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Another SCS On The Road episode is here! This time, we take you back to last year's Solutrans expo where we talked with Vera Hunfeld from Krone about their revolutionary eTrailer.

Vera, the Managing Director from Krone France, told us everything a true trucking enthusiast would be dying to know about Krone's groundbreaking eTrailer. This special trailer is equipped with an electrified axle, a great addition that not only adds horsepower to a truck-trailer combination but also reduces fuel consumption and emissions. We're incredibly grateful to her for taking the time to chat with us and for giving us such valuable insights. So don't hesitate to take a look at the trailer yourself and get all the important information about its fascinating technology in our video!

We have already talked about this great trailer on our blog last year as we released a very unique paint job for ETS2, so if you want to remind yourself about that, take a look here. You should also check out Krone's dedicated website to find out more about the eTrailer and their YouTube videos covering this project.

We hope you've enjoyed this episode! Be sure to follow us on X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Threads for all the latest news about Krone Trailers and other upcoming projects from the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2.
Over the past couple of weeks, we have certainly felt the devotion of our community, who has been 'Haulin' Hearts' across Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Whilst this event has quickly come to an end, we can still strongly feel the love in the air!

We'd like to thank everyone who took part and helped deliver an incredible 600,000 loads of Valentine Presents cargo across our trucking territories. It was great to receive so many screenshots and videos from all of you enjoying this event across our Social Media Pages. We hope that during this time, you were able to share your love of trucking with a friend or perhaps someone closer.

So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the statistics from the event. You managed to complete the Community Goal on the 14th of February (which we think you planned..), and in total completed 922,487 jobs by the event's end! Check out our official infographics below.

Seeing so many of you take part in this event brought a lot of joy to our World of Trucks team, who worked hard to bring this event to life so quickly after the end of the previous ones. We'd like to thank all the teams involved for their dedication, beautiful artwork and rewards, which we hope you enjoyed!

If you did manage to complete your personal goal in-time, be sure to collect your rewards via the World of Trucks website, under the 'Events' tab on your page. However, the love doesn't have to stop there! You can continue to haul with hearts any time you like with our Valentines Paint Job Packs for both ETS2 and ATS.

Once again, we are grateful for all your effort and the love you showed us during this event. We really hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to showcasing our next event to you in the future. Until then, remember love isn't just for Valentine's, but for anytime of the year. Happy Truckin'!
Previously, we shared a blog on the Industries & Intersections you can find in the Rhine-Rhur region of Germany. Today however, we are excited to share with you more specifically about the cities themselves! Our small rework team has worked hard to give this area a complete overhaul. Let's take a closer look shall we?

"All cities have been redesigned from the ground up" Iva, one of our Map Designers tells us, "We deleted the previous map, which did not represent the Rhineland region very well. Then, we created a completely new urban structure that reflects the area around the Rhine more. We tried to make the most of our spatial capabilities in the map and capture the Rhineland as realistically as possible, which includes the population density, industries and ultimately, its size. It will be a huge change from the base map."

"One of the biggest changes players will notice is the density of the road network." Iva explains "It will now be possible to look into the very heart of some of the cities and discover the contrast between the industrial zone and the centre itself. I dare say, we captured the best of each city!"


When reworking the city of Cologne, one thing we wanted to make sure to capture was the size of the Rhine River, which passes through several cities in the area, and most famously Cologne. With this inclusion, it is now possible to drive right alongside the riverfront and admire the iconic buildings and landmarks of Köln.

This includes bridges such as the Hohenzollernbrücke, a pedestrian and railway bridge with its three charismatic wave-like arches, located nearby arguably one of the famous landmarks in the city, the Cologne Cathedral. You may have even travelled over this bridge if you have ever arrived by train (often delayed) into Köln Hauptbahnhof, the main train station of the city.

Other landmarks include Kölner Dom, The Lanxess Arena and many other iconic buildings. You can also look forward to seeing trams running through the city. These trams will also be found in all the other cities mentioned in this blog too. We are also excited to announce the addition of the A3, a major autobahn route which connects Cologne to Frankfurt! We hope you enjoy re-discovering this popular city destination.


Love landmarks? Then be sure to visit Düsseldorf, as it features many of them, waiting for you to discover. From the addition of two new churches to modern architecture, there are plenty of reasons to travel on our new roads, some which travel right through the city.

If sightseeing is not your thing however, you can look forward to delivering loads to and from the Steelworks and Car Factories located near the centre of the city. If you're looking to take your delivery to new heights, you can also find the Düsseldorf Airport, which features an animated Skytrain!


If you prefer driving through Industrial areas, Dortmund is for you. With winding roads and large intersections, you'll find some of our biggest industry depots here which include familiar in-game companies such as IKA, LKW and ITCC.

Don't miss out on delivering to and from this busy hub, there will be plenty of job contracts available from this city. Don't forget to also sport the local football team's colours, yellow and black!


As many of you may be familiar with already, Duisburg is a busy city, and not just when it comes to population, but its roads! Located between several other major cities, it serves as an important hub for industries not just by land but also by water.

Located on the Rhine River, you'll find one of the World's largest Inland Port, Duisburger Hafen, which is the leading logistics hub in Europe, processing over 20,000 ships and 25,000 trains per year. The port handles a huge 3.6 million containers per year! This is one massive industrial area we could not miss.

You will also have the opportunity to drive into the centre of the city itself, where you'll find the Rathaus Duisburg (Town hall), churches and the Schwanentorbrücke, a iconic vertical-lift bridge located in the city.

Players will also be able to drive across the Ruhr Brücke, alongside two new bridges which will connect you to the other side of the city, where you can find many other landmarks. You will also be able to travel on the E-40 highway, which runs through the city, and features the iconic Kreuz Kaiserberg intersection and much more.

There is so much more to discover that we we could not fit into this blog, including some roads which are best kept hidden. Over the past 2 years, our small team of made up of mostly 2-4 people has managed to rework this area of 4 cities that can almost visually merge into one mega city in the UI.

We really hope you appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this region, and we are even more excited for you to explore it for yourself. Until then, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this mega-project and what you look forward to most.
In the last few months, our incredible #BestCommunityEver has been on a roll, diving headfirst into two fantastic World of Trucks events! First up was the #CruisingKansas event, showcasing our latest map expansion in American Truck Simulator. Following that, the festive spirit took over with the #ChristmasWinterland event, spreading joy in both ETS2 and ATS. You managed to complete both events on time before their conclusion on 5th February!

We want to thank our incredible #BestCommunityEver for their fantastic participation in both the #CruisingKansas and the monumental #ChristmasWinterland events. Your dedication truly made these experiences extraordinary!

In the Cruising Kansas World of Trucks event, you managed to complete more than 489,000 deliveries and drove over 135 million miles! In the unique Christmas Winterland event, you completed more than 2,600,000 deliveries!

Speaking of the Christmas Winterland, let's take a moment to acknowledge the immense effort that went into creating our biggest event to date. The scope of this project was enormous, and overcoming the challenges was no small feat. Yet, witnessing the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from our community since the event's kick-off reassured us that it was the right investment of our efforts.

We believe this isn't the last you've seen the magical Christmas Winterland or the technology that brought it to life – including those mesmerizing portals and more. Stay tuned for more! We're planning an exclusive Under the Hood blog, featuring interviews with the developers behind the scenes of this event.
We also hope you'll enjoy the rewards from both these events and decorate your cabin with beautiful Kansas and Christmas accessories!

Your passion and excitement have not only turned these events into huge successes but have also fueled our commitment to delivering more in the future. We really appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to more exciting adventures together!

Don't forget to follow us on our social media (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) so you won't miss out on any news about them. Until then, we wish you safe and happy driving!
We're back in Burtenbach, Germany for another exciting episode in our SCS On The Road series! Join Oscar and Sebastian Hönig as they take you through a behind the scenes guided tour of the Kögel Trailer Factory where trailers are assembled from bare chassis into their final forms.

Our primary aim during this visit was to gather reference data for various Kögel Trailers, to aid our teams back in Prague in bringing them as accurately as possible to the virtual world of Euro Truck Simulator 2. We'd like to thank Sebastian and everybody at Kögel Trailer for inviting us, their hospitality during our visit and for allowing us to bring you a behind the scenes look at the hard work that is undertaken to create a variety of safe and reliable trailers for truckers around Europe.

We hope you've enjoyed this episode of SCS on the Road! We look forward to bringing you news in the future on the development & arrival of Kögel Trailers in Euro Truck Simulator 2. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Threads for all the latest news.
With the Switzerland Rework project nearing the finish line, we wanted to introduce you to the hardworking team behind the revitalization of this beautiful country in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Meet our SCS Map Designers and read about their brief messages to our incredible #BestCommunityEver! We trust you'll enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at their work on the reimagined Switzerland map.


I started working for SCS in 2020 and joined the ETS2 rework team as a Map Designer. Switzerland Rework is my first project in the role of a lead. My responsibility was to manage the team and cooperate with other departments. From a map perspective, I designed the city of Geneva.

Switzerland, with its snow-capped mountains, picturesque lakes, and historical villages and cities is a beautiful country without doubt. It's also home to a couple of challenging routes. We wanted to capture them accurately and I believe our talented map designers did a great job and players will appreciate it.


I joined SCS Software a year ago and it's been a dream come true to be a part of the rework team and finish the Alps. Coming from a film background, I had the opportunity to do some of the cutscenes as well. It was especially fun to design the viewpoints at Viamala and Furka Pass. Both of these places were designed with a viewpoint in mind and therefore they give players the option to explore the place beyond the road. There was simply not enough place on the map for such huge mountains, so we had to pull out all the tricks up our sleeves to make it possible. I really hope it will be fun to drive through the Alps and you will happily return to Switzerland to discover all its secrets.


I have been working in SCS for over three years now. My first tasks consisted of reworking German landscapes with fields and small towns around the highway, but I wanted to focus on something more urban and complex. My map lead supported my idea of adding a new airport to Stuttgart and there I found my main passion for cities. In the Switzerland Rework project, I was assigned to work on the beautiful city of Bern. It was quite challenging because Bern is a breathtaking historic city with many landmarks and I wanted to recreate its essence for our players. I have put a lot of effort into details and its historic parts, some of which may not be seen at first sight, as they wait to be discovered.


After a brief introduction to SCS on the Austria rework, I was given an amazing opportunity to work on Switzerland's biggest city - Zurich. It was a real challenge, but I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you will like the layout I made. I also got out of town and did some landscaping on roads heading towards Bern, Stansstadt and Basel. But my favourite parts are the really complicated areas like weigh stations, border crossings and truckstops. I had a lot of fun planning the borders in Basel or Oftringen's gas stations. I love my job and I hope you will enjoy my work.


Cruising through nature to observe beautiful sceneries, tiny villages or large cities with highrise buildings and landmarks can be fun, especially with a mission and from the cabin of a powerful truck. I have been working on designing environments in ETS2 for four years. My first DLC was Iberia which was very challenging. Then I showed my love for mountains in the Austria rework, creating beautiful alpine regions which were challenging for me, as well as for any driver. Then it smoothly transferred to the Swiss Alps. I hope you'll enjoy my creations.


Having dedicated four years to my role at SCS, the beauty of certain projects continues to captivate me. An early highlight was the Austria rework, where my fascination with the Alps and nature took root. It was during this assignment that I fell in love with the breathtaking Alps and working with nature in general. That is why I was excited to work on Switzerland and its beautiful landscapes. I sincerely hope that you, too, will find enjoyment in the end result, as this project holds a special place in my heart.

The highly anticipated Switzerland Rework is set to make its debut with the upcoming 1.50 update. To give you a taste of what's coming, check out our brief video trailer below. We hope you enjoy the sneak peek and get ready for thrilling trucking adventures in the beautiful Swiss landscapes!

We hope you've enjoyed meeting the team reworking Switzerland. Remember to follow us on our social media (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) so you won't miss out on any news coming in the future. We'll see you on the reworked Switzerland roads!
Join us as we celebrate Valentines day by taking part in our latest World of Trucks event – Haulin’ Hearts!

Since the 14th Century Valentine’s Day has been recognised as a time to embrace the chance to give something special to those we hold dear in our hearts, whether it be a letter of love, a heartfelt poem or gift, and today is no different. With all the love on offer, there is plenty miles to cover and loads of Valentines Presents to deliver this year, and every bit helps.

Today I’m Haulin’ Hearts afar,
With nothing else in mind.
And to this task I pledge my word
For everyone in kind.

And while I’m on the road out there
With fourteen loads ahead,
I’ll stop at nothing ‘til I’m done,
Then rest my weary head.

But not before I’m in your arms
Oh darling love of mine.
For one and all and all for one,
And you my Valentine.

So we invite you, our #BestCommunityEver, whether you have a special sweetheart of your own or simply want to help others connect during this romantic time, to complete the community goal of 600,000 deliveries of Valentines Presents to loved ones around the world! Our special Valentines themed event trailers are all loaded up and ready to roll for you!

This is, once again, a great chance for you to create a romantic matching paint job with your truck if you happen to own the Valentine's Paint Jobs Pack DLC for ATS!

Your personal goal requires 14 deliveries of Valentines Presents cargo, and as our thank you we are offering great rewards including a special World of Trucks Achievement. So, come along and join the fun!


Using External Contracts, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both, the community goal is to achieve 600,000 deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo, from any city in any trucking territory.

When a player completes 14 deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo across any trucking territories in either game, it will complete their personal goal.


  • Personal: Players that complete 14 or more deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo will gain a unique World of Trucks Achievement as well as a Winged Heart cabin item as a Steam inventory item for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

  • Community: When the community goal of achieving 600,000 deliveries of Valentine Presents cargo from any city is met and if the player has also achieved their personal goal, then they will receive a Trucker's Rose hanging item as a Steam inventory item for their cabin.

Note: In order to qualify for any community reward, you must complete at least your personal goal in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both. Each reward will be a Steam inventory item for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Once completed, claim your reward in the Events page on your World of Trucks profile.

The event will be concluded on Sunday the 18th of February at 23:59 UTC.

In celebration of this event, we are introducing the Haulin' Hearts Bundle on Steam! If you are an owner of only American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2, this bundle will offer you a chance to fall in love with the title you are missing out on along with exploring the roads in special Valentine-themed paint jobs. Or perhaps, in case you are already having a good time in both of the games and you’re starting to feel a bit lonely, you can always gift the bundle to the special someone and set out on a journey together in the multiplayer Convoy mode.
We hope this message finds you well and filled with excitement for all the incredible things happening in the world of SCS Software! Recently, we've noticed a significant increase in discussions across various platforms – social media, forums, YouTube, and more – speculating on our current and future projects as well as updates in development.

First and foremost, we are grateful for the enthusiasm and genuine interest our community displays in everything we do. Your passion is what makes our community the #BestCommunityEver, and we're truly grateful for your unwavering support!

However, we'd like to take a moment to address a small concern. With the growing amount of content circulating online, it's becoming increasingly important to distinguish between official information and speculation. We understand that excitement often leads to curiosity, and we love that! But to ensure you get the most accurate and reliable news, we encourage you to follow our official communication channels (Our blogSCS Software Facebook, ETS2 Facebook, ATS FacebookX/Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Threads, and TikTok).

In this era of advanced technology, AI and voice-over applications, where creating believable fake news is becoming easier, we want to be proactive in ensuring that our community is well-informed. We may not always be able to react to every piece of misinformation or wild speculation. Following our verified communication channels is your guarantee to receive genuine information.

Your trust means the world to us, and we want to make sure you have the facts. So, join us on this journey – follow our official channels, be a part of the conversation, and let's continue making our community the #BestCommunityEver! Thank you for being amazing, and here's to the exciting adventures ahead!
Today we are happy to share with you some more insights into the work being undertaken by our Germany Rework team! With roads & industries being amongst the most important and familiar aspects for a trucker, this blog focuses on the changes being made to the Industries & Intersections of the Rhine Region.

The Rhine-Ruhr region in Germany is often known as the industrial heartland of the country. Encompassing major cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Duisburg, the region is characterized by its rich history and dynamic urban network along the banks of the Rhine River.

The team behind the Germany Rework wanted to reflect the importance of this area by boosting the in-game economy. To achieve this, cities such as Cologne now has six new depots for players to deliver to and from, a big change from the existing two!

You'll find a variety of industries from car factories to rail depots, scrapyards and river ports. Also new to the region is the addition of Germany's 4th busiest airport, located in Düsseldorf, which you will be able to deliver to and from. You may even spot the addition of the well-known airport SkyTrain when you visit. We hope that you will enjoy the range of new and reworked depots you will find in this region.

Like previous areas we've reworked, this entire region has been rebuilt from the ground up, which includes the road network. We also want to highlight some of the new intersections you'll come across on your travels through the Rhine Region.

One such addition is the Kreuz Kaiserberg, a spaghetti junction that is quite large and complicated. Our team has worked hard to represent this well-known intersection as best as possible within the size and scale limits of the area. We have also created more realistic junctions in the city, as these built up areas often feature a range of different intersections types to deal with high volumes of traffic.

As we continue to progress with this phase of the rework, we look forward to sharing more news on its development and the changes you can expect to see in a future free update! Until then, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the work undertaken here, as our team would love to hear from you.
Our fans always keep asking us what it is that we are working on. Why are there periods of time in our communication when we focus more on one game or the other? Creating a major map DLC is a process that takes several years from pre-production to optimization and release. We usually hesitate to start talking about a project too early. There is always the concern if we are able to manage expectations. At the same time, we feel that it is useful to give the players an insight into what we are working on. It's important for promotion as well as to get some early feedback.

Fortunately, we are now in a position where we dare to talk about a second map expansion that we currently have in development for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Yep, the ETS2 map team is now pushing in three directions, having more projects in the pipeline at the same time. In addition to the extensive rework efforts and the already announced Greece DLC, we are eager to reveal that one more map expansion is already in the early stages of production! You can start looking forward to exploring the enchanting landscapes of Northern Europe in the Nordic Horizons DLC!

With dozens of cities, scenic towns and beautiful landscapes awaiting exploration, Nordic Horizons promises an expansive and diverse gameplay experience. The DLC showcases typical Nordic architecture, featuring beautiful, often red, wooden houses, farms, and barns that add authenticity to the virtual landscape. Dive into Viking history as it weaves its way into the DLC, adding a historical touch to your journey.

You can look forward to exploring the expansive fjords of Norway all the way to the Arctic Ocean, occasionally crossing breathtaking bridges or through underwater tunnels. The experience is elevated by the inclusion of a large number of narrow roads, offering a unique driving challenge. Keep an eye out for reindeer along the way, whose presence adds a touch of wildlife to your scenic route. Fishing villages dotted along the coast will further immerse players in the rich coastal culture.

Travel through Sweden's Norrland on the main E4 road along eastern settled regions, then journey westward onto the barren hills of the Scandinavian mountains along the Norwegian border. Along the way, you will encounter industrial areas featuring mines and paper mills, adding an extra layer of realism to your trucking adventure.

Finland's Lapland, with its dense coniferous forests to the expansive barren tundra, presents a stark contrast to the southern part of the country. The DLC emphasizes smooth roads, ensuring a zen-like driving experience for players to truly immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.

In the realm of trucking, the DLC pays homage to the rich history of Scandinavia, home to iconic brands like Scania and Volvo. Truck enthusiasts will appreciate the authentic representation of the region's trucking legacy.

And let's not forget the sheer size of the DLC – prepare for an extensive acreage with countless kilometres of roads to explore. Nordic Horizons will offer a seamless blend of nature, history, and trucking excitement. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable Nordic adventure!

Keep in mind that the photos you see here are a work in progress. There is still a very long road ahead of us and it may take about two years before we can release this DLC. We hope you are excited to see the whole map once it's released. Don't forget to follow us on our X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok so you won't miss out on any news about the Nordic Horizons DLC or other projects. And if you haven't already, make sure to add the Nordic Horizons DLC to your Steam Wishlist. We'll see you on the road!
In our latest episode of the SCS On The Road series, we embarked on a thrilling journey to the enchanting Scania Museum Workshop. Here, a team of talented individuals from Scania work their magic on the restoration of historical Scania trucks, and it's also home to their legendary show trucks.

We had the pleasure of getting ourselves an interview with one of the crucial people behind all this who took us for a tour through their workshop. Join us in taking a sneak peek at the legendary Scania show trucks, including the mesmerizing Svempas Blue Griffin, the captivating Chimera, the fiery Frostfire, and other awe-inspiring creations. The workshop is not just a place for restorations but a hub where skilled artisans bring to life these iconic show trucks, elevating them to the realm of breathtaking automotive artistry.

We hope you enjoyed the tour of the Scania Museum Workshop. We owe this exclusive preview to the incredible people working at the workshop, who generously took the time to guide us through this extraordinary place. Don't forget to follow us on our social media (X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Threads) for all the latest news.
With the development of the Greece DLC in full swing, we wanted to introduce you to the hardworking team behind the creation of our next map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

We hope you will enjoy this presentation of these SCS Map Designers, and their short messages to you, our #BestCommunityEver.


"I have been working at SCS Software since 2016. I originally started as a tester, where shortly after I moved to the position of map designer. Since then I have had the honour of working on a variety of map projects such as Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to Black Sea and briefly on Iberia."

"For the last five years, I have been working as a producer, which includes the responsibility of making sure projects small & large are released without any major problems, as well as maintaining an overview of the company's annual plan. Among other things, my task is to build internal channels and create processes through which information reaches all our colleagues in our ever-growing company."

"Along with that, I continue to work on map DLCs on ETS2 projects such as the already mentioned Iberia, the beautiful Balkans and all ongoing reworks of older DLCs. I am currently responsible for the smooth running of the Greece DLC."


"I started working for SCS Software almost eight years ago after working for a few years in different game development studio. I started as map designer, which ultimately led to me becoming a DLC lead after a few years. I successfully led and released two DLCs - Iberia and West Balkans. With the developments of maps becoming more and more complex every year, I recently moved to the position of technical lead, so that I can assist the Greece team and ETS2 team as a whole with all the functional technical aspects of map-making; everything from the correct implementation of new features to fixing economy problems. In turn, this helps our map designers to focus on visuals and the overall game atmosphere without the need to solve technical problems on top of their current workload."


"I started at SCS Software in 2020 and worked my way up from junior map designer to DLC map lead. I started in Iberia and most recently helped build the massive West Balkans DLC. Working on Greece is my first project as a Lead. I mainly take care of the visual side of the map and assist our super talented and amazing mappers, so that they can work without any issues and have everything they need. Even though Greece is only one country, the humble goal of the whole team is of course to make the most impressive DLC ever released in Europe. I can't wait to show you more."


"I've been working in the map department for almost five years. I have worked on different parts of the game world since Road to the Black Sea. I have always been interested in environmental design. I love nature and architecture and enjoy finding ways to achieve the illusion of an impressive and detailed world. I believe in the value of beauty and hope that DLC Greece will once again be a little more beautiful than anything before. I wish players will enjoy discovering an interesting and unique DLC."


"When I was looking for a new job, one of my important requirements was that my work should make people happy. I honestly couldn't have imagined that the job of a Map designer would be the position that fulfilled that! I've been working for SCS Software since late 2022 and the first DLC I worked on was West Balkans. Even though I jumped into an already underway project and mainly helped in the finalization of it, it's a great feeling to hear the players' feedback and to receive positive responses to our work. I am proud to have worked on the beautiful area of ​​Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. In the Greece DLC, I was tasked with creating the city of Ioannina and its surroundings, and I'm already looking forward to the final result. Players can look forward to a true summer vacation atmosphere."


"I joined SCS Software in 2020 and started working on Iberia DLC, which was then in the middle of production. Since then I have had the honour of working on all the following ETS2 DLCs. Gradually, I enjoyed more and more tasks that required fine detail work, such as gas station complexes, industrial areas, surrounding depots, settlements, small roads and obviously cities. Most recently, for the West Balkans DLC, I worked almost exclusively on Bosnia. Cities, small roads, lake vistas, valleys enclosed by rocks, it was all a joy to create on the map. In Greece, a couple of roads near the northern borders awaits me, and one more in the south winding along the coastline at the foot of the mountains. However, I will stay the longest on the island, creating a port town of Chania. I believe the Greece DLC will be amazingly rich and varied and that there is a lot to look forward to."


"I joined SCS Software in May of 2023. In this relatively short time, I have managed to meet many great colleagues and gain a lot of important experience from them. Greece is a wonderful, distinctive country full of beautiful nature and cities with a rich history. I'm happy to be part of the team working on the Greece DLC and I will try to capture all the beauty of this country as best as I can. Working in the game industry has always been a dream of mine and I am grateful to have been able to make it come true."


"I joined SCS Software only last November, so everything's still a bit new to me. However, as an art major, I knew from the start that I'll enjoy myself most while working on landscapes and rural areas - and I'm told that's exactly what I've been chosen to do for the Greece DLC! I'm excited for this project and hope I can capture the Greek nature as I would in a painting."

We hope you enjoyed meeting the team members behind the Greece DLC, who are working very hard to deliver a great map expansion. We can wait to share more of their ongoing work with you in the future. If you are excited about this upcoming DLC, be sure to add it your Steam Wishlist! Until next time, keep on truckin'.
In our latest SCS On The Road adventure, we ventured to the NUFAM Fair in 2023, a thrilling experience where we collaborated with Wielton to showcase our 4D motion simulator at their booth.

During our visit, we seized the opportunity to capture the essence of this renowned automotive fair in a short episode. Join us as we provide a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere, cutting-edge innovations, and exciting developments within the industry showcased at NUFAM. But that's not all - stay tuned for a potential teaser of an upcoming update to the Wielton Trailer Pack DLC in Euro Truck Simulator!

We hope you've relished this episode of SCS on the Road! Keep an eye out for potential future updates on the development of Wielton trailers in Euro Truck Simulator 2. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Threads for all the latest news.
Since the release of Kansas for American Truck Simulator, drivers from around the world have been busy hauling deliveries across the Sunflower State. However, we understand that since that time, it's been quite a busy time with various other releases, as well as the start of our Christmas Winterland event, which has been hugely popular!

With all of this in mind, we realise it may have been a bit overwhelming for those who have limited time or had other commitments during the holiday period, such as spending with friends and family. This is why we have decided to extend both Cruising Kansas & Christmas Winterland Events! You will now have until February 5th, 23:59 UTC to complete these events. We hope this creates a more a comfortable timeframe for you to enjoy both events and earn all the available rewards.

Both these events offer players some unique in-game rewards to decorate your truck & cab with! So far over 112,000,000 miles have been completed in our Cruising Kansas event. We are so close to the community goal of 125,000,000 miles, so we hope this extension can help you reach this! Want to take part? Read more here or watch our live-stream recording below which includes lots interesting info about the event and its creation.

The Christmas Winterland event community goal has already reached its maximum potential, with all reward tiers unlocked, however you will still need to complete your personal goal to earn them. Please Note, The only thing that is not going to be extended is the presence of our in-game #ChristmasWinterland themed Desktop Background, which will disappear on the 15th of January at 23:59 UTC.

You can find all the rules & details of the event here or watch our previous live-stream all about the event below!

We hope you enjoy both of these unique events to their fullest. Be sure to share your pictures with us on our Social Media channels using this dedicated hashtags (#ChristmasWinterland & #CruisingKansas). Until next time, keep on truckin'.
Today we are happy to share with you more news on the ongoing Switzerland rework project! Already being well known for its scenic beauty and mountainous terrain, the country offers travellers some spectacular and challenging driving routes, each of which have become legendary in their own right. One such stretch of road is the A9, which we are excited to further expand on this rework project.

The A9 is a picturesque motorway which weaves through the stunning landscapes of Switzerland. Renowned for its engineering marvels, the highway offers travellers breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, making it not just a crucial transportation route but also a scenic journey for those exploring the country.

As part of the Switzerland Rework project, the team has completely reworked the A9 motorway from Bern and have expanded it all the way through the valley of the River Rhône, winding through the Valais Canton, which features vineyards and magnificent views. However, towards the end of the A9, drivers will find themselves travelling on a road which stands out above the rest.

Whilst truckers normally don't travel on this route due to the nature of its tight turns and inclines, it is by far one of the most famous in the region. We are of course talking about the legendary Furka Pass located on Route 19, which our rework team has also included as part of this project. The team decided that they couldn't miss this incredible stretch of road for players to experience and enjoy. We are sure you are skilled enough to safely travel and pass through this scenic yet challenging route.

As part of this rework, you'll also have the opportunity to visit reworked villages and new ones like Susten, Obergoms and Realp. You'll also find new industries along the way with too, such as a Farm and Sawmill. We hope you enjoy the work that has been undertaken in this part of the region.

We hope you enjoyed seeing another preview of the Switzerland Rework, which will come as a free update for all Euro Truck Simulator 2 owners. We look forward to sharing more inside looks on the development progress in the near future. Be sure to follow us on our Social Media pages to keep up to date with all the latest news. Until next time, keep on truckin'!
How swiftly time passes! With the year 2023 now in the rearview mirror, let's, as usual, take a moment to reflect on the journey of the past twelve months.

As we reflect on the progress of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, there's a lot to celebrate. Throughout the past year, we've introduced new map expansions, vehicles, events and features in various updates, enhancing the overall gaming experience. We're especially pleased with the strengthened partnerships with real brands, adding authenticity to our games. This collaboration made our games even more exciting in the past year, and we're eagerly looking forward to what the future holds. We believe these developments have raised the bar once again, contributing to a better gaming experience for all you truckers out there.

Make sure to check out this fantastic video that captures the journey of our games and our company throughout 2023!

We are so happy and proud to be making new content for our #BestCommunityEver! We can't wait for you to get your hands on all the new cool stuff that we will release for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator in the next year. If you are eager to get some hints of what is coming, check out our annual Christmas Special Live Stream.

Stay connected with us and all the latest information through our social media channels, make sure to follow us on X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok. We wish you a happy trucking in 2024!
As part of the ongoing Switzerland rework project, we're thrilled to introduce revamped weigh stations and viewpoints that promise an immersive and visually stunning experience for our #BestCommunityEver.

Weigh Stations
Switzerland's mountainous terrain is adorned with numerous tunnels, making it crucial to prioritize safety and vehicle conditions. To reflect this emphasis, players will now encounter weigh stations strategically placed across the Swiss map. These stations, including locations such as Saint-Maurice, Erstfeld, and Rothenbrunnen, serve as checkpoints where players will be invited to collaborate with local authorities for vehicle checks and weight verification.

Navigating through the Alps requires more than just driving skills; it demands a commitment to safety. The reworked weigh stations aim to enhance the realism of the gameplay by incorporating these essential elements, adding a layer of authenticity to your virtual trucking experience.

Switzerland is a country blessed with natural beauty and iconic landmarks, and the rework ensures that players get an up-close and personal view of these stunning locations. The introduction of viewpoints at key spots, such as Geneva centre, Zurich centre, and Furka pass, allows players to pause their journey and take in the beautiful scenery.

Whether you find yourself surrounded by the majestic Alps or exploring the vibrant city centres, the viewpoints provide an opportunity to capture the essence of Switzerland. Take a moment to marvel at the source of the Rhone river, witness the dramatic Alpine peaks, and navigate the steep slopes around Furka pass. Explore the city centre of Geneva with its views of Geneva Lake, and experience the bustling heart of Zurich.

As an added bonus, you will be able to find two secret viewpoints on hidden roads. But we won't spoil the locations for you!

Capturing the beauty of Switzerland is no small feat, but we've strived to do justice to the picturesque landscapes and iconic landmarks. We hope that players will appreciate the attention to detail and enjoy the immersive journey through the Swiss Alps. Keep in mind the work you see here is still a work in progress. Don't forget to follow us on our social media (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) so you won't miss out on any news. Safe travels!

Dear #BestCommunityEver,

As the holiday spirit fills the air, it's a time to reflect on the year that has passed and spend time with those closest to us. No matter where you are in the world or how you observe this holiday season, we hope that you will find the time to take a pause and savour the joy and peace of this special time. Like many others, a majority of our ever-growing team here at SCS Software will take a short break to celebrate this festive season. We hope you don't mind us posting a little less than normal during this period!

Our offices are already filled with the spirit of the season, with the start of our most ambitious and festive World of Trucks Christmas event to date! Have you made your first journey through the portal to the magical #ChristmasWinterland yet? Join truckers from across the world in helping deliver supplies and gifts to and from this wonderland filled with holiday joy, snow and more! We invite you to join us in spreading cheer this holiday season.

As we reflect on the year 2023, we will undoubtedly think about the moments that brought us joy and those that brought us sadness. It has been a challenging year for many people around the globe, and we sincerely hope that the world will become a better place in 2024. If you're curious about what SCS Software has in store for the coming year, we recommend checking out the recording of our Special Christmas Live Stream which took place recently. It's packed with exciting news, glimpses of upcoming projects, and plenty of hints and teases from our development teams.

From all of us here at SCS Software, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
In the ever-evolving world of automotive innovation, we recently partnered with Renault Trucks to unveil their latest marvel - the fully electric Renault Trucks E-Tech T. For those who may have missed the buzz, here's an exclusive look into this captivating project.

Renault Trucks graciously invited us to the grand launch of the E-Tech T in Lyon, providing a front-row seat to witness the birth of this groundbreaking electric truck. Our journey extended beyond the launch event, allowing us to explore the Renault Trucks assembly and engine plants and even experience the E-Tech T firsthand.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Renault Trucks presented an electrifying design project to a selected group of influencers, guided by specialists from Renault Trucks, LumiLor, and our very own 2D graphic designer Annie, renowned for the Echo Diamond paint job in ETS2. This team was tasked with crafting special paint jobs for the flagship E-Tech T. The final design will be chosen by communities worldwide, including our dear #BestCommunityEver, through a special voting event from the 15th to the 25th of December.

This unique paint job will come to life for the first time ever on a truck with LumiLor technology - a cutting-edge method that allows layers of color on any surface to be illuminated by small electric impulses. This innovation creates a captivating display, lighting up different parts of the paint job and more.

We are thrilled and honored that our game, community, talented artists, and established reputation in the automotive industry led to an exclusive partnership invitation like this. To seize this opportunity to travel to Lyon, we also recorded some more behind-the-scenes episodes of SCS On The Road for you, our SFX crew captured sounds during test rides of the new E-Tech T and the vehicle team took reference photos of the truck.

Now, we invite our #BestCommunityEver to join the next phase of this exciting project. Vote to choose the final design for the LumiLor-painted E-Tech T. You can choose either the beautiful Diamond Echo or the epic Lightning Bolt design both of which you can see below! More information including the video of behind-the-scenes of making these designs can be found on the voting site.

By taking part in the vote, you get a chance to win fantastic prizes, including SCS Software and Renault Trucks merch, along with the exclusive Thrustmaster T248 Steering Wheel + Pedals bundle.

As a special holiday treat, we've compiled an exclusive SCS On The Road episode, offering you behind-the-scenes glimpses of our trip to Renault Trucks. It's our way of sharing bonus content exclusively made for our incredible community.

Don't miss your chance - cast your vote, enjoy the bonus content, and get ready for the next chapter in this electrifying adventure with Renault Trucks! Stay connected as this electrifying project unfolds. Updates, not only about this groundbreaking venture but also more exciting news, are coming your way soon on our social media channels (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok).
There is a story, I’ve been told,
About a place that’s very old,
A place that only few have seen,
A place where you have never been.

And in this land, I’ll have you know,
It seems to always ever snow.
There must be something in the air,
A kind of magic everywhere.

There’s fun and laughter to be had,
And no one there is ever sad,
Especially with the time at hand!
Behold, it’s Christmas Winterland!

With finest arts and crafts to make,
And choccy goodies all to bake,
With mountain ranges all around
And festive markets to be found.

It’s to this land that we must haul,
And bring supplies for one and all.
And don’t forget the Northstar post,
Where Christmas cards are sent the most.

So, how on earth do you get there?
Well, not by land and not by air.
Instead you need to give a hand
And load supplies to Winterland.

Then once you’re ready for the ride
And offering your help with pride,
A snowy portal will appear.
Just look around, you’ll find it near.

Then drive to it, and don’t delay
Now park inside, then on your way!
Once you arrive, explore, have fun.
It’s Winterland for everyone.

But wait, no wait, I tell you more,
And for this task I do implore,
That this is only half of it
And now here comes the greatest bit.

That to this land you’ll venture forth,
Yes to this land, it’s in the north,
But back you’ll go with gift packs bound
For all the homeland cities found.

Ah, found you say, but found oh where?
Well, through the portal if you dare,
With cargo destination known,
Else leave it to the portal’s own.

Then once you’re back, with gift packs done,
You’ll help to spread more snowy fun!
But not just fun, a legend grand,
Of magic Christmas Winterland!

So, haul for one and one for haul
And Very Merry Christmas All!

It’s that special time of year again, but this time we’ve sprinkled a little magic around and we are delighted to offer to you something that has never been seen before, something unprecedented, and we’ve been working on it for a very long time. To our #BestCommunityEver, we give you our Christmas Winterland event for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator!

Join us to explore the fun and festivities of Christmas like never before as you embark on a magical journey to Christmas Winterland and deliver supplies and gift packs across the world! For this event, we challenge the community to get 200 Snowflakes awarded to cities across all trucking territories for each of the five tiers. As tier rewards, players will receive specially crafted cabin items, each representing one of the five festive depots within Winterland!

You’ll be able to track the community progress on World of Trucks or directly in the game using the updated External Contracts interface.

We’ve also created a special #ChristmasWinterland event Desktop Background Theme this year, and we like to think it sends a clear message for how to find some fun this Christmas, follow the sign post, we hope you enjoy it! It will be there for the duration of the event to raise event awareness and share the Christmas spirit for you!

Also, pencil in the 19th of December, from 18:00 CET, for our annual Christmas Stream featuring Pavel Šebor! There will be some giveaways, and plenty of interesting updates as usual, there might even be some teasers for new stuff, but for sure there will be loads of fun with a touch of SCS magic! The stream will take place on our Twitch channel, so don't miss it!

Christmas Winterland Event Rules:

Using External Contracts with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both, the community is to deliver supplies and gift packs to and from Christmas Winterland using as many cities as possible.

There are 5 different depots in Winterland for all deliveries, to and from, they are:

Christmas Market...a town square market
Marigold's...a chocolate factory
Northstar...a post office
Rudolph's arts workshop
Snowy Peaks...a mountain resort market

Your personal goal is to complete 15 deliveries for them including at least 1 delivery to or from each depot, using Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both games combined.

Snowflakes are gained for those cities that have delivered to or received from Winterland. For a city to receive 1 Snowflake, the community needs to complete 1000 deliveries between it and Winterland. Each city can receive up to 5 Snowflakes!

The community goal is to reach at least 1000 Snowflakes for cities across all trucking territories. A unique community reward will be unlocked for each tier of 200 Snowflakes accomplished, with 5 tiers in total.


  • Personal: Your contribution of 15 or more deliveries to or from the 5 Christmas Winterland depots will gain you:

    • A special World of Trucks Achievement.
    • A stunningly beautiful, Winterland truck paint job

  • Community: There will be 5 tiers to unlock. Each tier will bring a special cabin item reward for both games, based on the 5 amazing depots within Christmas Winterland, so let's haul!

Christmas Winterland directions

Access to Winterland is available using a portal, which materialises after you've accepted any event cargo. Find it on the map and navigate to it. Look for the sparkles!

When leaving Winterland through a portal, you can either deliver a cargo to it's destination, or travel to a random city for a new job to Winterland.

Note: In order to qualify for any community reward, you must complete at least your personal goal in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both. Each reward will be a Steam inventory item for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Once completed, claim your reward in the Events page on your World of Trucks profile.

The event will be concluded on Sunday, the 14th of January at 23:59 UTC.

As always, we look forward to hearing about your Christmas Winterland adventure this year, and we’d sure love to see more photos from you while you are achieving your goals and receiving your well-earned rewards this special season of giving. Share your screenshots and videos with us using the hashtag #ChristmasWinterland on our Facebook ATS / ETS2, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram profiles and we will share our favourite ones.