DCS World Steam Edition News & Announcements
F-15E Preview
Strike Eagle

The DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle by RAZBAM has entered our final validation and testing phase. The pre-order, which comes with a 30% discount, is currently planned for the 15th of February, 2023. Once the pre-order begins, we anticipate the F-15E to be released into Early Access a few months later and perhaps sooner.

Be Afraid Of the Dark (Part 1)
F-15E Digital Book

Be Afraid of the Dark (Part 1) tells the story of the F-15E Strike Eagle’s inception, development, entry into service and operational history up to 2002 (Suite 3E standard).

Based on extensive original research at Boeing’s historical archives, interviews with the men and women who turned the idea of an air-to-ground optimised Eagle into a reality, and access to the front-line crews who rode the aircraft into combat between 1990 and 2002, the book totals 100,000 words of insight, technical discussion and anecdote, all gloriously illustrated by 150 colour images.

This impressive book was authored by Steve Davies, a highly reputed military aerospace defence writer, host of the 10 Percent True podcast, and occasional co-author and contributor to DCS campaigns. Steve has revised portions of the original text and re-imagined the design of the book for this unique partnership between 10 Percent True, RAZBAM and Eagle Dynamics, and we hope it makes your experience of flying the mighty Strike Eagle even richer and more fulfilling.

Steve plans to revisit the text to include F-15E developments and operations between 2003 and 2023. This will be available in time through his website as Be Afraid of the Dark (Part 2).

F-15E Instruction
Notso Tutorial Series

As with most 4th generation fighters, the F-15E is a highly-complex aircraft to master. In addition to the manual and included training missions, RAZBAM has teamed up with former F-15E Weapon System Officer (WSO) to create a series of DCS: F-15E instructional videos. We highly recommend watching them to get a headstart learning this beast.

Thank you again for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
DCS World SITREP January 31st 2023: Speed & Angels Campaign, and Mirage F.1EE

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,
Please enjoy this DCS World SITREP by PHH 72 on many of the recent changes brought about by last weeks update to DCS. You can see the full change log here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/223750/view/3681164521590013392

You can also pick up the new campaigns here:


DCS New Update | F1-EE | Pilot Salute | JF17 Cockpit Textures | BO-105 NOT Frozen | ON THE SPOT NEWS

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

Please check out this informative video from the people at HIP Games about the most recent Open Beta and other happenings around DCS World! See their video description below. Enjoy!

All the info you need to know from the first Open Beta update of the year for DCS World.
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Music: www.mixkit.co - www.freesfx.co.uk and www.bensound.com
BO 106 Picture by Polychop Simulations - http://www.polychop-sims.com/



Lunar Savings
Up to 50% Off

We are delighted to extend the DCS Lunar Sale to Steam until the 30th of January. Go ahead and enjoy some huge bundle deals and fantastic savings across most of our aircraft, theaters and campaigns!

Mirage F1 EE
Development Report

The Aerges team is delighted to present the DCS: Mirage F1 EE, the aerial refueling capable version of the Spanish Air Force. This version also brings desirable capabilities such as the inertial navigation system and the new ALR-300 RWR, which includes a display, threat priority and specific threat warnings. The capability to equip the old RWR remains. The Mirage F1 EE (as well as the BE and M) is a core part of the DCS: Mirage F1 module, so no additional purchase is required to fly it.

Many other improvements are also available in the latest Mirage F1 update. One of the main focuses has been on polishing the pitch control and flight model, increasing the pitch up range, and adjusting drag values. The engine stall and the throttle controls have also been partially reworked. The radar has also seen multiple fixes such as elevation control, TL scan pattern, and target lock stability in 1-line scan mode. Finally, the S530F radar missile has been added. This weapon, which was extremely advanced for the era, is one of many other enhancements to this superb module.

Aerges will continue to work over the coming months to add even more improvements to the FM, radar, and RWR. They are also developing the BE and M versions which we hope will be available in the not too distant future.

New Campaigns
by Reflected Simulations and StoneSky

DCS: F-14 Speed and Angels Campaign
The new campaign by Reflected Simulations for the DCS: F14 Tomcat mentioned last week is now available in the latest DCS Open Beta on our Shop and on Steam.


DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign
The battle rages on! This time you play Captain Khalid Al-Mansouri, a Special Operations Squadron officer of the UAE Air Force with Bedouin ancestry. The DCS: MAD AH-64D campaign features a realistic story that will reveal interesting facts about the weapons and capabilities of the AH-64D. In this collaborative operation, you will take part in a NATO Helicopter-Ship Qualification over the Arabian Gulf and participate in large assaults as part of operation "Sweltering Heat". Download DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign


Thank you again for your commitment, passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

​Eagle Dynamics
DCS World
Mk-82 bomb fuse on Mirage-2000 fixed
FC aircraft. Cyclic target Lock On by Enter key like easy avionics style - removed
OpenXR is removed from autosearch. DCS has a chain of VR vendors in priority oculus, OpenVR, Varjo, etc. OpenXR was in that chain in top priority, now it is removed from this chain and only available when you explicitly specify it in command line of DCS.
Game Options. Game avionics mode removed.

DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations
Fixed : Bomb fuses always inert
as well as all the other fixes indicated in the previous OB log, but not actually presented in game, namely:
Fixed : TACAN Mode Binds
Fixed : PAR gun burst
Fixed : SEC CALC at airstart
Fixed : Log file errors
Fixed : Wake turbulence causing uncontrolled spin
Updated : BAP 100 drag
Updated : SAMP on pylon drag
Improved : Reduced engine ignition boom
Improved : Sun visor effect
Improved : Engine sound
Added : Sun visor Elevation axis
Added : SELH Warning Altitude axis
Added : SELH Warning Altitude binds

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

Please take a look at this wonderful movie directed and edited by Hornet Productions . This video, which was created using DCS World, tells the true story of the “Giraffe” manoeuvre which was used by Iraqi Mirage F1 fighter pilots to foil and counter Iranian F-14 Tomcats. For more information please see the description by Hornet Productions below. Enjoy!

This video is based in true events.

The first real action of the Mirage F1 was impressive. At the very beginning of its operational life, the Iraqi Mirage F1 entered the “hall of fame” by killing some Iranian F14 Tomcats, by using the new Super Matra 530F missiles and the “Giraffe” maneuver.

After the First Gulf War, more than twenty Iraqi Mirages escaped to Iran. The US Intelligence Services discovered that the pilots were not defecting, but the flights were part of a secret plan with the agreement of Iran government.

After the First Gulf War, the Allies enforced two NFZ in the north and south of Irak. The threat of Mirage F1 pilots escaped into Iran was taken very seriously by the USAF.
To counter the threat, the USAF Squadrons received a training program in Spain and Germany, before the rotations to the Gulf. In this video we show an example of the thousands of mockup combats in between the USAF F16 and the Spanish Air Force Mirage F1. The beginning was hard for viper pilots to counter the tactics and skills of the experienced Spanish fighter pilots. But the training was of high value for the mission.

Today, those Mirages in the video continue training USAF pilots, as aggressors under the flag of Draken Intl. This video is dedicated to the Spanish fighter pilots who operated the Mirage F1.

Hornet Productions Team


Due to the unavailability of the missile S530F at the time of filming, the Giraffe mision was flown using the 530F, instead of S530F. The story doesn´t change, and for those willing to test this missions in DCS, the good news is that now the Super Matra S530F is available on the release.
We apologise for the misunderstandings if it happen to appear. Thanks."




New Open Beta

Introducing new campaigns:
DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels Campaign by Reflected
DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign by Stone Sky

DCS World
Weapon. MIM-104 missile guidance error has decreased.
Weapon. BLU-97/B penetration warhead and damage effect has increased.
Weapon. CBU-87 with HOF 300 had no effect on tanks. This has been adjusted so it will at least damage them now (see F10 view damage levels).
Weapon. Corrected nozzle flame of rockets at the moment of launch.
Weapon. AMRAAM fixed an issue with Home on Jam (HOJ) mode.
Fixed liveries name for ground units (this fixes seasonal textures for some units).
Added Ropucha-class landing ship BDK-775.
Removed dust effect when ships are firing.
Fixed incorrect unit direction when mounted on a ship.
New sounds for AK-series, M249, L94A1, PKT, 2A72, 2A42, M242, GSh-6-30K, M240C, ZU-23-2, ZU-23-4, Rheinmetall Mk20, KPVT, 2A38, Vulcan, Oerlikon-KDA, L21A1, Utes, MG3, M2 Browning.
Fixed inability for submarines to attack ships.
Fixed crash when the "Unit AI set life" trigger is used for EWR AN/FPS-117.
Fixed stuck SON-9 radar when aircraft fly directly overhead it at high altitude.
AI Aircraft. Removed old and unusable Kh-28 missile from payloads from the Su-17.
F10 map. Big Smoke is always shown on the F10 map regardless of 'show' setting - fixed.
AI Aircraft. Corrected damage and collision model of the CH-53.
AI Aircraft. F-15C cannot AAR in right turn - fixed.
AI Aircraft. Incorrect negative AOA of slow planes in formations appears in some cases - fixed.
Crash when vehicle destroyed during task Embarking - fixed.
AI Aircraft. Su-34 damage model corrected.
MP. Server panel, players pool. Added clients counter.
All weapons still visible on multiple weapon mount if base runs out of that weapon - fixed.
Resource manager of air bases has been corrected.
Scripts. StaticObject.getByName fails if the unit name contains a dot - fixed.
ME. Ka-50. GUI Error when you press delete on INU Fix Point (NAV target point) - fixed.
ME. Ka-50. Comment in NAV target point remains from last mission - fixed.
Weapons. Jettisoned racks don't die when hitting the ground/sea - fixed.
SA-19 Tunguska. The power of warheads has been reduced so that it cannot destroy tanks.
Input controls adjustment window now preserves user state layout and selection during the mission session for convenience.
Module Manager now allows to uninstall and install Caucasus terrain.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics
Added ALT GEAR Handle. https://youtu.be/vjQI2eXuKbI
Added Animated Tail Hook.
Updates/Corrections to ALR-56M RWR
Training Missions covering F-16C 2022 improvements.
Fixed: FCR CATA movement during bank angle.
Fixed: AGM-65 boresight alignment accuracy. If boresighting a Maverick to the Targeting Pod on the ground, you must first set the GND JETT switch to ENABLE and the Master Arm switch to ARM or SIMULATE. As much as possible, boresight directly ahead of the aircraft and at least 1 nm away to avoid parallax errors.
Fixed: FPM doesn't act as expected with Drift Cut Out selected.
Fixed: Rudder pedals animation is incorrect.
Fixed: Erratic Active Timer when using DTT SAM.
Fixed: Changing Modes in DGFT Mode breaks lock.
Fixed: TGP A-A Mode does not return to -3 elevation in front of the aircraft.
Fixed: FCR symbology error when locking recently re-spawned aircraft.
Fixed: Fuel leak rate after damage.
Fixed: Radar Air to Ground Antenna Elevation Bug.
Fixed: TMS right behaviour with FCR as SOI and no targets.
Fixed: CRUS/HOME steerpoint cannot be entered directly.
Fixed: CCRP HUD symbology issues when REL ANG set to zero. Now possible.
Fixed: TGP designated JDAM target point now has a miss error average of 5 metres.
Fixed: CRUS EDR page is incorrectly calculating time to Bingo.
Fixed: Preset VHF FM frequency in ME adds a digit on COMM 2 DED page.
Instant Action Missions Update.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: Potential crash when pressing the TDC.
Updates/Corrections to ALR-67 RWR - https://youtu.be/UQI40xib78s
Added Pilot Salute for humans.
Fixed: AUTO bombing inaccurate at different weapon release air speeds.
Fixed: DDI SOI Diamond becomes very difficult to see when zoomed in using the FLIR.
Fixed: GPS-guided bombs can be launched without a target in TOO mode.
Fixed: Threat circle flashes on briefly when WPDSG is selected.
Instant Action Missions Update.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics
Added TADS IAT MP sync.
Add Israeli AH-64D livery created by ZedTank.
Add patches for Pilots.
Fixed: IHADSS image scale incorrect.
Fixed: CPG DMS Autopage button state is de-synced in multicrew.
Fixed: Selecting GUN on cyclic WAS was reverting MANRNG> value to default value.
Fixed: George spaming "Lost Target" messages.
Fixed: The Free Air Temperature gauge should not have backlighting.
Fixed: The standby Magnetic Compass lighting should be controlled by STBY INST knob.
Fixed: HMD Grayscale page coop synchronisation.
Fixed: BACK SCATTER message should have a space.
Instant Action Missions Update.

DCS Ka-50 Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics
Tuned INS alignment process. Manual alignment precision is now much higher and close to the hot start and auto-alignment precision.
Autopilot auto-turn won't be dependent on INS anymore. It only aims for decreasing Shkval deviation from zero (for all roll angles).
Fixed a bug of wrong switching from inertial mode to ADC after 60 minutes of inertial mode work.
Hot start INS alignment precision made it a bit worse to match a cold start manual INS alignment precision.
Remade INS alignment options and settings in mission editor.
3D. Corrected nose textures.
3D. Rotor blades animation corrected.
3D. Motion blur of rotors head corrected.
3D. Added night texture of external cockpit model.
Cockpit. R-828 texture ambient occlusion corrected.
VR. Add the option to choose HMS render eye.
Startup sounds updated.
Renamed cockpit hints for HSI knobs.
ABRIS. The English ABRIS charts setup shows two Russian items - fixed.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: Mirrors and thermometer are not seen in external view.
Fixed: Aiming station - zoom IN / OUT binds not working.
Fixed: Rotor shaft animation .

DCS: F-86F Sabre by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: the V-8 slaved directional (gyro) indicator can not be rotated with the mouse.
Fixed: Ammunition capacity error - ammo changed to 300 rounds per gun.

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed:TACAN / ADF directional arrow remains fixed and does not rotate.
Fixed: EGT reaches nearly 800c at start up.

DCS: A-10A by Eagle Dynamics
Added PBR textures, made some fixes.

DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer by Eagle Dynamics
Minor fix to textures of both aircraft.
A-10C. Position lights don't flash. Fixed.
A-10C II. Position lights remain when the wing is destroyed. Fixed
Note: It is our plan to release ARC-210 radio with UHF and VHF functions in the February 2023 update.
DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX by Eagle Dynamics
Oil temperature gauge now shows the actual OAT on cold aircraft.
Oil and coolant temperatures are tuned according to real WWII in flight tests (WIP).

DCS: Mosquito FB VI by Eagle Dynamics
Added new single player missions without units from the WWII Assets pack.

DCS: Mirage F1 by Aerges
Added Mirage F1EE. Including new ALR-300 RWR, air to air refuelling and Inertial Navigation System.
Slight adjustment (reduction) in low supersonic drag.
Slight reduction of drag coefficient at subsonic speeds to better match the performance data.
Reduced payload supersonic drag.
Adjusted Magic, SW and SAMP 400 drag coefficients.
Rolling moment induced by external payload lift now accounted for.
Improved wake behaviour (reduced influence on the roll of the aircraft).
Slight increase in lateral stability at high aoa to better match SME feedback.
Control system:
Default neutral point of non-FFB sticks changed to increase pitch-up zone, thus reducing sensitivity in pitch and increasing usable stick range in most situations.
Modified internal pitch curve (AMEDEE system). Pitch is now less sensitive at high deflection values.
Reduced effects of ARTHUR and Dashpot systems (stick force emulation) on pitch control. Now the ARTHUR and Dashpot model can be toggled in the Special Options menu.
Flight controls now require hydraulic pressure to move.
Rudder trembling problem solved.
Adjusted nose wheel steering curves to make it both more responsive and easier to control (still WIP).
Flying backwards or having significant tail wind with RPM below 7000 might turn the engine off.
Moving the throttle to idle before the RPM are above 300 may lead to fire or over-temperature due to accumulation of fuel faster than before (IMPORTANT).
Engine stall can now be caused by moving the RPM back and forth too fast or engaging the afterburner at very high AoA or outside the flight envelope.
Engine stall RPM oscillations are now less severe.
Engine temperature in overspeed corrected to what is indicated in the manuals (<= 735 ºC).
Engine starter sound starts 2 seconds earlier than before.
Throttle is clickable now near idle detent position. When clicked it is set to idle cut-off position.
Radar cover keyboard/joystick command will not take effect anymore when the radar cover add/remove function is disabled (aircraft is not on the ground, or canopy is closed).
Removed sound from the radar cover clickable action.
Radar antenna elevation/altitude difference function is fixed.
Altitude difference is correctly updated now when a target is tracked.
Radar strobe is now positioned at the last known target azimuth/range when the target track was lost.
The radar tracked target closing velocity (relative velocity) scale is correctly calibrated now in the range of -450 to 1800 knots, with the gap of -150 to 0 knots.
Fixed radar antenna orientation when scanning with nonzero delta elevation set.
Fixed 1 line scan antenna orientation.
Adjusted antenna local scan origin position.
Fixed the radar TL mode scan center position (-5 degrees from FRL), and TL scan area size - it was too wide.
Radar strobe position is now shown in IDN even when a target is not locked.
Fixed radar elevation digits texture issues.
Other features and improvements:
Added Matra S530F ‘Supermatra’ missile.
FFB sticks are now automatically detected by the code.
Armament panel lights brightness is now regulated by light/day switch and rheostat.
Armament panel light on/off is now dependent on sight being on.
Reduced maximum light brightness of indicators in night mode.
Updated controls indicator stick axes display: pitch trim position is added to the stick pitch position.
AWACS 'Declare' command is functional now.
Fixed Radio Selector Panel pushbuttons not holding in 'pushed' position, when activated by keyboard or joystick.
Added the option to load empty fuel tanks at mission start.
Corrected fuel tank masses.
Fixed maximum fuel weights of F1EE, and F1B/BE AI.
Added general and particular gyroscope failures.
Backup horizon will be caged now once the cage knob is pulled, disregarding the knob rotation.
Adjusted braking power.
Brake light now illuminates always when braking (not only when the gear is up).
Brake nominal pressure now has the correct value of 210 bar.
Fixed CADS not affecting autopilot, ARTHUR and shock-cones (“souris”) behaviour.
Updated liveries.
Improved cockpit darkness.
Auto startup sequence: Added the item "Ejection handle safety pin - Removed (out of sequence)".
Auto shutdown sequence:
Added "Ejection handle safety pin - Installed (out of sequence)".
Fixed "UHF radio - Off" and "V/UHF radio - Off".
Added Mirage F1 Flight Manual (CE + EE annex).
Added Mirage F1CE Manual de Vuelo (CE translation into Spanish).
Added Mirage F1EE Single Player and Instant Action missions for all maps except Normandy and The Channel.

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
Completed: cockpit textures with more weathering
Completed: external textures (template will come soon)
Updated: rocket loadout of each pylon in SMS shows rocket name if fully loaded, otherwise the number of remaining rockets.
Updated: sd10/ld10 pylon drag
Updated: bingo fuel should only trigger a warning on HUD, no mode change
Added: more input controls (throttle step etc)
Fixed: SSLC/SS gunsight display bug on HUD
Fixed: target distance on HUD
Fixed: empty rocket pod should appear in SMS, and not affect FCS config unless jettison
Fixed: cockpit animation in external model
Fixed: campaign 02 bug
Fixed: brief image

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
Fixed wheel chocks appearing in wrong place after moving the aircraft and setting them again.
Fixed Op Reforger Mission 5 TALDs not working for Pontiac.
Updated Quickstart F-14A_IA_NTTR_Zone5 by Reflected Simulations.
Fixed Quickstart Training Day stuck at checkpoint issue.
Fixed Quickstart Training Day tanker TACAN.

DCS: WWII Assets pack by Eagle Dynamics
Ju-88. Fixes to the model and textures.
Ju-88. Added bombs in the main bombs bay.

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics
Firefighting Vehicle AA-7.2/60, Refueler ATZ-5, Refueler ATZ-60 Tractor, S-75 Tractor, Refueler.
TZ-22 Tractors are all drivable now.
Fixed front armour M1A2 Abrams.
Fixed driver position for “Tachanka” units.
Fixed crash when giving artillery second target.
DCS: South Atlantic Map by Razbam
New - Franco Bianco Airfield
New - Grass Airfield Goose Green
New - club grass airfield for Hipico
New - Various Settlement have been created across the map (still ongoing)
Corrected - ILS Glideslope at Rio Gallegos facing wrong way corrected
Adjusted - lakes have been added / corrected across the map
Adjusted - fleshed out terrain including vegetation maps around New Airfields
Adjusted - changed the F10 map colours to be more in keeping with the region
Adjusted - Rio Turbio NDB map display frequency
Adjusted - tidied up some of the tiles around the new Airfields
Adjusted - airfield Puerto Williams changed runway elevation to reflect the real airfield (different on both approaches)
Adjusted - updated Radar returns for object

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600
Mission 7: Fixed wind so A.I. takeoff on correct runway. MiG-15, custom Kneeboards now appear.
Mission 8.2: MiG-15, A.I. Wingman fail safe added to properly destroys his targets.

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations
2 Bonus missions added using the FW-190D-9
Bomber speeds adjusted to historically accurate levels
More accurate Luftwaffe formations
FW-190 skin roughmets updated for a more realistic shine
Clear prop! Argument adjusted for new values

DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations
More accurate Luftwaffe formations
FW-190 skin roughmets updated for a more realistic shine

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations
More accurate Luftwaffe formations
FW-190 skin roughmets updated for a more realistic shine

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations
AAR logic fine tuned to prevent accidental triggers
Mission 12: fixed a few static misplacements.

Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of a Hero Campaign by Stone Sky
All missions with Ka-50 have been updated for the Ka-50-3 module
Added new environment: ships, ground personnel
Fixed minor bugs

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky
All missions updated
Added new environment: ships, ground personnel
Fixed minor bugs
Updated weather conditions (halo, clouds)

Black Shark 2 Republic Campaign by ED
In the campaign package was added copy of original campaign with player’s aircraft Ka-50 III.

DCS: Ka-50 2 Pandemic Campaign by Armen Murazyan
In the campaign package was added copy of original campaign with player’s aircraft Ka-50 III.

DCS: A-10C Iron Flag Part I Campaign by Baltic Dragon
Mission 05: Updated startup / initial radio check sequence.
Mission 10: Fixed issue with departure comms playing when still on the runway. Small text updates. Added message for player to hold short of the runway and wait for Biff.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Campaign by Baltic Dragon
Mission 02: Fixed issue with Smoke not cutting away or flying into space after he is told to cut away
Mission 05: Fixed possible issue with tanker following player on RTB
Mission 08: Fixed problem with Raven 12 refusing to take off
Mission 09: Fixed problem with Venom part playing out where helos arrive (double trigger)
Mission 11: Fixed the issue with Saint flight orbiting around the carrier after takeoff

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon
Mission 03: Updated triggers for recorder to only detect AUTO mode and added information about it to the briefing.
Mission 05: Reverted player to cold start. Updated "lights on" trigger: mission will now progress if player only turns on position lights. Fixed wingman not reporting switches safe.
Mission 12: Enemy frigate won't shoot at player's missile anymore.
Mission 13: Added safeguard for AI SEAD flights (they often failed to destroy their targets).
Mission 14: (only long version needs uploading, not M14S). Adjusted difficulty level for the Clementines in the landing zone (it should be easier to pass the mission now). Fixed possible bug with Olive not detaching when feet dry (happens only in long version of the mission).

F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 Campaign by Badger633
All Missions: Winds adjusted.

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion Campaign by Badger633
All Missions: Winds adjusted.
Mission 6: 410 going home fixed.
Mission 8: Fix hatchet and 410 going home.

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633
All Missions: Winds adjusted / Mission brief added to Kneeboards / Briefs updated / Printable Kneeboards updated.
Mission 1: Voice conflict fixed.
Mission 2: WP1 zone adjusted, and message added.
Mission 4: Trap message fixed /missing tank message issue fixed / Migs adjusted.
Mission 5: Start time brought forward two hours to 16:10
Mission 8: Height fail fixed / Missing ACLS added.
Mission 12: Missing ACLS added.
Lunar Sale and Bundles
E-Shop and Steam

Please enjoy special Lunar New Year Sale savings that will last until the 29th of January 2023 on our Shop and Steam! New bundles that provide massive discounts are now available:

The ‘Teens’ Bundle $ 79.99
DCS: F-16C Viper
DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

‘Be The Maverick’ Bundle $64.99
DCS: F/A-18C Hornet
DCS: Supercarrier

Cold War Warriors Bundle $64.99
DCS: F-86F Sabre
DCS: MiG-15Bis
DCS: F-5E Tiger II

Attack Helicopter Bundle $144.99
DCS: Mi-24P Hind
DCS: Black Shark 3

Helicopter ‘Heavies’ Bundle $44.99
DCS: UH-1H Huey

Desert Operations Bundle $44.99
DCS: Persian Gulf
DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range

Warbird Attack Bundle $49.99
DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt
DCS: Mosquito

Warbird Allied Fighters Bundle $44.99
DCS: P-51D Mustang
DCS: Spitfire Mk.IX

Warbird Axis Pack $69.99
DCS: Bf-109K
DCS: Fw-190A
DCS: Fw-190D

US 80’s Bundle $89.99
DCS: F-5E Tiger II
DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer
DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range

Channel Map Bundle $34.99
DCS: The Channel
DCS: WWII Asset Pack

Channel Defense Bundle $84.99
DCS: The Channel
DCS: P-51D Mustang
DCS: Spitfire Mk.IX
DCS: WWII Asset Pack

Flying Legends Bundle $149.99
DCS: Mosquito FB IV
DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt
DCS: Bf-109 K-4 Küfurt
DCS: Fw-190 Anton
DCS: Fw-190 Dora
DCS: P-51D Mustang
DCS: Spitfire Mk.IX

Desert Storm Bundle $199
DCS: F-16C Viper
DCS: F/A-18C Hornet
DCS: Supercarrier
DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer
DCS: Persian Gulf

Only on the DCS Shop, most aircraft, terrains, and campaigns will also be on sale with up to 50% off! Please check out this fabulous opportunity to land yourself a bargain. To those of you who are celebrating the Chinese New Year, we would like to extend our best wishes, peace and prosperity to your families and friends for the coming year ahead. We will continue to serve each and every one of our communities around the world. Thank you!

Deka IronWork
Development Report

The development of the DCS: JF-17 Thunder is nearing completion. The Chinese flight manual will receive some updates soon, and the translation of the English manual is still in progress. In the meantime, completed cockpit textures will be available in the next update. Pylon and adapter textures in the exterior model have also been updated.

We plan to finish the exterior model including more skins and livery template and release them together with pylon texture by March 2023. In addition, we will continue to add and correct JF-17 features once we have new information. - Deka Ironwork


Once a year, the 51st PVO stages a Championship called Squadron Air to Air Championship (SATAC). The focus is to bring a fair and prestigious platform for competitive Air to Air sportsmanship where all squadrons and airframes are invited, please read the full SATAC Championship Post. Hurry, signups are still open! The schedule will be announced shortly after registration has closed. Join the 51st PVO Regiment Discord for more details.

F-14 Speed & Angels
Campaign by Reflected

“Speed and Angels, the Campaign” is a joint production between Reflected Simulations, and Commander Paco Chierici. Paco is a former Tomcat fighter pilot and F-5 bandit. He is the creator and producer of the film Speed and Angels and the novel Lions of the Sky. Together Paco and Reflected have joined forces to bring you a truly epic DCS campaign combining next level realism and immersion. Together Paco and Reflected have joined forces to bring you a truly epic DCS campaign passionately weaving story, realism, and immersion. You will live the campaign.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
​F/A-18C Hornet
Development Progress

Flight Model (FM) and Flight Control System (FCS) Update. Our flight model and FCS have both come a long way and we will continue to enhance flight performance and handling characteristics which will include a complete review of the FM in ground effect. We also plan to refactor landing gear mechanics in order to enhance landing realism as well as touch-and-go behavior.

Radar Update. In parallel with refactoring the Flight Model and FCS, a refactoring of the Hornet radar is well underway. Key elements to address are improving the look-down, PRF, scan azimuth and more in order to offer improved detection and target tracking simulation.

GPS Weapon Lofting. An important weapon delivery option for JDAM and JSOW weapons is the ability to loft for extended range. There are several HUD and HSI changes that we plan to make this year to enable this enhanced delivery profile.

New Pilot Model. Whilst the Hornet already features a cockpit-view pilot model, we are creating a much improved and more realistic model with corrected kit elements, and have more life-like animations.

New Fuzes. Currently, the Hornet bombs only have contact detonation fuzes like the M904 and M905. In 2023 we will be working on new fuzes such as the DSU-33 airburst fuze and the FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF). Unlike other fuzes that must be programmed while the aircraft is on the ground, the JPF allows fuze programming while airborne.

In addition to the cockpit functionality to support these fuzes, changes will also need to be made to the Mission Editor, visual effects, and weapon damage effects to include them. Not a simple task.

Data Transfer Cartridge (DTC) and MUMI Page. After completion of the F-16C DTC, we will begin work on the Hornet DTC and MUMI page that will allow users to preconfigure mission elements like waypoints and their sequences, datalink, countermeasures, weapons, sensors, and more. This is planned for both the Mission Editor and Mission Planner.

ALR-67 Updates. The Hornet will see new symbols and enhancements added to the ALR-67 radar warning receiver. Some of these include emitter jamming, FLIR assignment, HARM assignment, and different radar types.

Carrier INS Alignment. In addition to ground start alignment, we will plan to add aircraft carrier deck alignment that allows the aircraft to align based on aircraft carrier acting as the alignment reference source.

The above are our primary Hornet focus items for 2023, but they are by no means exclusive. We will continue to fix bugs and tune items, light external lights, as needed. Other elements that we plan to work on after the above include the HSI Slew function and further Multi-Source Integration (MSI) options.

F-16C Viper
Development Progress

Probably more so than any other Eagle Dynamics fixed-wing aircraft, the Viper saw the greatest amount of improvements in 2022. Building upon this, our goal is to complete all advertised features in 2023.

You will see the inclusion of the tail hook and alternate landing gear handle in the January update. Items planned for later in the year include:

Improved Radar Warning Receiver. The ALR-56M will be seeing a significant improvement this year that will better match its real-world counterpart regarding symbols, tones, and behavior. The final stage of this will be the inclusion of the Handoff function with the ability to hear unique radar pulse repetition frequency tones.

Cockpit View Pilot Model. Following the completion of the new Hornet pilot model, we will do the same for the Viper. This will be a high-detail model of a USAF/ANG F-16 pilot circa 2007 with correct kit and lifelike animations.

Radar Update. The same work going into the Hornet radar update will also apply to the Viper’s radar. This will result in even more realistic radar detection and tracking capabilities.

Data Transfer Card (DTC) and Data Transfer Equipment (DTE) Page. Our first DTC functionality task for fixed-wing aircraft will be the F-16C. This starts with the DTE MPD items (steerpoints, mark points, geo reference lines, destination points, and threat points). After which, we’ll add other DTC/DTE elements like communications, stores inventory, weapon profiles, etc.

Air-to-Air Datalink Assignment. Using the Improved Data Link Modem (IDM), players will be able to assign wingmen 2, 3, and 4 air-to-air targets using radar. This will only come after the DTC/DTE features are complete, and this may push past 2023.

Following these priority items, we will also work on the radar Velocity Search mode, the Digital Maneuvering Cue (DMC), JDAM/JSOW loft indication, the Sniper ATP targeting pod, and ALE-50 towed decoy in 2023 and later. Like the Hornet, fixing bugs and tuning features will be ongoing and in parallel to adding new features.

Development Progress

More so than probably any other Eagle Dynamics module in 2022, the AH-64D saw the most improvement. However, this is an exceedingly complex aircraft with much work still to do. The biggest tasks underway are the introduction of the AGM-114L radar-guided Hellfire missile and implementation of the Improved Datalink Model (IDM) that will allow flight members to exchange their location and targets. In parallel with these two important tasks, we are also working on the following in 2023:

Improved Flight Model and Stability and Control Augmentation System (SCAS). Compared to fixed-wing aircraft, a rotary-wing aircraft like the AH-64D can be a handful to fly, and a helicopter’s flight model is a very complex simulation to get properly implemented and “dialed in”. The AH-64D’s Flight Management Computer operates using a substantial series of logics to govern the SCAS, which can be almost as complex as the flight model itself to implement. We are continuing to refine the SCAS to make flying this aircraft a bit easier by adjusting the collective channel behavior, tuning the yaw offset, eliminating the roll when ham-fisting the collective, and adjusting the hold modes.

Fire Control Radar (FCR). The FCR is one of the features that significantly adds lethality compared to the older A model. The FCR will be able to scan for, detect, classify, and cue weapons to both air and ground units. This will be one of our team’s larger tasks for 2023.

Laser Spot Tracker. In addition to laser self-designating, the AH-64D will also detect and track a laser from an off-board designation source like another aircraft or a JTAC.

Laser Warning Receiver. Our AH-64D can already detect both radar emission and missile launches, but it will also be able to detect and warn you of being laser designated. A laser designation is a good indication that you may have a tank round or laser-guided missile coming your way.

Radar Frequency Interferometer (RFI) and Radar Jammer. The RFI is part of the FCR, and it can provide the location of radar emitters in range and azimuth and the radar jammer and reduce the effectiveness. We plan to work on these after the above items, but they may be 2024 development tasks.

A-10C II Tank Killer
Development Progress

The remaining feature for this module is the ARC-210 radio. This is nearing release, and it will feature UHF and VHF functions with related Upfront Controller (UFC), STAT page, and COMM page updates. This will add one ARC-210 radio and remove one of the two VHF radios.

Following its release, we will then add satellite communications into the DCS World for all aircraft where it's available.

As with the Hornet and Viper, we also plan to add DTC and Link 16 functions to the A-10C II, but this effort will not start until after 2023 given the amount of DTC work that must first happen with the Hornet and Viper. Also, after the Hornet and Viper efforts, we’d like to add a cockpit view pilot.

Development Progress

The Supercarrier has been receiving a lot of work behind the scenes. This can be divided into the following features:

Ready Room and PRIFLY (airboss deck). Both views will provide new functionality never seen before in a DCS product. To complete this, we will first need to release the Vulkan API into DCS.

Both rooms will be a 3D environment that support VR and Voice Chat that allows you to:

Ready Room

  • Review your mission brief and set up your aircraft.
  • View various cameras around the deck.
  • Chat with other players.
  • Review the mission map.
  • Live sounds from “the roof”.


  • View the deck below you.
  • Direct the carrier’s heading and speed with wind indications (permission controls available for network play).
  • Control deck lighting.
  • View PLAT CAM.
  • View plotting map.

New Plane Directors and Captains. The next big step is to add plane captains next to the aircraft that pass the pilot to a series of plane directors (yellow shirts) that will route the aircraft from its parking spot to the assigned catapult. Upon landing, yellow shirts will direct the aircraft from the landing box to its assigned parking location or back to a catapult.

We truly hope you enjoyed this update on our plans for 2023, we look forward to making them a reality. Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
2023 and Beyond
Watch the video

We believe that 2023 will be a truly exciting year for all, with the introduction of eagerly awaited modules like the DCS: F-4E by Heatblur, DCS: F-15E by RAZBAM, DCS: OH-58D Kiowa Warrior by Polychop, DCS: F4U-1D Corsair by Magnitude 3, DCS: C-130J by the Airplane Simulation Company, new Mirage F1 versions by Aerges, DCS: Normandy 2.0 map by Ugra Media, the DCS: Sinai Map by OnReTech, and more! Please don’t miss to watch our 2023 AND BEYOND VIDEO!

DCS Core

Multithreading has been one of our primary efforts to improve DCS performance, and it is currently in closed beta testing. Initially two threads (graphical and logical) will be implemented, and once the technology is stable and mature, we plan to expand this number. Large and complex missions, both single player and server based as well as the upcoming dynamic campaigns, will see the most significant performance enhancements.

Our render graph was written from scratch along with many other subsystems. We now benefit from parallel rendering that schedules inter-dependent rendering tasks in a correct and optimal order (e.g., mirror reflections first, then mirrors while running other independent draw calls in parallel), frame graph, graphic scenes, scene renderer, and scene manager. We unified all other graphic subsystems that permit node embedding in the render graph. This allows us to rapidly experiment with new graphic pipelines and enhance efficiency. The introduction of our render graph will improve DCS efficiency and deliver optimal performance with modern graphics APIs such as Vulkan.

Vulkan API
Implementation of the Vulkan API continues in parallel with the multithreading effort. Our Vulkan renderer is integrated with the new render graph, and it benefits from multithreading by using render graph mechanics of background loading of textures and geometry, rendering objects in parallel, terrain streaming, etc. As a result, many rendering tasks submitted to the graphics card will no longer need to wait for each other and hence be processed simultaneously.

In our endeavor to unify DirectX and Vulkan renderers, we have developed a mod state where both backends produce identical results. We now have two fully compatible implementations that run under the same API. This means that all our applied graphics modules (the code that renders our skies, clouds, models, effects, etc.) will work the same way on both renderers. To achieve this, we ensured that all our shaders could be converted into Vulkan format in addition to implementing a shader converter available from within DCS permitting to compile any shader on the fly. It is interesting to note that the shader conversion has taken an inordinately large amount of time.

The main achievement in 2022 is that DCS now works under Vulkan producing the same visuals as under DirectX. This result is fully ‘transparent’ for our graphics programmers, allowing them to write the same code for both platforms without the need to have separate code paths for Vulkan and DirectX11 and beyond.

The next step is to provide our graphics programmers with the new Vulkan features compared to DirectX 11. These include new types of shaders (as per Shader Model 6 and further), ray tracing, some advanced rendering techniques, such as GPU driven rendering, and similar.

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) 2.0 is coming to DCS this year. DLSS is a family of real-time deep learning image enhancement and upscaling technologies for RTX 20, 30 and 40 series Nvidia graphics cards. The goal of this technology is to allow most of the graphics pipeline to run at a lower resolution for increased performance, and then infer a higher resolution image from this that contains the same level of detail as if the image had been rendered at this higher resolution. This allows for higher graphical settings and/or frame rates for a given output resolution, depending on user preference.

In addition to DLSS, Nvidia Image Scaling (NIS) will also be available. NIS is a scaling and sharpening tool with an algorithm that uses a 6-tap filter with 4 directional scaling and adaptive sharpening filters to boost performance. This is best used for non-RTX Nvidia graphics cards that do not support DLSS.

Following the completion of DLSS/NIS, we will investigate Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR) for AMD GPUs.

Spherical Earth Map
2022 saw great progress creating the tools and technologies to support a precise spherical Earth map for DCS. Because this map will be based on current day, it will operate independently of the current and future regional maps that allow historic maps such as World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and other scenarios. Spherical Earth efforts will continue in 2023.

Building upon the weather enhancements that were introduced with DCS 2.7, we have been further developing weather to include moving clouds and towering cumulus clouds and more sophisticated atmospheric phenomena. New fog and dust storms are being developed that are integral parts of the volumetric cloud system. The old DCS fog is a separate system that is calculated for a flat earth. It does not consider shadows from the terrain and clouds, so it has limitations. The new fog will be computed for a spherical earth and takes shadows into account. We also plan to optimize the volumetric clouds and increase their basic quality. A separate and complex project currently in development is the dynamic cloud generator which will then need to be integrated with the dynamic weather systems of low/high pressure systems and new/evolving cloud types.

A later task, once the foundation is complete, will be to provide AI line of sight blocking in addition to light direction/scattering visibility limitations for AI.

2022 saw significant improvements to how Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) is modeled in DCS World. In addition to writing the technology needed to create the characteristics of the camera, a great deal of work is being invested into the enhanced thermal signatures of mobile units, map objects, environmental heating, and cooling, as well as specific visual effects and artifacts. We will also be adding initial thermal signature conditions for ground units in the Mission Editor.

Eagle Dynamics Dynamic Campaigns Engine (EDDCE)
2022 saw the completion of all major engineering components of the EDDCE. In 2023 we continue development and testing and making improvements to these components as well as adding new features where needed. We are also enhancing the mechanics in the campaign editor to avoid issues that may arise when the EDDCE is used for different maps. The next big tasks include transferring mission data between player and AI pilots and creating a specific graphic user interface.

Please see our previous Newsletter for greater detail on the subject.

Air Traffic Control (ATC)
2022 has focused on the continued development of the Supercarrier ATC system. Following its completion, the next focus will be to bring those advancements to airfields. This is certainly no simple task and will require three unique ATC systems for: western modern day, eastern modern day, and World War II.

A complete redesign of the modern day, western ATC system is underway. In parallel, modern day western radio communications for Flight, Other Flights, AWACS, and Tanker are also being revised.

Human Animations
Starting with new AH-64D pilots in 2022, this work will continue into 2023 to include new infantry and more pilots with more life-like models and animations. Priority pilot models first include the F/A-18C and F-16C pilots.

Deck Crew and Ground Crew
Starting with the Supercarrier deck crew, we continued to develop this feature in 2023. We are now continuing this effort to include startup and taxi to catapult deck crew logic and animations. Following the completion of deck crew, we then plan to use this technology to create airfield ground crew and interactions.

Multiple Light Sources
DCS 2.8 saw great advancements in world lighting, but our efforts continue. The next big lighting advancement will be the introduction of multiple, global light sources, and no longer only the sun and moon. This will allow more realistic night scenes that account for airfield flood lights, city lights, and more. You can see these initial efforts on the Persian Gulf map.

Voice Chat
First introduced in 2019, the free Voice Chat integrated into DCS allows Voice Over IP communications based on chat rooms and how you have your aircraft radios configured. 2022 was focused on improving radio communications and stable connections, even over a VPN. In 2023 we continue to develop this feature with realistic radio sounds, effects and plug-and-play audio device compatibility.
Visual Special Effects
Some of the more notable visual effect tasks include munitions with airburst fuzes, napalm, and Mach shock cone based on airspeed and weather around the aircraft.

Virtual Reality
VR is very important for all and we have heard your concerns regarding performance and we continue to optimize VR performance for DCS. The primary areas of VR performance improvement are multithreading and the Vulkan API, particularly for larger missions. We are also reviewing all world Level of Details (LODs).

Unit AI Improvements
In 2022 we saw great improvements to the Beyond Visual Range (BVR) and Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM) AI for our jet aircraft. Moving forward, we now intend to improve multi-ship BVR and Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) tactics and appropriate AI tactics for World War II aircraft.

For ground units, our primary AI tasks include improved pathing and implementing suppression effects for more than just infantry units.

General Flight Model (GFM) for AI Aircraft
Whilst the updated BFM AI can make a significant difference in how the AI flies, the General Flight Model (GFM) will provide improved flight dynamics for AI aircraft that better constrain the aircraft to true-to-life performance.

GFM is a significant improvement to the Standard Flight Model (SFM) that is based on drag and thrust characteristic trajectories. The SFM can provide a good Center of Gravity trajectory model, but it relies on reliable source data to tune the overall performance that includes the entire flight envelope, sustained and instantaneous turn rate, energy gain, etc.

GFM adds additional short-period aircraft movement by adding our base solid body, contact models and aerodynamic moments. This results in more realistic control displacements during maneuvers that provide more human-like appearances. With GFM, the AI will also encounter wake turbulence.

Thank you again for your passion and support, we look forward to serving you in the exciting year of 2023. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Happy New Year
New Year Savings

We wish you health, happiness and joy, for 2023. Thank you for making our dreams a reality; we are truly grateful to you, our Community, our partners and friends.

Please note that the DCS 2022 Winter Sale is on-going to the 8th of January at 23:59 GMT. Take advantage of this great opportunity to land exclusive savings on our best selling modules including the special 50% discount on DCS: F-16C Viper, DCS: F/A-18C Hornet, and DCS: Supercarrier.


Dynamic Campaign
Development Progress

The EDDCE Dynamic Campaign Engine will be a part of the DCS Core, allowing the creation of special campaigns where air, sea and land units do not have pre-created tasks, but are rather controlled by the strategic AI. Each side initiates the campaign on the basis of start conditions of the conflict, this includes offensive or defensive positions, asset resource list (including HQs, factories, warehouses etc), and specific objectives which are created from the onset for each individual campaign design. When a campaign starts, the strategic AI initiates the tasking process (ATO Air Tasking Orders, Ground tasking and Naval Tasking etc) for each unit in the side’s asset list and order of battle. This process of tasking and decision making is ongoing for the duration of the campaign and is a function of assets remaining and reinforcement and resupply cycles. It is important to remember that the player can take control of any AI unit and participate in its mission task and/or take indirect control over the strategic AI decisions, in addition to direct control over specific tasking orders.

After having completed the global structure of the Dynamic Campaign Engine in 2021, 2022 saw substantial fine-tuning of the system’s individual components. For example, our general scheme of ATOs was built starting from defensive combat air patrol operations along borders, through all subsequent stages, including SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses, air superiority, CAS close air support, interdiction and deep strike. Ground equipment and operations also received a lot of attention. In addition to the actual movement of units to perform their assigned mission, a mechanism was created for correctly tasking vehicles in a group based fashion depending on their tactical situation: attack, defense, or transit.

To increase the number of units in the campaign without over-tasking the CPU, only units that are ‘visible’ to the player or that ‘see’ the player (eyesight and sensor range based) are fully calculated. For the remaining units, lighter algorithms are used which are based on pre-calculated data sets. It is good to note that when preparing such data, separate mechanisms are used in EDDCE to easily process all upcoming equipment and weapons which will be added to DCS. To ensure that unit calculations do not negatively affect gameplay, seamless transitions between the lighter and the fully-fledged calculation models have been implemented. This will allow the player to see all the units in their correct place, performing their tasks while moving across the entire map. When interacting with the player, all units use the normal DCS algorithms.

Another important task that received attention this year is the ‘front-line’ system. A new model of multiple front-lines has been implemented that allows for a more illustrative picture of breakthrough and encircling maneuvers. During 2022, the main engine elements were tuned, allowing campaign management to be more automated, based on the dynamic situations as they evolve in the campaign. Please do follow our news for more information on this exciting core element of DCS.

Thank you again for your trust, passion and support, and thank you for making our dreams come true.

Happy New Year!

Eagle Dynamics
Introducing new modules:

  • DCS: MB-339 by IndiaFoxtEcho

  • Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics

Introducing new campaign

  • DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633


Introducing new weather graphic features:

  • Added atmospheric effects: rainbow, glory, and ice halo. The ice halo effect has settings in the Mission Editor Weather tab.
  • Volumetric clouds now move according to wind direction and speed. Each cloud layer respects wind settings at the set altitude band.
  • New terrain lights system for the Persian Gulf map with accurate real time shading. This is a test case, and once final, it will be implemented for all DCS World maps.

New and improved AI Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM) for jets. Please note that this does not apply to World War II aircraft.

DCS Dogfighting AI Update
DCS 2.8
DCS World

  • AI Aircraft. Taxiing AI F-15C does not lower intake ramps - fixed.
  • ME. Missing country in ME. Fix default country.
  • Added copy of JTAC 9-Line data to kneeboard.
  • FLIR. Overexposed FLIR image at some angles - fixed.
  • WWII AI warbirds: improved behaviour and fixed collision during landing in pairs
  • Voice chat: added possibility to use TURN servers. Please use it if you have problems hearing other players (mostly for VPN connections).
  • Graphics. Adjusted: tone-mapping process and exposure control. We recommend that you reset your gamma setting to 2.2 if it has been changed.
  • Graphics. Adjusted rain effect.
  • Graphics. Fixed rare cloud artefacts where cloud parts can become invisible.
  • Graphics. Fixed flat shadows on MFDs.
  • Graphics. Fixed glass shading in the cockpit.
  • Fixed over-brightened terrain lights in mirrors.
  • Fixed lights source rendering in mirrors.
  • Input. Improved axis tune panel.
  • Added Italian Social Republic for historical mode.
  • New IC setting - "Require pure scripts"
  • This is an optional setting that will block mods that modify files in DCSWorld/Mods/aircraft/<MOD_ID>/Cockpits/Scripts to prevent exploits.
  • Servers that update to the new version default to set pure scripts to disabled, so server owners will need to opt in.
  • If you are kicked for breaking IC on a pure scripts server you need to restart DCS before you can connect to any server again, regardless of that servers IC status
  • Graphics. Improved motion blur effect.
  • Graphics. Raindrops on the canopy effect now works on "Rain preset #3".
  • A-20G loss of stabiliser removes entire tail - fixed
  • Network protocol version changed.
  • Fixed CTD while conversing with JTAC.
  • Aircraft shadows appear overlapping models and duplicated - fixed.
  • VR Kneeboard waypoint pages show battery page - fixed.
  • Fixed crash caused by shooting train that was placed via ME.
  • Fixed dedicated server crash when client uses smoke rockets.
  • Aircraft at Senaki Hold for 15+ mins before taking off - fixed.
  • Сombined arms crash - fixed.
  • Debriefing. Players not getting scores - fixed.
  • Weapons. Kh-58 and Kh-25MP will home in on long-wave EW radars.
  • ME. Loadout menu extended to 15 hardpoints.
  • MP. Users in the same server sharing the same UCID - fixed.
  • DS: Liveries stored in zip files are completely missing from dedicated server install - fixed.
  • DS. "Pure Scripts" option not available in webGUI - fixed.
  • Fixed: Alarm State Change causes all tasks to abort.
  • Fixed: Wrong position for ground units in ME (3D view).
  • Fixed: Initial heading in simulation does not match the heading assigned in the editor for ground vehicles.
  • Added 'Hold' task for ships.
  • Fixed: Unable to create circular routes with “Go to Waypoint” for ground units.
  • Improvements made to smoke tracer rounds.
  • Fixed: MP Scoreboard not working.
  • Fixed rare crash caused by using TAD MFD mostly in A-10C II (in edterrainGraphics41.dll).
  • MP: Reduced number of AWACS messages. (WIP)
  • AIM-120: Improved tracking of slow targets
  • Fixed: AI aircraft sometimes fail to takeoff if player enters runway with no ATC clearance
  • New: Multiple lines of text now possible in ME draw tools
  • Fixed: AI F/A-18 will not release TALD
  • New: AI task - Recovery tanker.
  • VR mask setting not persistent between sessions - fixed.
  • Changing ROE or Formation on client aircraft causes client to freeze - fixed.
  • Guarded request to cockpit arg values.
  • Fixed: AI F-14B doesn't seem to use LANTIRN pod.
  • Weapons. AIM-120: fixed several issues(oscillations when acquiring target, HOJ tail-chase twitching), improved performance against barrel rolling and high-off boresight targets
  • Weapons. Fixed: SA missiles pass through tree trunks.
  • Weapons. Fixed: M257 illumination flare’s animation.
  • Weapons. Fixed: incorrect launch sequence of S-25-O rockets (correct: 1 rocket per release button press).
  • Weapons. Fixed: detonation of 9M127 Vikhr in front of the target without causing damage.
  • Weapons. DCS crash after CBU-97 released from F-16 - fixed.
  • CTD. The GetDevice function does not work correctly if you call it when there is no plane / helicopter yet - fixed.
  • SH-60 has lost part of its textures - fixed.
  • ME. Fixed background color in text box. Change size and position widgets.
  • Weapons. Altitude and target speed strongly affect GBU-10/12/16 precision - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-62. RAT propeller spins in opposite direction - fixed.
  • Weapons. Harpoon able to hit ground targets on land in R/BL - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-84D Harpoon does not self-destruct past set distance -fixed.
  • AWACS. Multiple AWACS messages spam - corrected.
  • AI Aircraft. A-10 does not attack player's Ka-50 - fixed.
  • New. Added keyboard response to in-game ESC menu.
  • New. Graphics. Added bloom effect to night vision devices.
  • Signal flares ignore the bearing value set in the mission editor (they always point at North) - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft. When a bomber that is part of Big Formations is damaged, and can no longer keep up with the formation, the whole formation slows to allow them to catch up. Now the leader will ignore such wingmen.
  • AI Aircraft. AV-8B. Hovering over the deck for too long after takeoff - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft of the carrier. The AI currently climbs ahead, then at 7 DME turns back downwind sharp, flies to where he launched, behind the current position of the boat and then flies to its next WP - fixed.
  • Weapons. The SAM Rapier missile trajectory is a bit elevated to eliminate crash to ground with low-level target.
  • Ai Aircraft. Corrected CH-53 collision model.
  • Fixed: Stop Condition "Time More" is broken.
  • Fixed: SSE - Event.dead not called if an object isn't immediately dead.
  • Fixed: The column moves off the road and aligns into a "line" after the "stop" command.
  • Fixed: SON-9 refusing to track and guide KS-19 fire to target when Moonlight is lower than half-moon.
  • Fixed: Vehicles drive through or onto some types of buildings and then get stuck.
  • Added IR-effects for old models (Ural-375, ZiL-APA80 etc.)
  • Multimonitor: different configs don't work - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-84E final phase manual correction is broken - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft. AI Mi-24P. Low gun firing efficiency - corrected.
  • AI Aircraft. Mi-8 and UH-1H hardpoints cannot be removed - fixed.
  • Obsolete CVN-70 Carl Vinson replaced by Stennis in missions.
  • AI Aircraft. AI Helicopters does not follow the client lead player in MP when hot start from parking - fixed.

Read the full changelog
Winter Savings
2022 DCS Winter Sale

We are pleased to bring you the 2022 DCS World Christmas and New Year Sale. This is your chance to take advantage of the special 30% discount on DCS: AH-64D and for the first time the 50% discount will also apply to the DCS: F-16C Viper, DCS: F/A-18C Hornet, DCS: Mosquito FB IV, DCS: Mi-24P Hind, and DCS: Supercarrier. The great majority of our aircraft, maps and campaigns are available also with a 50% discount until the 8th of January 2023 at 23:59 GMT. We are pleased to be running the DCS Steam Edition Christmas Sale too!

Modules with a 30% discount:

  • DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics
  • DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironworks Simulations
  • DCS: AV-8B Sky Warrior Campaign by Eagle86
  • DCS: F/A-18C Operation Cerberus Campaign by Ground Pounder Sims
  • DCS: A-10C II Agile Spear Campaign by CombatKing Simulations

Modules with a 25% discount:

  • DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur
  • DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon
  • DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion Campaign by Badger633

Modules not on Sale:

  • DCS: Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics
  • DCS: Mirage F1 by Aerges
  • DCS: MB-339 IndiaFoxEcho
  • DCS: South Atlantic by Razbam
  • DCS: Mad JF-17 Thunder Campaign by Stone Sky
  • DCS: MAD Campaign by Stone Sky
  • DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633

Warbird Cooling
Development Report

The various cooling systems are now better connected to the new damage model, giving new options for correct engine and systems management after being hit. For example, if one of the two radiators in the Bf-109 is punctured, it can be cut off with a special valve, and then the system can keep functioning with half the effectiveness but still pressurized. The new coolant system means that if there is a puncture towards the upper part of the coolant tank, they depressurise to atmospheric and thus with a low boiling temperature. The visual steam effect size now naturally depends on the type of leakage, either from a safety valve or from a bullet hole.

Another new feature is a new model for bulk boiling occurring when the system is depressurized, and its temperature is higher than the boiling temperature for the ambient pressure. The coolant flow now depends on the system’s temperature and pressure, the total area of all bullet holes and the ambient pressure.

A small but pleasant addition is different kinds of available coolants, from pure water to a winter type coolant with their different physical parameters.

Merry Christmas!
DCS 2022 Christmas Sale

Merry Christmas and best wishes for this holiday season and for the year ahead. To you and all your loved ones, thank you for your trust and ongoing support during these tough times. Rest assured that we continue working hard to meet your most demanding expectations.

We are deeply grateful to you, our Community, partners and friends for making our dreams come true.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Merry Christmas!

Eagle Dynamics
DCS World
Multimonitor: different configs don't work - fixed.
Weapons. AGM-84E final phase manual correction is broken - fixed.
AI Aircraft. AI Mi-24P. Low gun firing efficiency - corrected.
AI Aircraft. Mi-8 and UH-1H hardpoints cannot be removed - fixed.
Obsolete CVN-70 Carl Vinson replaced by Stennis in missions.
AI Aircraft. AI Helicopters does not follow the client lead player in MP when hot start from parking - fixed.

DCS Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics
HUD range decimal separator corrected.
Added two new ODS readiness statuses on the ABRIS: "MWS NOT READY" and "L140 NOT READY".
Corrected rotor tip lights for AI.
Pilot arms and legs animation is missing - fixed.
Added ability to dismount engine exhaust suppressors.
Updated some liveries.
Helmet HMD ring displacement setting does not work - fixed.
Note: We are investigating Igla damage level and INS alignment.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: RWR Search filter hides threats when multiple emitters in missions.
Crash on cockpit function - fixed.

DCS: P-51D Mustang by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: navigation lights and the landing light lamp are visible on LODs even when turned off.
Fixed: landing gear disappears at a short distance.

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 by Eagle Dynamics
DISS-15 doppler radar does not work - fixed.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics
German Quickstart manual added.
Introduced DCS: Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics!

The main goal is to give the already well-known Ka-50 attack helicopter new features which expand the gameplay.

Key features:
A Missile Warning System for warning about the launch of missiles at a helicopter has been developed.
The possibility of using Air-to-Air Igla missiles has been implemented.
A realistic model of an Inertial Navigation System has been developed, which has the properties of a real one: it requires alignment before the flight and accumulates an error. The error of INS coordinates can be fixed in flight by previously assigned landmarks as fixpoints.

New, more accurate and detailed 3D helicopter model using modern technologies and materials.

Introduced new campaign:
DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633

DCS World
Fixed: AI F-14B doesn't seem to use LANTIRN pod.
Weapons. AIM-120: fixed several issues(oscillations when acquiring target, HOJ tail-chase twitching), improved performance against barrel rolling and high-off boresight targets
Weapons. Fixed: SA missiles pass through tree trunks.
Weapons. Fixed: M257 illumination flare’s animation.
Weapons. Fixed: incorrect launch sequence of S-25-O rockets (correct: 1 rocket per release button press).
Weapons. Fixed: detonation of 9M127 Vikhr in front of the target without causing damage.
Weapons. DCS crash after CBU-97 released from F-16 - fixed.
CTD. The GetDevice function does not work correctly if you call it when there is no plane / helicopter yet - fixed.
SH-60 has lost part of its textures - fixed.
ME. Fixed background color in text box. Change size and position widgets.
Weapons. Altitude and target speed strongly affect GBU-10/12/16 precision - fixed.
Weapons. AGM-62. RAT propeller spins in opposite direction - fixed.
Weapons. Harpoon able to hit ground targets on land in R/BL - fixed.
Weapons. AGM-84D Harpoon does not self-destruct past set distance -fixed.
AWACS. Multiple AWACS messages spam - corrected.
AI Aircraft. A-10 does not attack player's Ka-50 - fixed.
New. Added keyboard response to in-game ESC menu.
New. Graphics. Added bloom effect to night vision devices.
Signal flares ignore the bearing value set in the mission editor (they always point at North) - fixed.
AI Aircraft. When a bomber that is part of Big Formations is damaged, and can no longer keep up with the formation, the whole formation slows to allow them to catch up. Now the leader will ignore such wingmen.
AI Aircraft. AV-8B. Hovering over the deck for too long after takeoff - fixed.
AI Aircraft of the carrier. The AI currently climbs ahead, then at 7 DME turns back downwind sharp, flies to where he launched, behind the current position of the boat and then flies to its next WP - fixed.
Weapons. The SAM Rapier missile trajectory is a bit elevated to eliminate crash to ground with low-level target.
Ai Aircraft. Corrected CH-53 collision model.
Fixed: Stop Condition "Time More" is broken.
Fixed: SSE - Event.dead not called if an object isn't immediately dead.
Fixed: The column moves off the road and aligns into a "line" after the "stop" command.
Fixed: SON-9 refusing to track and guide KS-19 fire to target when Moonlight is lower than half-moon.
Fixed: Vehicles drive through or onto some types of buildings and then get stuck.
Added IR-effects for old models (Ural-375, ZiL-APA80 etc.)

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics
Added LADD bombing mode. Instruction video.
Fixed: CCRP loft that would result in bombs landing short.
Time-to-release display accuracy adjustments.
Fixed: Unable to ripple 2 Mavericks when LAU-88 launcher is used.
HTS/HAD - added additional information to the user manual.
Fixed: The RWR gave '15' for both F-15 and SA-15 contacts. The F-15 will now have a “hat” over it.
Fixed: RWS Datalink contact remains on HSD after the track is dropped or destroyed.
Fixed: CBU-97 submunitions falling short.
Fixed: Incorrect AIFF behavior when player is on RED coalition.
Fixed: Maverick boresight has no errors if boresight is incorrect.
Fixed: Maverick boresighting on ground - no GND JETT ENABLE, no MASTER ARM SIM.
Fixed: Can no longer cycle modes if MAV FOV has been changed for all Mavericks.
Fixed: Cycling (Normal/MRM/Dogfight) modes would drop the TGP A-A track.
Fixed: RADAR does not keep up with locked targets during close range engagements. This would result in the TD box lagging behind the locked target.
Fixed: FCR would show double symbols on bugged targets.
Fixed: Incorrect offset aimpoint behavior when OA is slewed.
Fixed: Removed Priority Mode toggle when switching Search modes and reduced the number of priority targets from 6 to 5.
Fixed: Early Access Guide - Removed EWR codes from page 316.
Fixed: Caucasus - updated clouds for the Free Flight instant action mission.
Fixed: The HUD MAN reticle should be visible regardless of MAN bombing mode.
Fixed: Aircraft polygon mesh errors.
Fixed: GBU-24 selected in Single would instead drop in Pairs.
Fixed: Datalink FCR declutter would incorrectly remove "bricks".
AA EXP position over target adjusted to center correctly.
Fixed: TGP not cueing to SPI when using the HTS HARM modes.
Fixed: INS Fix issue with the HUD with no GPS available.
Fixed: HSD symbology freezes when Wingman switches to AG.
Fixed: ECM system locks radar even when set to Standby.
Fixed: FCR image size and radar sweeps not working in EXP, DBS1 or DBS2.
Fixed: CBU-97 CCRP DLZ.
Fixed: DTT Swap description on page 144.

Coming after this update: In addition to bug fixes, other ongoing work on the Viper includes a new pilot model, radar improvements, tail hook and alternate gear handle, ALR-56M improvements, DTC, and new fuzes/logic.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics
Added Multi-Target Tracker ( so far without synchronization for multi-crew W.I.P ). Instruction video
Added Performance Page (W.I.P). Instruction video.
Fixed: Incorrect SAS Tones and Hold behavior.
Added Pilot and CP/G first person view models with animations.
Added new voice messages for George as Pilot and CP/G.
Added main gears collapse into the fuselage after hard landing.
Added new livery Korea Air Force, Egypt Air Force and Israeli AH-64D livery created by ZedTank.
livery update: Grim Reapers 4-2 ARB Devils 1-1 ARB.
Fixed: Desync ACQ TRN after CP/G`s detach and attach again.
Fixed; ALT-H activation conditions are not met.
Fixed: FMC channels not synced on CP/G join - MP.
Fixed: Can not create waypoints after CP/G exits.
Fixed: Unable to store targets in multiplayer.
Fixed: Range source switching back to laser range when Sight changed from HMD to TADS.
Fixed: Exported TEDAC creates a double image on the TEDAC in the cockpit.
Fixed: Jettison not synced between cockpits.
Fixed: Point deletion desync.
Fixed: Switching to the CP/G seat after setting attitude hold in pilot seat issue.
Fixed: Some ground units did not heat up in FLIR mode.
Coming after this update: In addition to bug fixes, other ongoing work on the AH-64D includes improvements to the external model, AGM-114L, COMM and DATALINK for Longbow Net support, flight model and SCAS improvements, improved IR signature, and “Robbie” fuel tank option.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics
Improvement Speed Gate for RWS based on NORM and WIDE target radial velocities.
Fixed: NCTR ownship identifying Neutrals as hostile
Fixed: Radar raw hits (bricks) do not show up until the trackfile is built when there is a Link 16 contribution.
Fixed: Ground designation symbol stuck or absent on the HSI and SA pages.
Fixed: SEA RADAR locked target not showing correct location on the HSI.
Fixed: Radar was still tracking some types of AAM's.
Fixed: HACQ/LHACQ lock would lag behind the true location of the locked target.
Fixed: HOME FUEL should be reset when landing gear is cycled down to up.
Coming after this update: In addition to bug fixes, other ongoing work on the Hornet includes a new pilot model, radar performance improvements, improving the flight model and flight control system, and new fuzes/logic.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics
Added: Engine surge effect due to gas dynamic instability after rockets launch gasses ingestion in engine intakes at low speeds. Effect is dynamic, but generally take as a rule that unguided rockets launch is safe at speeds more than 110 Kph and depend on rocket type and salvo amount
Added: Petrovich AI now monitor space outside, if not busy with ocular sight, and warn about incoming fire or missile launches that are heading towards your aircraft, Petrovich also will press countermeasures dispense button.
Added: Quick Start missions were added for NTTR and Caucasus
Improved: Petrovich AI won't go through ATGM launch routine and distance reckoning if there are no more ATGMs left or loaded.
Improved: Weapon system circuits logic was reviewed and improved according to electrical schemes and weapons peculiarities. This will affect weapons compatibilities with each other in a single loadout. Please refer to the quick start manual supplement pages for compatibility matrix available here.
Improved: Weapons rearming panel racks numbering changed to intuitively reflect same weapons racks numbering you can find in cockpit
Improved: Reference picture for weapons rearming panel updated
Fixed: Explosion on jettison switch has no effect
Fixed: CPG Input, some joystick binds were blocked
Fixed: Petrovich AI voice is cut off when the AI menu is turned off
Fixed: Machine gun and gunner weight and drag taken into account for FM
Fixed: Added reference dash to magnetic compass Ki-13

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: IFLOLS Helper disappears if aircraft has drifted right of lineup.
Fixed: AI aircraft jitter right after takeoff.

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: TACAN frequency left knob click-and-drag control is bugged

New Historically accurate Belt Options
New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, incendiary, .50 cal, M1
New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, tracer, .50 cal, M1
Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted
Damage Model: Headrest & Seat Back Value adjusted
Damage Model: Instrument Panel Value adjusted
Damage Model: Firewall Value adjusted

New Historically accurate Belt Options
New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, incendiary, .50 cal, M1
New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, tracer, .50 cal, M1
Damage Model: Rear Armor Value adjusted
Damage Model: Instrument Panel Value adjusted

DCS Fw 190A-8
Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted
Damage Model: Headrest Value adjusted
Damage Model: Seat Armor Value adjusted
AB250 / AB500 disperse pattern incorrect for high-altitude (Submunition Fusing still WIP)

DCS Fw 190D-9
Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted
Damage Model: Headrest Value adjusted
Damage Model: Seat Armor Value adjusted

DCS Bf 109K-4
The new cooling system model is integrated
Damage Model: Seat Armor Value adjusted
Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted

DCS Spitfire LF Mk. IX
The new cooling system model is integrated
Damage Model: Headrest Armor Value adjusted
Damage Model: Body/bottom Armor Value adjusted
Damage Model: Bullet Proof windscreen Value adjusted

DCS Yak-52
The new cooling system model is integrated

DCS NS 430
Fixed missing terrain data

DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations
Fixed: Corrected VSTOL HUD pitch caret to move with pitch ladder
Fixed: Corrected VSTOL HUD to have proper caged behavior
Fixed: Corrected HUD steerpoint caret now properly wind corrected
Fixed: ACP now shows correct fuzing mode
Fixed: AOA HUD indicator now shown correctly in half increments
Fixed: VSTOL HUD sideslip indicator now correctly displayed and positioned
Fixed: VSTOL HUD added missing "C" symbol for gear centred in sideslip indicator
Fixed: Radalt on HUD should show a minimum of 10ft
Fixed: "C" in VSTOL HUD sideslip should only show for gear down
Fixed: HUD should show gear CTR when going up
Fixed: HUD should show gear CAST or NWS when going down depending on anti-skid switch position
Fixed: Waypoints and target points becoming mixed after changing selection with QA.
Fixed: QA not switching to TGPT when T0 does not exist.
Fixed: Targetpoints not cycling when T0 does not exist.
Fixed: Cannot enter Target points when the current steerpoint is W0
Added: Joystick axis binds for Comms volume and UFC brightness.
Updated: Rockets loadouts in instant and training missions.

DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations
Fixed : Air refuel never ends with dropped tanks
Fixed : Missing switch sounds
Fixed : Master caution reset button not moving (binds are reset)
Fixed : Autopilot buttons animations stuck (binds are reset)
Fixed : Magic/Radar lock merge (triangle) wrong if radar in memory mode
Fixed : INS still positioning after total failure
Fixed : VTB showing tactical waypoints after INS total failure
Fixed : AP staying connected after INS total failure
Fixed : Wrong IDN flags
Added : TAF mission scripting arguments
Added : Ground power unit sound
Improved : Flight model yaw behavior
Improved : Rudder authority curves
Improved : New engine sounds
Improved : DEFA 554 sounds
Updated : AP does not disable pedals
Updated : NCTR code for Mi-24 fixed and added Mirage F1

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3
Fixed blinking canopy glass during rainy weather.
Fixed warning light electrical operation.
Fixed Loading Screen and Briefing backgrounds from not properly showing.
Adjusted Cockpit 3D file and Livery folder names.
NOTE: Users with custom liveries will need to move them to the new location

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
Added: Flight Manual CN (EN version is under translation)
Added: may out of consciousness due to high speed airstream (>850 km/h) on face after canopy lost
Updated: cockpit texture and light
Updated: ejection through canopy now
Fixed: crash if DCS installation path has CJK characters
Fixed: S1 Fwd should toggle gun selection once in DGFT mode
Fixed: chute should not be deployed if gear is retracted
Fixed: compressed air refill
Fixed: some input binding

DCS MB-339 by IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations
Improved tip tank textures for Ghana, Malaysia, Peru, UAE liveries
Improved external 3D model UV Mapping
Improved static force and damping for nosewheel (this issue still monitored and under investigation with ED Team, please report any occurrence)
Improved ME customizations page for better readability:
Fixed: Pilot Equipment selection list
Added: Aircraft Variant selection to choose between external model MLU/Pre-MLU
Added: checkbox to store apart the Gun Camera of the gunsight (Guncamera feature still WIP)
Added: options changes are visible and updated in payload editor
Removed reflective texture when mirrors are closed (as suggested by the Community)
Reduced FFB intensity when the landing gear is down
Flight Manual Updates
Updated mission editor special menu section
Added gunsight depression tables (thanks to Giaco1)
Added gunsight depression tables to Kneeboard
Added G structural overload sound effect
Added possibility to partialize the airbrake position (see the following para)
Added the following keybindings
Airbrake Extend
Airbrake Retract
Toggle Emerg Landing Gear
Toggle Fuze SAFE -> NOSE/TAIL
Toggle Fuze SAFE -> TAIL ONLY
Weapons Jettison
Toggle Master Arm Switch
Selective Jettison Button
Lock/Unlock Flight Controls
Toggle SEQUENCE Single/Ripple
Toggle Station 1
Toggle Station 2
Toggle Station 3
Toggle Station 4
Toggle Station 5
Toggle Station 6
Toggle Front Seat Fuel Dump
Toggle Rear Seat Fuel Dump
Engine Start
Toggle Front Seat Anti-Skid System
Toggle Rear Seat Anti-Skid System
Toggle Fuel Transfer Switch
Toggle Front Seat Fuel Shut Off Switch
Toggle Rear Seat Fuel Shut Off Switch
Toggle AHR/GPS On/Off
Toggle Anti Ice Engine Switch
Toggle Front Seat Pitot Anti-Ice Switch
Toggle Rear Seat Pitot Anti-Ice Switch
Toggle Windshield Demist Switch
Toggle Rain RMLV Switch
Toggle Master Arm Inib Switch
Toggle Beacon light switch
Toggle Flash/Steady Nav Light switch
Toggle Nav Light Brt/Off switch
Toggle Nav Light Dimm/Off switch
Toggle Taxi Light On/Off Switch
Toggle Landing Light On/Off Switch
Fixed: Smoke lights are visible on MB-339A when the gunsight is not installed
Fixed: TACAN MODE knob position of rear seat
Fixed: Flaps does not have collision model
Fixed: Formation lights are not visible on Tip Tanks for the following liveries: Gray Italian Air Force, Frecce Tricolori, Al Fursan
Fixed: Lost damage arguments for main gear vanes are now correctly linked
Fixed: Canopy severance handle and frame opening handle passing through blind hood on the external model
Fixed: AM(Malaysia) preset payload wrongly loading LR-25 instead of LAU-3
Fixed: AP(Peru') missing payload preset
Fixed: TipTanks are now correctly removed from the model in payload window
Fixed: Crash on eject when in multicrew
Fixed: Rear Seat ICS Initialization
Fixed: HSI shows TrueHeading instead of MagneticHeading
Fixed: Rear pilot present only from the internal view when "Solo" flight mode is selected
Fixed: Easy flyable with one wing
Fixed: CDU/RDU shows wrong TTG and GS
Fixed: desync preset frequencies set out of range in mission editor
Fixed: Rear seat throttle always control the engine in multicrew
Fixed: Impossible to communicate with ground crew when the canopy is closed
Fixed: Impossible to bind Comm Menu on Hotas
Fixed: Instructor Rudder Pedal Animation is Reversed
Fixed: Low intensity for warning lights illumination
Fixed: Impossible to end the mission 4 of mini-campaign
Fixed: Wrong voiceover on training mission for MK82 ripple selection
Fixed: A/A training mission blinds the air contacts
Fixed: Canopy not locked in auto start procedure
Fixed: Long loading times when a mission is launched
Fixed: Wrong empty weight value

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
NEW: Added wheel chocks. By default on for cold starts.
Fixed aircraft in place when chocks are active, avoiding deck sliding on carriers.
Fixed LANTIRN CTD with 2.8.
Added FPS-117 to the RWR threat library.
Fixed not all masses contributing correctly to the total mass and balance on each respawn; causing discrepancies in aircraft performance on subsequent flights.
Fixed shader definition for far LoD - aircraft will now sample a small part of main aircraft textures for the right colour.
Fixed Op Reforger Mission 5 TALDs not working for Pontiac.
Updated Quickstart F-14A_IA_NTTR_Zone5 by Reflected Simulations.
Added VX-9 XF240 White Whale livery by Isaac. (Thank you!)

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges
Optical Sight:
“ANTENNE” (“ANT” aka “blind shooting”) gunsight mode is implemented.
Increased the gunsight accuracy in “GYRO” mode with target range and range rate available.
Fixed “GYRO” gunsight mode accuracy with target fixed range of 300 or 600 meters.
Updated default values used by the gunsight when CADC or AoA data is unreliable or absent.
Attitude reticle will be removed from indication when CADS attitude information is unreliable or absent.

Other fixes and improvements:
TACAN lights logic reworked following SME feedback.
TRAP-136 radio unit guard receiver computation performance was improved.
PA test light button was made operational.
Fuel counter now works according to SME description.
Adjusted AoA test rate.
Countermeasure counters no longer require electricity to reset.
Updated startup sequence.

DCS Black Shark 2 by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed crash with export at cockpit initialising.

DCS: UH-1H Huey by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: UHF 1MHz and 50kHz knob controls are inverted
Fixed: UHF 10MHz knob controls are inverted
Fixed: UHF Volume binds are inverted

DCS: Persian Gulf map by Eagle Dynamics
Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the majority of terrain buildings
Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the vehicles
Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the ships
Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the billboards
Improvement - Night lights at Dubai Free Zone Port
Improvement - Destruction model of Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal
Fixed - Khasab airfield. Collision during takeoff in some cases
Fixed - FLIR textures of terrain objects
Fixed - Powerline masts pop into view at very short distance
Fixed - Collision of Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal
Fixed - Frequencies on beacons Kish, Lavan island
Fixed - terrain traffic pop up from tunnels on the surface in some cases

South Atlantic Map by RAZBAM
New - Refinery area Puerto Sara
New - Rio Chico Airfield (Helo Port) South Side of Rio Gallegos
Added - some custom animated Police cars for both mainland and FK variants with emergency Lighting
Added - Ambulances with Emergency Lighting
Completed - Refinery Parque Industrial Cabo Negro-Laredo (North of Punta Arenas)
Completed - Remaining stragglers for Light migration of assets to 2.8 lighting standard
Completed - Rio Gallegos Refinery
Improved - Lighting within hangers now cast light into cockpits
Improved - Added more models for the Refineries across the map with animated smoke
Improved - Map Geo Names for Argentina / Chile
Bug - Fixed placement of billboards and lighthouses being sunk into the ground
Bug - Fixed Runway Lights replaced with renamed ED versions
Bug - Fixed odd ground square discoloured areas around MPA airfield

F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag Missions
Tweak the triggers to allow breaking the hard deck to happen but at a much reduced pace.

F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag Missions
Tweak of triggers to allow breaking the hard deck to happen but at a much reduced pace.

F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag Missions
Tweak of triggers to allow breaking the hard deck to happen but at a much reduced pace.

DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations
Mission 5 – Enfield 1 flight did not taxi to catapult - FIXED
Missions 6-12 – Mission scoring broken - FIXED

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Campaign by Baltic Dragon
Mission 02. Updated weather (changed dynamic to static, which looks much better).
Updated tanker track so there is no chance player enters Iranian airspace.
Removed tanker directly on the way of the SCG.
Mission 09. Added safeguard in case Venom misses zone due to AI pathfinding issues.
Mission 14. Fixed issue with aircraft blocked on deck before launch.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon
Mission 05. Updated briefing (removed references to CAT 3 and 4).
Reverted player to cold start (which solves the problems with lights on not being registered)
Mission 08. Fixed problem with wrong TOT for some flights.
Mission 09. Updated fuel level for the player (was 75% by default).
Mission 10. Minor updates in text / messages.
Mission 14. Fixed rare issue with mission failure if Clementine crashes after exiting the AO.
Added safeguard for SA-6 site in case AI SEAD fails to destroy it

DCS: A-10C Iron Flag Part I Campaign by Baltic Dragon
Mission 06. Reduced amount of fuel in short (AAR) version.
Changed wingman's formation to avoid him hitting the player when in observation position
Mission 08. Fixed bug with no comms after landing back at Nellis.

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations
Bombers will be more willing to open fire

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations
Typo fixes
More bomber updates

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations
Workaround for the player's landing potentially damaging the carrier in mission 7

DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations
All Mission: Options changed to allow Easy Comms, BDA, etc. in all missions if the player so chooses (DCS World Options > Gameplay > Easy Comm)
All Mission: Options changed to NOT allow ALL in F10 View Options (DCS World Options > Gameplay > F10 View Options). Naughty, naughty
Mission 0: Pig 2 will now go Trail when ordered. Pig confirms order to go Trail. Player is ordered to exit active on the left taxiways to meet Follow Me truck
Mission 3: AI aircraft dumbed down a bit and their ordnance limited for game enhancement

DCS: UH-1H “Worlds Apart - Spring 2025” Campaign
CMP File: Spelling errors corrected. French mission description added
Mission 1: Spelling errors corrected. Formation task disabled

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion campaign by Badger633
Mission 6: all versions: Phantoms not engaging, fixed
Mission 7: Normal/EZ: Radio conflict with carrier fixed
Black Shark 3

The Ka-50 Black Shark is a single-seat, coaxial, attack helicopter that can effectively perform anti-tank missions, provide close air support, and attack targets with a wide range of weaponry.


The new DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 3 adds great new features that include: Igla air-to-air missiles that significantly expands the Ka-50’s combat capabilities against other aircraft and the new Onboard Defense System (ODS) that detects and warns you of incoming missiles. Also, for the first time in DCS, a physical model of the Inertial Navigation System (INS) has been implemented that includes alignment before the flight, drift error accumulation, and the ability to correct according to preset fixpoints. For more details, please read the Black Shark 3 White Paper.

The Ka-50 Black Shark 3 is based on the helicopter factory number 8798000025, Serial number 00-05. This particular aircraft was completed on June 18, 1990 and became the standard for Ka-50 mass production. A variety of historically accurate liveries are included.

A special Air Strike Group of two Ka-50s (No. 24 and 25) and a C2 Ka-29 took part in Combat Operations in Chechnya from late 2000 to early 2001. In those engagements, the Ka-50s had standard camo skins with side numbers, but no country markings. That skin was intended to appear as neutral, but at the MAKS-2003 airshow at Zhukovsky, the skin was repainted with country markings and yellow side number 25 on each side.

The Black Shark skin helicopter was fielded by the 344th Army Aviation Combat and Training Center at Torzhok in 1995. By the end of 1996, it was painted black with a shark tail and mouth. Ka-50 helicopters were frequent guests at many exhibitions and air shows. That’s why there are a wide array of airshow skins. We present two of these to you; the “Werewolf” and the “Black Shark” for the No. 18, commissioned July 1, 1991.

Open Beta

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633
This campaign follows on from Ford and Matrix’s exploits in the Straits of Hormuz on board the USS Abraham Lincoln in the “Rise of the Persian Lion Campaign.” It includes 13 detailed missions that are linked by a storyline. Extensive briefings and kneeboards, as well as custom aircraft liveries, are included.

Also included are substantial improvements to the DCS: AH-64D, DCS: F-16C Viper, and other modules. The F-16C received the long-awaited LADD bombing mode and other improvements. The AH-64D got Image Auto-Tracking (IAT) with the Multi-Target Tracking (MTT) submode, completed Performance (PERF) Page, Pilot and CP/G first person view models with animations, new liveries for Korea Air Force, Egypt Air Force and Israeli AH-64D livery created by ZedTank, and other improvements.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Persian Gulf
Development Progress

We continue to work on real time lighting technology. In the next update you can expect to see the new lighting for several ports of Dubai. Some oil tankers and rural houses have also had their lighting updated. We are now working on integrating this technology to all rural, industrial and unique buildings such as the Burj Khalifa. We look forward to your feedback on this impressive improvement.

Development Report

The next Open Beta update will include 3D-animated pilot and co-pilot/gunner models from the first person perspective. The update will also include Image Auto-Track (IAT) with the Multi-Target Track (MTT) sub-mode. The Performance (PERF) page will be at a complete state. Improvements have been made to the flight model and flight control system with further work planned.

DCS: AH-64D is one step closer to being available in the Free Trial Program. Please stay tuned for more information and watch Matt Wagner’s video on AH-64D on IAT/MTT
Early next year you may look forward to the new AGM-114L radar-guided Hellfire missile and the improved data modem (IDM) for networked operations. The option of the auxiliary fuel tank or extra gun ammunition is also coming soon. Early next year will also see the beginning of Fire Control Radar (FCR) development.

Rise of the Persian Lion II
F/A-18C Hornet Campaign

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633 follows on from Ford and Matrix’s exploits in the Straits of Hormuz on board the USS Abraham Lincoln. The campaign is immersive and has an engaging set of missions linked together with a developing narrative. Look out for this campaign in the next Open Beta.

International Air Festival
Virtual Airshow

International Virtual Airshow VIAF 2022
On the 10th and 11th of December, the VIAF will feature 56 of the best virtual aerobatic teams from all around the world. It will be broadcasted live from the Clin d'Ailes aviation museum. Check out the VIAF 2022 schedule.

Enjoy 26 hours of aerobatics, an interview with an ex-Hornet pilot, a DCS: AH-64D and a DCS: F/A-18C Hornet giveaway, and more surprises. The entire airshow will be streamed on the Virtual Airshow Festival Twitch this weekend!

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Development Report

To date, DCS has performed most of the computational workload on a single thread (some audio components were moved to a separate thread). This was not a problem in most cases because the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) did most of the work, and FPS was mostly limited by the performance of the GPU.

As DCS evolved, GPUs have become much more powerful whilst the performance of a single CPU core remained practically unchanged. Instead, CPU manufacturers increased the number of cores rather than the clock speed of individual cores. As a consequence, DCS performance has become CPU-limited. In parallel, DCS World has become much more complex with increased reliance on CPU calculations that has exacerbated the problem.

To improve efficiency of CPU resources usage, we have reworked the core of our engine. First, at the architectural level, it has been divided into two main threads: graphical and logical. This opens up new possibilities for further thread parallelization of calculations in both the logical and graphical parts of the engine independently.

Second, to meet the requirements of scalable multithreading, and the needs of modern graphics APIs, the graphical engine part has been significantly enhanced. In addition, many subsystems have been updated, or written from scratch.

Internal testing has begun, and we plan to release the updated DCS graphic engine (EDGE) next year. The initial release of Multithreading support will contain a fully reworked engine including preparation of the graphical frame and the separation of the graphical and logical parts onto two independent threads.

It should also be noted that the most significant performance improvements will be regarding larger missions. This will be a welcomed change, especially in multiplayer where unit numbers are typically far higher. VR performance will also see a significant performance improvement in large missions.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases.


SATAL 2023
Sign-up now

DCS Events SATAL23 Survivor Series.
Embark on a 4-month league with 4 stages and 3 matches per team, per stage. Each stage brings a new level of difficulty and includes mountain terrain, night flying, weapon restrictions, a shrinking combat zone, and much more.

The match format means that complete matches will last less than one hour. All matches will take place in the Caucasus map. Stage 1 is set to commence mid- to late-January 2023.

At the end of the 4 stages, the top 16 teams will move into the Championship Elimination. This final stage will determine the winners of the DCS PvP Competitive Community.

The closing date for SATAL23 4v4 registrations is the 14th of December 2022 at 23:59 GMT.

Read the SATAL23 Survivor Series announcement and make sure to join the community on the official DCS Events Discord.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

​Eagle Dynamics
Autumn Sale
2022 Special Deals

The DCS World 2022 Autumn Sale invites you to grab great savings across most of our aircraft, terrains and campaigns. The sale will run until the 4th of December at 23:59 GMT on our Shop. We are also participating in the Autumn Sale on Steam!

Main Instrument Panel

WINWING has released a sophisticated category of products named the MAIN INSTRUMENT PANEL (MIP) series for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. They have simulated the genuine panels of a legacy F/A-18C Hornet that includes the Upfront Controller, HUD Control Panel, and three displays with working video screens that integrate with the cockpit displays in DCS World.

Thanks to standardised manufacturing procedures, the MIP accurately replicates the panels of a Hornet with precise industrial grade materials and highly accurate moulding. For aviators with special requirements, WINWING boasts creative features such as: hidden rocker switches, multi-function modal-keys, 9X9 button arrangement, and various expanding button designs that allow for many configurations.

The MIP has adopted a modular design that can be freely combined with other WINWING controllers. Moreover, the SIMAPP software offers visual configurations.

Check out the WINWING MIP F/A-18C series.

Tactical DCS
Multiplayer Server

The Tactical DCS server has no joining requirements, no fees, and no mandatory time-commitments. Their mentors and instructors are available to help you on all the official DCS modules and related skills. They run regular events to practise your skills in a stress-free environment. Whether you want to learn or teach, check out Tactical DCS.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Open Beta
Development Progress

DCS Open Beta is now running version Included is a large list of fixes and additions that we encourage you to check out for yourself by updating to the latest Open Beta version. Notably, the South Atlantic Map has seven new airfields and now supports the new 2.8 lighting technology initially launched on DCS: Persian Gulf. The multiplayer debrief scoring issues have also been resolved. Please read the full changelog.

F-16C Viper
Development Progress

The Viper has received a vast update that resolves many of the previously reported issues. We are pleased to provide you with an updated HMCS in ACM BORE mode, improved MK-84 in CCIP accuracy, corrected AGM-65D handoff, and the addition of completed engine SEC functions like nozzle position. For a review of these features, please check out Matt Wagner’s DCS: F-16C Viper November Update video now.

Operation Jubilee
New WWII Missions

Operation Jubilee - Nine new WWII missions:

Nine new DCS WWII missions have been released for the Channel Map, all based upon the events of the 19th August 1942, during Operation Jubilee. The airframes covered include the allies; the Spitfire LF Mk. IX and P-51D Mustang and for the axis, either the Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst or the Fw 190 A-8. Please note the WWII Assets Pack is required as it adds to the overall immersion.

The missions have been designed to encapsulate how it would feel to take part in the overall operation. You will see and hear other Sections/Gruppe as they execute their primary tasking. Your new mission sets include: Bomber Escort, Beachhead Close Air Support, Anti Shipping Strikes and Bomber Intercepts. Ground and naval based controllers will provide instruction where appropriate and troops/vehicles will actually be landed on the beaches at Dieppe.

Each mission has a selectable difficulty level to suit a player’s individual skill set, from hardened veteran to those just starting out in DCS WWII. These new missions can be found by selecting MISSION from the main menu. After selecting your airframe of choice, you will find the Operation Jubilee missions.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics