prepared a special for you guys!

First we will go over all of the additions to the game and then we will round out the additions with some bug fixes. We hope you enjoy it! Happy Railroading!

Welcome to Lake Valley!

There’s a whole new world map waiting to be explored! A beautiful lake, a relentless desert, and mysterious swamps… Get exploring! We’re looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations!

Place all industries to your liking!

Something that many of you have been asking for. You can now place all industries freely on the map. This opens the opportunity for more interesting routes – get creative! Open the construction menu, click on “Industries”, select an industry building and the choice is yours!

New props

A brand-new church and a waiting shed have been added to decorate your map.

A new locomotive and a passenger car

We’ve added a coal fired Lima Locomotive Works 2-8-0 and a Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroads Passenger Coach.

Experience Lake Valley in our official map trailer:

The complete changelog can be found here:

Patch notes for build:

Added a new map Lake Valley!

  • This map is the same size as Pine Valley, keep in mind that this map has more playable space than Pine Valley thus making it feel way bigger!
  • An easter egg has been added to the map. Good hunting!
  • The saw tool also works on the rocks around the new map.
  • Features a pre-placed telegraph office at the start.

Added placeable industries

  • The host has the ability to now place industries
  • When placing industries the player is now in fly mode to fine tune where to place industries.
  • Limit has been set to 3 of each industry.
  • This also applies to Pine Valley (We have provided a blank map save for PineValley) Will be given out on Discord on launch of the update.

Added delete tool for industries

  • This is will be useable under the facilities delete filter
  • Note: Be careful, you could accidentally delete an industry

Added the Lima 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotive

  • Has 2 paint schemes

Added D&RG Water Tower

Added Guston Depot

Added Waiting Shed

  • Has 7 paint schemes
  • Can be found in the props menu

Added Port Gamble Church

Added starter locomotive selection menu for Lake Valley. The host can pick one of three engines.

  • Betsy, Montezuma and Shay
  • Additionally two Gregg Logging Flats appear

Added DSP&P Coach

  • Coach has 5 paint schemes
  • Please note these coaches currently do not have any function attached to them; they are purely for RolePlay settings…. For Now.

Added a Mine Cart Prop

  • Found under the decorations menu

Added a new paint scheme for the Tenmile

Added a default name to auto saves

  • Default autosave name is now the date. This increases the amount of saves but prevents save overrides when there is no save name present

Added a brake sound for server and client when a player nearby is using a hand brake.

Added gameplay setting: Vehicle view distance for clients

  • Can be set to 100m (Default), 250m and 500m
  • In testing we did not see a performance loss. Your mileage may vary.
  • If you experience performance issues turn down the view distance.
  • We would recommend 250m as this gives the client an optimal view distance for engines and stock.
  • This only applies to engines and rolling stock, everything else still pops in for now.
  • This function must be set on the start of a server load as the settings are currently not saved.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where having no air in air compressors allowed you to brake engines

  • Engines that have air compressors now require you to have air in the compressor to gain brake function
    Note: compressors are set to off on start of a game load. This is a one time thing, be sure to turn the compressors back on then you are good to go.

Fixed 3 way switch gap

Fixed crude oil color

Adjusted wheel base of the Glenbrook

  • This has helped the tender become more stable on the rails

Fixed the white lights on tenders and locomotives

  • No longer has 1890’s standard LED installed

Fixed telegraph pole performance

  • Set draw distance for telegraph lines
  • Telegraph lines are now static objects to help save performance
  • Note Since we made the change from physics lines to static objects you may have to re-lay your telegraph poles as it caused issues with the change from physics to static.

Fixed telegraph office

  • Fixed bug where a additional telegraph pole was spawned when loading a game

Adjusted the way oil barrels spawn

  • Barrels now spawn over the cars as opposed to using the ramp
  • The ramp sometimes made the barrels not go into the cars. This has fixed the need to have the tracks be placed lower than the loading dock.

Optimized tree removal effect

  • Trees on the new map should be less prone to fly away
  • Added fall direction to vegetation
  • This only applies to the new map. If trees are stuck inside of buildings or ground work you still will see them fly away.

Made the new double password system more understandable for clients and hosts

  • Players should now have a better idea of where passwords go. Client Login login password and server password are optional. However we do recommend to set a server password.

Phew! Another patch down another round of content added and bugs fixed. We really hope you enjoy this update as there has been a lot of work put into this update to make sure we deliver a better product for you. If you run into any issues please reach out and we will make sure we get them reported and fixed as soon as we are able.

Have a great time with the new map and content, post some awesome screenshots and share them with us! We look forward to seeing what you all create!

Also don’t forget to check out our Early Access Roadmap on Trello to see what’s to come.
Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful weekend!

Your Railroads Online Team