Motor Town News & Announcements
Bug Fixed
Cannot remove a vehicle from Company (Thanks to Danger Noodle)
Hello, fellow drivers!
The company was the most wanted feature in our in-game feature request.
In this update, you can now invite other players or join other player's company.
And you can create a Corporation in a Dedicated server that has its own Vehicle list and Budget, which allows it to keep running while owner is offline.

If you want to create a company, visit the Cityhall, near Gang-Jung.

Now you can invite other players to your company (from the player list in the in-game menu)
Or you can request to join another player's company (from the company list in the in-game menu)
If you already have a company and join another company, your own company will be deactivated in that session
Company is only available while the owner is online.

Corporation is another type of Company, that only available in a Dedicated Server
You can create a 'Corporation' with $100,000 seed money
Corporation has its own Vehicles and Money balance
Corporation Owner can hand over their own vehicle to the Corporation, or take it back (By the Add/Remove Company Vehicle menu)
Corporation don't require owners to be online.

Company members can be assigned to 'Manager' role (More roles and permission will be added later)
Managers can accept join requests or invite other players
Manager can kick members or assign manager role

Company Chat
You can use the'/c' command to send a company chat

Announcement Chat
If you are a server admin, you can use the '/a' command to send an announcement

This is an early test of the new contract system
You can browse the contract list at any delivery point
Only a Company owner or manager can sign a contract
'Online Access' contract allows company members to see the production & delivery lists from map
'Supply' contract gives a bonus for each delivery and a completion bonus once required deliveries are finished
'Fast Travel' contract allows company members to teleport to a delivery point from the map

Migeum Logging Area
A new logging area has been added on the East side of Oji
It has several logging places with different payment and logs
The deepest area is not easy to access, so prepare your vehicle before the trip.
Use Miguem Logging warehouse to stock up small Logs and use a larger trailer for finish delivery to Lumbermill

A new 6x6 'Jemusi' logging truck is added at the entrance of the Miguem logging area
Use this truck to climb Oak Logging places

New Logging trailer
Eastwood is added at the Tosan Trailer shop
20ft log cargo is added and stackable

More dealerships
A Wrecker dealership has been added near Gu-Jwa
Gosan Truck dealership is open. The west side of Jeju Island and the small cage trailer is now buyable.

More delivery points
Plastic factory is opened near Power Plant
Dasa Harbor is opened at the northern side of the Refinery

Delivery payment balance
The delivery payment is now based on navigation distance, not direct distance (Thanks to Llama)
Climbing distance and road speed limit are also applied to delivery payment calculation (Thanks to Shazbotacus)

Online delivery payment balance
A new dynamic delivery payment balance is on the test
Cargo payment will be changed from time to time to balance between each cargo
This only works while playing with an internet connection

Cargo Damage
Oak Log can be damaged
More cargo will become fragile in future updates

Flatbed cargo count limit change
Now only non-strapped cargo is limited to 10
Cargo loading UI has a 'paid auto strap' button
Large flatbed delivery payments for single cargo might be reduced by this change

Police patrol overhaul
Now each patrol increases the Town Patrol Rate
Town Patrol Rate is consumed in real-time, multiplied by the player count

Garbage collection town buff is renewed
Now each collection increases town buff
And each player consumes a town buff

Autopilot overtake is improved (Thanks to Ghosty)
Removed XP reduction by vehicle owner profit share (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Wrecker job payment is reduced
Logs are now stackable
Now Log is shared for all destinations (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Company vehicle state name changed from 'Not available' to 'Spawnable' (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Period(.) is now allowed in the company name (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Cargo delivery reward UI is added
Delivery allocation prefers the production line to the warehouse (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Garbage cargo payment is increased
Oil production is separated from Fuel production (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Plastic delivery to Furniture Factory is added (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Show the housing owner's name in the map icon (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Shows object limit after place/remove (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Taxi/Ambulance passenger payment is increased by 30%
Garage repair now keeps the next item selected (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Jake brake key is added to HUD info, Jake toggle message is added (Thanks to moko256)
Motorhome world map icon filter is added (Thanks to Steem)
The Nametag of the attached trailer is removed (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Overlapping nametags fade out (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
World map icon filter for 'Home' is added (Thanks to Zarkov)
Diff Lock, Up/Down shift, Toggle Interior Light, Jake Brake, Siren is now available while autopilot (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Roadside service tow to the nearest road now prefers the last traveled road
Vehicle for sale restock if someone buys or rents it (Thanks to Burnz)
Car dealership stock updated near Gang-Jung
Garage is added to Gosan Truck Dealership (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Headlight strength is reduced for better eye-adaptation
Nighttime lighting is raised a little bit
SPT1 is added to Tow Truck dealership (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Sand is removed from Gim-Nyeong Beach house (Thanks to CBRsDJ2flyforu)
Small cage trailer is added to Tosan Trailer Dealership

Bug Fixed
AI not using the right turn lane (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
AI stop or reverse in 4 lane road (Thanks to RafaelG)
AI vehicle stuck at the crossroad (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£ and NorthHopper)
Autopilot missing turn at the crossroad
Autopilot/AI vehicle losing path randomly
Bus schedule starts with -1 (Thanks to GillanCodes)
Cannot interact with bus stop with SV200 due to ground clearance (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Cannot strap cargo after moving it to another vehicle (Thanks to Steem)
Container can be strapped (Thanks to mrcosmos)
Dropped cargo can be strapped (Thanks to Lord2Dark)
FPS camera mode malfunctions after entering and exiting a vehicle (Thanks to scailman)
Decal missing after changing aero parts (Thanks to catb0t)
Dedicated server not visible on the host list, if config file was copied from a client that has 'Allow Join' as 'Deny'
Cargo payment mismatch in cargo list (Thanks to Llama)
Delivery cargo count keeps increasing after loading it, beyond the demand count
Delivery not spawning in crowded multiplayer (Thanks to Lord2Dark and Bob The Mad Man)
Fuel/Oil delivery loading cargo also reduces other delivery's cargo count (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Pizza on Voltex marked as dropped (Thanks to Llama)
Strapped cargo can be marked as dropped (Thanks to Steem)
Tow to the garage doesn't remove cargo in the cargo list (Thanks to Tehlikelierd)
'Repair all' doesn't repair all if the list is long (Thanks to Tehlikelierd)
Building max count error also triggers a not-valid location error message (Thanks to GamerCP)
Cannot place Speaker (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Housing owner name not updated after changing character name (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
False jump distance registration (Thanks to scailman and Llama)
Exit vehicle right after releasing handbrake not working (Thanks to RcCookie)
Suspect map icon at the origin in multiplayer (Thanks to Mrpanther)
Infinite horn sound during multiplayer (Thanks to catb0t)
Temporal workaround for Camera/Input stuck after joining multiplayer (Thanks to Raging413, Bob The Mad Man, Steem, kappa007, Skirakzalus, and many more!)
Vehicle warp to the previous position after leaving it in multiplayer (Thanks to Pingu)
Winch controller drop while standing on Lomax Bed ramp in multiplayer (Thanks to Raging413)
Winch suddenly pulls after leaving the vehicle in multiplayer (Thanks to Raging413)
Getaway NPC did not despawn after finishing the job (Thanks to chadstevens)
Parking ticket warning in parking space (Thanks to Raging413)
Offtrack laptime is now ignored (Thanks to Takoyaki9887)
Roadside towing doesn't empty passengers (Thanks to Llama)
Bad level-up message in Russian (Thanks to Jesus)
Cannot navigate repair list with arrow or gamepad (Thanks to catb0t)
Control Panel Diff Lock button not updated (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Control panel sub-menu doesn't have a default focus (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Decal list highlighted before selection (Thanks to Ghosty)
Delivery map icon missing place name in multiplayer (Thanks to Llama)
Garage vehicle parts bad gamepad navigation (Thanks to Laytxn)
In-game menu time-attack browser is not scroll-able (Thanks to Llama)
Nametag blue for players without company (Thanks to Ghosty)
Police arrest reward UI has a delivery title (Thanks to Steem)
Reward UI entries do not scroll (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Reward number texts overlap (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Set as destination tooltip cleaned up (Thanks to Steem)
Wrong error message when over vehicle spawn limit (Thanks to Raging413)
Brutus Tanker doesn't show Truck level in HUD (Thanks to Grumps)
Cage trailer paint not applied to corner (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Cage trailer has an invalid paint template (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Cheetah Mk1 default brake pad is not heavy duty (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Decal disappears after changing aero parts (Thanks to catb0t)
EV regen brake increased while reversing (Thanks to TRAS_TRL and Ἑκάτη)
Essam's decal leaks (Thanks to Llama)
Essam's interior light in sideway (Thanks to Llama)
Jemusi or other high-CG vehicle roll-bounce too much (Thanks to Llama and Skirakzalus)
Roadside tow to garage kept trailer attached (Thanks to Alice M)
Roadside towing service ends up on uneven terrain like a bridge (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Tanker refueling is still available after moving away (Thanks to Tehlikelierd)
Towed vehicle fell through a low bed while pushing by a tow truck (Thanks to Raging413)
Trailer paint doesn't reset after canceling painting in Multiplayer (Thanks to Vormir)
Trailers wobble at low speed (Thanks to Harmar)
Turbo spool while engine offed (Thanks to Tehlikelierd)
Vehicle on low bed gets mileage (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Winch does not disconnect when the target is despawned (Thanks to Raging413)
Winch does not stop if the controller is dropped or moved out of range (Thanks to Steem)
Cannot spawn both trailer and tractor in same truck spawner (Thanks to Llama)
Cannot spawn long vehicles at the Kupa warehouse truck spawner (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Eye adaptation error with building window during nighttime (Thanks to ĐoomGuy)
Old dry-van trailer at the Ansan (Thanks to MrCosmos)
Road direction sign clip camera (Thanks to theBasstian)
Surface lighting has a strange shadow on dirt/grass uphill (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Owner profit share triggered while using a delivery vehicle (Thanks to Raging413)
Vehicle delivery destination too close (Thanks tmrcosmos)
Vehicle delivery marker not removed while driving it (Thanks to Llama)
-- Update --
0.7.4 Build 587 Hotfix

Bug Fixed
Random game crash with breakable object
The Game crashes by picking up a Snowball (Thanks to Arthur-BatmanLPD)
Cargo in Gunthoo located at the wrong place (Thanks to Pupert)
Cannot enter Townie by the driver-side door (Thanks to Raging413)

Hello, fellow drivers!
You can now own more trailers!

New Trailers
Two 20ft Container and one 40ft Container Trailer are added
Lowbed Trailer is added
40t Tanker Trailer is added
New Dryvan Trailer is added
Old container, tanker, and dryvan trailer area removed
You can summon these at the trailer spawner or buy them at the Tosan Trailer, west side of Gu-Jwa

New Trucks
Cuda Container truck is added
Brutus Tanker truck is added, with a fuel pump feature (See below)
You can buy these new trucks at the Gu-Jwa Heavy Duty

Brutus Tanker Fuel Pump
You can fill fuel into a tanker at the gas station
You can change the configuration of 'access' and 'price' at the back of the tanker
Anyone who has 'access' can buy fuel from the tanker
Note that only one type of fuel(gasoline or diesel) can be loaded
Note that you cannot load cargo while your own fuel is loaded, and vice versa

More Vehicle Deiveries
Heavy/mid-duty vehicles and buses are added to Vehicle Delivery at the Jeju Harbor

Housing Multiplayer Support (Dedicated Server Only)
You can now rent a house on a dedicated server
The rental fee is 10% of buying cost every 7 Days (Dedicated server admin can change max days and fee rate)
You can pay the rental fee for up to 7 days
If you miss the due date, the house and all of its buildings will be lost
Server admin can cancel the rent or destroy buildings

Housing Dedicated Server Config
3 parameters are added to DedicatedServerConfig.json
MaxHousingPlotRentalDays: Setting max rental period. Default 7
HousingPlotRentalPriceRatio: Setting rental price per period. Default 0.1 (Meaning 10% of buying cost per period)
MaxHousingPlotRentalPerPlayer: Setting max housing rental per player. Default 1 (Thanks to Colin)

More Housing Spots are added
Open the world map and look for House icons!

More housing buildings
Five Desert houses are added. You can buy them from the Architect

Sanho Refinery
Sanho Refinery is opened at the South-West ends of Oji
It receives Crude Oil and produces Fuel
You can boost Fuel production by delivering Containers

Wood Plank's size is reduced (Thanks to Alice M)
Container delivery to Refinery is increased
You can now abandon vehicle delivery
The Housing plot border fence is now visible while placing the new building
You can now destroy a building while in a construction state
Trailer net-sync is improved
Server performance is improved
Parking ticket time for Wrecker vehicles has increased (Thanks to Alice M)
AI vehicles population is now reduced on a laggy server
Trailers are added to the rescue mission (Thanks to Alice M)
Wrecker job payment is balanced with size and weight (Thanks to Llama)
Abandon tow job is only available to admin in multiplayer
Job marker is now hidden while being towed (Thanks to Raging413)
Map icon for Jeju Decoration Shop is added (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Vehicle info UI now shows cargo spaces (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Brutus's brake heating is reduced (Thanks to Alice M)
Decal resolution is improved on Dory, new trailers, and Cheetah MK1 (Thanks to Drew and Raging413)
Leaving the vehicle while paused game with 'LOADING..' is now forbidden (Thanks to Steem)
Max vehicle name length is increased from 8 to 16 (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Roadside service tow to the garage now detach trailers (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
SPT1 is now buyable at the Tosan Trailer (Thanks to Llama)
SRT's 5th wheel location is moved backward to avoid collision with Vamos3. Suspension is also stiffened. (Thanks to Arthur-BatmanLPD)
SRT's size is reduced (Thanks to catb0t)
Stella's size is reduced
Vani's size is reduced
Brutus Wrecker is added to wrecker spawner at the Jeju Harbor (Thanks to delta450)

Bug Fixed
AI vehicles shake left and right
AI vehicles stop at the crossroad with no vehicle to yield (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Strap is not visible after joining multiplayer (Thanks to AviaTuned)
Unstable physics after loading Pizza into Flatbed (Thanks to Ἑκάτη)
Character randomly teleports to the origin while using the trailer's control box (Thanks to AviaTuned and catb0t)
Character stuck in seating position in multiplayer (Thanks to Steem)
Mouse Wheel Throttle is not disabled during chat (Thanks to Raging413)
Force Feedback shakes while the world map is opened (Thanks to Bobbo)
Camera not reset to decal after selecting a layer with Trailer vehicle (Thanks to Raging413)
Cargo missing in UI after rejoin (Thanks to Liamo_Isomo, Steem, and randomtrainboy)
Delivery to Corn Farm is randomly changed after rejoining (Thanks to Vormir)
The Attachment part can be duplicated in the laggy server (Thanks to TRAS_TRL)
Jake brake sound is not net-synced (Thanks to PD Plankton25)
Other player's trailers can be duplicated by rejoining (Thanks to AviaTuned)
Vehicle on the rear end of lowbed trailer randomly falls (Thanks to Raging413)
Random frame drop during multiplayer (Thanks to AviaTuned)
Backward towing can trigger wrong-way penalty (Thanks to Zarroc)
Getaway vehicle can be parking-ticketed (Thanks to A Bored Railway Idiot)
Cannot abandon parking ticket tow job (Thanks to Steem)
Container return message is fixed (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
ESC key closes two-step of the menu in the garage (Thanks to Shazbotacus and TRAS_TRL)
In-game menu cannot be closed by gamepad (Thanks to Laytxn)
Refueling UI's button icon is wrong (Thanks to Llama)
Vehicle info UI doesn't show tuned parts (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Attached light in reverse mode not working with trailers (Thanks to Steiny)
Bike physics explodes after strapping to Lomax (Thanks to Moped Launcher and Anders)
Brake not cooling in multiplayer while the player is not driving it (Thanks to Alice M)
Brutus wheel is not available to Brutus Tanker (Thanks to Raging413)
Cannot decal Zydro's spoiler (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
Car carrier's cargo vehicle was not loaded after joining a server (Thanks to Llama)
Cheetah Mk1 has a missing anti-rollbar on the 3rd axle (Thanks to Lappe)
Decal leak on Stella (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Golima Semi's 5th wheel doesn't have collision (Thanks to Zarroc)
LSD on 6x4 trucks cannot be installed on the 3rd axle (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Roadside tow to road ends up overlap with other vehicles (Thanks to Llama)
Trailer overlaps with tractor and explodes in multiplayer (Thanks to Llama)
Trailer's control box is randomly invisible (Thanks to catb0t)
Top Speed recorded while in the air (Thanks to NorthHopper and Llama)
Trailer falls underground after joining multiplayer
Trailer's odometer not updated (Thanks to Bob The Mad Man)
Utility box randomly not interactable in distance (Thanks to Raging413)
Vehicle reset underground at the Ae-Wol Racetrack (Thanks to TRAS_TRL)
Vehicles pushing each other can go through in a laggy server (Thanks to Alice M)
Winch can be attached to a light part and hang in the air (Thanks to Arthur-BatmanLPD)
Zino has bad shadowing on Fender (Thanks to Alice M)
Aewol Racetrack volume overlaps nearby roads (Thanks to Ghosty)
Road randomly not visible (Thanks to Skirakzalus and Business Goose)
No wrecker job icon with trailer (Thanks to Llama)
Hello, fellow drivers!
We got another update!
Sorry it takes too long, we had to do some long tests with new server optimizations.

Server Optimize
Multiplayer Server performance is improved, meaning more players with stable server FPS!
There are still some minor issues, which will be fixed in a future update!

Oji Moved
Oji island has moved north a little bit (Thanks to Aviatuned)
Ocean Highway is also changed temporarily and will be changed again as Oji developments further
Any vehicles parked in Oji are moved to the nearest road

Gapa town is added in Oji with Farms, a Bus Terminal, and a Police office

Jake Brake
Heavy Duty Engine now has Jake Brake
A default toggle button is 'B'

Brake Pad and Brake Temperature
Brake Pad part is added
Brake's temperature is simulated for both the surface and core
Brake will smoke when it gets hot
Brake will wear faster when it gets hot
Brake will get weaker when it gets too hot
Brake will make a squeaking noise when it's almost worn out

You can buy a Thermometer at the Garage Vendor
Use this to check Tire and Brake temperature (Thanks to catb0t)
Each Tire and Brake has 2 temperature values, Surface and Core

Police Gunthoo
Police bike is added, with emergency lighting

Police Tow Request (Multiplayer Only)
If a player abandons a vehicle near a road, a warning message shows up and a no parking icon appears after some time.
Police players can request a towing on this vehicle

Decal Options
Two decal options are added (Thanks to Ghosty and Stevenn)

* No Opposite Side
: Decal doesn't affect the opposite side of the vehicle (This was default before)

* No Backface
: Decal doesn't affect the backface (This is a new default)

The old decal(painted before this update) is checked 'No Opposite Side' by default
A newly created decal will be checked 'No Backface' by default

Player vehicle spawn limit on Dedicated Server
A dedicated server owner can set max vehicle spawn per player

Payment Balance
Bus/Taxi/Ambulance payment is increased
Small cargo payment is increased
The on-time bonus of premium pizza is reduced

Santa's cabin is now closed!
See you at next x-mas!

More color is added to AI Kira rollback (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Handbrake now stays the same after autopilot ends (Thanks to Raging413)
Mouse steering reset to center when autopilot stops (Thanks to noshenim and Raging413)
Toggle High Beam key binding is added (Thanks to Greg)
Vehicle doesn't stop while the Control Panel is opened
Decal is now not drawn on backface by default, fixing leaking on the Golima nose and some car's interior (Thanks to Ἑκάτη and Laytxn)
Dedicated server now has Max Vehicle per Player setting (Thanks to catb0t)
More items added to the vendor, including Jerrycan can and strap (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Roadside towing service cost is reduced for Police Player (Thanks to Pingu)
You can now abandon Towing job from the world map (Thanks to RC Tow Truck)
Furniture and car supply vendor map icon is added (Thanks to Gasman)
Vehicle spawn filter and the sort order are now saved for the game session
Environment temperature drops a little bit during rain

Bug Fixed
AI jumps into 1st lane after the highway ramp (Thanks to hitman_2)
Autopilot cannot stop Golima with 30t Log in the highway (Thanks to Ἑκάτη)
Cargo can be strapped in the air after lift up with a winch (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
Using seat after seat can end up teleporting back to the first seat (Thanks to Fuel Rat)
Company lost randomly in multiplayer (Thanks to Raging413)
Auto reverse is not working while Chat Box is opened (Thanks to Arthur)
The Re-center camera doesn't work at low speed with the chase camera (Thanks to Raging413)
Decal wrong position on Rollback Bed at a distance (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Cannot place the Nutcracker Doll in the house (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
Brake core temperature not synced (Thanks to Llama)
Company route data is lost randomly in multiplayer (Thanks to Expt and Shazbotacus)
Rollback Bed lagging in low FPS server (Thanks to Scudmuffino)
Stop refueling and resume can reduce cost in multiplayer (Thanks to delta450)
FPS stutter in Ansan Speedway at the same location (Thanks to Llama)
Company bus receiving no parking ticket (Thanks to Lappe)
Duplicated no parking message with trailer (Thanks to Steem)
No parking message in parking space (Thanks to Raging413)
Spikepad and 'refuse to stop' not working (Thanks to Feda)
Suspect vehicle can be hidden by own trailer (Thanks to Ἑκάτη and Raging413)
Skid sound not stopping while the tire is in the air (Thanks to Llama)
Camera shakes with Track IR after press re-center camera (Thanks to obeyeveryday)
Control panel submenu cannot be closed by ESC key (Thanks to Raging413)
Map icon z-order is not applied (Thanks to raging413)
Modaless UI like Quest popup didn't have input key icon
Bike cockpit camera horizontal lock doesn't work while manual camera rotation (Thanks to scailman)
Brutus Wrecker shakes while towing Kira Tanker (Thanks to Ἑκάτη)
Brutus Wrekcer's hooking line is not attached to the hook (Thanks to Mundus_Dog)
Brutus's seat has opacity (Thanks to β™ͺD.J Cβ™‚mb1nEβ™«)
Golima's window doesn't have opacity (Thanks to β™ͺD.J Cβ™‚mb1nEβ™«)
Gunthoo Police Speedometer needle is too big (Thanks to scailman)
Handbrake sensitivity stuck in 100 (Thanks to hitman_2)
Kira Box/Flatbed/Tanker's suspension feels too soft (Thanks to Raging413)
Mammoth's wheel can get stuck underground in sands (Thanks to TRAS_TRL)
Mixi randomly doesn't fit into parking space (Thanks to Raging413, Backy, and Chewy.exe)
Non-DRW wheels can be put into DRW vehicle
Roadside tow service can end up overlapping and launching (Thanks to Cpt. Jack Sparrow)
Trashbag falls on Compacty's loading bay (Thanks to Sato)
Wheel not turning at low speed after hours of play (Thanks to SpreadsheetSaysNya)
Hello, fellow drivers!
We have some hotfixes!

Memory Usage Reduced (Thanks to Joko_P)
There was a problem with the engine code which made New Island Oji use too much system memory.
Some systems with low memory could have crashed while loading the Island or had a random crash while playing.

2 more x-mas decos are added to the Santa's Cabin

You can find these items on the 2nd floor (Use the stairs behind the building)

Bug Fixed
AI vehicles overlap and explode
Floating x-mass line at the Gang-Jung Terminal (Thanks to Raging413)
Hello, fellow drivers!
We got another update!

(Edit) The updated game version is 0.7.2+T3 (+T3 is there by mistake, sorry!)

(Edit) I forgot to mention about Santa Cabin!
Santa's Cabin is now opened again!
Gift Box delivery is added (Produced at the Santa's Cabin with Toy Boxes and Container/Pallets)
You can buy Santa Costume and Xmas decorations at Santa's Cabin
You can pick upΒ some snowballs at Santa's Cabin and throw them to others!

Oji (μ˜€μ§€)
With Unreal Engine5's large world support, we are starting to expand our Island map!
'Oji' means 'Middle of nowhere, or Hinterland' in Korean.
It's a beautiful and vast place, with a challenging environment.
Keep eyes on the Fuel gauge and don't skip the Gas station!

Oji is still under development.
While our World builder Betty is working on putting new stuff into Oji,
Enjoy 'OJI BUILDER' leaderboard by delivering goods to Oji.

Brutus Wrecker
Our first Part-Time 4WD
Press 'T' to toggle between 2WD(RWD), 4H(4Wheel Drive High), 4L(4Wheel Drive Low-Range), 4L-Locked(4Wheel Drive Low-Range with Diff-Lock)
(You can also use Control Panel for these)
Both Crane and Hook can be raised/lowered and extended
A stronger winch for the wrecker is also added to the garage

Golima Semi
Another long-nose semi with a sleeping cabin is added to the Heavy-duty shop
540HP Heavy duty engine is also added at the garage

More decal shapes are added
Fuel delivery to Ansan Ring and Harbor is added
Fuel production now requires Crude Oil
Highlighting attachment part while placing (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Driving AI is optimized
Night time dynamic light optimized (Thanks to Maddog)
Random frame drop is improved
Air drag is improved for large vehicles
Lockable LSD part is added, it's required by part-time 4WD (Thanks to Llama)
Tire rolling resistance is improved to affected by speed and weight
Grass density is lowered (Thanks to Llama)
Sand-type surface physics is added

Bug Fixed
AI vehicle too slow on road bump (Thanks to hitman_2)
Hitting a cone with a tire doesn't count as penalty (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Tree falls over when vehicles are around (Thanks to Avia)
Cannot bind XInput type Steering wheel (Thanks to kingsofleigons)
Server crash while towing semi with trailer (Thanks to Llama, Majored1, and SpreadsheetSaysNya)
Random crash, usually while exit game (Thanks to RafaelG and Luki)
Decal duplication doesn't keep Flip and Mirror
Small house's window not transparent (Thankst o DarkStar2604)
Fuel price not synced (Thanks to Raging413)
Join/Leave message in system locale, not game locale (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
Lift not visible in multiplayer (Thanks to Raging413)
Server lags after player with loaded dump truck joins (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Frame drops at the Harbor container drop (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Spikepad randomly not working (Thanks to Ghosty)
Tow job icon not removed after hook (Thanks to Raging413)
All AI Schoolbus is white (Thanks to Anubis)
Kira Box's price tag is too low (Thanks to DarkStar2604)
Roadside recovery service doesn't cut winch rope (Thanks to majored1)
SPT1's ramp is unstable while loading a vehicle (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
TCS interrupt starting (Thanks to Ghosty)
Tire stuck underground at the Ansan Ring garage (Thanks to Richeeze)
Wrecker's crane winch can be removed (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Wrecker's hydraulic position not saved (Thanks to EricChen)
Towed vehicle gets damaged randomly in multiplayer client (Thanks to Steem and Laytxn)
Low FPS while towing semi with trailer (Thanks to Steem)
Semi death-roll when the trailer is in opposite angle (Thanks to tereflam and Luki)
Semi not colliding with trailer in multiplayer client
Missing name for Mixi's cargo space painting (Thanks to LochnessMonsterr and Beeto)
Bad landscape shadow (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Cloud warp (Thanks to Bobbo)
Jeju landscape clip at a distance (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
Speed limit not working near Ansan Speedway (Thanks to Guzyx)
Wrong navigation near Jeju warehouse (Thanks to hitman_2)
Low FPS in Cinematic view distance (Thanks to Luki)
Hello, fellow drivers!
Finally, the new update is here!

Since our one and only world builder Betty was taking a break for a new baby, it was good timing to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.
Although it took longer than expected, we finally have some stable build, thanks to all the Testers!

Unreal Engine5 doesn't make it look or feel different much for now.
But it opens new possibilities for future updates, and Betty is now back in business with new tools in her hands, so stay tuned!

NOTE: Unreal Engine 5 uses DirectX 12 as default, if you have trouble, try using '-DX11' launch option (How to set Launch Option)

New Vehicles
Tuscan: Old Muscle

Micky: Old FF hatchback

Dafty: Very old FF

You can find them at the Junkyard and Ae-Wol

Vehicle Decals
You can now put decals on vehicles at the Garage
Currently limited to 30 layers
Each new decal costs a little money

Anti-Aliasing Setting
You can choose an anti-aliasing method at the Graphic Setting
FXAA: cheapest
TAA: Unreal Engine4's default (Still default in Motor Town)
TSR: Unreal Engine5's new feature

High-performance machine: 50% Screen Resolution with TSR
Mid-performance machine: 50% Screen Resolution with TAA
Low-performance machine: 50% Screen Resolution with Anti-aliasing method 'Off'

Vehicle LOD Setting
You can change vehicle LOD at the Graphic Setting
Lower Vehicle LOD means more vehicles will look simpler and simulate lightly at a distance to lower CPU load

Color Palette
You can now save your own color for Body Painting and Decal

Delivery list sorting order is now saved (Thanks to m0dbot)
Elisa's taxi skin is removed('Taxi' word decal is added instead)
Parking space and truck spawner are added to the Concrete factory
Road divider's collision is improved
Toggle all icon button is added to the world map (Thanks to scailman)
More lights to the tunning shop (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Toggle interior key binding is added (Thanks to Paw)
Brake light mode is added for the Attachable Light Item (Thanks to Striker)
Voltex wheel is now available for small vehicles (Thanks to Cpt. Jack Sparrow)

Bug Fixed
AI vehicle bumps into player vehicle while vehicle stopped for map loading
AI vehicle doesn't back for trailer or towed vehicle (Thanks to vaio)
AI vehicle doesn't move in a slow server (Thanks to scailman and NorthHopper)
Towing achievement is not shared by a party (Thanks to m0dbot)
Furniture's strap not saved (Thanks to EricChen)
Character's Pushing direction doesn't change (Thanks to Llama)
Busstop randomly removed from company route (Thanks to Luggage)
'Move backward' shows as 'Move forward' in duplicated key popup (Thanks to Raging413)
Binding 'Hide UI' makes the same key not usable for other actions (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Gamepad key binding randomly malfunction
Cannot finish trailer delivery in multiplayer after left vehicle (Thanks to aweepingangel)
Cargo delivery randomly cannot be done during Multiplayer (Thanks to smithnz)
The Military supply box's destination is merged together in delivery UI (Thanks to scailman)
Missing vehicle delivery destination interaction after rejoining session (Thanks to Llama)
Multiple delivery destination box for dumping cargo (Thanks to Llama)
Pumpkin Farm has the wrong production (Thanks to hitman_2)
Too many dump fx in the multiplayer client (Thanks to Llama)
Fuel price randomly not synced to the client (Thanks to CaptainCheesy)
Vehicle on trailer de-synced at a distance (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
Low FPS while vehicles overlap (Thanks to Llama)
5000Kg Winch had 3000Kg power (Thanks to Toadstars and webdestroya)
Speeding tag in race track (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Suspect tag and passenger regained after restarting game after finishing getaway job (Thanks to Raging413)
Tire bump sound while raising the lift (Thanks to Anubis)
HUD shows truck level while driving Campy (Thanks to Toadstars)
Low FPS at the control setting after clicking the screen (Thanks to Llama)
Mouse Thumb button's name not showing (Thanks to π™π™šπ™™π™™π™žπ™£π™œπ™©π™€π™£)
Attached lights move or are missing after rapidly changing suspension parts (Thanks to Raging413)
Autopilot stalls if auto anti-stall assist is offed (Thanks to π•‹π•€π•’π•£π•šπ•₯𝕀𝕒)
Bike with cargo doesn't upright (Thanks to π•‹π•€π•’π•£π•šπ•₯𝕀𝕒)
Cannot place attachment light to Zino's door (Thanks to Raging413)
Cargo space rendering cull malfunction (Thanks to scailman)
Chase view/Character mode Mirror rendering option not working (Thanks to Llama)
The Company vehicle doesn't consume fuel while the player drives it (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Dumbi has a duplicated seat (Thanks to Cylis)
Formula SCM's body2 color slot name missing (Thanks to LochnessMonsterr)
Tire stuck underground even after reset
Towing Compacty from behind gets 'too far' error (Thanks to LochnessMonsterr)
Trailer shakes in multiplayer if spawned at join (Thanks to νƒœμ–‘ 두더지)
Vehicle repairing lost if owner respawns (Thanks to Paw)
Vista's engine and lower frame are painted with body color (Thanks to Richeeze)
Wrong vehicle spawns in single-player after leaving multiplayer (Thanks to raging413)
Missing nav path near the airport (Thanks to Anubis)
Small bushes don't break
Hello, fellow drivers!
We are working on Unreal Engine 5 migration, so the next update will take some time.
Meanwhile, we will drop small fixes from time to time!

Bug Fixed
Bus passenger with bad terminal destination is now fixed, which means more profit for Bus job and Bus Company! (Thanks to Raging413)
Character location not synced for a while after exiting the passenger seat (Thanks to RainbowStarMan)
Ticket by police vehicle without driver (Thanks to Raging413)
Money change sound doesn't work at the second game session (Thanks to Ghosty)
LED Strip's lighting has offset (Thanks to Raging413)
200% Antirollbar tune is actually 120% (Thanks to webdestroya)
Breakable object doesn't break in high-density areas (Thanks to Raging413)
We have a minor bug fix!

Bug Fixed
Bus passenger doesn't go to the nearest terminal (Thanks to EricChen and Cain)
Mouse steering with the bike too slow (Thanks to Raging413)
Random crash while loading the map
Produced vehicle doesn't spawn immediately after restarting the game (Thanks to crab)
Delivery vehicle's job UI doesn't turn off at the multiplayer (Thanks to Anubis)
Duplicated vendor icon at the city hall (Thanks to Anubis)
Cannot paint SV200's body (Thanks to Netto PP)
Pickup cargo quest doesn't complete if the player character pickup cargo (Thanks to Raging413)
Hello, fellow drivers!
Another update is released!
Our world builder Betty took care of the west side of the island and made fun oval-track
And Betty is now taking maternity leave for a few months.
Let's hope she comes back healthy!

Formula SCM
Our first formula class is added!
You can test drive it at the Ansan Speedway or Olle Speedway

Formula SCM Production
Ansan Racecar Factory is added at the East side of Ansan Speedway
If you want to buy Formula SCM, you need to deliver some cargo for the production
Note that Formula SCM's tuning is restricted, only suspension, final drive ratio, and intake are allowed.

New entry class pickup Dory is added, and it's replacing our good old 'Pickup'
'Pickup' is now called 'Hana', meaning '1' in Korean, since it was our first vehicle
Hana is now hidden in the mountain and got Four Wheel drive, and its size is reduced

Ansan Ring
A small oval track is added near Ansan Speedway

Time Attack Event
A time attack event is a global time attack competition, which runs every few hours
You can compete with other players, including ones not in your session
For each event, a random course/vehicle/engine is chosen by the system
You can see current event info at the in-game menu (or the last result of the event if an event is finished and the next event is not started yet)
You can activate HUD info by doing a lap at the designated track
After each time attack event, everyone who joined received rewards!
(You don't need to play until the event finishes, you can receive rewards when you connect later)

Island Western side overhaul
Betty took care of Aewol and Oedo
You can now build housing at the Oedo Housing area
(Another small house blueprint is added at the architect's office)

Graphic Options
You can now change detailed graphic options

Manual Transmission
Some transmissions are now using multi-plate clutch(Instead of Torque Convertor), a.k.a. Manual.
You can see which one is which at the garage part info

Visit the bank and take some loan to buy a new vehicle or house

Headlight brightness and range are improved

Smoothed Bike rear brake
Handbrake(Rear brake of bike) Button sensitivity is added to the driver mode setting
Handbrake is also now visible at the HUD input display (Should be turned on at Option)

Strap bike
You can now strap the bike and keep it upright (Thanks to Reddington)

Exhaust Smoke
Black smoke exhaust when the intake air is not enough or the vehicle is old style
White smoke exhaust when the engine is damaged

Achievement for Cargo Delivery, Garbage Delivery, and Lap Ansan Speedway with new Formula SCM are added

Look Back key
Look back key bound is added (Thanks to AZYKLE)
Default key is '/'

Small Package
Now Delivery payment for small packages is also affected by the vehicle's storage size
Meaning small pickups will get paid more and large truck gets less

Cargo payment balance
If you pick up cargo by hand and put it into a vehicle, cargo payment is calculated again with it's new capacity.
Chat message shows up if payment is changed
Fast food delivery payment is also reduced on large-capacity vehicles(bigger than bikes)

Missing server list
A new additional in-house server list will recover missing servers from the list

Top Speed registration conditions are improved (Thanks to H3draut3r)
Bus passenger payment is increased
Cargo strap is now saved for the next game session
Steering wheel doesn't rotate while pressing the mouse wheel button to rotate the camera in mouse-steering mode (Thanks to SergeyS)
'Valet' message will show up when driving the vehicle for a delivery mission
More vehicle delivery destination is added
Tow job's no-damage bonus is increased
Vehicle delivery destination shows up in the sat-nav while driving the vehicle
You can now strap cargo in the Van or Box truck (Thanks to Harben)
You can now see the gear ratio of the transmission at the garage
Gang Passenger NPC now leaves the vehicle after the getaway job is finished (Thanks to Pluppading)
Another small house blueprint is added
Housing Area is added to Oedo. You can build here after buying the land (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Admin can use "/announce <Message>" to broadcast important messages (Thanks to Reddington)
Net-sync of the trailer is improved
Laptime with wall-hitting is now ignored
Vehicle's siren auto turns off after the player leaves the vehicle for a while (Thanks to m0dbot)
Rain tire splash sound volume is reduced (Thanks to HU1212ICAN3)
Tire bump sound is improved
Mission timer now pause when a player cannot move due to level streaming (Thanks to Joko_P)
Visit bank tutorial quest is added to level 7
You can now skip Tutorial Quests and restart already finished one (Thanks to Driver)
Bike shop, Bank, and Cityhall map icon is added
Camera key helper is added for a low-level player
Job interaction UI's map now auto-resizes to show the destination
Show dropped Item and Cargo's owner name in character mode crosshair (Thanks to kutyax)
Boxy has more skin
Kira Rollback's suspension is stiffened
Short intake increase throttle response, Long intake reduce throttle response
Trophy taxi is placed more to support the tutorial quest
Parking space is added at the Toy Factory

Bug Fixed
Bus passenger at the 1100 rest area choose the wrong terminal destination (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Company route Bus timer doesn't work after restarting the game (Thanks to Cain)
Cargo changes its location after pickup other cargo (Thanks to Harben and usman)
Stuck in the passenger seat if the vehicle is parted at the garage and the character is holding an item (Thanks to MWisBest)
Dedicated server log has broken text for non-alphabet chat (Thanks to catb0t)
Sand-Concrete production line stop when both storages is full (Thanks to Foxlen)
Force feedback disabled after changing vehicle for Moza Steering Wheel (Thanks to SmallbutDeadly)
Getaway job's destination is blocked by objects (Thanks to Deinony)
Lamp not net-synced (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
Changing driver mode setting lags during multiplayer (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
New character starts at the wrong place(Ansan Speedway) after join multiplayer
Spectating makes map unload near the player's vehicle (Thanks to Shevy and Grumps)
Autopilot and player navigation not working immediately after start game
AI vehicle doesn't move at the race (Thanks to Anubis)
Bike and road divider rendering distance is too short (Thanks to Antit3rror and ChadStevens)
Cannot finish towing job with punctured vehicle (Thanks to Miscreation78)
Cannot spawn parked vehicle with a double click (Thanks to EricChen)
Custom destination is under the ground at the harbor (Thanks to thegabe)
Stuck in cursor mode after a chat (Thanks to Toph)
5th Wheel malfunction at 90 yaw degree (Thanks to EricChen)
AI Vehicles stall the engine (Thanks to Toph)
ARP, Soft limiter setting keeps resetting to default after joining multiplayer (Thanks to EricChen)
AirCity's interior has missing polygons (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
Attached light is hidden after the player leaves the vehicle even at a short distance (Thanks to vcharng)
Attached light on the vehicle is turned off at a distance and doesn't turn on (Thanks to Chris Goleador and Netto PP)
Bike tire clip into the ground (Thanks to Reddington)
Boxy's right door handle lit (Thanks to Supernaut)
Boxy's seat has glass material (Thanks to scailman)
Cannot park trailer (Thanks to Jimmy)
Kira rollback's rear tire is unstable (Thanks to EricChen)
Kuda has a missing polygon at the front (Thanks to Ks080)
Mixi understeer heavily while loaded (Thanks to Evelyn)
SV200's rear axle is too wide (Thanks to EricChen)
Titan's rear keep hitting the trailer (Thanks to Picard Zhu)
Trailer unstable at a hard turn
Tronko's roof marker light is not aligned (Thanks to Fluxsake)
Tronko's third axle doesn't have anti-rollbar (Thanks to EricChen)
Vehicle stuck underground or flies away after tow to the nearest road (Thanks to Lord-Wolf and Pluppading)
Power pole hitbox is too large (Thanks to majored1)
Wrong seat location of the bench near taxi office (Thanks to Huhn93)
We have a minor bug fix!

Bug Fixed
Cheese Box jumping around after being thrown (Thanks to 0rangeGhost)
Vehicle bounced left to right strangely, especially the Pickup (Thanks to Peaceul and EricChen)
We have a minor bug fix!

Bus route selection UI now shows the active route with '<>'
Bike's leaning angle net sync is improved
Mixi and Dumpy's suspension is stiffened (Thanks to Magic Man)

Bug Fixed
Cannot continue company bus route after restarting game (Thanks to Cain)
Look Left/Right stuttering (Thanks to Anubis)
Rented vehicle despawn after a timeout when restarting game (Thanks to Magic Man)
Rented vehicle doesn't take damage (Thanks to Magic Man)
Trailer is unstable while attached (Thanks to Harben)
Hello, fellow drivers! We have another update!
Thanks to everyone who helped with the test!

Chris Goleador made this cool clip of new update!

You can now change rain frequency while starting the drive mode game!
Tire friction is low during rain, so drive carefully!

Harbor reworked
Betty reworked the Jeju harbor area
Enjoy the new harbor race track!

Lighting and Deco store at the Jeju downtown

New Tire Collision
Tire collision is changed to use full volume instead of just a vertical line

New Bike - Gunthoo
New 30HP Motorcycle is added
You can buy it at the Motorcycle dealership in Jeju Downton (North of the Island)

New Bike Handling
Bike handling is overhauled
Player input now converts to the bike's leaning angle at high speed

Assisted bike steering for Steering Wheel Device
Following 2 Assist Option is added
1. Use assisted bike steering for steering wheel device (Default On): Steering wheel input now leans the bike instead of rotating the handlebar
2. Assisted bike steering input range (Default 20%): Set how far you need to rotate the steering wheel to lean maximum angle (20% means +-90Degree on 900Degree Wheel)

Horizontal Lock of bike cockpit view camera
You can change the lock rate at the Gameplay Option - 'Bike cockpit camera horizontal lock' (Default 80%)

Active Rollover Protection
With new tire updates, vehicles tend to roll over much more easily, which is more realistic than before.
But it could be annoying and too hard, so 'ARP(Active Rollover Protection)' is added
It uses a brake on each wheel to stop rolling too hard
You can adjust strength from Assist Setting and each Vehicle's Control Panel -> Drive Mode (Strength multiplies)
Large vehicles(Semi, Buses, Trailers) have a default value of 100%. Other vehicles have a default value of 0%

Count spinbox is added to cargo unload UI (Thanks to RC_Dude_17)
Trailer's center of gravity heights are re-balanced to be more realistic
Height of first person view in character mode is raised to meet the eye height (Thanks to Kikwik)
Force Feedback is easy-in when entering a vehicle (Thanks to catb0t)
Cargo delivery payments are raised for a few cargo types
Farm's Pallet and Box production is separated (Thanks to hitman_2)
Quickbar is moved to the right side to avoid overlapping chat box
Auto rev-matching during downshift is improved
Rolling resistance of snow is reduced
Vehicle's center of gravity heights are re-balanced to be more realistic
Wheel spacer is now unavailable to the bike's wheel (Thanks to majored1)
You can now toggle Soft Rev Limiter at the Control Panel -> Drive Mode
Road navigation is added to Pyosun Villages (Thanks to hitman_2)

Bug Fixed
Autocross cone moved by itself by overlap (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Autocross timer reset when hitting the wrong gate (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Bus passenger at the terminal has a destination of the current terminal (Thanks to β™ͺD.J Cβ™‚mb1nEβ™«)
Bus passenger pays after player changes route (Thanks to catb0t)
Missing Bus stop interaction (Thanks to the01slayer and SirArgus)
Passengers don't use the player bus when its condition is 0
Cannot strap furniture (Thanks to Grumps)
Trash bag interaction box doesn't remove immediately after pickup (Thanks to Skirakzalus)
Driver's look IK lagging in multiplayer
FPS drop with Controller (Thanks to ColinM)
Force feedback disappeared after opening the menu (Thanks to SmallbutDeadly)
Client crashed while changing bus routes (Thanks to MoistGoat)
Random client crash with rollback tow vehicles
Random crash with abandoned rental vehicle (Thanks to catb0t)
Pizza/Burger place's ingredient delivery wasn't limited as 30
Cannot pick Pulio's control panel and tow bar (Thanks to catb0t)
Bike easy to offtrack at the Olle Speedway (Thanks to Llama)
Nearby vehicles disappear after hopping into a vehicle in multiplayer (Thanks to 7HC)
Spike strip doesn't cost (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
Bike rendering distance was too short
Compacty's dumping sounds overflow (Thanks to scailman)
Money change sound effect too loud with multiple cargo delivery (Thanks to RainbowStarMan)
Bus Passenger interaction has duplicated buttons (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
Cannot scroll route assign list with controller (Thanks to QuerSlider)
Garage part selection automatically deselect in the multiplayer client (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
Harbor misspelling is fixed (Thanks to Mr. Sandman)
Interaction highlight doesn't clear if hop in the vehicle (Thanks to beedly10)
Player nametag randomly not visible (Thanks to catb0t)
Population boost number error (Thanks to Wolfbayne)
AI SV200 has non-yellow skin (Thanks to ScottishChicken)
Bike leaning net-sync lag
Cannot compress garbage (Thanks to EricChen)
CheetahMk1 has duplicated seat location (Thanks to Kush)
Disconnect from the server after reinstalling the Bus license part (Thanks to RainbowStarMan)
Interior light of the trailer is not synced with the tractor (Thanks to Reddington)
Liliput's door doesn't animate when a player is in cockpit view (Thanks to EnormiE)
Mammoth's internal side window doesn't have valid material (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
Player vehicle spawned at the overlapping location explodes into the sky (Thanks to π‘Šπ‘œπ‘œπ‘“π‘€π‘œπ‘œπ‘“)
Ranch wheel has wrong offset (Thanks to ScottishChicken)
Rolling resistance only applied to forward (Thanks to hitman_2)
Spawned world vehicle didn't spawn after the player abandoned it
Spider's interaction doesn't work correctly (Thanks to Shazbotacus)
Vista doesn't have reverse light (Thanks to EricChen)
World trailer despawn too early after the player leaves it (Thanks to Grumps)
We have a minor bug fix!

* Fixed bug that the company can be removed after playing multiplayer as a client (Thanks to catb0t and Llama)
Hello, fellow drivers! We have another update!
Thanks to everyone who helped with the test!

Bus Company
You can now create a company and let AI Bus drivers work for you!

Visit NPC at the City hall(East South side of Seo-Gui-Po Downtown)

1. Summon your own bus and park it near the road
2. Press 'O' or 'LB + Gamepad Special Left' to open Company UI
3. Add Bus
4. Assign Bus to a Route
5. AI Driver starts to drive (Player must not drive it)

Un-assign route or remove the vehicle from the company
You can summon a vehicle or drive it to override the AI driver

Company Vehicle cost money while they are running
You can un-assign the route to stop it

Company Vehicle's condition will be consumed while running, especially with more passengers.
The bus cannot accept more passengers with 0 Conditions, and you need to click the 'Maintenance' button to restore the condition.

AI driver will be stuck, and this will be visible on the Company Vehicle List as 'Stuck'
You can call roadside service at the Company UI.
Sometimes you need to go there and drive it a little bit to resolve issues.

The system route is added as the default when you create the company.
You can edit these and add more.
You can talk to passengers at the bus stop to know where they are going. Use it to make an optimal route!
You can import/export bus routes using the clipboard. Share your route with your friends!
You can use the company route when you drive a bus.
(Other players cannot use your company route, yet)

Now we have 200 residents on the island.
They all have homes and workplaces (or schools).
They need to commute and visit commercial areas from time to time.
They spawn at the nearest bus stop and hop in the bus which goes nearest bus stop of destination or nearest Bus Terminal(Gang-Jung/Jeju/Seong-San/Hallim)
This means they pile up at the Terminal
So, the basic strategy would be having 2 kinds of bus routes, one for Terminal-To-Local-Area, and one for Terminal-To-Terminal
There is a 'Bus Usage' at the Town Effect(in-game menu), meaning how many residents used the bus successfully.
The resident population and bus payments are increased based on Bus usage.

Dumbi, new mid-size bus!
You can buy Dumbi at the Gu-Jwa Heavy Duty shop!

Jeju Downtown Expanded
Betty is refreshed Jeju Downtown.
Pizza, Burger, and Sushi places are also open at the Jeju Downtown

TrackIR is now supported
1. Plug in Track IR
2. Start TrackIR 5.4 App
3. Start Motor Town
4. Drive and change camera mode to the cockpit
You can change the rotation angle and move distance at the Game Option

Seong-San and Hallim Terminal is added
Fine Sand now gets a demand/supply bonus (Thanks to Grumps)
Improved map streaming frame drops
You can now sort vehicle lists by vehicle number (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Cannot scroll and select bus route with controller
Kuda's side mirror got an additional wide-view mirror
FL1's windshield size is increased for a better view
You can now paint SV200, and it has an external bus screen (Thanks to Grumps)

Bug Fixed
Bus external screen's destination text animation omits some last characters
Delivery cargo count increased more than output storage (Thanks to Beeps and Grumps)
Getaway job's marker remains after the job is finished (Thanks to root)
Getaway job destination not visible in multiplayer (Thanks to scailman)
Passengers floating in the air (Thanks to majored1)
AI Bus passengers flying around
Vehicle/Cargo pickup quest destination has an invalid location (Thanks to Grumps)
AI Vehicle's engine starter sound keeps looping randomly
Trailer has a powered wheel in info UI (Thanks to RoadTrain)
My vehicle map icon's not removed while driving in multiplayer (Thanks to EricChen)
Control Panel seat is included in the HUD's seat count (Thanks to morkrost)
Cannot close bus route selection UI with the Back key
Towed vehicle's light is synced with towing vehicle (Thanks to Cain)
Angle kit tune is available to the trailer (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
World vehicles disappear in single-player after joining multiplayer (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Scooty at the Seo-Gui-Po Pizza place blocking cargo drop zone (Thanks to hitman_2)

Hello, fellow drivers! We have another update!
Thanks to everyone who helped with the test!

Chris Goleador Made a nice video of updates!

Car Trailer to Buy
Small car trailer SPT1 is added at the Heavy duty shop
This is the first trailer that you can own!

You can now change the height of Pulio's tow bar by using the control panel at the rear of Pulio
A yellow strap is added between the towbar and towed vehicle's wheel

Live fish delivery
Kuda Live Fish Tank truck is added
You can deliver live fish from Hallim Fishing Town
Live fish delivery pays more if you arrive in-time

Pyo-Sun and Sung-San village
2 more villages are added to the east of the island

Delivery payment bonus based on supply and demand
Some cargo's delivery payments go higher when their demand and supply are high
You can see the bonus rate on the delivery list or on the in-game menu

X-mas events are finished
Santa's cabin is now closed. See you next year!

Gu-Jwa furniture store delivery is added
Olle Express(Courier service) opens at Gang-Jung and Gu-Jwa
Oedo housing's parking space direction is inverted (Thanks to Chris Goleador)
Vehicle on the car trailer is now saved for the next session
You can now interact with garage and parking space with trailer parking next to them
Tow request job, Summon vehicle at the parking space Tutorial quest is added
Low fuel warning is changed from 10% to 15% (Thanks to subarufanCH)
Hooking a vehicle that is already hooked to another vehicle is now not available (Thanks to catb0t)
Profit share of world vehicles is reduced (Thanks to thegabe)
Sleeping is now unavailable while autopilot (Thanks to Majored1)
Trailer unhook, Tow bar hook/unhook, Toggle landing gear, Driving carrying vehicle, Using control panel seat now needs vehicle drive permission (Thanks to Saint6)

Bug Fixed
AI vehicle doesn't yield to the player at the crossroad randomly
AI vehicle wobbles with the low server frame rate (Thanks to thegabe)
Autopilot keeps driving ignoring navigation using the island's ring-road
Autopilot randomly stuck in the middle of the road (Thanks to EricChen)
Bus payment doesn't get a town bonus (Thanks to Cain)
Character falls through the terrain when joining the game while seating in a passenger seat
Player driver character seat underground/vehicle in multiplayer (Thanks to Grumps and czmiel)
Multikey binding doesn't release if the modifier key is released first (Thanks to StepArbiter)
Cargo delivery doesn't get enough cargo count (Thanks to Grumps)
Cargo delivery total payment message doesn't count the profit share (Thanks to Head)
Fuel/Milk delivery removes 2 cargo when pickup 1 (Thanks to Grumps)
Coolant item doesn't work with the multiplayer clients (Thanks to catb0t)
Time attack laptime mode cancels after repeated off-track (Thanks to Llama)
Police patrol location randomly duplicates (Thanks to Lappeteppe)
Time of day doesn't save (Thanks to StillerTemp350)
Ambulance passenger's marker doesn't get disabled when driving non-ambulance (Thanks to Jim DREDD)
Chat randomly doesn't auto-scroll (Thanks to DARKCHICKEN)
Destination box and map icon doesn't remove after vehicle delivery (Thanks to catb0t)
Vehicle's price tag and job marker z-fight (Thanks to catb0t)
Vendor NPC doesn't show on the map icon (Thanks to Reyik)
Cannot pick the control panel of SPT1 and Kira Rollback (Thanks to catb0t)
Dashboard and trailer hitch color change by changing body skin (Thanks to Grumps)
Kira's passenger seat is too tight (Thanks to Izaak)
Odometer increases more than actual distance (Thanks to EricChen)
Physics is unstable during multiplayer if the player drives a vehicle on a car carrier (Thanks to czmiel)
TCS malfunction with Locked Diff (Thanks to Badji85)
Trailer physics doesn't work with more than 2 vehicles connected (Thanks to catb0t and Grumps)
Vehicle on car trailer unstable in the multiplayer client (Thanks to EricChen)
Vehicle's state doesn't save in multiplayer (Thanks to Kush and EricChen)
Interaction box of Olle Speedway tuning shop is old-style (Thanks to Grumps)

Happy lunar new year! and thanks to everyone who helped with the test!

New Semi
Kuda is added to the Gu-Jwa Heavy Duty Shop
With a new 440HP Engine

Chris Goleador from Discord made a nice video of Kuda

New Gu-Jwa and farm fields on the east side of the island
Betty added new Factories and the good old Toy Factory is now expanded for easier parking
Pizza/Burger place now requires Cheese/Meat delivery from Gu-Jwa for a premium product

New Part install UI
Garage's part install UI is changed to make it easier to install the same part into multiple wheels

AI vehicle avoids rollback tow truck's bed while it's on the ground (Thanks to Tymo)
AI vehicle avoids going near wrecker vehicle when its siren is on (Thanks to Tymo)
Delivery drop zone is added to Pizza/Burger store
You can now place a building in Gu-Jwa Housing area
Optimized texture pooling to avoid blurry textures (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
3XXHP heavy duty/bus engine sound is changed
Turbo intake sound is improved
'Center on Player' button (Default 'C') is added to the world map (Thanks to Millan)
Turbo lag is increased
Radiator/Engine damage is reduced for bottom out
Trailer hooking is smoothed (Thanks to Headhunter)
Pulio's tow bar height is reduced (Thanks to Headhunter)
Confirm dialog pops up when exiting from the vehicle while moving (Thanks to Forensics_knight)
Vista's body color is now paint-able

Soft Rev-Limiter is added (Thanks to Richeeze and Erick)
Warehouse delivery interaction box is moved away from the building (Thanks to Mr. Sandman)

Bug Fixed
Ambulance passenger randomly doesn't spawn (Thanks to catb0t)
Bus passenger randomly doesn't spawn
Camera location reset after loading a cargo
Concrete/Sand/Fuel delivery doesn't show total payment (Thanks to AndrewHales)
Dropped cargo can be delivered with box/van-type cargo space (Thanks to StepArbiter)
Cannot drop the item at the slope (Thanks to StepArbiter)
Picking up items while driving is possible in multiplayer (Thanks to Grumps)
Utility box's inventory doesn't net-sync (Thanks to StepArbiter)
Camera collision was disabled during the placing an attachment part (Thanks to Skyver)
Cannot connect to Dedicated server over 20 players (Thanks to colin)
Texture blurring periodically while driving (Thanks to 8Sh1t, Grumps, and catb0t)
Steam activates VR Mode (Thanks to CursedBeard, Reddington, SmallbutDeadly, Vyna, and catb0t)
Broken font for Polish, German, and Hungarian (Thanks to Artem2137, Itz_Mixon, M3mphistus, and Reyik)
Cannot select bus route with controller
Garage dyno UI changes while previewing transmission (Thanks to Pawz)
In game menu's player list doesn't scroll (Thanks to colin)
Laptime texts overlap (Thanks to moko256)
No crosshair in the world map while playing without a mouse (Thanks to HunkyDory)
Only one wheel highlights at the garage while selecting a group part (Thanks to Shevy)
Paint confirm dialog doesn't have a money icon (Thanks to moko256)
Vehicle delivery job icon doesn't show on the map (Thanks to Reddington)
Cannot refuel vehicle when there are more than 2 vehicles around (Thanks to catb0t)
Disabled mirror texture was too bright during the night (Thanks to majored1)
Engine sound doesn't stop after turning off the engine (Thanks to Fuso)
Fox's steering wheel clips when moving forward (Thanks to NorthHopper)
Handbrake doesn't release after loading cargo with a controller (Thanks to AGES)
Missing polygon at the A-pillar on Campy (Thanks to r0zen)
Pulio's rear axle is too wide (Thanks to EricChen)
Rent from player vehicle despawn when driver player disconnect (Thanks to colin)
Rent from player vehicle duplicate after reconnect (Thanks to Grumps)
Rollback tow truck's bed randomly doesn't net-sync
Small cage trailer unstable while hooked with Kira Flatbed (Thanks to KaKatze)
Tow to the nearest garage a trailer ends up heading backward (Thanks to )
Trailer hook is too weak (Thanks to Grumps)
Uninstalling suspension part applies to wrong slot (Thanks to )
Vehicle on the rollback tow truck duplicates after reconnecting (Thanks to Grumps)
Vehicle's sale price is different in the multiplayer (Thanks to catb0t)
Zino's dashboard has a hole while not driving it
Cannot spawn trailers at the Gang-Jung warehouse (Thanks to Llama)
Nimo doesn't drive straight and turns left slightly (Thanks to Badji85)
Compacty is not spawned at the Heavy Duty Shop dealership (Thanks to catb0t)
Roadside rocks explode by themselves near Gu-Jwa (Thanks to Ghostly20)
Long bench has only 2seats instead of 3 (Thanks to Reyik)
We have a small hotfix for some urgent bug fixes.
Sorry for the delay and Thanks to the testers!

Bug Fixed
Warehouse reset after restart game (Thanks to NorthHopper, EricChen, Britney, and killerbii)
Trailer disappear after restarting the game (Thanks to Britney)
We have some bug fixes!

Xmas gift box decoration is added to Santa's Cabin (Thanks to π•―π–†π–—π–Šπ–‰π–Šπ–›π–Žπ–‘)
UI button navigation in the main menu is improved

Bug Fixed
Cannot strap cargo after restarting the game
Player character randomly teleport back to a previously driven vehicle (Thanks to Oo0oO)
Character animation freezes after exiting from a vehicle (Thanks to Viking_Rob)
Starting house building was missing new characters (Thanks to Millan)
Not enough money error when picking up an item (Thanks to FreddyLuxe)
Garage Lift's button click sounds can be heard by the host from a far distance (Thanks to SmallbutDeadly)
Low frame rate in the Main Menu with old long-played character
Camera recenter key helper doesn't hide after auto recenter (Thanks to augustt0)
Charging station highlight doesn't go off if the player gets off the vehicle (Thanks to scailman and 8Sh1t)
Some Japanese and Chinese fonts are broken (Thanks to Kuribayashi)
Server list doesn't scroll with the controller
Zydro Police's rear blinker lighting was red (Thanks to catb0t)
Wheel turns permanently after collision (Thanks to Oo0oO)
FL1 gets body damage after detaching a trailer (Thanks to Mehan)
Magis's light cover changes color with window color (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
Liliput's passenger door animation broken (Thanks to DarkSider)
Chase view camera distance gets too far when cargo in the trailer is rotated (Thanks to Oo0oO)
Hello fellow drivers, and happy new year!

2022 was a great year.

I started Early Access on Dec 2021 as a solo developer and Motor Town got loved more than I expected.
To meet the expectation, Betty joined as a world builder, scailman and 7HC joined as a part-time modeler. Together, we delivered 15 updates and the now game looks much different from the beginning.

And now we think it's a good time to change the price of the game.
We still have a long journey to finish Early Access and I hope you enjoy the ride with us.

New Price : $19.99 (Note that we use Steam's latest recommended regional price table)
Date: Price change will become effective as of 16th of January 2023 (UTC)