News & Announcements
Greetings everyone,

We've release a number of hotfixes intended to address some of the reported issues after the release of version 0.32. You can find all the details in the changelog below:

v0.32.2 (May/23, 2024)

  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Fixed wrong model years on Baja Extreme configuration
    • Fixed incorrectly placed right mirror origin
  • Bruckell Bastion
    • Fixed wrong cargobox strap deform groups on rear seats
  • Bruckell LeGran
    • Fixed trunk opening/closing issues with some spoilers
  • Civetta Scintilla
    • Fixed seat cargo load box syntax error
  • ETK 800-Series
    • Improved stability of widebody doors to match the normal doors
  • ETK I-Series
    • Improved stability of mirrors
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Added log straps
    • Fixed issues with logs clipping with bed when high log diameter set
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Added lights to headache rack
    • Removed the ability to remove interior completely
    • Fixed mixer controls not working when default ignition state in settings is Off
    • Fixed duplicate stock ECU
  • Hirochi Aurata
    • Added cargo load box support
  • Hirochi SBR4
    • Added seat cargo boxes
  • Ibishu BX-Series
    • Added remaining parts to derby configs
    • Fixed duplicate flexbodies in sport intake
    • Fixed dynamic decals not working on aftermarket parts
    • Fixed brake booster position on LHD/RHD dashboards
    • Fixed some issues in the engine bay
    • Implemented improvements for arcade mode shift point
    • Implemented cooling improvements
    • Fixed steering breaking too easily with some 14x8 wheels
    • Fixed typo in rear bumper trim
  • Ibishu Hopper
    • Fixed headlight flares position
    • Added seat cargo boxes
  • Ibishu Pigeon/Wigeon
    • Made steering wheel prop move equal amount left/right (note, physical steering itself is now not symmetrical, car will turn more to one side than the other)
  • Soliad Lansdale
    • Fixed wrong lettering on 3.8 SE AWD (A) configuration
    • Fixed simple traffic variant deforming itself on normal driving, causing it to stop randomly in traffic
  • Common
    • Off-road lights
      • Fixed some offroad roof light props being inverted
    • Simplified traffic cars
      • Fixed duplicate triangles on some cars
  • Trailers
    • Converted all trailers to use the new landing gear system from log trailer
    • Fixed missing weight info in UI
    • Fixed inverted landing gear control key bindings
    • Container Trailer
      • Stiffened 40ft bogie
    • Flatbed trailer
      • Fixed console warnings on short trailer with steel coil
      • Fixed rear 20t steel coil spinning when loaded on some configurations
      • Reduced bogie autocoupling radius to prevent damage related to another issue
      • Fixed wrong light prop positions on 32ft variant
    • Log Trailer
      • Reduced maximum allowed log length to prevent issues with clipping and breaking straps
    • Tanker Trailer
      • Fixed wrong kingpin height on long variant
      • Fixed default config not existing
  • Props
    • Logs prop
      • Fixed literally unplayable ™ typo
  • Johnson Valley
    • Fixed duplicated materials
    • Fixed console warnings
  • Jungle Rock Island
    • Fixed console warnings
  • Common
    • Fixed several bugs on materials and meshes
    • Fixed some decals position
    • Fixed a number of floating objects
  • Updated prefab for AI Race mission: Wild West Trails
  • Added Finish and Outro camera path elements in the Missions editor for AI Races
Virtual Reality
  • Fixed a crash to desktop when using a Varjo VR headset with the native OpenXR support. In addition, if you experience a gray screen when using SteamVR, please update to the latest version of Varjo software
AI & Traffic
  • Made further improvements to the respawn logic
World Editor
  • Interface: replaced a few icons of the ScriptAI tool for more user-friendly ones
Flowgraph Editor
  • Play ScriptAI Recording node: Fixed ScriptAI data not loading if the input string contains an extension
Game Engine
  • Resource Checker: Fixed issues with false positives when file extension was missing from texture path
  • Fixed component merging
  • Added ability to use components inside calculations (documentation)
  • Added ability to use vec3, quat and concat functions inside calculations (documentation)
  • Improved expression error handling and error messages

v0.32.1 (Apr/24, 2024)

  • Bruckell Bastion
    • Fixed trunk not opening with Nomi wing
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Added log loads
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed wrong rear load slot name on extended variant
    • Added log loads
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Fixed cement mixer halogen light deformmaterial
  • Hirochi Sunburst
    • Revised steering geometry to avoid over centering effect when reversing at full lock
  • Ibishu BX-Series
    • Added “Drag” skin
    • Updated “Drag (A)” config
    • Added “Old Paint” skin
    • Added “The Malodorous (M)” config
    • Added bash bars and other derby parts
    • Fixed wrong shifter on street tuned config
    • Moved horn slot to dashboard to fix sound location conflict with shifter
    • Fixed typo in radio blanking plate name
    • Fixed no texture odometer on traffic variants
    • Fixed coupe taillights having no collision triangles
    • Fixed non-centered brake discs with drift suspension
    • Fixed literally unplayable ™ bumper trim
  • Trailers
    • Frameless Dump Trailer
      • Fixed typo in Dump Body Hydraulics part name
    • Log Trailer
      • Fixed typo in short trailer config description
  • Props
    • Logs Prop
      • Lowered minimum length allowed in Tuning menu
  • Common
    • Fixed some typos in description of BX-series
    • Added explanation to drift config description about how the mirrored livery is intentional, reflecting (hah) the IRL japanese/drifting culture trend, rather than being a bug
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed collision issue in Logistic garage buidling
    • Fixed collision on railway bridge
    • Fixed glass material
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed tree eating car
  • Small Island
    • Fixed spiky terrain
  • Common
    • Fixed annotations on all maps
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Steam username to be displayed on license plates
  • Fixed mission markers showing sometimes even when the setting was disabled
  • Increased the size of left panel in Garage
  • Improved Options layout to support long titles from localisation
  • Vehicle selector counter now respects Aux checkbox
  • In old vehicle configuration Tuning, Live updates option now saves its state
  • Icon color and size handling improvements
  • New Vehicle Configuration UI
    • Improved numerical order in dropdowns of Parts selector
    • Implemented filtering on Save&Load when entering a name
    • Fixed an error when switches being interactive when disabled
    • Tuning now respects "hideInUI" parameter
    • Live update option now saves its state in Parts selector and Tuning
    • Parts selector UI improved
    • Save&Load thumbnail checkbox now functional
    • Dropdown built-in search now shows "not found" message
    • Tuning now has everything sorted
  • Crash Camera
    • Fixed camera getting triggered by pooled inactive traffic vehicles
    • Lowered cooldown between two triggers of the crash camera
    • Fixed issue where changing the camera reset the cooldown
    • Fixed broken interaction when recovering vehicle while the crash cam is active
Early Preview: Career Mode
  • Fixed several minor localization issues
  • Fixed tutorial out of bounds check not working properly in some cases
  • You can now “give back” trailers when delivering them
  • Improved delivery screens “locked” messages
  • Fixed milestones breaking the game in some cases
  • Improved Progress and Milestone pages visuals
  • Career Branches Landing UI facelift
  • Made branch skill cards look more clickable with mouse pointer
  • Milestones screen adjustments
  • Career Progress landing adjustments
  • Focus and hover styles update for the career Branch Progress Landing
  • Fixed wrong calculation for minimum respawn distance
  • Small performance improvements
  • Changed muffling values of new i4 1600 and 2000 to 0.33 from 0.25, and re-balanced volumes between the different RPM loops.
  • Reduced volume of “low air pressure alarm”

World Editor

  • Added Vehicle Detail Viewer (Window → Experimental → Vehicle detail viewer)

  • Fixed rare crash when using Vulkan renderer
  • Improved behaviour of Vulkan renderer during OOM situations (out of memory)
  • Fixed crash when using Vulkan renderer after minimize the game window
  • Fixed triangle visualization breaking with “loose tires”
Greetings, drivers, and welcome to our first big update of 2024! We’ve got some great stuff waiting for you in this update, including a remastered vehicle, the continuing remake of Gavril T-Series, new props, new camera mode, and a ton of fixes and improvements.

Remastered Ibishu BX
First up, we have the artist formerly known as Ibishu 200BX - now the Ibishu BX-Series -, which has undergone a full remaster in this update. This includes fully updated meshes and textures throughout, new bodykits and customization options, and a V8 Swap. We've added the new 'Diana' variants, completely redone the suspension geometry, and turned the old coupe bodystyle into a liftback. The BX-series is getting an additional coupe bodystyle with a brand-new design, and we've doubled the number of playable configurations!

Gavril T-Series Remake Part 2
As part of its continuing remake, the Gavril T-Series is receiving a logging upfit, with two frame variants: a long upfit frame with a short straight frame end, and a medium upfit frame with a medium straight frame end. The new headache rack will be equipped by default on the logging upfit, but is also available for the fifth wheel upfit.

We’ve also added a ton of visual customization options for parts like bumpers, grills, and exhausts. The Gavril T-Series is also getting a low air wig wag warning, more customization options for the 900CUI Belasco diesel engine, beacon lights, and mirror antennas. The Mixer Upfit is being remastered, with a new realistic self-leveling pneumatic suspension. This new system offers single and multi-axle support, mechanical input for the self-leveling control, and a manual ride height override.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, some of the planned features were not included in the current release. This means that you have more to look forward to in future updates, including a V8 engine, additional frame options, and more axle configurations.

New Trailers, Loads, and Props
We’ve added a new Log Trailer, with two variants - a two-axle 27ft variant and a three-axle 40ft variant, each with an optional headache rack. The 40ft variant is equipped with a fifth wheel, making B-Train configurations possible. You're also getting empty and loaded variants, with either eight or 12 logs of varying types of wood. The new trailers are compatible with the new 4m Logs prop.

In addition to the new trailer, we’ve made some changes to the Dry Van, Flatbed, Small Flatbed, and Tanker trailers, as well as the Trailer Dolly. We’ve made a number of fixes to trailers as well, including fixing the locker position on the three-axle trailer bogie (we know you’ve been worried about that), addressing light-related clipping issues, and we did our best to fix a rare issue that caused trailers to explode when attached to the dolly.

In the props department, two new props have been added. The new Logs prop is compatible with the Log Trailer as well as the T-Series’ new logging upfit, and comes in several variants, including single logs and stacks of between six and 23 logs. The length and diameter of the logs are adjustable, and will affect the logs’ weight, as will the type of wood the logs are made of - there are eight wood types available, each with its own density which will affect the weight of the log. All the logs can float on water.

The new Steel Coil comes in 5, 10, 20, and 30-ton variants, and is excellent for overloading trailers and crushing cars. The size of the coils can be adjusted from the tuning menu when used as a standalone prop, which will affect their weight. The Steel Coil can be loaded on the Flatbed Trailer.

West Coast, USA Improvements
The West Coast, USA map has received further improvements!

We’ve updated the concrete batching plant area, the Quarry, and the Fast Automotive facility. Several floating and collision bugs were hunted down and eliminated without mercy, and we’ve continued the process of updating to PBR by updating some more materials. We’ve added a fuel station next to the logistics garage, reworked the residential area near the movie studio, and reworked the fences of the single houses in the suburbs. We’ve also updated roads and road markings to improve the driving experience, reworked major intersections and highway sections, and installed speed cameras. Big Brother is watching, now and always…

We’ve added five new missions - Desert Rally Stage and Outlander Valet in Johnson Valley, Prospector’s Return in Utah, Mixed Surface Stage in East Coast USA, and Drop and Dive in West Coast USA - and made a ton of tweaks, changes, fixes, and general polish to missions in general. This includes new anti-cheating barriers in BeamNG Sport Race - Automation Test Track, improved camera paths for Time Trial missions, and much more.

We’ve been hard at work on improving the drifting systems as well. The drift backend has been almost entirely refactored and optimized, which will make future implementations much easier and more robust. We’ve improved drift detection - ‘Drifting’ is now detected sooner than before, which will make chaining drifts significantly easier. Drift scoring has also been improved. The score spread between experienced and beginner drifters has been reduced, which will make it easier to balance drift missions. The scoring will now more accurately reward players for drifting at higher speed, with bigger angles, and near walls. The combo increment has been reduced, and its logic has been changed to reward players for longer drifts.

Drift logic is now always running in the background. Thanks to this, we now have drift-related statistics! Everyone loves statistics, right? We’ve also added an experimental ‘spinout’ logic. When spinning out (or crashing), a “Drift Failed: Cause” message will appear. We’ve also added a ‘Wrong Way’ message if you’re heading in the wrong direction on an A to B drift mission, which will be displayed if the player is heading the wrong direction. To make this experience less stressful, we’ve also removed the timer for these missions.

Vehicle Improvements
All of our cars have received detailed mirror support, while some of the more modern ones have undergone a mirror physics structure revamp to allow them to fold manually without breaking off straight away. We’ve also done some tire work, retuning a number of tires, and added two new wheels - the Civetta Stradale and Civetta Dark Owl 22x12 wheels, with matching tire sizes.

The Autobello Piccolina’s doors will no longer sustain damage when opening wide, and we’ve also fixed a literally unplayable typo in a skin name for the Autobello Stambecco, given it a roof bars option, added body-mounted license plate options, and introduced cargo load options.

We’ve added a couple of new simplified traffic cars: the Bruckell Bastion, Soliad Wendover, Gavril Grand Marshal, Gavril Roamer, Gavril D-Series, and the Gavril H-Series. In addition, we’ve improved the suspension for the ETK I-Series, ETK K-Series, ETK 800-Series, and the Ibishu 200BX. The simplified traffic LeGran has received many fixes, and we've added the wagon and facelift variants. For all traffic cars, we stiffened the tires to improve AI handling and reduce the chances of rollovers, tweaked deformation on head-on crashes and side impacts, and fixed some spiking issues.

We’ve also made improvements and fixes to many other vehicles, like the ETK I- and 800-Series, the Soliad Wendover, and the Soliad Lansdale, and Hirochi Sunburst, among others.

Force Feedback Improvements
We’re constantly looking into ways to make vehicle handling more realistic, and to more transparently transmit the steering rack torques to your steering wheel. For this update, we're glad to announce that some of our ongoing research has led to a minor but noticeable improvement on this front.

Your mileage may vary: for some, this improvement might feel almost imperceptible, while for others it'll be really noticeable. This depends on framerate, steering wheel and settings, vehicle suspension geometry, road surface detail and driving style. The improvements should be most noticeable when trying to catch minor accidental slides, when avoiding tankslappers, and when drifting intentionally. Those should happen more transparently now, helping drive with more confidence than before. Players might also feel slightly reduced vibrations in the wheel, especially when racing normally.

New Engine Sounds!
We've updated the i4 1600cc 'Motorsport' and i4 2000 'Endurance' turbo engine/exhaust, which you'll be able to hear on the BX series for 1600 and 1600 & 2000 on Cherrier, among other engine audio changes. We also introduced water splash sounds and a new way of naming blends for better future-proofing, check the patch notes for more details on that.

Crash Camera
And last, but certainly not least - we’ve added a Crash Cam! Once enabled in the gameplay options, the Crash Cam will automatically capture your crashes in glorious slow-motion. It includes several modes and will select one of them at random. The Crash Cam is currently only available in Freeroam mode, so go check it out and please share any feedback with us in the dedicated forum thread!

This is by no means all of the changes we’re bringing you in this update. There’s a whole truckload of fixes, tweaks, changes and polish, so check out the patch notes for more information.
Greetings everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that we've implemented several hotfixes to address some of the reported issues. You can find all the details in the changelogs below:

v0.31.3 (Jan/22, 2024)
  • Bruckell Moonhawk
    • Fixed missing texture on the nosecone on some variants
  • FPU Wydra
  • Gavril Grand Marshal
    • Fixed texture issues on stock right exhaust
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed facelift tailgate not closing after opening
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Fixed ram plow UV issue and increased texture density
    • Fixed cargo load box attachment points on flatbed and box upfits
    • Improved ram plow collision
    • Tweaked FFB and power steering
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed trailer fuel tank meshes being on wrong sides
    • Fixed not showing broken fuel tanks UI message
    • Fixed fuel still being transfered after the trailer broke off without damaging the fuel tanks
  • Ibishu Miramar
    • Fixed Jbeam issues with door mirrors
  • Ibishu Pessima (1988-1991)
    • Fixed carbon fiber hood not closing correctly
  • Ibishu Pessima (1996-2000)
    • Fixed issues with rear seats and fuel cell
  • Wentward DT40L
    • Fixed ram plow being invisible
    • Tweaked power steering
  • Trailers
    • Flatbed trailer
      • Added ability for bogie to latch on the last available position on 48ft trailer
  • Props
    • Cone prop
      • Removed the ability to remove the cone completely in parts selector
GameplayInput & FFB
  • Fixed engine ignition V and handbrake Space bindings sometimes disappearing (usually after driving the Gavril T-Series)
  • Fixed AI in Sawmill Brawl race mission
Early Preview: Career Mode
  • Fixed issue where some part slots could be missing from the part shopping menu in some cases
  • Fixed some issues with garage parking spots where vehicles could be placed in the wrong position
  • Vehicle Livery Creator
    • Fixed texture fill layer projection when using a scale value of less than 1.0
    • Fixed selected material being wrong in some cases (e.g. for the Gavril Roamer - Sheriff variant)
    • Fixed error when trying to open world editor in main menu
    • Fixed error where the tool was referencing a missing shape
    • Fixed the tool writing an empty json file even if no brushes have been created
    • Replaced a nice placeholder skin price with an elite value
    • World Editor tool: Changed the name of the tool in the ‘Windows’ dropdown from Dynamic Decals to Vehicle Livery Creator
    • World Editor tool: Link in news window now refers to forum thread
    • World Editor tool: Also allow JPG decal textures rather than just PNG files
    • World Editor tool: Fixed the table of contents sorting in the documentation window
  • Improved compression brake sounds for remastered T-Series
Game Engine
  • Fixed 2 common application crashes

v0.31.2 (Dec/20, 2023)
  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Fixed rear seat L Cargo Load Box being incompatible with the rear trunk Box
    • Fixed vented hood type D missed backfaces, missed wheelie bar
  • Burnside Special
    • Fixed #literallyUnplayable front signal flares misalignment by 4cm
  • Civetta Bolide
    • Removed broken powerglow skin
  • Cherrier FCV
    • Fixed no texture gauges with certain part combinations
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed wrong deformGroups on long bed couch straps
    • Fixed wrong name on locking front differential
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Fixed sleeper rear door skin UV on cabover variant
    • Removed rear cab support bar on aero and sleeper, replaced with daycab ones
    • Fixed glow map leak issue on steering wheel
    • Removed spot mirrors AO burn
    • Fixed physics instability in conventional cab doors when the door glass was removed with the mirrors still installed
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed marker lights not working on trailer body
  • Ibishu Pigeon
    • Fixed the Cargo Load Box description and value
  • Ibishu Pessima
    • Fixed the Sport intake not providing extra power
  • Common
    • Fixed dually square rear wheels receiving no power and spamming console errors
    • Fixed Civetta Competizione wheel textures breaking on cars with a powerglow skin
    • Fixed skidplate wheels not working on any vehicle except Covet
  • Trailers
    • Container Trailer
      • Fixed rear bumper retract bolster lock pins having wrong position when equipped on the 20ft variant of the trailer
      • Added ability to add top container couplers to containers, and use them to make stacked 20ft configurations via parts selector
      • Fixed missing wheel breakGroups
      • Improved stability of 40ft container
    • Dry Van Trailer
      • Moved marker lights above the doors to be road legal
      • Fixed bogie rail not handling heavy loads well
    • Flatbed Trailer
      • Fixed brakes still working after wheels broken off
    • Box Utility Trailer
      • Fixed marker lights not working
    • Large Box Utility Trailer
      • Fixed marker lights not working
  • Props
    • Large Cannon Prop
      • Removed collision from rigidifier node which was catching on tall vehicles
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed parking slot in commercial garage area
    • Fixed position of the ON screen in commercial garage office
    • Fixed fence-hoarding mesh
    • fixed bollards, sidewalk and navgraph in Nodeoline fuel station
    • Fixed collision in front of sewerage
    • Fixed gas station signs
  • Derby Arenas
    • Fixed concrete arena spawn point
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed spawn points
  • ETK Driver Experience Center
    • Fixed default spawn point
  • Industrial Site
    • Moved positions of track and drift spawn points to be suitable for semi-truck and trailers
  • Italy
    • Moved the positions of the airport spawn points to be suitable for semi-truck and trailers
  • Fixed some conflicting parking spots in West Coast USA
  • Low air pressure warning thresholds in JBeam are now relative to ambient pressure
  • Improved low air pressure parking brake behavior
  • Improved starter- and shutoff-sound handling for engines with large inertia
  • Added additional T-Series splitter and center diff input actions for use with specialized input hardware
  • Hydraulic pump doesn’t engage automatically anymore when just high idle is being used without hydraulic control inputs
  • Improved high idle turbo behavior
  • Fix coupler logic error that prevented the container from releasing from its trailer
  • Fixed the inability to load your custom vehicle configurations if “Include custom .PC configurations” checkbox was disabled
  • Fixed the Parts Manager displaying some lists in the wrong order (even after the previous fix), such as the wheels dropdown
  • Fixed part transparency issues on switching main part’s child parts when setting visibility (clicking eye icon) of parts
  • Fixed Marker icons showing wrongly after switching level sometimes
  • Changed T-Series splitter icons to more fitting ones
  • Decal Editor
    • Fixed projection for path layers in world editor tool
    • Fixed projection for brush stroke layers in world editor tool
AI & Traffic
  • Fixed some cases where the Waiting UI screen would get stuck after spawning traffic via the radial menu
Vehicle Editor
  • Fixed spamming errors when vehicle doesn’t have props for the “Lights Debug” tool

v0.31.1 (Dec/15, 2023)
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Removed submarine mode
    • Stabilized rear single axle leaf spring suspension
    • Fixed the driver side sleeper door not opening on cabover sleeper cab
    • Adjusted Spring brake application range
    • Implemented several fixes on the front doors of the Cabover
  • Trailers
    • All semi trailers: adjusted spring brake application range
    • Dry Van: fixed loading ramp on 28 and 53ft variants
    • Container Trailer: Fixed the load weight variables
  • Tweaked the names and tooltips of steering/steer left/steer right bindings, for better readability
  • Fixed the Exit button for Garage mode in Freeroam, also hid unrelated items, such as Test and Garage features
  • Fixed issue where player could get stuck in garage mode in WCUSA
  • Added a button to Vehicle selector in Garage mode to switch between stock vehicles (Vehicles) and custom configurations (My cars)
  • Fixed sorting in Vehicle Config parts selector dropdown lists (such as the lists of wheels/tires)
  • Added Vehicle Vicinity App

  • Fixed broken ‘Inertia’ slider for the Driver camera settings
Early Preview: Career Mode
  • Fixed wrongly displayed save message when exiting career mode
AI & Traffic
  • Fixed bug with ScriptAI V-Based Trajectory
Game Engine
  • Fixed wrong format in JBeam dynDecalMaterials used for the Decal Editor

Season’s greetings, drivers!

It’s that special time of year again, and our festive update has arrived, ready for you to explore!


The iconic Gavril T-Series has received an extensive overhaul. Key highlights include a brand new cabover variant, a remake of the conventional cab and mechanical components, complemented by new aerodynamic sleeper variants, tanker upfit, and new walking beam tandem rear suspension.

The overall lineup has been expanded with an added early model with round headlights and no front brakes (on some configurations). The updated T-Series offers many new frame options and different cab and sleeper configurations.

On a more technical note, we have implemented compression brake support and slidable fifth wheel with overhauled, more realistic coupling, as well as pneumatic simulations.

As part of this remaster, we're also adding a preview of the physical mirrors, currently available only on T-Series.


In addition, we’re adding two new trailers; the Container Trailer and the Frameless Dump Trailer.

The Container Trailer has an extendable chassis with a scissor wire system and a pneumatic locker, which can be customized in real-time or in the Tuning menu. You can attach and detach containers in real-time, just like you attach trailers to vehicles, and the Container Trailer offers diverse load configurations. The Container Trailer comes in two variants - 20ft and 40ft. The 20ft variant comes fitted with a fifth wheel to pull another trailer behind it, while the 40ft variant allows the transport of containers in three different configurations, adaptable in real-time.

The Frameless Dump Trailer is a 45ft square box end dump semi trailer, with a unique frameless design popular in North America due to its low weight. Available with multiple axle configurations, from standard and wide spread 2 axles to a 3 axle variant.

You’re also getting a new trailer dolly, which can be attached to pintle hitches on the Gavril T-Series and trailers. Every semi trailer can be equipped with a pintle hitch, which enables players to create long road trains. The new dolly is available in two variants - a single axle with a fixed tongue, and a tandem axle variant with a drop-down tongue.

That’s not the only love the trailer line-up is getting, however - we’re making fixes and adjustments to the Dry Van trailer, Shipping Container, and the Tanker trailer. The latter of which is getting a 20ft variant as well as a 20ft tanker variant featuring openable lids and multiple liquid load options, among other things.

You can learn more about the realistic fifth wheel operation and trailer usage in this tutorial:

Next up in the selection of parts is the new Cargo Load Box. It comes in various sizes and adjustable weight capabilities, and can be installed on most vehicles.


We've continued the expansion process of West Coast USA, with a new fuel station location, a commercial garage, and updated police station that features a whole new parking garage facility.

Several smaller improvements were made to the port area, as well as a wide variety of updates and fixes.


We’ve also added a number of new missions, including the Portside Slide, Spearleaf Loop, Stolen Steel, and others on West Coast USA, Shipment Shunter on Industrial, Desert Driver on Utah, and Abseiling Fuel on Italy, among others.

The format of the vehicle setup module in missions has been updated - multiple preset vehicles can now be assigned and used for challenges. You will no longer be able to start a challenge on foot, and if you wish to use your own vehicle in a challenge, it will need to be repaired if damaged.

Improvements and Fixes

In gameplay changes, you will now be able to use the vehicle triggers for any vehicle without having to leave your current vehicle - for example, you can operate triggers on trailers without leaving the truck they are attached to.

We’ve also made fixes and improvements to a wide variety of vehicles including the Civetta Bolide, Gavril H-Series, ETK I-Series, Autobello Piccolina, Gavril Bluebuck, Cherrier Vivace, and the Gavril Roamer, among others.

The I keybind has been deprecated in favor of leaving only the R key in order to free up as many keys as possible. The Alt+R and Alt+Shift+R bindings have received the same treatment, in favor of leaving only F2 and Shift+F2.

For those of you who used the I key, you can reassign the old key, adapt to the new key, or use the more advanced Insert key. While it can be annoying to have to re-learn keybinds you have grown accustomed to, we hope you understand the need to free up duplicate keys.

AI will now have improved lane awareness and traffic path planning. The latter will now take into consideration the previous path traversed, in order to avoid taking a path that would have been the natural continuation of the previous one, such as when getting off and on again on a main road.

EXPERIMENTAL: Virtual Reality

The experimental VR mode is also getting some love in this update! We’ve added a new option to control the headset resolution, fixed several issues relating to headset and camera position, and fixed a VRAM memory leak when modifying graphics options. We’ve also revamped the VR section of the Options menu - it now shows help for possible errors when attempting to enable VR, as well as the VR system name.

Vehicle triggers like door handles and buttons can now be used with your VR controller from a small distance, instead of requiring your hand to be in direct contact with the trigger. We’ve changed the representation for this to a blue line per controller instead of the blue dots from previous versions. You can also now customize the vertical tilt of the VR controller pointer, if the default angle doesn’t feel natural to you.


While we continue to ship a number of fixes and optimizations for VR, please keep in mind that it's still an experimental feature.

You can check our VR documentation page for tips to improve stability and performance, and you can provide feedback and report issues in our dedicated VR forum thread.

To see the complete list of changes, check out our website!
Greetings everyone,

We hope that most of you have had a chance to explore our latest update and that you've enjoyed it!

Just a quick note to let you know that we've implemented several hotfixes to address some of the reported issues. You can find all the details in the changelog below.

As always, we appreciate your patience and thank you for bringing the bugs to our attention.

v0.30.6 (Oct/24, 2023)
  • West Coast, USA
    • Removed unused blockout/test meshes
    • Added decalroad to hide seam in sidewalk near new dock
    • Improved a concrete material to make it appear less flat
  • Gridmap
    • Deleted a duplicated material
Game Engine
  • Fixed game crashing when switching audio output device in non-English Windows
  • Fixed crashes upon generation
  • Fixed missing decal roads in some mods
Virtual Reality
  • Fixed navigation and mission marker decals being visible in only one view for VR and triple screen mode

v0.30.5 (Sep/29, 2023)
  • Burnside Special
    • Fixed wrong shifter on Taxi config
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed license plates clipping on several bumper variants
  • Ibishu 200BX
    • Fixed rear quarter spiking
    • Adjusted trunk base
    • Fixed chassis instability with certain part combinations
    • Fixed node alignment issues on hood/trunk
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed floating stop sign
    • Fixed floating curbs near Turbo Burger
    • Fixed invisible wall on bridge railway line
    • Fixed sidewalk and building issues near fire station
    • Fixed missing fence collisions near steel factory
    • Fixed dealership building sidewalk and door details
    • Updated garage sidewalk texture
    • Fixed old_fence LoD
    • Fixed terrain popping out from sidewalk
  • Fixed obsolete suspect start position for the gas station chase mission in West Coast, USA
AI & Traffic
  • Fixed navigraph issues on West Coast, USA
  • Fixed incorrectly configured traffic signals on West Coast, USA
  • Fixed missing parked cars when spawning traffic in some cases
  • Fixed performance issues during the recording and playback of replay files
Game Engine
  • Fixed crashes on imposter generation

v0.30.4 (Sep/27, 2023)
  • FPU Wydra
    • Fixed navigation not turning off fully
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed D35 Chief Rancher Diesel using wrong transmission
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed H45 Rollback using wrong transmission
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed LXT35 variants using wrong transmissions
  • Hirochi Aurata
    • Fixed navigation not turning off fully
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed typo in The Unstable description
  • Soliad Lansdale
    • Fixed mudflaps not appearing when equipped on late front fenders
    • Fixed invisible brake calipers on some configs
    • Fixed locking transfer case being invisible
  • West Coast, USA
    • Added 4 more numbers for fuel pumps
    • Adjusted dealership icons height to be more on player eye level
    • Fixed small terrain, forest, and ground cover issues
    • Fixed portals making the vehicle disappear in steel factory
    • Updated refinery sign
    • Fixed a hole in wood piers
    • Fixed misaligned texture on the diner building
    • Fixed port_pier LoD UV stretch
    • Fixed dealership building’s door and curb
    • Fixed annotations
    • Simplified collision mesh of gas station pumps
    • Fixed misaligned tram lines near Apex gas station
    • Fixed gazebo normals
Game Engine
  • Fixed possible crash when exiting the program due to wrong handling of input devices
  • Fixed issue in Display options potentially leading to an incorrect screen refresh rate
  • Fixed wrong local usage of “clamp” in N2O tank
  • Fixed missing trash positions for Trash Grab missions if level terrain is missing or out of bounds
Virtual Reality
  • Fixed the Options > Display > Vertical Sync setting sometimes leading to unstable or low framerates while in VR
  • Fixed crash when exiting the sim if VR had been used
  • Added links to VR documentation in both Options > Display and in the VR welcome screen
  • Added ‘VR’ keyword for quicker bindings search in Options > Controls menu
  • Fixed Lua syntax errors and logic bugs

v0.30.3 (Sep/25, 2023)
  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Fixed watercooled engine single turbo using wrong intake pipes
  • Civetta Scintilla
    • Fixed FFB tuning slider not working
  • ETK 800-Series
    • Fixed random capitalization and other issues in many config descriptions
  • Hirochi Aurata
    • Added functional dashboard buttons to the Hirochi Aurata
    • Fixed inaccurate air intake position in Jbeam, leading to the vehicle flooding in water easier than it should
    • Fixed literally unplayable typo in high performance radiator name
    • Fixed driveshaft being unbreakable
    • Fixed intake pipe stretching
    • Fixed turbo pipe meshes not breaking when engine is ripped out
    • Fixed excessive amount of toe and camber adjustment
    • Made dashboard lights turn off with ignition
    • Moved spoiler and spare tire to slots into the "body" to prevent floating parts when body is removed
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed random capitalization in many config descriptions
    • Fixed 1.5 ZXi being too expensive
  • Soliad Lansdale
    • Retuned strength of undertray and front bumper
  • SP
    • Fixed naturally aspirated race intake having supercharge3r mesh
  • Trailers
    • Enclosed Cargo Trailer: fixed incorrect taillight arrangement to match US trailer plugs
    • Tilt Deck Trailer: fixed incorrect taillight arrangement to match US trailer plugs
  • Props
    • Improved configuration thumbnails on engine props
  • Common
    • Fixed Cargo Box tow hitch location being the same on pickup as on the van despite different overhang
    • Fixed broken UV map on "LED oval aux3" light
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed flickering on billboard sign
    • Updated construction area sand barrels and road near movie studio
    • Fixed collision on steel factory machinery
    • Fixes several meshes on the island
    • Fixed export issue with island power cable UVs
    • Adjusted dealership's garage door position
    • Added annotations
Gameplay & Missions
  • Fixed a few missing mission star texts due to obsolete star info
  • Prevented a few cases of giving the player a free car after a mission finishes
  • Increased allowed RPM difference for non-synchronized reverse gears
  • Fixed manual shift logic getting stuck when shifting to neutral
  • Fixed H-pattern shifter animation not returning to center position in neutral
Input & FFB
  • Fixed vehicle-specific bindings reverting to their defaults if you modified the bindings of some other vehicle
Virtual Reality
  • Disabled Depth of Field in VR mode
  • The headset will now recenter automatically 2 seconds after you first wear the headset (each time VR is toggled on). Remember you can use Ctrl+Numpad5 to finetune the center
  • Fixed Vulkan not being automatically selected if launching while Steam is in VR mode (therefore skipping the game launcher)
  • Fixed VR applying a second head position offset if 3rd party VR injection/emulation software has been installed by the user, trying to set a position on their own using our support for TrackIR. From now on, TrackIR-reported positions will be ignored while native VR is used
  • Fixed VR refusing to start if you had activated the checkbox in Options > Display > VR > Debug imgui menu
  • The checkboxes for Debug mode and Dump mode in Options > Display > VR will no longer activate VR by themselves (these checkboxes should never be used in any case, unless instructed by our Support team, as they will kill your framerate and have other undesirable secondary effects)
  • Fixed error in game context UI
Game Engine & Rendering
  • Fixed crash in CEF during exit of the application
  • Fixed crash in multi-spawn code
  • Fixed crash when generating impostors with some materials
World Editor
  • ScriptAI Editor
    • Fixed an issues with scripts starting later than time zero
    • Fixed an issue with start/end offsetting in camera path were failing
    • Fixed an issue when removing last trajectory nodes

v0.30.2 (Sep/21, 2023)
  • West Coast, USA
    • Added LoDs and collision to the gas terminal
    • Deleted a portal floating outside steel factory
    • Fixed several zones in the steel factory
    • Fixed a couple portals in steel factory
    • Fixed missing collision on Petrol station
  • Fixed game crashing caused by selecting a different audio output device when the game is running or when custom output is set in the OS
Input & FFB
  • Implemented a potential fix for crashes to desktop when certain input devices are used
  • Updated the “Tow menu” options during test drives
Game Engine
  • Fixed crash crash during material generation
Virtual Reality
  • Recentering can now be triggered from SteamVR/OculusVR/etc menus, rather than only with Ctrl+Num5
  • Fixed 2D eye preview being distorted using main windows aspect ratio (usually really thicc)
  • Fixed UI being drawn twice on the main window

v0.30.1 (Sep/21, 2023)
  • Bruckell Bastion
    • Made trunk opening more reliable
  • ETK K-Series
    • Fixed wrong stalk orientation
  • Gavril Bluebuck
    • Fixed automatic console shifters wrong animation
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed deformation on RL extended cab door
  • Hirochi Aurata
    • Fixed typo in Sport (CVT) variant descirption
    • Fixed mud tire rotation
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed rear bumper trim name
    • Removed wrong file that made it look like there was an extra configuration in selector
  • Ibishu Pessima (1996-2000)
    • Fixed simple traffic trunk piece missing
  • Trailers
    • Tilt Deck: fixed incorrect behavior of wheel offset variables
  • West Coast, USA
    • Deleted several stretching decalroads
    • Fixed the workshop building to previous state
    • Fixed collision in steel factory underground area
    • Fixed grabby colmesh on island parking lot
  • Support ID tool: fixed an issue that was blocking submission of logs
  • Fixed setting a route to a Quicktravel point on the map screen causing errors
Career Mode
  • Fixed career saves breaking if you reached level 2 of the specialized branch
  • Fixed ability to add or remove parts from vehicles from the part inventory
  • Implemented a possible fix for the disappearing menus (for example the computer screen)
Game Engine
  • Screenshot Creator: fixed image format settings being ignored and using PNG all the time
AI & Traffic
  • Steam Deck: Adjusted default amount of traffic to avoid low frame rate issues
Virtual Reality
  • Fixed inability to activate VR due to Steam skipping our launcher (hiding the button to use Vulkan renderer, which is required for VR). will now detect this situation and automatically force Vulkan mode to be used
  • Fixed the Options → Display → VR → Center button not reacting to clicks
  • Fixed the Ctrl+Num5 VR centering binding sometimes not reacting if a menu was active
World Editor
  • Fixed an issue with ScriptAI Editor that was leaking into ScriptAI Manager tool

Greetings, drivers!

As the landscapes transition to the mesmerizing autumn hues and a gentle breeze signals the approaching winter, it's time for transformation and renewal. Embracing the spirit of change that this season embodies, we're excited to unveil a heart-warming selection of new features and improvements. So let's dive in!

NEW VEHICLE: Hirochi Aurata
First on the list is the new addition to our vehicle lineup: the Hirochi Aurata.

This two-seater ‘Side by Side’ UTV was built for entry-level racing and recreation. It features a 3-cylinder engine with factory and aftermarket turbocharged variants, a continuously variable transmission, with selectable Four-Wheel-Drive and low-range box (also available with RWD conversion), and two new vehicle-specific wheel styles in two sizes, with tires to match. This model also comes with a full range of factory and custom configs, including off-road and track-ready specifications, a long travel suspension, and two different rollcage styles. Take this baby out for a spin, you won’t regret it!

Next up, we are adding two new trailers - the Tilt Deck Trailer and the Enclosed Cargo Trailer.

Introducing the Tilt Deck: outfitted with a hydraulic-activated deck, this trailer offers versatility with three length variations, several suspension configurations, and a choice of two tongue options. Designed for the demanding tasks, this heavy-duty trailer is tailored for robust tow vehicles in our lineup. It boasts a deck-over hydraulic tilt structure coupled with a load-balancing leaf spring suspension, making it perfect for transporting a variety of loads – from hay bales to off-road vehicles.

Meet the Enclosed Cargo Trailer: it comes with a secure fold-down ramp and an additional side door for easy access, offering peace of mind while on the road. Choose from a range of pre-configured loads and enjoy the customization flexibility with support for paint designs.

But wait, there’s more! The West Coast, USA level is getting expanded with the addition of several new areas that will pave the way for a broader range of gameplay experiences.

Welcome to Spearleaf Island, accessible through an entirely new road network, boasting unique locations to explore and missions to tackle. The Refinery will serve as the starting point for a variety of missions, including police chases and different types of deliveries, to name a few. The Steel Factory, especially its underground area, is an intricately built environment ideal for racing aficionados.

The map also includes a new dealership, a dock area, and a movie studio lot, as well as an update to the fuel stations.

New Missions
We’ve added a number of new missions to the the available selection, including the Downtown Rush and Superhighway Sweep on West Coast USA, Mudslide Gladiator on Jungle Rock Island, and Small Island Sprint and Downhill Sweep on Small Island.

Additionally, all Time Trials that were previously only available from the Main Menu are now available as missions, and have been improved.

We’ve also added some new recovery options to missions. Many mission types will now allow you to flip your vehicle upright or recover back onto the road, without needing to restart the mission completely.

Gear Shifting Rework
We’ve heavily revamped how manual transmissions function under ‘Realistic Mode’. The main change which will be visible from the player's end in this first iteration, is that we are now taking into account how long the driver holds down the gear shift buttons. Previously, the gear shift buttons triggered a ‘user wants to shift’ event, but in the new version, we are measuring how long the buttons are held down, and use that information to determine how quickly the user wants to shift gears.

We have several reasons for this: First off, it allows for a much broader range of realistic manual transmissions. It also lays the groundwork for future improvements, and the new method is easier to capture into muscle memory. The change will also make it easier for us to simulate normal city driving as opposed to racing, and will bring an additional layer of realism to a wider range of vehicles - for example, it is not realistic to be able to shift a truck as quickly as a race car, and the new system will eventually reflect that. This has not been tuned on the individual level yet, but that’s what this change is preparing for.

The practical outcome of all this is that a brief press will now lead to a quick gear shift, while holding the buttons down longer will lead to a more relaxed shift. Attempting to shift faster than the transmission supports will lead to audible gear grinding noises and damage to the synchronizers. The same will apply to H-Shift vehicles - these don’t have classical buttons, but the time you need to physically move the lever is also measured and used.

VR fans - rejoice: version 0.30 includes an early experimental version of VR support!

Any VR headset that supports the OpenXR standard (that is to say, almost any VR headset) should be compatible with BeamNG. The current version of VR support includes the following: The ability to toggle VR on or off at any point, the ability to choose snap-turn or smooth-turn in-cockpit camera as well as walking mode, and interactive 3D cockpit switches, door handles etc. (experimental- requires a VR controller). A customizable option will allow your hands to reach faraway objects more easily.

The VR feature will also include stereoscopic and position-aware mirror reflections, directional 3D audio, instant 180º direction change in walking mode when using lookback, support for both regular HMDs and non-HMDs, as long as the hardware supports the OpenXR standard. To use Windows Mixed Reality headsets, you will need to set SteamVR as your default OpenXR runtime to bypass the missing Vulkan support in WMR drivers. Check the patch notes for more details!

As you might suspect - VR places considerable demands on your computer's resources. Anticipate substantial hardware requirements and consider scaling back on the graphics detail, amount of traffic, and other settings to ensure a smoother experience.

Please note that this is still very much work-in-progress, should you encounter any issues or if you have feedback or questions, we welcome you in this forum thread.

NEW: Blender JBeam Editor
In addition to all of the above, we are also bringing you a Blender JBeam Editor! This new feature will allow modders to create JBeam parts from scratch, import existing parts, move, rename, add, and delete nodes, as well as export your changes directly to a JBeam file, with many more features planned.

Documentation for the plugin is already available here, and you can share your feedback in the dedicated forum thread.

Improvements and Fixes
Gas Stations and Electric Charging Stations now work across all levels! These facilities will now only fill your vehicle’s tank with the types of fuel available at the facility, and we’ve also improved the marker look and interaction logic.

This is just a sampler of all the adjustments included in this update - we’ve also made tweaks to the Autobello Piccolina, Civetta Scintilla, the ETK-I series, the Gavril Bluebuck, Bruckell Moonhawk, Ibushu Pigeon, Soliad Lansdale, among many others.

In the props lineup, we’ve done some tweaking on the Gate and Suspension Bridge props, added several new road sign variants, and reworked square hay bales to allow stacking.

And last, but not least, we’re sure you’ve noticed that we have done a bit of housekeeping when it comes to the version numbers. To future-proof our versioning and reduce possible confusion, this version will be known as Version 0.30.0, and all future updates will follow the same naming scheme. Please note that these are incremental number increases, not decimals.

Of course, that’s not even close to being all we’re bringing you in our latest update - the full list includes improvements to Input and Force Feedback, Lua fixes and features, tweaking and optimization of the UI, game engine, and much much more. Check out the patch notes for more details!

To see the complete list of changes, check out our website!
Greetings everyone,

We hope you've already had a chance to test drive the latest update!

Here's a quick heads-up that we’ve deployed a hotfix to tackle some of the reported issues. The complete changelog can be found below:

  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Fixed missed backfaces on the hood
  • Civetta Bolide
    • Removed leftover fender support mesh that was in roof spoiler jbeam
    • Made Boost gauges work with superchargers
    • Fixed a typo causing rear rear wheels to move to 0,0,0 position when middle suspension was removed and tuning settings applied
  • ETK 800-Series
    • Fixed WidebodyRear Right Door name missing space
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed literally unplayable Rear LEft Door Detent
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Removed leftover placement meshes from .dae to fix potential overwriting issues and tiny spelling mistake on quarter panel
  • Soliad Lansdale
    • Fixed roofbar load collision fighting
    • Fixed engine pulley alignment
    • Removed 2.5 engine displacement badging from 2.2 configs
    • Fixed 3.8 SE AWD config being unable to change the color via vehicle selector
    • Fixed incorrectly named brown paint
    • Tweaked orbit camera position
    • Fixed Speedometer Readings
  • Soliad Wendover
    • Fixed light covers not being placed correctly
    • Fixed front lightbar panel (from Gambler 500 config) conflicting with roof lightbars
  • Common
    • Fixed typos on the #literllyunplyable race shifters for Pessima and Lansdale

  • Derby Arenas
    • Fixed terrain spikes
  • East Coast, USA
    • Softened terrain near the watching tower
    • Fixed incorrect collision on the fence in town
    • Fixed position on several blocks
  • Gridmap v2
    • Fixed position on several blocks
  • Industrial Site
    • Fixed some decal coordinates
    • Fixed bad LoD on tall plants
  • Italy
    • Covered house entrance over roof
    • Fixed terrain spikes
    • Fixed wall not lining up
  • Johnson Valley
    • Fixed terrain spikes and bad bush placement
  • Utah, USA
    • Fixed grass popping on asphalt

  • HooptieX Small Island - Increased goal times for all stars

As always, we appreciate your patience and thank you for bringing the bugs to our attention.

Should you encounter an issue, please let us know in the dedicated forum thread, and remember to double-check the Known Issues list before reporting!

As the summer heats up, it's time to rev your engines and gear up for this blistering content drop!

As many of you already know, we've joined forces with none other than the legendary Gambler 500 to bring you this uniquely-themed adrenaline-fueled adventure. Get ready to discover a collection of exclusive vehicle configurations, all primed and ready to tackle over 20 daring gameplay challenges. But that's not all; we're also bringing a brand new vehicle to your virtual garage. So let's unpack the details!

For those still unfamiliar, allow us to introduce Gambler 500. Far from a typical motorsports event, it's a one-of-a-kind, off-road, navigational adventure that puts the spotlight on budget-friendly, fun, and often outright extraordinary automotive creations. During the rally, participants are encouraged to leave the wilderness in better shape than when they found it by picking up trash along the route, reflecting a shared commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our collaboration with Gambler 500 has been an epic journey that we're incredibly proud of, and we are truly grateful for their help and inspiration along the way. If you're up for more Gambler 500 action, check out their website here.

NEW VEHICLE: Soliad Lansdale
Welcome the latest addition to the BeamNG roster: the Soliad Lansdale. Built on an updated LeGran/Wendover platform and featuring tried-and-tested Bruckell powerplants enveloped in a smooth aerodynamic shell, the Lansdale will make your school-run journey that bit more efficient.

The Lansdale can be equipped with all-wheel drive, I4, V6, and V8 engines, and supports pre- and post-facelift bodywork with suitable factory, sport, and aftermarket variants for each. Even the European market isn't forgotten, with a handful of diesel-powered EUDM models. The van also features functional sliding doors, and brings a new set of wheels to the Soliad range.

From a stripped-back cargo mule to an overpowered super-van, from a glitzy 2000s tuner to a backwoods-built off-road beast, the Lansdale has something for everyone! Naturally, it’s also included in our new suite of “Gambler 500” configurations.

Gambler Galore
Of course this wouldn't be a true Gambler 500 experience without some appropriately rowdy machinery, so let's meet the contenders!

Ibishu Pigeon - Poogeon
Who doesn't love a wilderness adventure with friends - fresh air, sizzling steaks, and refreshing drinks? Alas, when nature calls in a facility-deprived landscape, problems may soon arise... After ending up in a such predicament, the author of this creation has firmly pledged to never let it repeat! With a rear axle from a truck, a powerful welded bed and a technologically advanced snorkel, this little companion is able to get to any mission-critical location.

Civetta Bolide - Iron Owl
Once burnt to a crisp, this Bolide was taken apart and reconstructed into a 6-wheel engineering marvel. Fitted with a drivetrain from the Bruckell LeGran Campagne, it channels that power to the four rear wheels for a truly unique driving experience.

Autobello Piccolina - La Brutta Anatra
This "ugly duckling" with an Italian flair owes its existence to an antique dealer's resourcefulness and ingenuity. This unorthodox blend of salvaged Piccolina parts, a charming Italian bathtub, and agricultural rear wheels is mounted atop an extended suspension from a classic dragster. Talk about Italian practicality! Now, you can haul vast amounts of garbage and enjoy a bath with rubber ducks after a hard day's work!

Ibishu Covet - The Unstable
This daring abomination's story began with a rear-ended Covet that lay rotting in a farmer's front yard next to a broken tractor. Of course, the only reasonable next step would be to merge the two. The Unstable's drivetrain incorporates an assortment of PTO shafts and 90 angle gearboxes from some old mowers, and a 1.8 engine from a retired Pessima to give it a slight chance of climbing at least something.

Ibishu Covet - The Incapable
Constructed by a friend of the abovementioned farmer, this truck is designed to accompany the half-tractor on its Gambler adventures. Lacking a spare tractor, the creator of The Incapable opted to simply weld the back of a trailer to the Covet shell instead.

Gavril Grand Marshal - Grand Scavenger
When confronted with a pile of rusted pipes, beams, and chains, what's a gearhead to do? Surely, install all of it on a Gavril and let it gracefully rust together with the car. Enhanced with thick metal bumpers and a perfectly engineered snorkel, it's capable of tackling the toughest challenges.

Soliad Wendover - Croco
Surrounded by rumbling vehicles and debris, sometimes it's so refreshing to see something green, alive... with a pair of eyes, a tail and a huge jaw! Its teeth may made of rubber bands, but it's no laughing matter when it bites.

Soliad Lansdale - Landslide
When its engine blew, this van's owners got big dreams of transforming it into a high-roof off-road camper. While the vision was exciting, it's proven to be expensive. What was not expensive, however, is cutting the roof out, adding an upside-down boat for extra headroom, and installing big tires. With its modifications completed, this little camper can go pretty much anywhere now.

Infusing the spirit of Gambler 500 events into our virtual world, we're adding a new mission type along with 25 new missions across several maps.

Through these missions you will embark on a journey to tidy up various landscapes, from forested areas and fields in East Coast, to beaches of Small Island, to the plains of Johnson Valley, and beyond. Each mission features a different vehicle, with its own driving behavior for you to master. But there's a catch - with more trash than your ride can handle, it's a race against the clock to scoop up as much as you can.

We hope that the new content will fuel your adventures throughout the summer. Meanwhile, the team continues pushing the pedal to the metal behind the scenes to ensure that the next update includes several major improvements and new features. We will return with more news shortly. Join us for a post-launch AMA in the dedicated discussion thread.

To see the complete list of changes, check out the patch notes on our website!
Hi everyone,

We've deployed another hotfix intended to resolve the issues reported after our latest major release. You can find the complete list of changes below:

  • Civetta Scintilla
    • Updated the anniversary skin
    • Fixed triangle section breakgroup leak
  • Cherrier FCV
    • Fixed beam section breakGroupType 1 leak
  • FPU Wydra
    • Fixed beam section breakGroupType 1 leak
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed beam section breakGroupType 1 leak
  • Hirochi SBR
    • Fixed beam section leaking breakGroup and breakGroupType
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed bridge floating above supports
    • Fixed several terrain issues
  • Italy
    • Fixed floating trash bags
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed mission collision from fan palm
    • Fixed water tower collision
  • Fixed typo & minor logic issues in AI Race mission type
  • Reverted player vehicle for Triple Threat Time Trial to ETK-K Kc6x 360
Input & Force Feedback
  • Added control configurations for:
    • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V1 via USB to PC
    • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 via USB to PC
    • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 via USB to PC
    • Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals LC via USB to PC
    • Fanatec CSL Pedals LCK (Load Cell Kit) via USB to PC
    • Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 via USB to PC
    • Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake via ClubSport USB Adapter
    • Fanatec ClubSport Shifter via ClubSport USB Adapter
    • Fanatec CSL Pedals via ClubSport USB Adapter
    • Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals via ClubSport USB Adapter
    • Moza R5 steering wheel
    • Moza R16 steering wheel
    • Moza R21 steering wheel
    • Moza SR-P Pedals
    • Simucube 2 Pro steering wheel
    • Simucube 1 steering wheel
    • Simucube 2 Sport steering wheel
    • Simucube 2 Ultimate steering wheel
    • Simucube ActivePedal clutch/brake/throttle
  • Adapted the Moza Universal HUB controls for gear shifting. Please update your HUB to firmware v1.2.1.1 or later
  • Fixed N2O not being used correctly when manually triggered
  • Fixed DCT not correctly displaying Park mode
  • Fixed inability to click the button to delete bindings (it was incorrectly greyed out sometimes)
Game Engine
  • Fixed an issue where Borderless mode used resolutions greater than the current desktop resolution
AI & Traffic
  • Fixed AI making frequent u-turns in some cases
  • Increased volume on mid engine race Covet gear change
  • Fixed mid engine Covet turbo filtering in cabin view
  • Fixed mid engine Covet engine being forced panned to the front of the car in cabin view
  • Reduced high frequency EQ on aero in cabin view to cut down the distortion crackles, and better smoothed out the distortion effect
  • Fixed transmission whine filtering in cabin view not responding to cabinfiltercoef correctly
  • Fixed issue where the camera could have a wrong tilt after pressing F8
  • Fixed issue with motion blur in vehicle's props
Greetings everyone,

We hope you've been enjoying our latest update so far!

We've investigated some of the reported issues and were able to identify their causes. So, today, we're rolling out a hotfix to tackle them, you will find a complete list of changes below.

As always, we're grateful for your patience and for bringing the bugs to our attention.

  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Fixed gauge needles
    • Fixed autobello buggy 5 speed sequential transmission launch RPM being too high for stock engine
  • Bruckell Moonhawk
    • Reduced shifter knob distortion during shifting
  • ETK 800-Series
    • Fixed gauge needles
    • Made interior camera dependent on chosen seat
    • Fixed 856 TT sport config using wrong inner fenders
    • Re-adjusted door detents
    • Tweaked aerodynamics
    • Fixed wrong 310 HP diesel ECU naming
    • Tweaked AWD and differential behavior
  • ETK K-Series
    • GT-IV model now uses S gearbox mode by default
    • Re-adjusted aerodynamics
    • Fixed calibration of gauges and position of needles
    • Added missing widebody inner fenders
    • Fixed position of beamNavigator windshield accessory
    • Fixed automatic shifter animation
    • Fixed an issue with 310d config using wrong gauges
    • Fixed wrong 310 HP diesel ECU naming
    • Tweaked AWD and differential behavior
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed automatic gauge needles
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed beams braking when opening extended body rear doors
    • Fixed gauge needles
    • Fixed instability with the RoadSport bodykit
  • Ibishu Hopper
    • Fixed broken tube doors
  • Ibishu Miramar
    • Fixed steering wheel orientation
  • Soliad Wendover
    • Added turned off materials for gauges and screen

  • Automation
    • Updated spawn previews to show new terrain colors
    • Fixed skewed textures and vertex color on windows of the main building
    • Improved dam LODs and added a door to dam bridge wall
    • Improved roughness details on test track surface
    • Fixed a hole in the small dam building mesh
    • Fixed sidewalk curbs
    • Fixed terrain spikes
    • Fixed z fighting on some decalroads
    • Fixed cabin entrance height
    • Fixed a hole in water and adjusted overall water color
    • Fixed the bridges mesh and barriers
    • Fixed mesh collision issues on dam and factory storage
    • Fixed the gap between dam gates and walls
    • Applied annotations to the whole map
    • Fixed tire marks width in dam zone
    • Fixed duplicated material <code>m_concrete_plain</code> in misc folder
    • Fixed console errors
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed spiky terrain
    • Fixed stretched parking line
    • Fixed floating guardrails
  • Italy
    • Deleted a lot of duplicated forest elements
    • Deleted several trees over the gas station

  • Fixed UI layout not being editable in GarageToGarage Missions when competitive scenario conditions were disabled
  • Fixed missing obstacle in “Blocked Road” mission on Utah

  • Added a scrollbar and fixed display issues for the “List possibly broken mods” tool (available in the Mods menu)

  • Adjusted Vehicle Config → Parts menu visuals based on community feedback
  • Fixed the “List possibly broken mods” tool not immediately writing the full list of conflicting files to logs (it used to require closing the game, or waiting until an error was logged later)

AI & Traffic
  • Fixed an issue where some traffic vehicles would exist but would not be visible
  • Fixed several traffic signals and intersections in West Coast USA
  • Reduced traffic spawning on dirt roads with low drivability

Script AI
  • Fixed Start Delay feature

Input & Force Feedback
  • Adjusted default Steering lock strength for all steering wheels down to 50%, to reduce oscillations at full lock

Game Engine
  • Fixed an issue that caused some vehicle’s skins to break
  • Fixed spawning height of props that are partially in the ground like the bollard

  • Fixed wrong camera tilt that could happen after pressing F8

  • Adjusted EQ/gain on ETK i6/v8 exhaust
  • Increased aero at high speed - removed clamp in sounds.lua, increased curve ranges and added distortion
  • Fixed incorrect cabin filter settings for D15-Pre-Runner, D15 Pre-Runner Extended Cab, D15 Rock Racer, and D35 SuperPig configs

World Editor
  • Fixed some minor issues in the Traffic Signals Editor when selecting objects to use for signals
  • Fixed an issue with terrain painter undo function that would sometimes leave the old terrain
Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and we've been buzzing with excitement to finally show you what we've been up to the past several months. So buckle up and don't forget your sunglasses 'cause it's gonna be blooming bright over here!

ETK Refresh

First up, the ETK is getting refreshed for the spring season! While not as comprehensive as our typical revamps, the team has dedicated significant effort to update key areas of both models. This ensures that they maintain their distinct identity while offering a more complete and engaging driving experience.

Throughout the development process, our primary focus has been on expanding the selection of available parts, which not only serves to give the vehicles a more unique and distinguishable feel across the board, but also to increase the variety of configurations available to drivers.

The lineup is getting a shiny new V8 engine with naturally aspirated and twin turbo options, as well as an overhaul of all other engines. Also included among other things are several new gauge options, interiors, and wheels.

We’ve updated all existing configurations with improved meshes and materials, and added several new ones to the revamped models. The ETK 800-series is getting a new sedan body style, as well as widebody ttSport models. There are several new engine options and skins, and a set of “Rennspecht” parts. The ETK K-series is getting much the same treatment, with new widebody ttSport models, a new “Turbo Rabbit” widebody kit, new engine options, skins, a modern race steering wheel, and “Rennspecht” parts.

Openable Doors

We’ve also added openable doors and panels to most vehicles, like the Bruckell Bastion, Autobello Piccolina, and Gavril Grand Marshal, among others – check the patch notes for a full list, or experiment and find out for yourself!

IMPORTANT: We've resolved a problem related to manual transmissions and how they respond to clutch input!

Previously, even if the clutch assist feature was turned off and players expected full control over the clutch, this was not the case. Shifting gears only required a brief clutch input, resulting in perfect clutch timing every time, which is unrealistic. This issue has now been addressed, which is excellent news, however it also means that players will need to adapt to the new clutch behavior, as shifts may feel slower due to the removal of the unintended "God Mode." Despite this, actual shift times remain the same or may even be faster due to other improvements and changes.

Automation Test Track Renovation

On the levels side, we are happy to report that Automation Test Track has received a fresh coat of paint. We've updated and added detail to the buildings and various structures, revamped vegetation, and updated terrain and asset materials to PBR, bringing Automation Test Track in line with other maps.

Additionally, Johnson Valley now offers several new trails to explore. Many smaller issues were fixed, and improvements made to Utah, the Garage, Italy, and the Gridmap (v2) map.

Prototype – Stats Tracking

We’re adding a Stats tracking system that will track how long you’ve spent on a given map or driven a particular vehicle. It will also support tracking rollovers and j-turns. Please note that this is still very much work in progress and the system will be improved and expanded in future updates.


With this update to the game the missions team has introduced several changes and improvements to the system. There are 18 new missions available across different maps, including Automation Test Track, East Coast, Johnson Valley, and Italy. Players now have the ability to enable the automatic recording of mission attempts, although this feature may impact performance. The Missions backend code has also been improved and cleaned up, allowing custom placement of police vehicles at the start of Evade missions. Moreover, ground markers can now be customized for several mission types.

User Interface

On the UI side of things, the Overview Map is getting some polish in this update. The player icon has been updated to an arrow that indicates the vehicle direction, and players can now skip the transition animation by pressing the map button again. To improve the selection process, the POI merge range has been adjusted and the visible distance increased to address artifacting in some maps. Additionally, the camera speed and gamepad controls have been fine-tuned, Parts Manager has been updated with new icons and consistent layout, and we have resolved issues related to translation system, among other various smaller UI bug fixes.

Mod users will be delighted to know that we have included an ability to spawn modded vehicles in the garage mode.

Last but not least, we’ve added a new tool on the bottom of the Repository – Mod Manager tab. It’s called “List possibly broken mods’ and if you guessed that it does its best to figure out which mods are conflicting with either the game itself or other mods, have a gold star! For regular players, this feature should help narrow down the search for which enabled mod may be breaking the game after updates, or when installed alongside other mods. For modders, it can help figure out which specific file in a mod is causing problems with the base game, or with files from other enabled mods. The more files a particular mod overwrites, the easier it is for a mod to cause conflict after game updates or when other mods are installed.

And more!

As if all that’s not enough, we’ve given some love to the powertrain settings, fixed several controller issues and implemented support for Logitech Trueforce effects with supported Logitech wheels among other input fixes and features. Game audio also received a handful of improvements, including several new sounds to add more realism. Likewise, game engine and traffic code received various optimizations.

Though this update may appear rather compact compared to the mammoth that was v0.27, we wanted to highlight that it also comes packed with foundational behind-the-scenes efforts that will pave the way for future improvements.

To see the complete list of changes, check out the patch notes here!
Greetings everyone,

We are bringing you another small hotfix today, which should resolve several issues that were reported after the latest major release.

If you encounter any further issues, feel free to reach out through our support form:

  • Autobello Stambecco
    • Population tweaks - allowed Autobello Stambeco to spawn in traffic
  • FPU Wydra
    • Added production years to info
  • Gavril Barstow
    • Fixed an issue where the engine would keep running after the subframe was torn off the body
  • SP Dunekicker
    • Fixed steering lock
  • SP Rockbasher
    • Fixed engine break group
    • Added production years to info

  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed floating trees
  • ETK Driver Experience Center
    • Fixed missing material on procedural track time trials
  • Industrial Site
    • Improved performance of tall plants
  • Johnson Valley
    • Optimized polycount of truck mesh
    • Fixed antenna collision
    • Fixed GPS road around the junction
    • Fixed a hole in the highway mesh
    • Fixed low detail road markings
    • Fixed several console errors
  • Jungle Rock Island
    • Fixed an issue with river on the small dam
  • Small Island, USA
    • Fixed ring race GPS display
  • Utah, USA
    • Added a brand to the Canyon gas station
    • Fixed glass material transparency
    • Fixed incorrect zone in west tunnel
  • West Coast, USA
    • Improved Movie studio / canyon road intersection
    • Cleaned up Movie studio sidewalk
    • Fixed inverted collision surface on quarry support structure
    • Fixed a hole in terrain near one of the highway overpasses
  • Common: Updated depthmap on most levels

  • Fixed an issue with braked differential steering when removing wheels
  • Fixed rotators not being usable as speedometer sources
  • If the player transitions to or from walking mode while being pursued, traffic police will now continue tracking them
  • Improved speed limits for main highway in Johnson Valley
  • Slightly improved AI traffic driving at turns and corners
  • Fixed and Improved Backroads TT on ECUSA
  • Improved Small Island AI races
  • Balanced goal times on Triple Threat time trial mission on WCUSA
  • Fixed racepath detection for crawl missions
  • Fixed provided car config for Alleyway Hillclimb mission on WCUSA
Input and Force Feedback
  • Fixed bindings for PXN V10 steering wheel pedalset
  • Fixed an issue where garage mode could be opened in unintended ways
  • Fixed an issue where icons in the overview map would not appear correctly if a map did not contain any missions
  • Mid engine and turbo unfiltered in cabin view
  • Mix structure change for doors when in cabin
  • Implemented cabin filter tweaks
  • Optimized tire cabin filters, reducing performance requirements
  • Fixed an issue where launcher would use Locale (date, currency settings) instead of Windows Interface Language
World Editor
  • Added Groundcover UV Tool
  • Improved usability of Vehicle Screenshot Creator
Flowgraph Editor
  • Fixed broken function of Next Mission button for the end screen; this fixes campaign missions such as the ones for ETK Driver Experience Center
Greetings everyone,

This is a reminder that we’ve deployed a hotfix intended to resolve the issues reported after our latest major release.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for letting us know about the issues.

The complete changelog can be found here:

Dirt: the final frontier! Version 0.27 marks a major achievement for the game as this is our biggest release yet.

Our team has toiled away for over two years on a mission to deliver this groundbreaking experience. Along the way, we overcame major challenges and spent hundreds of hours researching and deliberating with off-road experts. We can’t wait to fill you in on all of the details, so let’s jump right into it!

NEW MAP: Johnson Valley
Introducing Johnson Valley – a top-tier destination for those in search of an off-road adventure, inspired by both its real-life counterpart in Southern California and the neighboring Kelso Dunes.

Whether you’re an experienced off-road enthusiast or a beginner looking for a thrill, Johnson Valley has something for you. This blazing landscape is 10km² in size, and features an abundance of obstacles, including rocky paths perfect for rock crawling, winding dirt trails that test your stamina and endurance, towering sand dunes that will push your reflexes to the limit, and for drag racing connoisseurs – the longest straight paved highway among all our maps.

Several points of interest can be found scattered throughout the map, including a nearly town-sized RV base camp filled with hundreds of objects, a ranch, and a remote pit stop zone. And near the edge of the map you will find a Tyrannos gas station, ferociously guarded by Wrecksy, your friendly neighborhood T-rex and the brand’s charming mascot.

This project proved to be a challenge for the team. We began with boots on the ground, collecting photos of the area for future reference, getting lost numerous times in the process, and having fun interviewing locals and other lost visitors.

(see our website for more concept art and in-progress images)

When the development kicked off, it was clear that matching shapes to the real-world terrain would not be easy. Once the concept art was finalized, we started generating shapes in our terrain generation tool, followed by processing them through erosion filters and feeding different pieces back into the generator to produce the final shapes that resembled our references the most.

(see our website for more concept art and in-progress images)

The reproduction of dirt roads was also a major obstacle. With procedural generation, it was simply impossible to achieve the level of aesthetic and functional realism we strive for. This meant that most trails had to be sculpted manually, meter by meter, with rigorous testing at each stage.

(see our website for more concept art and in-progress images)

This map also features a selection of new rocks, placement of which has been very tricky – in no small part due to gameplay requirements we won’t spoil for you yet.

And the final boss on this quest was of course optimization. To put Johnson Valley in perspective, it originally had 16 times the detail density of Italy (which is already one of our most complex maps). The team worked hard to maintain the desired level of quality while keeping the area playable on a wide range of hardware configurations. The RV camp is another excellent example of this; a variety of trailer designs was required, but the number of textures used had to be kept to a minimum. The end result is 23 unique layouts, all of which are made using only three textures and specific modules.

In addition to the map, we are providing a complete fleet of new vehicles ready to help you punch your way out of any situation.

NEW VEHICLE: SP Dunekicker

This desert truck is based on authentic purpose-built racing trucks and is as close to the real deal as you can get.

Its wheelbase, track width, corner weights, engine power, and suspension geometry are all substantially influenced by real-world data and design input from several industry experts and baja racing hobbyists. When all of these elements are combined with the revolutionary bypass shock technology, this vehicle becomes the most accurate reproduction of desert truck handling and performance ever accomplished in BeamNG.


Inspired by the high-horsepower rock-bouncers of the Eastern United States and the extreme performance rock racers of the West, the Rock Basher highlights the strengths and differences of both designs.

The solid-axle version has a low center of gravity and gobs of suspension articulation for extreme angles and near-vertical ascents. The independent suspension version has plenty of travel to soak up the big bumps in the desert, but is still very capable in the rocks. These differences have resulted in extensive debate as to which design is superior, but the truth is you’ll have to decide for yourself.

The interactions between rock obstacles and vehicles have been extensively reworked and refined for the most realistic rock-crawling and rock racing experience possible, and the new Johnson Valley map comes with rock crawling lines that will challenge even the most experienced drivers.

NEW VEHICLE: Autobello Autobuggy

This chassis was inspired by a unique class of desert cars based on the original baja buggy suspensions from the 1960s.

Class 5 race cars stay true to the original suspension design with modern engines and shock technology. This combination of limited suspension performance and speed produces a unique driving experience that demands the highest level of skill and knowledge of desert terrain. This vehicle especially showcases the flexibility of BeamNG suspension technology, and how it can function at all levels of off-road performance.

NEW VEHICLE: Autobello Stambecco

This rugged utility vehicle is offered with either a 4x4 or 6x6 drivetrain, and integrates several distinguishing characteristics that let it shine among the lineup.

It comes with a choice of air-cooled gasoline or turbocharged diesel engines, and a number of different body styles. Thanks to its portal hubs and a high ground clearance, it excels in a wide range of off-road operations.

In addition, the Stambecco is our first vehicle to feature dynamic tire pressure control, allowing some models to make per-axle adjustments to tire pressures while driving, aiding with exploration of rough terrain.


This adorable all terrain vehicle is more of a kayak disguised as a car. And after all, a kayak is like a racecar: they’re the same when spelled backwards! It enters the lineup as the first vehicle to use the new centrifugal clutch, skid steering, and to top that off – it’s our first amphibious vehicle.

Powered by an 800cc 3-cylinder turbo-chargeable engine and housed in a fiberglass body, this little sidekick can comfortably cruise you through tight and swampy terrain with its 8 wheels and unrelenting character.

It’s also available as a 4x4 variant, and the following is the story of how this vehicle came to be from the perspective of BeamNG lore. The 8x8 Wydra prototype was first constructed by a passionate team of imaginative engineers, and was eventually converted into a rugged 4x4 configuration optimized for traversing challenging, waterlogged environments. While the vehicle was a huge hit when it was first introduced to the market, several injuries ensued when people rolled over the car owing to its high center of gravity, — nearly bankrupting the creators in the process.

NEW: Bypass Shock Absorber Simulation
The newly implemented simulation of bypass shock absorbers is a huge milestone towards achieving our goal of delivering the most authentic driving experience possible.

To fulfill the progressive damping characteristics necessary for off-road racing applications, real-world bypass shocks are both position- and velocity-sensitive. To meet the challenge, we expanded the system from 2 adjustable zones to 5 and switched from a damping rate-based system to a velocity-based system.

With the previous generation’s bypass shocks, each zone functioned like a separate shock and the bypass adjusters in the tuning menu changed the damping rate in the bypass zone. With the new system, the damper rate is constant and the velocity “split”, or the velocity at which the damper starts working, is what changes for each bypass zone.

This method simulates fluid bypassing the damper piston and shifts the velocity of the damping curve just like a real bypass shock does, including a realistic reproduction of the characteristic valve snapping sound (also known as clappity-clickety-tappity-clank for the non-technical folk in the audience). It’s important because the bypass shocks are very soft over small bumps, allowing the suspension to flex and conform to the terrain. When the vehicle hits a large bump, the bypass shock kicks in and keeps the suspension from bottoming out while lifting the chassis in preparation for the next one. That’s why desert vehicles can float over massive whoops and holes, and it’s super exciting that we can simulate it in BeamNG!

(click to enlarge image)

Our new approach also allows for complete in-game customization of each bypass zone, which opens up a whole new world of suspension tuning mechanics that even the most experienced suspension tuners can appreciate. These shocks were co-developed with off-road industry professionals and are the product of hundreds of hours of research and development. From the chassis flex to the control arms, to the bump stops and the shocks—every part is individually simulated at a component level. As the result, we are very proud to deliver one of the most comprehensive off-road suspension suspension simulations yet used in a game.

REVAMPED: EVs Simulation
The simulation of BeamNG’s EVs has been updated to more accurately represent the experience of driving an electric vehicle in real life. The primary focus of this overhaul was to improve the behavior and feel of the regenerative braking system.

The vast majority of real-world electric vehicles offer a feature where the vehicle will automatically engage regenerative braking when the driver lifts their foot off of the brake pedal. This can be referred to as “off-throttle regenerative braking”, and it allows the driver to slow the vehicle down without needing to move their foot to the brake pedal (except in situations such as panic braking). Because regenerative braking can capture some of the car’s momentum and store it back in the battery, it is a popular feature among drivers of electric cars, as it significantly improves the vehicle’s efficiency.

Prior to version 0.27, BeamNG simulated regenerative braking by applying some amount of the electric motor’s torque in reverse whenever the throttle pedal was completely released. This achieved the effect of slowing the vehicle down, but it was impossible for the driver to modulate how quickly the vehicle slows down. This may have made it challenging for drivers to maintain vehicle control when coasting or coming to a stop.

Our new regenerative braking simulation is modeled after electric vehicles from various real-world manufacturers. Players can now modulate how much or how little the car decelerates using the throttle pedal. With the throttle pedal completely released, the vehicle will slow down quite rapidly. As more throttle is applied, the rate of deceleration decreases until the vehicle reaches a certain point where it begins to coast. Beyond that, any further throttle input causes the vehicle to accelerate as normal. In addition, there is now an option in the “Pie Menu” (under “Powertrain”) to adjust the strength of this behavior or to turn it off completely (so that the vehicle will coast with no throttle input).

The brake pedal behavior in electric cars has also been improved. In 0.27, engaging the brakes in an EV will first utilize the regenerative brakes to slow the vehicle down, and will only apply the friction brakes (i.e. pads and rotors) if absolutely necessary, such as when panic stopping or when ABS activates.

One final improvement to our electric-vehicle simulation is a new feature commonly known as “One-Pedal Driving”. A number of EV manufacturers, including Ford, GM, BMW, Nissan, and several others, offer this functionality. This feature enables the vehicle to come to a complete stop without the driver ever touching the brake pedal. When slowing down past a certain speed using “off-throttle regenerative braking”, the vehicle automatically applies the conventional brakes to bring itself to a stop and to remain stopped until the driver presses the throttle pedal again. 1-Pedal Driving is enabled if the driver has chosen the “Full” regenerative braking strength in the Pie Menu.

New Missions
Finally, we are adding a selection of 31 missions across 5 maps, including two brand-new mission types!

The new Collection Mission type is sure to test your skills! This mission type requires you to collect markers in an area, and it’s available in multiple modes: Survival, in which you try to collect as many markers as possible before the time runs out or your vehicle breaks, and Time/Recovery attack, where you collect all markers in the shortest amount of time or with the least amount of recoveries.

If you’re in the mood for a nerve-racking experience, then the Evade Mission type is the perfect choice for you. You’ll be thrown into a thrilling police chase, and your objective is to reach a hidden safe house without getting caught. With the stakes high and the tension palpable, you’ll have to use all your cunning and skill to outwit the law and make it to the finish line.

The majority of the new missions, which include rock crawling, dirt racing, and other off-road focused activities, are also available on Johnson Valley.

And More!
With this release, we’re introducing the revamped bloom effect. Bloom is a lighting technique that replicates the glowing or “blooming” effect that occurs around bright light sources in the scene. This contributes to the immersive feel of the game and enhances its overall aesthetics. Our previous bloom method was outdated and produced inconsistent and unrealistic results, but we have now refined this technique to produce a more authentic and visually appealing effect.

Gas station refueling is also being added as an experimental feature across Johnson Valley and the West Coast, USA. This is only an early prototype, but you can already see a list of gas stations on the map and fill up your car using a simple UI prompt when you stop at a compatible station (make sure that mission markers are enabled).

We’ve also made improvements to the audio filtering system to deliver a more realistic and immersive experience when driving a vehicle. Previously, regardless of cabin type, the audio would be muffled, but now the audio will respond appropriately while driving a vehicle with an open cabin, such as an ATV. Please note that this feature is still work in progress and not yet available for all vehicles and under all conditions.

Finally, we would like to give a shoutout to our friends at Automation for their latest update, which is the largest and most comprehensive update they’ve ever released and it’s sure to be a hit with off-road fans alike! Remember that you can take your Automation creations for a spin in and experience all the thrill of off-road driving with a custom project. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try out the latest from Automation – we guarantee you’ll have a blast!

From all of us at BeamNG:
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being such a devoted and passionate community throughout the 10 years of our development journey. We hope that you enjoy this very special holiday gift just as much as we we did creating it.

In the spirit of our tradition, we decided to ship this gigantic content package to you for free, and we would not be able to accomplish this without your continued support. We hope that you recognize the enormous effort that went into making this release a reality and don’t anticipate anything of this magnitude happening again in the near future.

An important final note about the Steam update system: we are aware that, even for minor releases (such as hotfixes), Steam is still spending a significant amount of time patching our game’s files. The upgrade to version 0.27.0 will require the same amount of time as before, but it contains an optimization that will reduce the time necessary for subsequent minor updates.

Before we wrap up this blog, we also wanted to provide an update regarding tire physics: earlier this year, we were rather optimistic that we would be making further progress with the development of a very early implementation of thermals before the end of the year. Unfortunately for everyone, this proved to be a tougher challenge than anticipated, and we’d prefer to not attempt another prediction at this time. However, rest assured that the research is still underway, so stay tuned!

We will continue chipping away at the next set of our long term goals in 2023, but for now we wish everyone a happy holiday season and thrilling new adventures!

To see the complete list of changes, check out the patch notes here!
Greetings everyone,

We deployed another round of fixes aimed at resolving the issues identified following our most recent major release.

As always, we really appreciate your understanding and cooperation and welcome your feedback.

The complete changelog for the hotfix can be found here:
Greetings everyone,

This is just a quick announcement that we’ve deployed a hotfix intended to resolve the issues reported after our latest major release.

Thank for your patience and for notifying us about the bugs, we really appreciate it.

The changelog for the hotfix can be found here:
It’s that time of year again – dive into Autumn with our 0.26 update which includes a vehicle remaster, PBR updates, new missions, a preview of the realistic hydraulics system and much more!

First up, the beloved Ibishu Covet has received a full remaster! This feisty fan-favorite hatchback is getting a lot of love in update 0.26, including a revamped 3D model, reworked textures, design improvements, structural tweaks and of course a trunkload of new content.

Featuring almost 40 configurations, the Covet is now available in both USDM and JDM versions, the latter featuring right-hand-drive, as well as unique trim levels and styling. Not only that, but the radical Covet MR Turbo models take the RWD, mid-engine layout of an 80s supercar and cram it into a tiny turbocharged package, making for a vicious driving machine on the racetrack, rally stage and on the streets.

The Covet also stands as the first BeamNG vehicle to fully support several new game features, including racing interior parts, realistic openable doors, hood and trunk as well as an animated manual shifter and a functional odometer.

Aside from the remastered Covet, there are also fixes and upgrades coming for several other vehicles. We’ve added four new wheel types, as well as odometers, animated manual shifters to all manual cars except the T-Series, roof bar loads (including a BeamBox which can be configured for either suitcases or backpacks), and more. We’re also adding several new props including large tires, barriers, and haybales.

Next up, we are introducing experimental support for Motion Blur to the game with this release, which should maximize immersive feel and offer a sense of speed while helping with the quality or file sizes of recorded gameplay for those of you who produce videos.

In keeping with the autumn season, foliage PBR has been updated and enhanced on several maps! Garage is not getting an update to foliage because it doesn’t have any (it’s a tragic story, we don’t speak of it, poor indoor plants). However, Garage is getting improved lights to better illuminate long vehicles, a new garage building and garage-specific props on West Coast, so it’s not being left out altogether!

Lest you think foliage updates are the only map changes. Italy and West Coast are getting updates to their decalroads PBR – Italy’s asphalt and dirt roads and West Coast’s dirt roads, well as road lines and road markings. Several maps are getting fixes to groundcover settings, improved terrain depth maps and other general improvements.

In order to improve performance, we have added simplified traffic versions for several cars, which come with reduced physics details, which will help with performance without sacrificing the visual quality. These are purely for traffic and parked vehicles, and are not intended to be driven. As part of this, parked vehicles are now supported on Utah, Italy, East Coast, and West Coast. Issues with vehicle pooling were addressed and the logic and functionality of the multi-spawn system has been revamped.

On the gameplay side – missions are getting a new mission type – Chase, and a heap of new missions added to West Coast, East Coast, ETK Driver Experience Center, Utah, and others.

Please be aware that the Options system has been overhauled, and certain user settings have been reset as a result; please see this announcement for more information.

Keyboard and gamepad users can now enjoy a set of new and improved input assistants. They will all be enabled by default for non-wheel devices (customizable in Options → Gameplay). First up – a new Understeer Assistant has been added. It controls the amount of steering to maximize lateral cornering grip. The high-speed steering assistant will no longer limit your steering range, but reduce its speed instead. In addition, we improved the assistants behavior in corner cases, such as driving on moving platforms.

We’ve also added a preview of a realistic hydraulics system to the game. This ties into the existing powertrain structures to draw power from engines and motors. It can be used to simulate pumps, accumulators, valves, and cylinders, and supports various types of pumps and valve centers. The hydraulics system is intended to accurately take the real-world hydraulic properties of pumps into consideration. At the moment, it can be used to create small hydraulic pumps which can be driven by electric motors, and is used on the Semi truck’s dump bed and rollback uplift. The hydraulic system is currently in a preview state, and we will extend it in the future.

To top all that off, we’ve made improvements to the World Editor, added an all-new Vehicle Editor, made some tweaks to the game’s UI, physics and game engine, and a multitude of other fixes, and updates.

To see the complete list of changes, check out the patch notes here!
Today, we're releasing a small but critical fix related to input systems.

Check out this announcement on our website for the complete list of hotfixes!

Input and Force Feedback

  • Fixed an issue where users whose `Steering` binding was set to 'Direct (Wheel)' could experience unresponsive vehicles
In this hotfix we deployed a number of fixes for issues identified with the major release 0.25

Check out this announcement on our website for the complete list of hotfixes!

  • Bruckell Moonhawk
    • Fixed 'Body Colored Trim' - color changes no longer affect each other
    • Fixed some trim pieces not being properly affected by 'Body Colored Trim' skins
  • Civetta Scintilla
    • Removed unused test thrusters from root jbeam as they were breaking mods
    • Fixed duplicated rear suspension dampers
  • Common
    • Fixed incorrect light colors and patterns on European Police lightbar
  • Small Island: Fixed AI decal road
  • Polished 'Island Rally Cross Club Race B' and C missions on Small Island
  • Removed 'Island Rally Cross Club Race A' from Small Island
  • Updated FMOD, this should resolve rare issues with missing sound on Windows
  • Minor adjustment to Chase mode logic; AI will avoid getting confused if driving directly beside the player
  • Improved police / suspect values to make gameplay more enjoyable (less despawning)
  • Improved road type comparisons for the traffic respawn logic
  • Fixed "toggle traffic" binding throwing an error if the traffic module is not loaded
  • Filtered out spawning large vehicles for traffic (due to physics instability and other issues)
  • Garage Mode: Prevented resetting and making the vehicle drivable
Game Engine
  • GLTF exporter
    • Fixed duplicate packed texture
    • Fixed missing texture for BNG materials
    • Fixed file becoming corrupted when exporting more than 200 meshes
  • The recently added function queueObjectLua(...) must now be called through be:queueObjectLua(...) instead
Civetta Scintilla

  • Fixed missing rear firewall beams causing nodes to get loose when some parts are removed
  • Fixed roll cage being too strong
  • Fixed roof bar mount texture UVs
  • Fixed race hood texture UVs
  • Fixed UI name for front driveshaft on AWD models
  • Fixed wrong default tires on the GTx and GTx Spyder

All vehicles

  • Updated thumbnails


  • Fixed tread direction of new drag tires


  • Fixed readability of the screen, removed blank space on the sides
  • Fixed center column text being to big in some cases and clipping on other cells

Small Island

  • Fixed AI decal road

A selection of Missions can now be played directly from the Scenarios Menu.

  • Wild West Trails, Highway Loop 1, A Flock of Pigeons, River Crawl, Soccer pit 1, Scintilla Delivery, Slither Drift (Short), A Run for Life, Garage to Garage Delivery: East Coast USA, Garage to Garage Delivery: Italy, Garage to Garage Delivery: Jungle Rock Island, Hypermiling at the Gas Station, Knockaway: Blocked Road, Beginning and Target Jump: Bridge.
  • Starting these from the Scenarios Menu will use the default settings and the default car (for A Run For Life and Hypermiling at the Gas Station).
  • Missions can be made available like this using a setting from the mission editor.

Other mission changes:

  • Added two more Missions to the Driver Training Campaign: Trailer Delivery Intro and Barrel knocker Basics
  • You can now gain the Driver Training Campaign Steam achievement (previously attainable by completing the old campaign) by passing the Advanced Circuit mission of the new Driver Training Campaign.
  • All Missions now have a Date and Author field.
  • Fixed UI Issue in Target Jump missions.
  • Fixed Vehicle Freezing not working properly in Target Jump missions.
  • Fixed Points not being rounded properly in Bus missions.
  • Garage to Garage missions will now have proper traffic for their level.
  • Fixed Garage to Garage missions sometimes having too big vehicles or too small parking spots.
  • Added 3 AI races to Small Island
  • Fixed an issue where some actions were not blocked correctly, allowing the user to recover or teleport the player vehicle, among other things.

Garage Mode

  • Fixed some camera issues after changing the vehicle


  • Fixed Clutchex AWD not working correctly in reverse


  • Fixed an issue where under some circumstances DSE would not initialize correctly and leave the car unusable
  • Fixed an issue where adaptive brake lights with no installed ESC would not function correctly


  • Fixed a bug where AI traffic resets by pressing Insert or Home
  • Fixed a few logic issues in Chase mode; chasing vehicles should act stronger now on long road segments

Game Engine

  • Fix UI not being able to access files with non-ascii characters
  • Improved throttling of dashboard updates
  • Fixed calculations of camera speed and rotational speed that are used by sound system

Thumbnail Creator

  • Fixed wrong camera mode when taking the screenshot for a custom config