DCS World Steam Edition News & Announcements
OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
Now Available as Mission Ready

Experience the ultimate in rotary-wing aviation with the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior for DCS. This meticulously crafted simulation brings the legendary reconnaissance and light attack helicopter to life with unparalleled accuracy and detail. Fly low through challenging terrains, utilizing the Kiowa Warrior’s advanced sensor suites, and weaponry to dominate the battlefield. With its authentic flight dynamics, interactive cockpits and realistic missions scenarios, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior offers a deeply immersive experience for both seasoned pilots and newcomers alike. Whether you’re conducting reconnaissance missions or providing aerial support to ground units, the Kiowa Warrior delivers a truly thrilling tactical combat experience.

Step into the cockpit of the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior alone or in Multi Crew with a friend to share the adventure. The module features a highly detailed 3D model, complete with fully configured avionics, MFDs, and a working Mast-Mounted Sight. Utilise the Level 2 Manned-Unmanned System to view aerial drone footage, or scan the battlefield using the sensors of other Kiowa Warriors. Share targets with the Improved Data Modem or call in Remote Hellfire Missions with other Kiowa pilots to coordinate attacks. With a wide range of weaponry available including AGM-114K Hellfires, FIM-92 air-to-air Stinger missiles and laser-guided rockets, the Kiowa Warrior is prepared for any engagement.

The OH-58D first flew in 1983 and was the result of the Army Helicopter Improvement Program as a single engine, four-bladed light weight helicopter. The Kiowa Warrior introduced the distinctive Mast-Mounted Sight (MMS) above the main rotor, and a mixed glass cockpit with traditional instruments and as such was the first helicopter equipped with MFDs.

While the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior thrives in its reconnaissance role, making full use of its MMS and the Level 2 Manned-Unmanned System (L2MUM), in more recent conflicts it played a pivotal role not only in gathering critical intelligence but also in actively supporting ground troops through precision strikes on enemy positions, illustrating its adaptability and effectiveness in both reconnaissance and offensive missions.

Armed with a vast array of weapons including the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, a .50 caliber FN M3P machine gun, FIN-92 air-to-air Stinger missiles and a large selection of rocket types including laser guided Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS), the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior is capable of fulfilling a meaningful role by itself or by supporting other assets in DCS.

Kiowa Warriors serving in the US Army took part in a number of operations including:

  • Operation Prime Chance 1988
  • Operation Just Cause 1989
  • Desert Storm 1991
  • RAID 1989 - 1994
  • Peace Implementation Forces (IFOR) 1995 - 1996
  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

The US Army retired the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior in 2017 having accumulated over 800,000 combat hours. It continues to serve with the armed forces of Croatia, Greece, Taiwan and Tunisia to this day.

Key Features of the DCS: OH58D Kiowa Warrior

  • Realistic hand crafted flight model with high precision characteristics of this light helicopter in all ranges of altitude, temperatures and speeds for different weights, flight configurations and conditions.
  • Highly detailed fully clickable glass cockpit with full VR support
  • Can be flown single-player or in multi-crew with a friend
  • Voiced pilot AI assistant
  • Fully modeled armament and weapons systems, including the M3P machine gun, 2,75” rockets, AGM-114K Hellfire anti tank guided missile with four firing modes, APKWS laser-guided rockets, FIM-92 Air-To-Air Stinger system and the handheld M4 rifle with 6DOF functionality when used with VR hand controllers
  • Detailed modeling of the entire electrical, fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic, SCAS and radio systems
  • Full range of sensors and aircraft survivability systems including the Mast Mounted Sight with TV and FLIR cameras, Laser Rangefinder/Designator system, AN/APR-39 Radar Detector, AN/ALQ-144 IR Jammer, AN/AVR-2 Laser Detector, AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System and Flare & Chaff Dispenser
  • Rotorcraft Map System with moving map, digital elevation map, real-time display of navigation and target data
  • Improved Data Modem that allows for Kiowa-to-Kiowa text messaging, target sharing and Remote Hellfire Missions
  • Level 2 Manned-Unmanned System with its capability to display the video feed from a drone sensor or the camera feed of another player OH-58D Kiowa Warrior aircraft
  • Full Night-Vision support with the helmet mounted Optical Display Assembly and gun-mounted IZLID laser pointer
  • Data Cartridge for storing and loading mission data in a web-compatible format
  • Advanced damage modeling and failures for aircraft systems and components
  • Optional Pilot Display Unit heads up display
  • Over 60 liveries including various US Army, Croatian, Greek, Taiwanese and Tunisian units as well as a number of fictional liveries from around the world


The DCS: OH-58D Kiowa Warrior is now available for you to download. Enjoy!

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Introduced new module: DCS: OH-58D Kiowa Warrior by Polychop Simulations

New campaign: F/A-18C Operation Mountain Breeze by Sandman Simulations

DCS World

  • Ground AI. Late activated infantry units react to explosions that happened in the past - fixed
  • Ground AI. Invisible vehicle travelling causing dust/sand effect - fixed
  • Aircraft AI. F-4E has terrible aim with Rockeye - fixed
  • Aircraft AI. B-52H waggles during bomb run - fixed
  • Weapons. AA missiles. If the lock was lost, in some conditions the missiles went vertically into the sky - fixed
  • VR. Some UI elements are cut off and not shown properly - fixed
  • Fixed crash in weapons MP hot join system
  • FARP warehouse stock movement is not implemented - fixed
  • Weapons. R-24R/T missiles. Corrected motor plume position
  • Weapons. Fixed crash occurred with rail launcher in some cases

DCS: F-4E Phantom II by Heatblur Simulations

  • Performance: Major improvements to Radar raycasting performance, especially on busy MP servers
  • Performance: Radar thread affinity changed - may increase performance where the main thread was saturated on busy servers or missions
  • Performance: Fixed Object Cache being over-saturated causing severe performance loss on busy missions with thousands of objects
  • Performance: NEW: Added special option to reduce radar performance impact - can improve CPU performance on lower end CPUs at the cost of some additional visual noise and clutter on the radar screen
  • Performance: Changed amounts of radar threads across different core setups
  • Performance: NEW: Added Lower Refresh HBUI special option. This option will reduce the UI refresh rate to 30 fps, matching the F-14 Jester UI. This will reduce CPU performance impact on CPU limited machines, especially in heavy missions
  • Performance: Fixed INS, ADI and other various system bugs with the “Reduced Tickrate” option enabled
  • Performance: Refactored some JESTER code paths that may have caused lowered performance when an enemy was nearby
  • CTD: Fixed a crash if Saved Games path had non-standard characters (e.g. Cyrillic)
  • CTD: Fixed crash if DCS install path had Chinese characters in it
  • CTD: Fixed crash on empty coords text entry
  • CTD: Fixed some instances of a CTD after damage and ejection
  • Multicrew: Fixed a major multicrew desync error when someone leaves and rejoins (can be another WSO) the aircraft
  • Multicrew: Reduced network load due to an errant buffeting sensor being propagated across the network every frame
  • JESTER: Fixed being able to spot bandits very far away on the radar scope during some modes
  • JESTER: Fixed JESTER breaking some inputs or being unable to correctly set some switches while using HBUI elements (e.g. the Manual)
  • JESTER: Will no longer call aircraft on the ground as BFM threats or targets
  • JESTER: Fixed doubled calls for some calls, and fixed him saying “Gear Up” and “Flaps Up” randomly at times far after takeoff
  • JESTER: Fixed Jester not asking for alignment when starting cold on a runway
  • JESTER: Fixed missile reports having wrong order of words sometimes
  • JESTER AAR: Added JESTER automatically saying "Ready Pre-Contact" to the tanker (if AAR door is opened within 100m of the thanker)
  • JESTER: Fixed a bug when cycling the AAR door very fast caused Jester to get stuck in radar-on mode
  • JESTER: Fixed Jester being in wrong DSCG mode when switching TGT-FIND/DT fast
  • HBUI: Fixed the Map Markers menu causing the Jester UI to freeze and become unusable
  • HBUI: Fixed a crash when entering empty coordinates in the Nav section of the Jester Menu
  • HBUI: NEW: Added Virtual Browser, and added “Online Mode” levels to HBUI. UI and Browser access is now controlled using a Special Option dropdown which allows selecting between:
  • Full - Free browsing
  • Offline - only offline UI features will work
  • Whitelist (Default & Recommended) - sites defined by a special whitelist file are allowed, anything else is blocked
  • Users can customise the whitelist file: hbui_whitelist.txt found in the Saved Games folder.
  • By default it has regex rules, currently covering:
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Kneeboard.live
  • HBUI: The Virtual Browser now also has a new landing page, allowing users to add their own bookmarks
  • HBUI: Ensured that the Auto Startup clicks use the enforced version bypassing browsers
  • HBUI: JESTER Radial Menu - Small resizing adjustments to the Jester Wheel (thank you amadeus!)
  • HBUI: Renamed in JESTER Radial Menu "Unknown" to "Bogey" and "Hostile" to "Bandit"
  • HBUI: JESTER Radial Menu - Added "Navigate To Main Menu" bind for Voice Attack users - will also open the wheel if it's closed, so that it can serve as starting point for any VA macro sequences
  • HBUI: JESTER Radial Menu - Rename "Jester Presence > Enable" to "Force" for more clarity
  • HBUI: Added Special Option to select UI Theme (auto, light, dark)
  • HBUI: Added Special Option to shift head-tracking origin vertically
  • HBUI: Updated in game manual to latest version
  • HBUI: Removed browser forward nav button in manual
  • HBUI: JESTER Radial Menu - Improved keyboard controls (W opens, "Back" closes wheel):
  • additionally to their regular function of navigating forward and backwards in the wheel, W ("Center/Click") and "Back" can now also open and close the wheel
  • Radar: Fixed possibly triggering other RWRs through terrain
  • Radar: Fixed WSO maverick slew speed wrong
  • Radar: Improved CAA lock reliability
  • Radar: Fixed aspect switch setting wrong closure
  • Radar: Fixed radar gimbal not boresighting in elevation in cage mode with half action held
  • Radar: Fixed radar starting in standby mode despite being off
  • Radar: Fixed caged mode allowing the antenna to be moved in acquisition
  • Radar: Fixed bug allowing a short half second period of time without raycasting
  • Weapons: Fixed TV weapon gimbal limits
  • Weapons: Fixed gimbal limits not being respected
  • Weapons: Fixed sidewinder gimbal limit
  • Weapons: Fixed sidewinder half-aperture size
  • Weapons: Fixed AGM-12C not arming
  • Weapons: Direct mode now shows the correct solution for the sight depression value in the bombing calculator
  • Weapons: Added time of flight and bomb range to the bombing calculator output
  • Weapons: Fixed various issues with the Shrike WRCS mode
  • Weapons: Fixed Shrikes not updating after settings changed in rearm menu
  • Weapons: Corrected missiles (AGM-45 and AGM-12) ejecting incorrectly
  • Weapons: Made default Shrike volume quieter
  • Weapons: Updated Shrike range calculations and added Shrike range and altitude bias
  • Weapons: Corrected the WRCS AGM-45 Behaviour to give shrike range indications before target insert.
  • Weapons: Changed pylons to rail instead of ejection as this provides a much more realistic profile for AGM-12 and AGM-45A
  • Weapons: Fixed air to ground missiles being fired unarmed if the fuse switch was in the wrong position
  • Weapons: Fixed Normal Jettison consent on ground
  • Weapons: Fixed Mavericks/TV Bombs being jettison despite not being selected
  • RWR: Fixed the “New Guy” audio frequency not changing sometimes or playing the incorrect sound.
  • RWR: Fixed diamond not going to new guy contact for a short period of time
  • RWR: Made aircraft radars that used HPRF for track use MPRF instead (WIP: not yet audible, new sounds will be added)
  • RWR: Fixes to E-2C carrier frequency and beamwidth
  • RWR: Fixed Track Only Radars broadcasting with no target
  • RWR: Added fixed radar for units such as the F-86 Sabre (WIP)
  • RWR: Fixed range being displayed incorrectly sometimes
  • Avionics: Fixed JESTER BATH alignment not finishing in conjunction with HDG MEM available
  • Avionics: Adjusted NWS heading hold toggle function: now the AFCS has to be ON to toggle it
  • Avionics: Small fix to alignment completion
  • Avionics: Fixed a bug where the pitch steering needle was jumping on ILS approach
  • Avionics: Fixed AJB-7 heading oscillations when electric power was being applied
  • Avionics: Added a kneeboard page with diagrams for INS alignment options
  • Engines: Fixed nozzles having insufficient oil pressure at idle
  • Engines: Fixed controls dying too soon with the engines off or windmilling
  • Systems: Added ejection and canopy jettison inhibit when canopy is open (and not jettisoned)
  • Systems: Fixed pod and ECM jettison
  • Systems: Fixed neutral horizontal stab position
  • Systems: Minor improvements to hit damage
  • Inputs: Added 2 missing Crew Chief binds (ARI Disengage check and Stab Aug check)
  • Inputs: Added Slow/Fast binds for HSI course/heading and Reticle Depression
  • Inputs: Changed SYNC knob to sync with right click instead of left click
  • Inputs: Updated Chinese keybinds
  • Inputs: Added bind for "Tanker: Intent to Refuel"
  • Inputs: Ensured that all backend-called commands are executed properly.
  • Inputs: Added (fictional) Tape Player Volume Knob (Recorder-On Lamp rotate-to-dim)
  • Inputs: Fixed following inputs that require rebinding:
  • Fixed Radar-Missile CW switch / binds broken
  • Fixed reversed binds Radar Polarisation CIRC 1 and CIRC 2
  • Fixed 3-pos switches on radar panel / binds to skip centre
  • Fixed Pilot Body SHOW/HIDE binds being reversed (and pedal crank)
  • Crew Chief: Fixed GPU not appearing on some occasions after moving the aircraft
  • Crew Chief: Adjusted GPU appearing/disappearing logic
  • Crew Chief: Fixed GPU spool up sound not playing sometimes
  • Missions: Fixed various issues with training missions (- fixes almost all community reports)
  • Missions: NEW: Added IA missions by Kaba (thank you!)
  • Missions: NEW: Added IA mission Paradise Lost Free Flight by Reflected (thank you!)
  • Missions: Updated missions by Sedlo, Reflected and Activity (thank you!)
  • Missions: Added more slots to Through The Inferno COOP versions
  • Missions: Updated Syria Landing mission to LOC RWY 08, added base
  • Missions: Added base to Caucasus Cold start mission
  • Missions: Updated training missions 1-4 CN localization
  • Visual: Made Cockpit much brighter with Global Illumination Off
  • Visual: Fixed AI afterburner visuals
  • Visual: Fixed nozzle and horizontal stab LoDs
  • Visual: Fixed minor LoD bugs
  • Sound: Possible fix to random sound playing on spawn in multicrew
  • Sound: Fixed gear sound bug on spawn in multicrew.
  • Sound: Fixed Tapeplayer clipping audio
  • Liveries: JASDF Jets now all have olive drab ALQ-131s
  • Liveries: Improved JV Jets nose gear door art
  • Liveries: Fixed JV Jets accidental overpaint on landing light
  • Liveries: Updated IRIAF and IIAF liveries by ISAAC (thank you!)
  • Liveries: Updated helmets on IIAF/USAF Jet by ISAAC (thank you!)

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: MP. SP. CTD at attempt to enter hot AH-64D slot
  • Fixed: CPG WPN page desync in multicrew
  • Fixed: TADS desync in multicrew
  • Fixed: TSD desync in multicrew
  • Fixed: FMC desync for CPG in multicrew
  • Fixed: Synchronization ACQs, Txx and TRN points
  • Fixed: Missiles Shot-At Data Synchronization
  • Fixed: Automatic route point sequencing corrections
  • Corrected route sequencing errors when selecting a different route on the Route Menu (RTM) sub-page or when reversing the current route.
  • WPT APPROACHING and WAYPOINT PASSED advisories corrected. Will only be displayed if neither crewstation is displaying an un-frozen TSD.
  • Distance and direction requirements for automatic route sequencing corrected.
  • When travelling along a route in the same direction as the route sequence, the next point in the route will automatically be selected when within 5 kilometers and passing abeam the currently selected point in the route.
  • When travelling along a route in the opposite direction as the route sequence, the next point in the route will automatically be selected when within 1 kilometer of the currently selected point in the route.
  • When arriving at a point that is not part of the current route but has been selected using the Direct route (DIR) function, the Navigation Fly-To will remain set to that point and will not sequence back to the route selected from the RTM sub-page.

DCS: F/A-18C by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Selecting different nose fuses will produce dud bombs
  • Fixed: Controls lock after 2nd takeoff with SC disabled- MP Only
  • Fixed: GBU-24s and AGM-154Cs do not release if you drop fuel tank first

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Сrash when switching weapons when using unlimited weapons
  • Fixed: Reverse left arm patch orientation
  • Fixed: Bomb mode selection not updating dynamically

DCS: MiG-15bis by Belsimtek

  • Added Kola Instant Action Missions
  • Campaigns

DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations

  • Mission 10: Chatter about killed enemy AWACS may at wrong time - fixed

DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations

  • Mission 0: Wingman not rejoining. Fixed.
  • Mission 1: Not receiving full points when all targets destroyed and RTB - Fixed. Pig-2 not starting when triggered (sometimes) - Fixed. Added several new Pig-2 voiceovers.
  • Mission 2: Added several new Pig-2 voiceovers. Adjusted scoring objectives. Added several Time Accel zones.
  • Mission 3: Pig-2 not starting when triggered - Fixed. Added several Time Accel zones.
  • Mission 7: Friendly armor blocking taxiway - Fixed.

DCS: F/A18C Raven One by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 2: introduced a fix to a new AAR bug introduced with last patch: Smoke should refuel normally without breaking the mission
  • Mission 3 (and shorter version): introduced a fix to a new AAR bug introduced with last patch: Smoke should refuel normally without breaking the mission

DCS: Mi-24P The Border - Prequel Campaign by Armen Murazyan

  • Mission 4: Fixed a script error when destroying infantry

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Green Line Campaign by Badger633

  • Printable mission briefs updated.
  • Mission 1: Removed trigger fail. Improved voice timings. Note added to brief.
  • Mission 2: Fail zone adjusted to prevent early fail WP1. Note added to brief.
  • Mission 3: Optional ability levels added. Unexpected fail fixed. Note added to brief.
  • Mission 4: Moving zone fixed. Optional ability levels added. Note added to brief.
  • Mission 5, 7 to 12: Note added to brief.
  • Mission 6: Bulls corrected to WP3. Note added to brief.
  • Mission 5,9,10,11: Temporary fuel bug fix.

DCS: F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 Campaign by Badger633

  • Mission 8 all versions: Missing goals fixed.

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion 2 Campaign by Badger633

  • Missions 8, 9-1 9-2 and 12: Matrix will no longer refuel but stay in formation to prevent mission fail due to current refuel bug
  • Mission 13: Sometimes, for some pilots Sting intermittently refuses to attack, fixed.

DCS: MiG-21bis Constant Peg Campaign by Bunyap Campaigns

  • Fixed: Not possible to complete Mission 1 due to the opposing coalition of a friendly F-5E
INS + GPS for F-16C
Development White Paper

The navigation system on the DCS: F-16C Viper is a complicated mixture of technical solutions that supplies the navigation avionics with coordinates, velocities, and angles that are characterized by precision, availability, integrity, and autonomy. This is achieved by the cooperative work of the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) whose navigation inputs are processed through a Kalman filter in the Modular Mission Computer (MMC). Let’s discuss each of the components in detail in the F-16C Viper GPS + INS Whitepaper.


Operation Mountain Breeze
Campaign by Sandman Simulations

In the fall of 2015, the Syrian Civil War rages between the rebels and Syrian government forces. The involvement of several foreign powers, ISIS, and Hezbollah in the conflicts further escalates tensions. The USS Theodore Roosevelt’s Air Wing has been tasked to establish a no-fly zone over the western parts of Syria to prevent attacks on civilians.

This story-driven campaign places you in the boots of a junior, US Navy pilot of the VFA-131 Wildcats squadron. Your skills as an F/A-18C pilot will be tested across 15 challenging missions. You'll receive detailed mission briefings with charts and kneeboards that can be accessed both in-game and PDF briefing documents. Detailed briefings are provided by the squadron skipper and flight lead using “in-game” mission briefings. Performance-based feedback will be provided after each mission. Voice-overs narratives between missions enhance immersion and create a compelling and varied experience.

Prepare for intense dogfights, close air support, SEAD, and strike missions. The Skipper has high expectations for you! Hopefully, you can meet them.

We trust you enjoyed the DCS: F-16C GPS + INS Whitepaper. Please stay tuned for next week’s DCS Update!

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
F-4E Phantom II
Out Now in Early Access

The F-4E, first flew on the 30th of June, 1967, and entered service in 1968. It became the most numerous version built with 1,397 examples manufactured. The “E” is distinguishable from other variants by its internal centerline 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon, with 640 rounds.

In addition to the internal cannon, the F-4E includes an impressive variety of air-to-air and air-to-ground weaponry. In air-to-air combat, the F-4E can employ both radar-guided AIM-7 Sparrow and infrared-guided AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles. The F-4E is a very powerful fighter that, in the right hands, can be a potent dogfight adversary. In the air-to-ground role, the F-4E offers a wide array of unguided bombs, rockets, and guided munitions like the AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-62 Walleye, and radar-seeker AGM-45 Shrike.

Heatblur created a deep-simulation of the F-4E radar and Pave Spike targeting pod that accurately mimics the operation, strengths, and weaknesses of these systems.

Leveraging the “Jester” AI system, Heatblur has expanded and improved upon this system to provide unique and intuitive means to work with your AI Weapon System Officer in the back seat. Whether you're engaging in historical missions, testing your skills in dogfights, or simply enjoying the power of the beast, the F-4E delivers an amazing level of detail.

Steam Special Launch Promotion
For a limited time period of 7 days, you can take advantage of a special -20% discount on your purchase of the F-4E Phantom II as a thank you to our dedicated community for your unwavering support and patience:

DCS Update
Development Progress

The latest update for DCS included several enhancements and bug fixes. Notably, improvements have been made to the environment visual effects like updated propeller and jet wash effects. Other additions include new pilot models and animations for the F-16C and F/A-18C, new Fire Control Radar functions for the AH-64D, new weapon fuse configuration options for many western aircraft, integration of the Massun Asset Pack, and more. Additionally, communication bugs post-takeoff in the ATC system and in multiplayer data link scenarios causing FPS drops have been addressed. For the detailed list of all changes, please read the full changelog.

Thank you for your continued support. We are excited to receive your feedback on the F-4E Phantom II and look forward to your reviews!

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Introduced new aircraft module - DCS: F-4E Phantom II by Heatblur
New campaign - DCS: F/A-18C Operation Green Line by BADGER633

New bomb fuze options for several modern aircraft.
Added the ability to adjust various settings to a range of US air-to-ground armament - GP LD and HD bombs, Paveway II and III, JDAM and CBUs. Adjustable settings include, where applicable, fuze types, arming and functioning delays, airburst altitude, laser seeker PRF code, bomblet release RPM and various external weapon features.
Please see: DCS: Bomb Fuze Update

DCS World

  • Added: Massun Asset Pack - numerous buildings, vehicles and fortifications.
  • Voice chat. Added warning message when the master volume is set to zero.
  • Improved propeller and jet wash effect on nearby vegetation.
  • Effects. Jet wash effect does not show for own aircraft - fixed.
  • Weapons. Corrected Mk-80 series of bombs models fuse animation.
  • VR. OpenXR. Controller/ Input. Change keypressed logic.
  • Cargo transportation. The cargo is teleported from any point on map task - fixed.
  • ATC. After take off comms stuck at abort take off - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft. AWACS. Option SILENCE does not work - fixed.
  • ME. Country field is empty when the user selects a ship in some cases - fixed.
  • MP. Eliminated bug that caused FPS drop on the server with many data link clients.
  • VR. Leap Motion Gemini 5.17.1 drivers updated.
  • Added "G Warm Up" option in Gameplay Settings. If enabled, this will set the aircraft to having already performed a G warm up IF the missions start in the air. If the mission starts on the ground (ramp, hot, or runway), the player will still have to perform a G warm up.
  • Weapons. S-25L doesn't guided on laser spot - fixed
  • 3D models. Fixed Land Rovers lods.
  • 3D models. Fixed KS-19 geometry.
  • Ships AI. Fixed CIWS on Molniya-corvettes.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added new model pilot - work in progress.
  • Added improved movements of the pilot head and torso - work in progress.
  • Added Maverick and HMCS Auto-Boresight, automatic for hot starts. Cold starts require manual boresight.
  • Fixed: Increased G-warmup effect time.
  • Added Bomb Fuze Options and Settings from ME - work in progress - missions where laser code is set to anything but default (1688) will need the code edited in Mission Editor using the new method.
  • Fixed: Tuning the IFA alignment and further FIXes.
  • Fixed: Missing scale on the standby attitude indicator.
  • Fixed: GPS time starts at 00:00 when entering a mission.
  • Fixed: FCR Air to Air Header fix.
  • Fixed: Wheel friction imbalance.
  • Fixed: FCR target Min/Max altitudes inverted in negative antenna elevation.
  • Fixed: Handoff from TGP to TV-guided AGM-65's is partially functional using TMS Right.
  • Fixed: RWR displays radars in "Track" mode in the inner "Missile Launch" ring.
  • Fixed: CCRP lateral drop limit too small.
  • Fixed: Scan volume twitching around when bugged target near or beyond gimbal limit.
  • Fixed: RWR SYS Test no longer functions.
  • Fixed: True heading on ICP stuck at 00.
  • Fixed: Boresighting Mavericks is aligning with point mid air.
  • Fixed: HSD zoom glitch.
  • Fixed: Spotlight scan volume and EXP reference box snap from centre of display instead of appearing directly at cursor location.
  • Fixed: Entering OVRD while in spotlight search can cause radar to stop working.
  • Fixed: TGP does not take INS drift into account well (coordinates and height of the point changes).
  • Fixed: Rolls left under positive G.
  • Fixed: Search target hotlines don't work.
  • Fixed: RWS SAM cannot change radar range scale is designated inside an auto-range zone.
  • Fixed: Maverick seeker LOS Slave to FPM at TMS Down ignores SPI.
  • Fixed; Right MFD rocker switch labels incorrectly refer to Left MFD.
  • Fixed: JDAM with nose plugs fitted show 0 second AD in SMS by default.
  • Fixed: Exhaust "turkey feathers" graphical clipping/misaligned.

NOTE: The Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod is in active development for release later this year.

DCS: F/A-18C by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added improved movements of the pilot head and torso - work in progress.
  • Added Button to disable the pilot moving/looking in the direction of the camera.
  • Added Bomb Fuze Options and Settings from ME - work in progress - missions where laser code is set to anything but default (1688) will need the code edited in Mission Editor using the new method. Also please note that changing the laser code of GBU via the aircraft avionics no longer functions. Code must be set in mission editor, or refuel/rearm.
  • Fixed: AGM-84E/SLAM-ER does not guide to target in TOO.
  • Fixed: No info showing for track files from MIDS if you don't have trackfiles with radar contribution.
  • Fixed: IFF Sensor Depress no longer working and very long delay to IFF.
  • Fixed: AIM-7 Sparrow not guiding when target is at bottom or low half of 12° FLOOD circle.
  • Fixed: SA page MIDS symbols misaligned.
  • Fixed: Unable to enter STT mini-raster on brick in TWS, with sensor control towards the radar.
  • Fixed: SA page TDC acts differently from RDR ATTK and AZ/EL TDC, should work the same way.
  • Fixed: Not designated track files disappear in RWS, if brick trail fades out.
  • Fixed: RSET in TWS should not deselect the HITS option.
  • Fixed: Cannot enter Waypoint Offset minutes and Seconds - getting ERROR message.
  • Fixed: Over bank in PA mode.
  • Fixed: ACQ Point Cue not showing if more than 1 radar track files present.
  • Fixed: ACQ Point Cue stuck on display after its trace file is deleted.
  • Fixed: Gun firing rate is always Low in (and after) A-G mode.
  • Check FCS schedule for errors based on user feedback (https://forum.dcs.world/topic/344261-possible-fcs-schedule-error/)
  • Fixed: AIM-9X seeker becomes stuck.
  • Fixed: AGM-84D RBL mode explodes after launch.
  • Fixed: Pressing cage/uncage for >0.8 seconds toggles AIM-7 LOFT.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added modelling and animation of equipment behind “service hatches”. Keybind to open and close are unbound to “service hatches”.
  • Added FCR C-Scope and FCR Zoom.
  • Added FCR/TADS LINK function.
  • Added C-Scope, Zoom, and LINK descriptions to FCR chapter in Early Access Guide EN.
  • Added FCR multicrew sync (Work-In-Progress).
  • Fixed: Client CPG instals FCR but FCR page for host in pilot seat indicates FCR is not installed.
  • Fixed: FCR installation and power-on indications on FCR-UTIL and WPN-UTIL pages.
  • Fixed: FCR NTS/ANTS are not sequencing for opposite crew members in multicrew.
  • Fixed: FCR NTS/ANTS are sequencing when rockets are fired at FCR targets.
  • Fixed: FCR NTS should not be cursor-selectable if FCR is not the selected sight in the crewstation.
  • Fixed: A single ghost target is appearing in the centre of the FCR page.
  • Fixed: FCR should not autopage on CPG MPD if TDU displays FCR page.
  • Fixed: FCR moving target symbol errors.
  • Fixed: Cannot exit TGT format on FCR page by de-selecting TGT (L4) button.
  • Fixed: Cursor-selecting a target on the TGT format of the FCR page is setting it as an NTS target.
  • Fixed: Missile Constraints Box not displayed on Pilot's FCR page if video underlay from CPG is displayed.
  • Fixed: Firing AGM-114L missile at FCR target causes a crash.
  • Fixed: Additional X symbol is appearing in HMD symbology when a missile is fired at an FCR target.
  • Fixed: Client/CPG weapon usage in multi-crew not synced with Pilot crewstation.
  • Fixed: Auto start sequence doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Engine starters are non-functional above 3500 feet / 1070 metres or low air densities.
  • Fixed: CPG TADS control still possible when using PNVS as NVS sensor.
  • Fixed: TADS FOV and Sensor Select settings when NVS switched off.
  • Fixed: PNVS and TADS video underlay in helmet display should not be roll-stabilised to horizon.
  • Fixed: Edge of HDU combiner lens is not limiting IHADSS video.
  • Fixed: Syncing missing entity.
  • Fixed: Training missions are missing from the game menu.
  • Fixed: Pilot and CPG views are out of place and are limited in movement.
  • Fixed: NAV Fly-To Cue symbol is displayed on TDU when symbology mode is in Hover or Bob-Up.
  • Fixed: If the CPG's TDU knob is set to OFF, "TEDAC Unavailable" is displayed when George is commanded to search
  • George will use HDU if enabled, otherwise will turn on TDU to employ TADS
  • If NVS Mode switch in CPG crewstation is set to NORM or FIXED, George will set it to OFF to employ TADS
  • Fixed: During Cold Start in day time, George should set up the cockpit for day time use.
  • Fixed: PP coordinates are slightly off in the TSD.
  • Fixed: TSD threat rings are not displayed when enabled on the THRT SHOW page.
  • Fixed: TSD FRZ (R4) is becoming de-selected if CAQ is used after PAN.
  • Fixed: User's Guide. Incorrect list numbering on page 336-337.
  • Known issues AH-64D. Will fix ASAP.
  • CPG WPN page and TSD page desync in multicrew.

DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. ARC-210 presets names get erased and modulation mixed.

DCS: Bf-109K-4 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Updated: Free Challenge Campaign Missions #11 & #12 (WIP)

DCS: F-86F Sabre by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Gun Overheat seems overdone, and recovery too long
  • Fixed: AIM-9B should not have the uncage function

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Radar clutter issues
    - increased the randomness of the range distribution, increased clutter max range
    - Note: if the track antenna is declined almost maximum, it reduces scan traces on the surface. If you move antenna up, you'll see a lot more ground clutter
  • Fixed: RWR not showing locked radars in Search mode
  • Added: AIM-9J
  • Fixed: TACAN stops working after takeoff
  • Fixed: should not be able to uncage AIM-9B pre-launch
  • Fixed: FFB X axis trim is inverted
  • Fixed: Oxygen Diluter controls incorrect behaviour when assigned to key or button
  • Updated: Laser code setting is removed from aircraft options and kneeboard

DCS: MiG-15bis by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: If strong wind is present in the mission, the controls movement becomes incorrect
  • Fixed: Marker beacon light and sound is active when it should not be
  • Fixed: Target Wingspan action error
  • Increase/Decrease actions are swapped on the non-axis commands
  • Fixed: Gunsight ranging is incorrect
  • Fixed: Human plane wheels are not touching the ground
  • Fixed: Repaired gear won't retract (after damaged at high speed)

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics
Fixed: Platcam showing a Tomcat as Hornet

Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics

  • F-15C. Nose wheel steering held wheel castor is very unstable - fixed

DCS: SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations

  • Added: New rotor blur system
  • Fixed: NADIR needle deviation on SA-342L
  • Fixed: Landing light not visible on SA-342L
  • Updated: Completely new multi crew system with join in progress (Work in progress)
  • Updated: Refined external textures
  • Updated: IR deflector model and textures
  • Added liveries:
  • UK Royal Air Force NO.2 FTS
  • UK Royal Navy Air 705 Squadron
  • LEB Air Force Grey / Green
  • GER Army Green / Black
  • SE Air Force FOA
  • Generic Navy Grey
  • Generic Black Low Visibility

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • New: Navigation Flight Plan B (FP-B)
  • FP-A and FP-B share DST channels 1-29
  • FP-B waypoints must be after FP-A waypoints
  • In ME, a waypoint with the name ‘FPB’ will be marked as the first waypoint of FP-B and all following waypoints will be assigned to FP-B.
  • In MFCD->DST page, FP-A/FP-B channels are exclusive for selection/edit.
  • You can switch FP-A and FP-B navigation plans in UFCP.
  • Fixed: C701TV image too bright issue

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

  • Hands are correctly positioned now on the stick and throttle in VR.
  • Landing gear is now lowered during repair.
  • At repair, the throttle is always moved to the cut position.
  • Repair now deselects engine emergency regulation mode.
  • Fixed engine fire not repaired in certain cases.
  • Changes to make our interface compatible with the new implementation of ED’s GBU laser code setting.
  • Corrected external lights logic (pending a fix to the formation light of the BE).
  • Exchanged navigation and formation lights labels, to correctly reflect the logic of the aircraft.
  • Fixed minor typo in clickability and input (MRK-->MKR).


  • Made the Sight Repeater in F1BE a true collimating display.
  • Adjusted visual look of Sight Repeater image border, plus other minor improvements.
  • Removed fuel transfer sequence selector (“LISSE, BIDONS”) switch in Mirage F1 BE.
  • Fixed AI police light logic: The light will not be set on anymore at taxi/takeoff.
  • Fixed AI landing/taxi light logic: it will be switched between ‘landing’ and ‘taxi’ modes correctly now. There are still minor issues, which will be addressed in the next update.
  • Implemented engine destruction due to engine overspeed.
  • Engine overspeed warning removed.
  • Adjusted engine oil consumption.

Armament system:

  • Fixed bug that precluded jettison of certain stores in certain situations and configurations.
  • Fixed Sidewinder missile growl not coming on until a heat source is detected.
  • Fixed weapons not firing after reload in unlimited weapons mode.
  • Fixed erroneous launch order for mixed IR and radar guided R530 missiles loadout - with both selected and locked, the IR one will always have launch priority.
  • Flight Model:
  • Adjusted fuselage pylon strength.


  • Updated flight manual: added engine emergency regulation system content.

DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • IR missile audio will stop now once electric power becomes unavailable.
  • "Throttle Idle Detent - Idle" and "Throttle Idle Detent - Stop" input commands are not toggle commands anymore. Each command now performs the action according to its description.
  • Fixed startup training mission - it was not advancing when moving the throttle from idle to stop.
  • Fixed autostart/autostop sequence macro: throttle will move to idle or stop as needed independently of the current throttle position (idle or stop). In other words, it won't work as a toggle.

DCS: South Atlantic map by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Updated - revamped tree maps across the map using 40% less trees.
  • Updated - Tree mix adjusted to include additional variations.
  • Updated - Falklands Island Bluff Cove area created dredged channel to allow ship movement
  • Removed - Removed the automated shipping for the oil tankers (just didn't work)

DCS: Kola map by Orbx

  • updated - Tree maps (should give more performance in densely tree populated areas)
  • fixed - removed grass from inside Hangers at Bodo
  • new - various small villages added in various locations
  • Updated: Changed the following airfield names
  • Lakselv to Banak
  • Olengorsk to Olenya
  • Severomorsk1 to Severomorsk-1
  • Severomorsk3 to Severomorsk-3
  • fixed - Laselv approach Lighting RW 16
  • fixed - Kemi ILS RW18 not aligned correctly
  • fixed - some train route height adjustment
  • fixed - Bodo some AI collisions resolved
  • updated - Bodo Parking slot names
  • fixed - Bodo AI taxi jams
  • fixed - Bodo all Military hanger height placement
  • fixed - Monchegorsk AI traffic corrections
  • fixed - Monchegorsk Incorrect parking boxes
  • fixed - Murmansk fix taxiway obstructions
  • fixed - Murmansk - various model placement issues
  • fixed - multiple breaks in roads

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • BBC is available on channel C

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • New interactive checklists

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • New interactive checklists
  • Comms issue possible workaround (C-17 voice transmitter shouldn't rtb)

DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • New interactive checklists
  • Skippable briefings

DCS: Mi-24P Outpost Campaign by Stone Sky

  • More information about setting up ICS in the campaign description

DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign by Stone Sky

  • All missions. The relay station has been changed
  • Mission 8. Fixed a bug with the moving zone
  • Mission 1. Minor changes

DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations

  • All missions: Charts and briefing materials and kneeboards updated
  • All missions: Hornet side numbers fixed to realistic
  • Mission 5: Ai behaviour changed to make sure Enfield 1 gets launched
  • Mission 6: Hornets attacking against ground targets - fixed. Mission sometimes fail even if goals are met - fixed.

DCS: P-51D Debden Eagles Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Fixed game breaking bug

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion by Badger633

  • Missions 6 & 7: EZ refuel version reducing fuel fixed.
  • Missions 8 & 9: EZ refuel versions Fords fuel mass fixed.

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion 2 by Badger633

  • Missions 1,2,3,5,7,10,11& 13: Speed stop added so if time accelerated sim will automatically stop next communication.
  • Mission 4,6,8,9a,9b and 12: Ford fuel mass fixed. Speed stop added so if time accelerated sim will automatically stop next communication.

DCS: F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 by Badger633

  • All missions except 2: As requested, enforced turbulence removed, add in your settings if required.

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion by Badger633

  • Missions 6 & 7: EZ refuel version reducing fuel fixed.
  • Missions 8 & 9: EZ refuel versions Fords fuel mass fixed.
  • All Missions: As requested, enforced turbulence removed, add in your settings if required.

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion 2 by Badger633

  • Missions 1,2,3,5,7,10,11 & 13: Speed stop added so if time accelerated sim will automatically stop next communication.
  • Mission 4,6,8,9a,9b and 12: Ford fuel mass fixed. Speed stop added so if time accelerated sim will automatically stop next communication.
  • All Missions: As requested, enforced turbulence removed, add in your settings if required.
  • EZ Refuel Version: This was not using the ‘EZ Refuel’ version of Mission 12. This is now fixed. On start you will get a notification that the campaign has been rebuilt and your position lost. Just skip to your current mission and proceed.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 02: Fixed issue happening to some players with Smoke not breaking away from player's wing. Fixed issues with RTB tanker not giving fuel / erratic behaviour. Fixed issue happening to some players with Smoke not following Flip after launch.
  • Mission 03: Added safeguard for MANPAD, reducing mission difficulty and thus diminishing possible frustration. Fixed problems with tanker on RTB. Fixed problems with no comms after leaving AO.
AH-64D Update Overview
Upcoming Update release: 21 May, 2024.

For the next DCS update, the AH-64D will see the addition of three important features: the Fire Control Radar (FCR) Zoom and C-Scope functions and the LINK function for the FCR and TADS. Both are incredibly useful when engaging targets.

The Zoom function allows you to zoom-in on the FCR Next to Shoot (NTS) target at a 6:1 ratio, or you can use the display cursor on the FCR page to select an area to zoom in on. This is very useful when engaging closely grouped targets.


The C-Scope function, also selected from the FCR page, allows you to place FCR target identification symbols on both your Helmet Mounted Sight and the CP/G TEDAC display. This is an invaluable tool for building situational awareness, and AH-64D players without an FCR installed can still see these symbols using the datalink. Both items are previewed in this DCS: AH-64D FCR ZOOM & C-SCOPE video:
The next update will also introduce the sight select LINK function to the AH-64D. This allows both the CP/G and Pilot to slave the TADS video to the FCR NTS. This will allow you to visually identify FCR targets through the TADS prior to engagement and allow you to perform battle damage assessments after an engagement. LINK also allows you to slave the FCR to the TADS.

You can learn more about LINK here DCS: AH-64 | FCR/TADS LINK

DCS Core
Massun92’s Assets Pack

We would like to thank Patricio Massun for creating his asset pack and his work to assist with integration of the 3D models as part of the DCS Core. Massun’s Asset Pack for DCS includes over 100 terrain objects including fortifications and ground models that can be placed across all DCS terrains. These models are very well designed and aid to create more realistic and immersive missions.

For more information, please check out the Massun Asset Pack for DCS forum. We are currently testing all the models and planning to include them in the next DCS update.

F-5E Tiger II
Development Progress

A favourite of Cold War pilots, the DCS: F-5E Tiger II is a very capable, twin engined, light-weight fighter with excellent close combat and ground attack characteristics. This beautiful aircraft was easy to deploy, maintain and operate and much loved by its pilots. For the next DCS update, we’ve made several improvements based on your feedback.

These include:
  • The Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) now displays radars in search mode.
  • Ground clutter on the radar is now more accurately represented based on altitude and scanning elevation.
  • We’ve added the AIM-9J version of the Sidewinder air-to-air missile.
  • TACAN operation with no weight-on-wheels has been corrected.
  • It is no longer possible to uncage the AIM-9B Sidewinder in pre-launch mode using the Missile Uncage Switch.


We hope that these F-5E improvements will further your enjoyment and make the F-5E an even better addition to upcoming Flaming Cliffs 2024.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
F-4E Phantom II
Last chance to save 25%

The much anticipated launch of the Phantom II is just around the corner. Renowned for its capabilities as a highly effective and versatile fighter-bomber, this iconic jet excels in both air-to-air combat and ground attack missions using a wide array of munitions. With Heatblur’s dedication to ultra-realistic simulation, you can expect meticulous attention to detail from cockpit graphics to the flight model. More details will be unveiled soon.

3D Pilot Models
Development Report

The upcoming pilot models for the DCS: F-16C Viper and DCS: F/A-18C are set to significantly enhance the realism and immersion of these aircraft. We are excited to bring these updates to you, and we look forward to your feedback.

The primary objectives for the new pilot models are to:

  • Enhance visual fidelity and realism in line with new graphical technologies.
  • Improve animation fluidity for more lifelike pilot movements.
  • Incorporate detailed flight suits and equipment specific to the aircraft, reflecting actual gear worn by F-16C and F/A-18C pilots in the mid-2000s

Suit Modelling
The flight suits are crafted with high-resolution textures to accurately replicate the fabric and material properties. Special attention has been paid to the reflectivity and roughness maps to ensure that the suits react realistically under various lighting conditions. Harness systems and life support equipment have been carefully modelled. For the F-16C pilot, the harness connects to the ejection seat precisely as it would in the real aircraft. The F/A-18C pilot features a survival vest equipped with pockets and gear appropriate for carrier operations. The helmets are modelled with operational visors that can move up and down, helmet mounted displays, and night vision goggles.

Subtle in-cockpit movements such as head-turning to check instruments, hand movements for throttle and stick operation, torso movements, and even eye movements are being refined to mimic real-life. We continue to work on making the pilot’s body respond to G-forces more realistically. We hope to include inflation of the G suit during high-G manoeuvres and subtle shifts in weight.

Next Steps
Once these new pilot models are integrated for the first and third person views for the DCS: F-16C Viper and the DCS: F/A-18C, we will implement a similar 3D pilot model to the DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer.

Operation Green Line
Campaign by Badger633

This immersive campaign features 12 unique missions that are interconnected through a continuous narrative across multiple Middle Eastern locations. Both carrier and land-based operations are included. Developed with virtual reality in mind, the campaign eliminates the need for jotting down transient coordinates, thereby maintaining immersion. Optional tanker refuelling is available, though careful fuel management can negate its necessity.

The campaign includes over 1,700 voice-overs, a 'Speed Stop' feature to prevent missing content during time acceleration, and adjustable AI settings for the final four missions to suit different skill levels. Each mission comes with detailed briefings that are accessible in-game and as downloadable PDFs. Customised aircraft skins are included to enhance the personalisation of the gameplay experience.

We hope you took advantage of the F-4E Phantom pre-purchase discount and that the preview of the upcoming F-16C Viper and F/A-18C pilots are to your satisfaction. Also, keep a lookout for Badger633's Operation Green Line campaign, coming in the next DCS update!

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
DCS Update
Introduced a new terrain module: DCS: Kola Map by Orbx

DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign by INVERTED

  • Reset the M00 opening animation to address the issue of not being able to take off directly. (If you encounter this problem, it is recommended to press the radio menu: Ground Crew - Salute)
  • Fixed the issue in M07 where there is no further storyline after shooting down all enemy.
  • Fixed missing Chinese images and translations of some dialogues in M10.
  • Fixed spelling text errors in some MIZ.
  • Fixed missing custom labels for some MIZ.
  • "Hit SA-11 CP" has been removed and "Hit all SA-11 LNs" has been added from the final mission objective in Tutorial - HARM.
  • Changed the activation time of some images in Tutorial - ACM.
  • Fixed the invincibility of some units to correct mission stuck in Tutorial - HMD.
  • Changed the type of IR missile to fixed the mission stuck in Tutorial - CMD IR.
  • Changed some flag to fixed the mission stuck in Tutorial - CMD CF.
  • Reduce the starting altitude to facilitate players in reducing bombing errors in Tutorial - CCRP.

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • BBC is available on channel C

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • New interactive checklists

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • New interactive checklists
  • Comms issue possible workaround (C-17 voice transmitter shouldn't rtb)

DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • New interactive checklists
  • Skippable briefings
Kola map by Orbx Systems
Early Access is now available

Orbx is pleased to announce that its DCS: Kola map is now available in early access. The map covers northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Murmansk Oblast and parts of the Karelia region. It also includes large areas of the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea to the north and west, ideal for aircraft carrier operations.

The DCS: Kola early access release is offered with a special 20% discount ($55.99 USD), for a limited time whilst the Orbx team work to expand the content, detail, number of air bases, cities, towns, villages and infrastructure. The map price may also increase accordingly, so make sure you secure your discounted version now.

The early-access release of DCS: Kola focuses on a large area that spans the Finland/Russia border and encompasses, central Finland and the western parts of the Murmansk and Karelia regions of Russia (see map). Within that subregion are several higher detailed areas, centered on airports in Finland (Rovaniemi, Kemi Tornio plus two road airbases), and Russia (Olenegorsk, Severomorsk 1, Severomorsk 3, Monchegorsk, and Murmansk International), and their urban and rural surroundings and infrastructure. Outside of this focus area, two airports in Norway (Bodo and Laksekv) and three in Sweden (Kalixfors, Kiruna, and Jokkmokk) are functional but not fully detailed yet.

Key Features of the Early-Access Release

  • Complete base terrain for the entire map area, with detailed topography, summer ground textures summer, shorelines, and lakes and rivers.
  • An initial focus area spans the Finland/Russia border and encompasses central Finland and the western parts of the Murmansk and Karelia regions of Russia (see map).
  • Four high-detail areas, focusing on two airports in Finland (EFRO, EFKE) and five in Russia (XLMV, ULAK, RU-1110, RU-4464, ULMM), and their urban and rural surroundings and infrastructure.
  • Two road runways in Finland, near Rovaniemi and Sodankylä, respectively.
  • Two additional airports in Norway (ENBO and ENNA) and two in Sweden (ESNQ, ESUK, and ESNG) are functional but not fully detailed at early-access release.
  • Significant civilian POIs include bridges, vertical obstructions, monuments, hydro dams, power stations, port facilities, landmark buildings, open-pit mines, towns and small villages, and industrial sites.
  • Improved night lighting for cities and towns.
  • Main road and railroad network, with bridges and tunnels, which are connected across the map that allows long-distance AI routing.
  • Natural landmarks and geographic features, such as Norwegian fjords, detailed coastlines, snowfields, forests and wetlands, tens of thousands of lakes, and large river systems.
  • Map features represent the current era but includes allowances for the late-Cold War era – e.g., operational road runways and fully functioning Russian air bases – to enhance mission options.
  • The Orbx team is collaborating with experienced DCS campaign creators Baltic Dragon and Reflected Simulations to create engaging campaigns.

Additional Features after Early-Access Release

  • Complete set of winter textures that load dynamically based on mission date to accurately represent the cold and harsh climate of the Kola area.
  • Additional detailed military airfields, including Andøya, Bardufoss, Kirkenes, Evenes, Vidsel, Kilpyavr, Alakkurti, and others.
  • Additional military installations like naval and army bases, barracks, ports, storage areas, training areas/ranges, radar and communication sites, and air defense sites.
  • Additional Cold War Era Swedish and Finnish road runways.
  • Additional civilian airports, including Tromsø, Hammerfest, Ivalo, Luleå, and others.
  • Additional detailed cities and towns, POIs, and industrial sites.
  • Improvements to landscape features and detail, as well as additional areas with high-resolution aerial orthoimagery.


Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Development Progress

“The DCS: Kola map by Orbx will be released into early access on the 3rd of May 2024 bringing a new and engaging region to DCS. Based on the current day, with allowances for Cold War scenarios, the map covers more than 575,000 sq km of land and large areas of the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea. The early access release will feature summer textures with the highest detail area stretching along the Russian/Finnish border from the Murmansk region of the Kola peninsula in the north to the shores of the Baltic Sea in the south. This area is home to the Russian Northern Fleet, the submarine pens of Polyarny, strategic air bases such as Severomorsk and Olegnegorsk, and several Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian air bases, and road runways!

We at Orbx are delighted to collaborate with experienced campaign creators including Baltic Dragon and Reflected Simulations to bring exciting campaigns to this map.

Following the early access release, we will deliver major updates starting in June 2024. This includes winter textures and additional airbases such as Andoya, Bardufoss, Evenes, Vidsel, Kilpyavr, Alakkurti, and others. Many military installations and training areas across the Kola map will be further developed with improvements added to terrain detail based on high-resolution aerial orthoimagery. New cities and towns, more custom POIs and vertical obstructions, and complex industrial sites will also be added.

We have recruited a large team of active DCS players to help with all aspects of testing, optimization, and prioritisation to help tune and improve the map.”

– Orbx

Please check out the Development Screenshots. Stay tuned for the early access launch of DCS: Kola.

Flaming Cliffs 2024

Coming Soon! Flaming Cliffs (FC) 2024 is the next chapter of the popular Flaming Cliffs series that features an expanded list of aircraft: The FC: F-5E, FC: F-86F, and FC: MiG-15bis. As with all FC aircraft, these additions are easy-to-learn, with less complex controls, and includes their DCS Professional Flight Models. The more accessible FC-style concept allows new and existing players to quickly jump into the action and have fun at an exceptionally advantageous price point.

Flaming Cliffs 2024 provides an unrivalled sense of flight that only DCS can offer. With impressive and highly realistic 3D modelling, powerful authentic weapons and ease of use, Flaming Cliffs is specifically designed for those of you looking for an unbeatable combat experience, without having to learn all the systems and a very large number of cockpit inputs typical of the full fidelity aircraft in DCS.

Existing Flaming Cliffs Aircraft:

  • F-15C
  • A-10A
  • Su-27
  • J-11
  • Su-33
  • Su-25
  • MiG-29
  • MiG-29S

Three New Flaming Cliffs Aircraft:

  • F-5E for Flaming Cliffs 2024
  • F-86F for Flaming Cliffs 2024
  • MiG-15bis for Flaming Cliffs 2024

All aircraft will be available both as part of the Flaming Cliffs 2024, as well as individual FC dedicated modules for those of you who wish to purchase a single fighter from the pack.

Virtual Carrier Wing 17
Multiplayer Server

The Virtual Carrier Wing 17 operates in the Central EU time zone. Throughout the year, vCVW-17 alternates between training and deployment periods. New student pilots and RIOs are trained by experienced air wing members and human LSOs / AICs are available during missions to add extra realism.

The vCVW-17 strives to mimic real CVW operations in the early 2000s, with every bit of the naval aviation experience imaginable. They take a realistic approach to their operations that covers Cyclic Ops, Close Air Support, Strike Packages, and more. Briefings and kneeboard pages are provided before each mission or training sortie and debriefings are used to provide post-mission evaluation that results in better virtual naval aviators. What are you waiting for? Join Virtual CVW-17 Discord.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics


The Boeing CH-47F Chinook fondly referred to as ‘The Hook’ by US military personnel, stands today as the premier multi-mission rotary wing aircraft in use with the US Army, US Army Reserve, National Guard and 20 other nations including Canada, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Greece, Spain, South Korea, Australia, Türkiye, India and the United Arab Emirates. Embodying a unique tandem rotor design this massive helicopter excels in all its roles, including cargo and troop transportation, sling load operations, search and rescue, casualty evacuation, special operations, and humanitarian assistance in disaster scenarios.

Engineered for exceptional stability and control, the CH-47F twin engine, tandem rotor configuration ensures maximum agility and facilitates straightforward loading and unloading procedures. This design uniquely positions the CH-47F for operation in environments inaccessible to others. The absence of tail rotor interference permits rear ramp access on varied terrains, including unprepared or mountainous locations, capitalising on its remarkable landing capability. Furthermore, the aircraft's design facilitates high-altitude flight up to 20,000 feet, surpassing other helicopters in its weight category.

The CH-47F is equipped with a state-of-the-art, fully integrated digital cockpit management system; the Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) Cockpit, in synergy with a Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS). These advanced systems enhance cargo-handling efficiency while significantly boosting mission performance and all weather situational awareness. CH-47F also offers side and rear door gunner positions, a radar warning receiver with chaff and flare dispensers for auto protection.

With the capability to cover extensive distances swiftly, the CH-47F can be outfitted with extended range fuel tanks and is compatible with air-to-air refuelling, thus extending its operational range further than ever before. This capability underscores the aircraft’s adaptability and endurance, making it a formidable asset in any fleet.

In total some 1'200 plus CH-47 helicopters of all variants were delivered. This icon of a war machine saw combat service in all the major theatres since its inception, notably Vietnam, Iran, Libya, The Falklands, The Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Capabilities of the CH-47F
  • Tandem Rotor Design: The CH-47F features a distinctive tandem rotor system with two counter-rotating rotors. This design provides exceptional handling qualities and allows for a large lift capacity, which is crucial for carrying heavy payloads. The absence of a tail rotor also enhances safety in confined areas and simplifies maintenance, offering unhindered rear cargo and troop loading in addition to side door access.
  • Powerful Performance: Powered by two Honeywell T55-GA-714A engines, the CH-47F offers impressive power and performance. These engines deliver up to 4,868-shaft-horsepower combined, enabling the aircraft to reach speeds over 175 mph (282 km/h) with a payload of more than 21,000 pounds (9,500kg).
  • Cargo Handling and Versatility: The CH-47F's large cargo hold can accommodate a wide variety of loads, from standard palletized goods to vehicles and artillery, as well as the fuel cells for “Fat Cow” operations. Its rear-loading ramp and three external cargo hooks provide multiple options for loading and unloading, facilitating efficient logistics operations under diverse conditions.
  • Advanced Avionics and Systems: The “glass-cockpit” of the CH-47F is equipped with advanced avionics, including a Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) cockpit, BAE Systems' Digital Advanced Flight Control System (DAFCS), night vision-compatible displays, and modern navigation systems. These enhancements improve situational awareness and flight safety, particularly in challenging environments.
  • Crew Capacity and Configuration: Typically operated by a crew of three (two pilots and a flight engineer), the CH-47F can also carry up to 3 gunners.
  • Enhanced Survivability: Advanced countermeasures suite, which includes radar warning receivers and infrared countermeasures. Its rugged airframe and systems redundancy are designed to withstand significant damage.

The CH-47F is an essential component of any military or humanitarian fleet, capable of performing in the most demanding situations. Its enduring design and continual updates ensure that it will remain a key player in aviation for years to come.

Key Features of the DCS: CH-47F for early access release

  • Highly detailed external and internal modelling, including cockpit and cargo hold
  • Unmatched helicopter flight dynamics that only DCS can provide
  • Fully interactive, VR-ready cockpit
  • Full set of features will be announced prior to early access

Pre-purchase yours today!
Don’t miss the exclusive 30% discount during the pre-purchase phase on our Shop. Hurry! This offer only lasts until launch.

Thank you again for your passion, support and commitment to DCS. We can’t wait to see you in the cockpit!

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
DCS World

  • Slingload cargo can't be hooked in multiplayer (dedicated server) - fixed
  • Network protocol changed
Development progress

The latest update for DCS brings a wide range of improvements and fixes. Notable additions include the implementation of an explosion overpressure shockwave effect on terrain vegetation and enhancements to voice chat functionality.

Updates specific to aircraft modules include adjustments to the G effect timing for the F-16C Viper, embedded INS + GPS logic improvements, and numerous bug fixes for the F-16C, F/A-18C, A-10C II, AH-64D, and others. Other improvements include the radar standby mode for Mirage F1, communications enhancements for C-101 Aviojet, and airspace designation capabilities for JF-17.

Please see the full changelog.

WWII Pacific
Development progress

USS Enterprise (CV-6) Aircraft Carrier
The big “E” is known as one of the most storied aircraft carriers of World War II. From its distinct structure to its bustling flight deck, we are meticulously crafting every detail to recreate the experience of being aboard this legendary vessel.

F6F Hellcat
The Hellcat is progressing well with the Flight Model receiving a lot of attention. The external model details are being polished with various liveries being created for the launch. The Hellcat was by far the most successful U.S. Navy fighter type of the Pacific Theatre of Operation with the F6F accounting for 5,163 kills or 56% of all aerial victories recorded by the USN and US Marines in WWII. Its effectiveness was outstanding with an overall 19:1 kill to loss ratio.

Marianas WWII
A substantial amount of work is also being made to the free DCS: Marianas WWII map. In addition, an array of other US Navy and Imperial Japanese surface warfare vessels and ground units are in progress too. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Mi-24P Hind
OUTPOST Campaign by Stone Sky

Prepare for the OUTPOST campaign that places you on the front line of real combat operations from the DCS: Syria’s Arab Republic. In this global geopolitical conflict, Syria stands as a pivotal point for both Russia and the United States. This segment focuses on the DCS: Mi-24P Hind as a guiding participant in the liberation of Syria from terrorist forces between 2012 and 2018.



In this campaign you will experience many of the map's prominent landmarks, including Beirut, Damascus, Aleppo, and Palmyra. There are 15 missions based on true stories where you will encounter significant air bases such as Khmeimim, Marj Ruhail, Abu ad Duhur, Mezze, Kuwaires and Tiyas. Also included are custom liveries for the KA-50 3, KC-135, JF-17, Su-27 and Su-33 and over 100 kneeboard pages, charts and maps. Download now!


Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
Hot-fix for the latest DCS Version. Please download update your DCS version now!

DCS World

  • Error in wMessage::buildSpeech() ("F-15E - Communication issues with high-digit call signs, support high digits callsigns)
  • GUI Error when try to change frequency in the generated mission

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • INS loses data if engine shuts down and EPU is triggered
  • laser code set in ME not working
  • Tuning the IFA alignment - IFA with GPS velocity update fix (an important one

DCS World

  • CTD with new Oculus/Meta Quest 2/3 v63 software - fixed.
  • NEW: Added over-pressure shockwave influence from bombs, missiles, shells and gunfire on terrain vegetation like trees, bushes, and grass.
  • FIXED - Linked Zone doesn't work with player-controlled units in Mission Editor.
  • ChinaAssetPack. Fixed HQ-7 AI launcher missile guidance issue (better hit rate).
  • ChinaAssetPack. Changed HQ-7 EO drivable version back to tracking radar version
  • Voice chat:
    - Added a separate input layer for each FC3 aircraft.
    - Added the Forced PTT mode for intercom.
    - Fixed. FM range is missing R-862 radio.
    - Fixed. The frequency range of P-832M.
  • Weapons. Chaffs do not affect some radar-guided SAMs missiles - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Tanker hose-cone is in retracted state when refuelling - fixed.
  • Update default trimmer sounds in accordance with new references.
  • AI aircraft. Helicopter with certain main rotor damage makes its crew heads bounce as if head-bangers - fixed.
  • ME. Crash when deleting text from editor text field in some cases - fixed.
  • GUI. When the user edit the joystick name and pressing <ENTER> (as suggested by tooltip), OPTIONS window closes - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-65E2\L still hits the target after the laser designator turns off - fixed.
  • ME. Freeze at Sim Poststart when using 'Show Hidden Units' - fixed.
  • MP. When started after a DCS client, a local dedicated server "steals" Force Feedback from the DCS client - fixed.
  • MP. JTAC laser code setting is transferred to another mission - fixed.
  • AI surface. Some ships prevent Fog of War unfogging when they are more or less distant from the enemy targets - fixed.
  • AI surface. Ground units don't work if the mission has an intro - fixed.
  • AI surface. Some units always face north - fixed.
  • Airborne troops. Crash when requesting to disembark - fixed.
  • AI surface. Added new sound for M-60, BMD-1 and BTR-D.
  • 3D Models. Fixed models (SA-10) S-300.
  • GUI. CTD when trying to play Ogg Theora video tutorials - fixed.
  • SNS devices. Digital map floating after initialization when an aircraft spawns airborne - fixed.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • G effect improvements. Loss of color, tunnel vision, and black out have been adjusted and all happen over a greater time period. This is most useful AFTER performing a G warmup (4 to 5 G for 90-degrees, and then the same manoeuvre back in the other direction). At 9.3 G and after a G warmup, blackout now occurs at approximately 30 seconds instead of 9.5 seconds. - work in progress. Sound effects will be done later.
  • Added embedded INS+GPS logic based on Kalman filter. - work in progress.
  • Fixed: “Knife Edge Pass” review FCS logic.
  • Fixed: TGT-TO-VRP (CCRP) crash when activating it.
  • Fixed: CTD when switching FCR mode in OVERRIDE.
  • Fixed: Datalink with human players not working if GPS is unavailable.
  • Fixed: Datalink doesn't work for maps in the Western hemisphere.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer datalink share of detected air targets.
  • Fixed: VSR gets stuck in EXP when switching to VSR in EXP.
  • Fixed: FCR auto-display range is not working with a SAM designated target.
  • Fixed: VSR Scan limits not possible to slew.
  • Fixed: TGP line-of-sight oscillations and freezing.
  • Fixed: Commanding area or point track with TGP in STBY moves SPI to behind aircraft.
  • Fixed: FPS drop with JDAM.
  • Fixed: Maverick ripple lock loss.
  • Fixed: MAV TD BOX drift.
  • Fixed: Inboard HARMs jettisoned inhibit outboard HARMs from designation.
  • Fixed: HSD Expand can cause some symbology to disappear.
  • Fixed: MSL/DGFT/AA mode OSB 9..
  • Fixed: Sensors do not follow steerpoint after AGM-65 EO-VIS usage.
  • Fixed: WCMD loss of TUI after bomb release on HUD.
  • Fixed: HTS major and minor axis data becomes unstable in some situations.
  • Fixed: Engine nozzle feathers graphical error.
  • Fixed: Jamming SURV effect improvements.
  • Fixed: Display behaviour for AGM-65 LOS Circle "in range" box is inconsistent.
  • Fixed: Cockpit seems to have two reflections.
  • Fixed: IAM missed by the amount of drift.
  • Fixed: GMT TMS Up while tracking moving ground targets causes target info and background map to disappear.
  • Fixed: AGM-65 setting SOI to WPN before designating in EO-VIS moves designation to 0,0 coordinates.
  • Fixed: GBU-24 symbology jumping around and erratic when on ground.
  • Fixed: Cursor zero ignores newly set Mark Point if using DTOS.
  • Fixed: F-16 Switching from TWS to RWS while in STT drops track briefly.
  • Fixed: Visual issue with F-16 HUD glass edge.

DCS: F/A-18C by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: BRA on RDR ATTK page does not use MAG, using TRUE heading incorrectly.
  • Fixed: AACQ and Bullseye information is overlapping - Bullseye symbol overlapping.
  • Fixed: High drag bomb release error in Free Fall (FF) mode.
  • Fixed: RAID mode can be "pre-activated" prior to entering TWS.
  • Disabled Game Flight Mode.
  • Fixed: ASI command makes a little overcompensation command - Pitch down tendency.
  • Fixed: Check stab command NU at landing flare touch down.
  • Fixed: TDC in RDR ATTK and AZ/EL does not show info for trackfiles in memory, when in STT.
  • Fixed: Check trim advisory not showing.
  • Fixed: Steerpoint TPOD misalignment/drift.
  • Fixed: ACM Slew and NO RAD indication under specific flow.

DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. Altimeter is missing a decimal separator for pressure setting.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Game Flight Mode disabled.
  • Fixed: CTD on turning on AH-64D TADS.
  • George AI tuning.
  • NOTE: In the next update, we plan to add LINK, ZOOM, and C-Scope functions.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: Bind for radar altimeter dangerous altitude setting
  • Fixed: While “Hydro Lock” option activated , moving collective without hydro release pressed still affects avionics but not FM

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. P-47D-40 bugged gunsight external texture
  • Fixed. hydraulics drives fail to extend undercarriage after repair
  • Added. New landing gear physics

DCS: P-51D Mustang by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added. New landing gear physics (including TF-51D)

DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX by Eagle Dynamics

  • Cockpit reflection tuned

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Deck crew LODs have spikes
  • Fixed: Supercarrier ATC radio menu is broken during takeoff from the catapult
  • Fixed: Radio menu may break after repeated landing request in some case

DCS: NS430 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. Terrain mode memory leak leads to CTD
  • Fixed. Options menus have truncated labels
  • Fixed. Wrong indicated ground speed
  • Fixed. HFOM and VFOM statuses on GPS page won't fit into its fields
  • Fixed. Crash that happens during zooming in and out on the Persian Gulf map

DCS: Mirage F1 by Aerges

  • Rear pilot is now not present in the Mission Editor preview window (basically in payload dialog) when the 'Solo Flight' option is selected.
  • The rear pilot is now not present in a human-controlled Mirage F1 BE, once in the mission, when the 'Solo Flight' option is enabled.
  • Adjusted appearance of the aircraft mission options dialog.
  • Now with the 'Disable force feedback effects' option checked, force feedback joysticks (if any is connected) will always return a constant spring force. All FFB shake effects will be disabled as well.
  • Now with the 'Disable force feedback effects' option checked, 'Force Feedback' section in the Special Options dialog is inactive.


  • Implemented radar 'Standby' mode.
  • Implemented radar power up sequence: Display is available at the 31st second after radar power up (PNE light goes out at the 35th second), and transmitter is ready after 3 minutes timeout (EMI light will cease at this moment).
  • Added power up logic for the radar “AP” (parametric amplifier) light.
  • Fixed dedicated 1st and 2nd stage commands of the radar antenna elevation buttons behaviour when 2nd stage is released with 1st stage still being held pressed.
  • The radar resulting antenna altitude difference now can't be more than +/-48000 ft in both 'E' and 'D' elevation control modes.


  • Fixed clickability issues (shifted clickspots) with the lights panel at the right side of the Optical Sight ( 'C + M or SW' and 'Jammer Detection' lights).
  • Fixed AoA light strip not illuminating in Mirage F1 BE rear cockpit.
  • Fixed combat flaps logic not working in Mirage F1 BE.
  • Fixed Optical Sight test symbology appearance:

- 'Approach' test mode is now enabled for testing only when none of the weapon modes were selected.
- Attitude scale now displays -60 deg of pitch and 180 deg of bank in normal scale display mode, and -40 mil of pitch and 180 deg of bank in simplified scale display mode.
- Gun firing reticle now has 40 mil diameter in all test modes.
- Adjusted the following symbols positions in various test modes: target symbol, gun firing reticle, radar command reticle.

  • IFF will start in N when the aircraft is initialised hot on the ground.
  • Fixed brightness adjustment of IFF lights.
  • Default mode 2 IFF code is now 2000.
  • Added magnetic indicator logic in the Mode 4 IFF panel.
  • Fixed launch problems created by a mixed F1 and F4 rocket payload.

Flight Model:

  • Added vibrations with airbrake deployment at high Mach.
  • Fixed a small bug in airbrake pitching moment tables.


  • Added 'Engage Ships' radio command.
  • Added 'Engage with' radio submenu.
  • Added F1 TRAP 136 and TRAP 137B radios presets for Voice Chat.
  • Changed TRAP 136 V/UHF radio guard frequency to the standard one: 243 MHz.
  • Voice Chat intercom does not operate anymore when electric power is unavailable.

3D model and textures:

  • Added cryptographic computer unit texture.


  • Updated Flight Manual. Mainly IFF description, including mode 4, and Controls Window description.

DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Rear pilot is now not present in the Mission Editor preview window (basically in payload dialog) when the 'Solo Flight' option is selected.
  • 'Solo Flight' is now available for AI-controlled aircraft.
  • Fixed C-101EB 'English' cockpit livery not being applied.
  • Now with the 'Disable force feedback effects' option checked, force feedback joysticks (if any is connected) will always return a constant spring force. All FFB shake effects will be disabled as well.


  • Added Voice Chat sound filters parameters for ARC-134, V/TVU-740, and VHF-20B radios presets.

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • New: inSky SATAC 2022 Champion skin
  • New: draw two airspace on HSD (A: purple and B: cyan)
  • MISSION (default): Added by mission maker using draw->line->segments

- Blue: BKYA and BKYB
- Red: RKYA and RKYB
- Neutral: NKYA and NKYB

F10 Label: Added by player on F10 using label

  • JKYA1~JKYA10 and JKYB1~JKYB10
  • Always closed polygon

Preset: Added by preset lua
- Each terrain has its own airspace lua
- Lua sample can be found in JF-17/Doc directory
- Lua (file) can be edited (replaced) during (MP) mission for quick update
- In MP, each flight/squadron can use its own lua (convenient distribution)
- Help keep F10 map clean

  • Clean: remove airspace from HSD
  • Note:

- You can select airspace source in configuration panel then update DTC
- Each draw no more than 10 line segments

  • Fixed: unstoppable refocus of WMD7 camera
  • Fixed: WMD7 laser cannot be repaired after run out of life
  • Adjusted: WMD7 CCD image source (better CCD grey image)
  • Adjusted: install/remove ladder and inlet cover via config panel
  • Adjusted: switched to ED’s GB-6 and LS-6

DCS: Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed Ka-50 old QS Syria missions corrupted start position
  • Incorrect audio/subtitle warning given for INU Fixpoint within 18km - fixed

DCS: Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics

  • A-10A. Panel lights texture issue (border) - fixed
  • A-10A. Cockpit model adjustments
  • Su-33. Reflections can be too strong at odd times on gauges - fixed
  • Su-25T. Kh-58 missile collide with plane during launch with big sideslip angle - fixed
  • A-10A. HSI and ILS are not working - fixed
  • Su-25A. CCRP ripple release mode does not work with MBD2-67 - fixed
  • Su-27. MFD placed in wrong place in HUD view mode - fixed

DCS: L-39 Albatros by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added Marianas Instant Action missions

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Cockpit reflections tuned

DCS: Yak-52 by Eagle Dynamics

  • FIXED: Reflections too strong under flashlight

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed player-JTAC operation in MP.

DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations
Campaign was updated to version 2.3

  • All Missions - Top down review and many bugs squashed big and small. Many thanks to Pyrocumulous! His help was instrumental.
  • All missions - radio frequencies better coordinated for all aircraft in the strike package
  • All missions - updated Datalink connections for all like aircraft.
  • All missions - changed all displayed messages to Clearview
  • All missions - updated to new F10 menu system which adds new options for the player to manage thier simulation's environment. Thanks Gareth Magnall https://www.youtube.com/@Pukin-Dog
  • All missions - Wingmen (Pig-2, 3 & 4) changed over to a seperate group for more tasking flexibility. Thanks B.D.
  • All missions - added the option of a Practice Sortie to each mission. This will allow the mission pilot to exit the primary mission, fly a practice sortie with the same loadout as the primary mission, and then reenter the primary mission. The mission pilot can fly and practice any technique/profile, rearm and refuel as desired, and then re-enter the primary mission when ready.
  • All missions - now have the ability to accelerate time (fast forward between waypoints) without missing any mission critical inputs or messages. Thanks Sedlo.
  • All missions - datacards use different font/colors for easier reading.
  • All missions - end of mission music added.

DCS: F/A-18C Flaming Sunrise Campaign by Sandman Simulations

  • All missions – Air defense visibility adjusted to get AI SEAD flights attack higher priority targets over Rapiers and AAA

DCS: F/A-18C Inherent Resolve Campaign by Looking Glass

  • Updated mission 13

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Su-25T was removed from modules list

DCS: F/A-18C Inherent Resolve Campaign by Looking Glass

  • Added campfire to mission 1 to assist in location of enemy training camp

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • ATC frequencies changed and corrected

Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Complete revamp of the campaign to version 2.0
  • Every mission uses historical locations now
  • Mission historical inconsistencies fixed
  • Mission timings adjusted based on further research
  • Smoothened triggers
  • More voice overs and sound effects added
  • Reworked kneeboards and briefing visuals
  • Corrected mission timings
  • ATC frequencies changed and corrected yet again.

DCS: P-51D Debden Eagles Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • ATC frequencies changed and corrected yet again.
  • All takeoff sequences were reworked

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • More damage fail safes added to mission 12

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • ATC frequencies changed and corrected

DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Mission 12 - flight has no bombs - fixed

A-10C / A-10C II Basic Flight Training Qualification Campaigns by Maple Flag Missions

  • Corrected CMSP Switch Trigger Test for both A-10C and A-10C II BFT01 missions.

DCS: UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign

  • Mission 1 - In some cases, AI does not trigger when landing at station 1. The trigger has been adjusted and the take-off can be forced as a solution via the F-10 radio menu.

DCS: Raven One Dominant Fury Campaign
Mission 2:

  • fixed issue where mission would not progress after reporting seeing the yacht
  • complete mission update to match new radio system
  • F10 radio menu and space bar now can be replaced by HOTAS switches for better immersion
  • added Link4 and ACLS to the carrier

Mission 9:

  • fixed issue with Texaco 21 refuelling of Texaco 11
  • fixed issue with SCUDs not firing and breaking the mission
  • complete mission update to match new radio system
  • F10 radio menu and space bar now can be replaced by HOTAS switches for better immersion
  • added Link4 and ACLS to the carrier
  • added working TACAN to all flight members

F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 Campaign by Badger633

  • Missions 1: Fail on entering display fixed.
  • Missions 3,5, 8 and 10: EZ refuel versions Fords fuel mass reduced

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion by Badger633

  • Mission 6: IR shield removed from enemy Helos.
  • Mission 7: Convoy blocking itself and not moving fixed.
  • Missions 4 to 9 and 13: EZ refuel versions Fords fuel mass reduced.

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion 2 by Badger633

  • Mission 6: F18 not exploding fixed.
  • Mission 4,6,8,9a,9a and 12: EZ refuel versions Fords fuel mass reduced.
  • Mission 12: Bugged moving rectangular zone fixed.
15th Anniversary Q&A Videos

We hope that our approach to packaging your questions works well and that you will enjoy Matt’s performance. Over the coming months we will be providing further videos covering your 2000+ questions. As you can imagine, quite a few of the issues raised have similarities and hence we have categorised them in subject matter blocks published on Youtube and on our Forums. Enjoy!

Check out the first video on Performance questions.

Written and additional answers can be found on the Forum here. Thank you for your patience and all your support!

F-16C Viper
Development Report

F-16C INS+GPS System Overview
The navigation system on the DCS: F-16C Viper is a complicated mixture of technical solutions that are intended to supply the avionics with coordinates, velocity, and angles, that are characterised by precision, availability, integrity and autonomy. This is achieved by the cooperative work of the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) whose navigation inputs are processed through a Kalman filter in the Modular Mission Computer (MMC). Let’s discuss each of the components in detail.

The Inertial Navigation System is an autonomous device that performs dead reckoning of aircraft coordinates by measuring the accelerations and then integrating them twice whilst taking into account the aircraft’s orientation in space. The latter is obtained from the F-16 ring-laser gyros. This type of INS is termed “strapdown” as there are no rotating parts. Basically, INS consists of three accelerometers, each for one orthogonal axis, and three gyros.

The main features of INS improvements are:

  • Autonomy, as it doesn’t require any external signals to do dead reckoning.
  • Stability in a short period of time (5-10 minutes).
  • Noticeable error accumulation over longer periods of time based on the physics of dead reckoning. Together with the integration of accelerations (to update speed) and integration of position (to update coordinates), the small errors at the level of accelerations that are introduced by accelerometer noises and imperfect alignment are integrated twice as well.

Furthermore, the larger those errors are, the faster they accumulate due to the so-called integral correction of INS, which updates the local Earth gravitational force vector with the coordinates and adds them into the relative angles of the G vector.

Another distinctive feature of INS is the Schuler Oscillation with a period of 84.4 minutes. Due to the integral correction algorithm mentioned above, the INS behaves like a pendulum. In ideal circumstances, it stays in equilibrium while the aircraft moves along the Earth. When coordinate errors appear, it displaces the pendulum from the resting point and it starts oscillating. The larger the errors are, the larger the amplitude of the introduced oscillations. That’s why one may notice that INS errors get smaller at a rate of 84.4 minutes once airborne.

Global positioning system measures the aircraft position by measuring the signal propagation delay from GPS satellites to the receiver. Satellite orbits are precisely known, the exact positions of the satellites are computed according to an almanack that is transmitted in the same GPS radio signals. That’s why GPS needs a couple of minutes after the cold to start obtaining the almanack. The moments of the signal transmission are also known and are defined by a very precise atomic clock on board the satellite. Thus, in an ideal case, if the GPS signals are propagated through space with the constant speed of light, as they do in a vacuum, the receiver could precisely determine its position by intersecting the surfaces of equidistant radio signal delays from the satellites. You may think of it as spheres with centres located at the satellite’s positions, although it’s a bit more complicated in real life. However, there are two significant factors that prevent us from obtaining the ideal point of the surface intersections; the ionospheric delay and multipath. Both add unknown time to the actual signal propagation time. Multipath happens when the receiver is placed relatively near the ground and the signal may be reflected from ground objects that results in the signal's edges degrading; this is similar to an echo in the mountains where it’s too hard to tell one word from another. When such delays are unexpectedly added by the receiver, the precise navigation solution gets lost and the output
coordinate gets noisy. That’s where military GPS signals help to get a better signal resolution by the use of so-called P-codes, and the usage of dual frequency helps to eliminate the unknown ionospheric delay.

Integrated solution. Kalman filtering
To summarise the above: we have two navigation systems, both of which have flaws: INS accumulates errors over time, GPS is noisy and prone to interference due to natural factors like multipath and ionospheric delay and to enemy jamming and spoofing. Here is the good news! There is a way to avoid these flaws with the Kalman filter. It takes GPS and INS coordinates together with speeds as its input. The Kalman filter is a great algorithm that is able to get the maximum precision even out of measurements far from ideal, and it takes the best aspects from both systems: the stability and autonomy of INS and the precision of GPS to obtain an integrated navigation solution that is both stable and precise.


Furthermore, the Kalman filter knows, in terms of mathematical equations, the dynamic properties of the aircraft that is moving through space. If the aircraft is moving, it predicts where the aircraft will be on the next filter step. That’s why it is called recursive and the filter won’t let erroneous GPS signals decrease the precision of the output navigation solution. Moreover, it is able to dynamically change its measurements vs. prediction weights to adjust to a degraded navigation precision of any input.

Fox3 Solutions
Charity Tournament

This April, Fox3 is thrilled to announce a heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled DCS tournament that's not just about showcasing your skills, but also about rallying our incredible community to a great cause; supporting the heroes at K9sForWarriors. Learn more about the K9sForWarriors mission.

Mark Your Calendars! The battlefield opens from the 19th of April to the 21st, 2024. Prepare for three days of intense aerial challenges, camaraderie, and epic battles that will test your mettle. Please note that this is a charity event with paid attendance and fantastic prizes: Fox3's Ultimate DCS Skills Showdown is Here!

Thank you again for your patience, passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
The DCS: Afghanistan map
Available on the for pre-purchase

The DCS: Afghanistan Map is now available for pre-purchase on our e-Shop.

20 years of the War on Terror and the Soviet operations of the 1980s place Afghanistan as one of the most important combat theatres of the past half century. Few war zones have ever seen more A-10C, AH-64D, F-16C, F/A-18C, CH-47F, Mi-24P, Mi-8MTV2, and Su-25 sorties.

The entire map of Afghanistan and small portions of neighbouring countries will be available, showcasing our latest map technologies at a superb level of detail and fidelity.

DCS: Afghanistan is offered with a special 30% discount at $48.99 during pre-purchase. The early access release price will be set at 20% off, or $55.99, until the final release.

We have also decided to make this map more accessible by offering users the option of purchasing regions separately: Southwest, East and North. Each region will be offered as a separate release at approximately 3 months interval. Today, you can pre-purchase DCS: Southwest Afghanistan for $23.99 instead of the release price in June 2024 that will be set at $29.99. DCS: East Afghanistan and DCS: North Afghanistan will be offered for purchase as and when they are ready, later this year.

The early access release of DCS: Afghanistan will focus on a detailed southwestern and encompass 12 airfields, including Kandahar and Herat. Whilst the entire map is under development, the Southwest region is currently the most complete. The second region to be released will be the Eastern region and finally the Northern region. DCS: Afghanistan FAQ.

Please keep in mind that even if you purchase only one region, you will still be able to play online across the whole map. Only the non-purchased regions will be in lower detail.

We are truly excited to offer you this monumental map and to give you the chance of purchasing in stages at more bite-sized prices should you so choose.

Key Features at Early Access

  • The entirety of Afghanistan with the southwestern portion available in high detail at early access.
  • High-resolution terrain mesh, textures and objects that look great from low to high altitude.
  • Numerous, authentically modelled air bases such as Kandahar and Herat.
  • Diverse terrain ranging from towering mountains to vast deserts.
  • Recreate battles spanning the last 40 years.
  • Densely populated towns and villages
  • Afghanistan Area: 1449216 sq km
  • DCS: Southwest Area: 471381 sq km
  • DCS: East Area: 320529 sq km
  • DCS: North Area: 443199 sq km
  • Year: 2008-2010
  • Advanced normal map technology for mid- and long-range landscape detail
  • Improved closeup surface material for better detail
  • Highly detailed city scenes, buildings, vegetation, static cars and more
  • Highly detailed airfield scenes
  • Unique objects, cultural monuments
  • Highly detailed road network

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Joint Task Force
BVR Tournament

The Winter On Fire Tournament is organised each year by the Joint Task Force Francophone (JTFF) for the French DCS Community. Thrustmaster, Heatblur, RAZBAM, and Materiel.net will all be contributing. Best teams prizes are up for grabs.

The Event will be covered on the JTFF Twitch Channel with broadcasters. Please follow the Tournament and note that there will be viewer gifts.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
MiG-29A Fulcrum

Our MiG-29A, NATO codename Fulcrum, will be the export modification of the “A” version that was supplied to Warsaw Pact countries. The MiG-29A was designed to counter all types of aerial targets with radar- and infrared-guided R-27, R-73, and R-60 air-to-air missiles and its single-barreled 30mm cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition. The MiG-29A also has limited visual ground attack capability with 50 to 500 kg bombs, cluster bombs, and unguided S-5, S-8 and S-24 rockets.

The MiG-29A can operate day or night and in all weather conditions. Its radar is capable of look-down / shoot-down in a heavy electronic countermeasure environment. The weapons control system consists of two complexes: the Fire Control Radar (FCR) and the Optical-Electronic Targeting Navigation System (OETNS). The OETNS includes an optical-electronic sighting system (OESS), a navigation system, a weapon control system, a unified display system, and multifunctional control panels. The OEPS includes an optical location station OLS that consists of an Infrared Search and Track System (IRST), a Laser Range Finder (LRF), and a Helmet-Mounted Sight (HMS) designation system.

The MiG-29 is equipped with the SPO-15 “Beryoza” Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) defence system that is designed to warn of radar-directed weapon attacks. To protect against infrared-guided weapons, the MiG-29A features flare dispensers.

The navigation system consists of on-board navigation equipment, a vertical and heading information complex, and an airborne signal system as part of the Optical-Electronic Targeting Navigation System (OETNS).

Key features of the DCS module: MiG-29A Fulcrum

At Early Access Release:

  • Fully interactive and highly detailed cockpit that is based on 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry.
  • Highly detailed and accurately reproduced external model.
  • Highly detailed pilot model.
  • In-depth study of aircraft systems and equipment.
  • Detailed model of the navigation system with the gyro platform reference system, air data computer, and navigation equipment.
  • Defensive equipment to include the SPO-15LM “Beryoza” and Flare dispenser system.
  • Fire Control Radar with authentic modes for aerial targets.
  • OETNS with modes for air and ground targets.

At Final Release:

  • Addition of Identify Friend or Foe interrogation system.
  • Addition of Ground Control Intercept (GCI) command system.

Development Report

The development of the DCS: Afghanistan Map is progressing on schedule with significant milestones achieved. We are committed to delivering a highly immersive and authentic representation of Afghanistan for virtual pilots to explore and engage in combat operations. Continued collaboration, testing, and refinement will ensure the map’s successful completion and release to our DCS community.

Development Progress
We have made substantial progress in recreating the diverse landscape of Afghanistan. This includes the rugged mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush, the vast deserts of the Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut, and the fertile valleys and river basins. Efforts have been dedicated to accurately portraying the unique cultural and urban features of Afghanistan. This involves recreating cities like Kandahar and Herat, with special attention to landmarks, infrastructure, and architectural styles like the blue mosque of Herat. Aerial imagery has been utilised to enhance the realism and accuracy of the map. High-resolution satellite imagery is being integrated to provide authentic terrain textures and details.

The diverse terrain and complex topography of Afghanistan has presented technical challenges due to the large mountainous ranges. Optimization efforts are ongoing to maintain performance without compromising on visual fidelity, particularly in densely populated urban areas and detailed terrain features. The map is designed to look equally as good from low to high altitude.

Future Plans
In the above screenshot, you can see the area of DCS: Afghanistan that will be available in Early Access. The airfields that will be available at launch include Kandahar, Herat, Bost, Camp Bastion, Chaghcharan, Dwyer, Farah, Maymana Zahiraddin Faryabi, Qala i Naw, Shindand, Tirinkot, and Zaranj. The focus will be on completing the detailing of terrain features, including rivers, roads, vegetation, rocks, small stones, ground clutter and geological formations to enhance immersion and realism. Extensive testing and optimization will be conducted to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with a wide range of hardware configurations. Please stay tuned for the pre-order coming soon!

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Final Hours

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Eagle Dynamics
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Development Report

The La-7 by OctopusG is making great progress. The development of the La-7 flight model is now complete, and the assembly and preparation of the necessary documentation for certification is in progress. Unique features have been implemented like the decrease in lifting force when the side cowl flaps are fully opened due to the deterioration of the aerodynamics of the wing root.

The above graph demonstrates expected and actual La-7 performance in DCS. From this and other reports, OctopusG will be providing an excellent simulation of the flight performance and characteristics of this famous warbird.

An armament system has been completed and includes a bomb-aiming control system.

Please enjoy this DCS: La-7 Bombing video and pay special attention to the mechanical details. In this second short video, the cockpit canopy locking system is demonstrated: La-7 Canopy mechanics. In this example, it is important to note that the effect of airflow is present.

A wide collection of liveries are being prepared that will continue to expand. The damage model is complete, a quick manual has been written, and 2D for the GUI art has been created. The product is now being finalized for early access. Please stay tuned for the planned launch date.

Esquadra 701
MP Server

The Portuguese virtual squadron Esquadra 701 celebrated six years of operation this year with nearly 5000 hours in operations. This group established A-10C, AV-8B, F-15E, F-16C F/A-18C, and AH-64D training procedures based on real-life operations. It is divided into three divisions: the land-based 1st Division "Talons", the carrier-based 2nd Division "Makos", and the training and support 3rd Division "Pythons". The group also has a sub-division for helicopter and aerobatic team operations, the "Lusitanos".

Esquadra 701 runs a dedicated server for training and scheduled missions. They also have a very active Discord server that is open to all. The squadron regularly organises events to bring new pilots to the group, called "Open Skies" on Discord.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics
DCS User Files
Free Community Content

A valuable resource to all pilots is the User Files section. We have a tremendously active and talented community that creates fantastic, free content for DCS including aircraft liveries, missions, documents, audio, and other modifications. These missions offer endless hours of fun. The page allows you to sort by aircraft, map, and other filters to find the missions.

Each submission is first sent for review and approval to ensure a high standard of quality. The webpage also provides a reporting option for any issues that you may encounter with a submission. This is a great resource that we urge you all to take advantage of. We take this opportunity to thank all our contributors and look forward to all your future creations.

Terrain Scenery
Development Report

As DCS maps have increased quality, detail, realism, and complexity over the years, it’s been a challenge to balance this with maintaining a decent level of performance. With the most recent and upcoming maps, we have raised the bar to higher to provide a better balance. This has led us to rethink our approach to terrain scenery computing, instancing, and streaming.

Our task was to create a flexible system focused on utilizing and saturating an increasing number of compute cores in modern GPUs.

The new scenery compute system achieved our ambitious goals of:

increased GPU performance
improved VRAM management
increased CPU performance
improved streaming from storage disk to VRAM with optimised CPU usage

Our tests indicate a notable performance increase in densely built up scenes, depending on graphics settings and hardware. Please provide us with feedback on your enhanced DCS performance, we look forward to it!

Campaign Creators

If you are a talented mission creator and are interested in becoming an official campaign 3rd party, please get in touch! This allows you to exercise your passion while making an income.

Prior to expressing your interest to us, first determine the details of your campaign like the aircraft the player will fly, over what map, the narrative scenario, and so on. The more detail the better. We’d also need to evaluate the first three missions of the campaign at a complete state.

With a cool idea for a campaign, you’ll also want to be deeply familiar with the Mission Editor, its trigger system, military practices, how to craft great briefings, be able to provide quality voice overs, and more. It can be a daunting task, but well worth the effort when creating something special that all DCS pilots can appreciate. In fact, more than one 3rd party campaign creator has made it their full-time job.

We hope that you take advantage of the thousands of community made free User Files and that the new terrain scenery system will enable you to see performance improvements across all maps. If you are a mission maker then please make sure to contact us via our Forums or on Discord. Additionally, please join us in celebrating all the important women in our lives on this special International Women's Day!

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics