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Greetings, drivers!

Today we would like to let everyone know that with the release of version 0.25, the 32-bit client will be discontinued. Please note that there will be no support or updates for this version going forward.

However, you may still access the last supported version by switching to the following branch on Steam: - No updates - Windows 32bit -

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system make the transition prior to the release of version 0.25 to ensure that your game will remain playable.

This decision will allow us to free up development time and enable us to take advantage of newer technologies. According to our data, less than 0.5% of users are still using 32-bit operating systems.

If you are still using a 32-bit operating system we strongly advise that you upgrade to 64-bit if your hardware allows, as this will improve the security and performance of your system.

If you’re not sure which version you use or need help with upgrading, please check this article for more information.
Today we're deploying another hotfix containing several improvements and optimizations.

First up, we're bringing a few fixes to the Italy, West Coast, and East Coast maps. These include things like invisible walls, collision problems, and signpost and traffic light pole positions.

In the World Editor, we’ve fixed the tree-related issue in the Asset Browser as well as a problem with the camera when exiting the editor.

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve resolved an issue with file migration for new users, as well as a translation loading error which resulted in the launcher being accessible only in English.

As always, you will find a complete list of changes here:

Isn't it the little things that make life worth living? Today we have a small release packed with them!

This release contains tweaks to the Civetta Bolide, the Bruckell Bastion, and the Burnside Special, as well as fixes to the West Coast, Utah, Italy, and Gridmap V2 maps.

In addition to that we’ve included a fix for the keybinding customization issue and for the memory leak related to audio performance that some of you have reported. We’re also making a couple of tweaks for the UI and improvements to traffic that should improve overall performance as well.

We're also deploying several fixes to Map Overview Mode, the Mission Editor, and Flowgraph. The World Editor and Performance Statistics also got a bit of attention this round.

You will find a complete list of changes here:

Greetings everyone,

We have deployed another small hotfix to address reported issues.

You will find a complete list of changes here:

If you spot any new bugs, please let us know in the dedicated forum thread, and as always, please double-check the Known Issues list before reporting.

With this, we would also like to note that BeamNG team presence will be limited during the holiday season as we take the time off to rest and enjoy the holidays! Our mod & customer support teams will be unavailable between 30th of December and 3rd of January, so please prepare for delays during this period.

Have a happy festive season and see you in 2022! 🎄
Surprise! This holiday season, we’re bringing you a little extra happiness by releasing this special content update.

Bruckell Bastion
The Bastion joins the vehicle line-up as the most powerful muscle car currently available. It offers potentially over 1000 HP, while the modern chassis means that it can do more than just go in a straight line - yes, the Bruckell Bastion can actually turn!

Its rugged power and size make it a favorite with police, while the stability and traction help bring the Bastion under control. With a variety of customization options including police parts, as well as Tuner, Lifted, Drift Rocket and track versions, the Bastion embodies everything you love about the traditional American muscle power, reimagined through the modern design language.

Civetta Bolide Remaster
The Civetta Bolide is getting a complete remaster in this update. This includes a jbeam overhaul, new textures, factory-fresh remodels, turbo variants, and a targa top body. It’s basically a new car under the hood, but with the same sleek style you loved from the original.

ETK Driving Center Remaster & PBR Updates
The ETK Driver Experience Centre map is getting a complete remaster, with new vegetation, improved AI pathing, improved meshes, updated graphics and 3D assets. The Experience Centre’s terrain and road asphalt has also been upgraded to PBR.

We’re also continuing the PBR upgrade process with new terrain and road materials for the Industrial, Gridmap, Hirochi Raceway, and Derby maps. We’re doing our bit for public safety by adding night lights on the Industrial, Hirochi, and ETK Driver Experience Centre. Utah’s campsite is also getting night lights.

Check out the full patch notes here for further details!
Greetings everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that we've deployed several hotfixes to address the issues that were discovered with the most recent major release.

We would like to express our gratitude for your patience and for reporting these problems; we sincerely appreciate it.

Complete changelogs for both hotfixes can be found here:

Should you encounter any further issues, please let us know in the dedicated forum thread, and please double-check the Known Issues list before reporting.

We’ll be back shortly with the holiday release!
It’s been some time since the last update, but we’re back in time to bring you holiday spirit. Version 0.24 is now live with some exciting new features, quality of life updates, a dash of graphics improvements, and a few physics changes.

1996 Ibishu Pessima Remaster
In the vehicle remaster line, we grabbed this opportunity to take the Pessima in hand. As many of our players have been keenly aware, the 1996 Ibishu Pessima was one of our most content-sparse vehicles with very little in the way of customization or even factory options, and its visual quality was a little lacking.

With this remaster, we wanted to address both of those things, and raise the vehicle's performance ceiling. To that end, the Pessima will be getting a reworked 3D model with improved detail, proportions, and textures. The jbeam structure is also being reworked with better deformation and increased detail.

In addition to all of that, the Pessima is also getting a huge number of new parts, including new engine and drivetrain customization, new sport and custom body kits, new spoilers, fender flares, rollcage, racing subframes – essentially the full kit for fancying up your Pessima will be included in this update. The update will also include a full complement of factory custom and racing models for the Pessima.

Gavril H-Series Remaster
The Gravril H-Series has also gotten a much-needed rework. This van has received a shiny new 3D model and materials, in addition to a stack of new content, including side-door and passenger body styles, new interior color options and passenger parts to go with the reworked interior, and new base and high-end facelift parts.

It has also received a thorough going-over in the configuration department, with existing configurations getting a rework and several new configurations being added, and is getting three new skins.

We've also added various new props, including a lounge set, fridge, chair, TV, and cardboard boxes, so if you ever had the urge to pretend you were driving a moving van, now's your chance!

And to top that off, we are improving trailers physical skeletons to achieve more realistic behavior. The flatbed is now more longitudinaly flexible, together with remade load physics with reduced rigidity, improved collision and deformation. The tanker is also getting a new load jbeam with more realistic liquid sloshing behavior and adjustable volume, along with new 22000L and 34000L load volume configurations.

PBR Update For Levels
In Version 0.24 we are continuing the process of updating our graphics to PBR, which started with vehicles in a previous version.

To that end, roads, decals, and terrain in the Jungle Rock Island, Utah, and Small Island maps are being upgraded to PBR. Upgrading to Physically Based Rendering will allow us to render the environment with more accuracy and detail than we’ve ever been able to before, bringing even more realism to your driving experience.

An exciting new feature coming in this update is the Mission system. Once the update drops, you will be able to play missions in freeroam mode. Similar to scenarios, missions can be started from within a level and some missions can be customized before starting so that you can tailor your experience.

The available mission types will include Time Trials and Bus Mode available everywhere, Dragrace on West Coast USA and Gridmap V2, Longjump on Utah, Precision Parking on Italy and East Coast USA, Drift and Gymkhana on Italy and West Coast USA, and Arrive on Italy. More details on what each mission entails will be in the patch notes. You will also be able to create your own missions using the Mission Editor. The editor is still a work in progress so may not be perfectly reliable, but you will be able to use it to make new missions using the existing Mission Types as a template, make completely custom missions, and make your own Mission Types and Editors. Have a look at the documentation for the mission editor here!

Fixes & Improvements
The update will also include a number of map fixes as well as some changes to the World Editor. The editor is getting Import/Export features for the Multi-Vehicle Spawner window, as well as reworked features and design.

Traffic systems in the West Coast USA have received several improvements, including changes to speed limits, improvements to the police infraction system, and more customization options. Traffic will now respect all traffic signals on current official maps.

We have also began a major revamp of the entire User Interface with this release; more details will be available at a later date, but we invite you to share your feedback in this dedicated thread.

Last, but certainly not least, we are making some changes to the Force Feedback system to make it smoother, with more detail and accuracy. The new Soft Lock option will attempt to keep your USB steering wheel within the valid angles of your current vehicle, lending a level of realism to your experience.

New bindings have been added to allow for easy testing of different strengths and smoothing, in addition to other Force Feedback-related tweaks. The improved FFB is smoother and less noisy allowing more details to reach the wheel. It is advised to adjust the smoothing and strength FFB parameters to have best results.

We've also made some improvements to the audio of the game, adding plastic impacts, support for cooling fans, UI sounds and ambiance for the overview map mode, and stereo headphone mode!

And as a last little cherry on top of the update cake, we are also adding German and Polish localization.

And as an added treat, we wanted to let you know that just in time for the holidays you can expect a content update that will be bringing a new contender to the game's lineup: the Bruckell Bastion, an American muscle car that can take on all comers with style. Keep an eye on our social media for clues to the other contents of the holiday update!

Please head here to check the full patch notes.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, and see you in the next devblog!
We are releasing another minor update today to address issues that have been reported with the game engine, scriptAI, and scenarios. It also includes improvements for the Replay system and World Editor, among other things.

Game Engine
  • Fixed an issue where audio files from content/ were not accessible in-game
  • Fixed crash while exporting performance graph data to JSON
  • Migration will no longer be performed if this is the first run of the game
  • Fixed an issue with scriptAI not moving
  • Fixed materials when using UV1 on normal maps
  • Fixed material's UV animations
  • Fixed traffic respawning when a bus route is restarted
  • Fixed vehicles sometimes being invisible when playing back replays after a game restart
  • Fixed some replays not working when they had been recorded in certain mod maps
  • Slightly improved logging of the replay system
World Editor
  • Decal Road Editor
    • Fixed some road materials not showing up in the inspector
    • Fixed an issue where duplicating a road in the object tool makes it unselectable in the road editor
    • Disabled regeneration of all decal roads on exit to make exiting faster
    • Improved performance of road editing when the "overObjects" field is set
  • Forest Editor
    • Fixed newly created forest item meshes not being saved
    • Added copy, paste and duplicate to the forest editor
    • Deselect forest brush when switching to "select item" mode
  • Terrain Editor
    • Fixed reload of terrain materials when saving changes to materials
  • Object Tool
    • Improved performance of the object tool by disabling constant "hovered object detection"
It's time for yet another minor update! We've resolved the issues that players have reported with the game engine, scenarios, and World Editor, as well as implemented a few small tweaks to the traffic AI logic.


  • Tweaked roughness levels on Vivace underbody and carbon fiber parts


  • Fixed King Size scenario

Game Engine

  • Fixed texture compression artifacts when cooking textures


  • Improved police pursuit logic when the player resets their vehicle
  • Made police AI avoid ramming the player if the player is driving slowly or pulling over
  • Improved scriptAI throttle control


  • Fixed the game crashing due to custom vehicle sounds in mods

World Editor

  • Inspector: Fixed issue where a change to an objects' file field would always be applied to its first file field
We have another round of fixes and enhancements for you today. Reported issues with Time Trial, Scenario, and Campaign end screens have been resolved, and Vulkan received a series of stability improvements.

On the Launcher side, a fix has been applied to the verification tool's file removal process, and we also addressed several issues with Vehicles, World Editor, and UI.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to report issues and share feedback!

  • Bruckell LeGran
    • Fixed wagon rear signal lamps not disabling their glowMaps when breaking
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed population of derby config
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed population of derby config
  • Ibishu Pigeon
    • Fixed single-sided mesh for I4 engine accessory belt
    • Fixed mesh bindings of upper door mirror bracket
  • Ibishu Wigeon
    • Fixed single-sided mesh for I4 engine accessory belt
  • Common
    • Global tweak to BeamLimitDamp of vehicle engine mount beams
  • Fixed an issue with the license plate regeneration button
  • Fixed broken end screens for Time Trials, Campaign, and some Scenarios
  • Fixed not being able to disable shadows when Lighting Quality is set to Lowest
  • Fixed an issue with CPU-bound computers that resulted in CEF being overloaded with requests and data. This resulted in several seconds of delay in the user interface
  • Improved the frame rate dependency of the in-game HTML interfaces to be half the game's speed (30 fps max for now), allowing the game additional hardware resources
Game Engine
  • Stability fixes for Vulkan rendering
  • Fixed Borderless mode in Vulkan
  • Fixed inverted reflections in vehicle mirrors if graphics setting for Texture is set to Low
  • Fixed bug where beamLongBound and beamShortBound got reset to 1 if set to 0 in jbeam (Nonzero values were unaffected)
  • Fixed an issue with path camera not playing in some scenarios and campaigns
  • Fixed verification tool removing critical game files due to letter case sensitivity
  • Fixed verification tool deleting unknown files without moving them to the backup location first
  • Implemented loading screen while loading traffic vehicles from the radial menu
  • Fixed traffic spawning way too close to the player vehicle (especially in Bus Routes mode)
  • Tweaked traffic parameters in Bus Routes mode

World Editor
  • Flowgraph
    • Fixed errors in the Distance Between node
  • Fixed an issue where the World Editor could not be opened due to missing files
  • Fixed issue with the vehicle engine audio debug tool where it was not possible to change any values
  • Fixed an issue where objects being set as "hidden" would be unhidden when loading a level
  • Fixed a crash when editing a hidden decal road
  • Fixed several crashes when importing, adding, or deleting terrain blocks
  • Fixed an issue where decal roads couldn't be selected sometimes
  • The transform gizmo will be hidden now if the object doesn't have the respective field for it
  • Bus Routes
    • Fixed Utah bus lines using incorrect route
  • Track Builder
    • Fixed editor breaking sometimes
With today's minor update we are deploying a series of fixes for issues that have been reported with vehicles, levels and traffic.

The AI has been tweaked to optimize throttle control. Additionally, several useful improvements to the World Editor are included, as well as updated bindings for Thrustmaster T300RS steering wheel. The full list of changes can be found below.

We genuinely appreciate your excitement and positive feedback to this release so far.

  • Burnside Special
    • Adjusted oil pan strength
  • ETK K-Series
    • Added HD Internals to the Trackday configuration
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed incorrect tailgate lettering on some models
    • Fixed inverted normals on left RS fender lettering
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed missing tailgate collision triangles
    • Fixed orientation of spotlights on quad rectangular roof basket lights
  • Ibishu Hopper
    • Fixed driver camera catching on objects such as the low bar on Gridmap V2, and slingshotting the "Classic" configuration backwards
  • Ibishu Pigeon
    • Fixed radiator fan spin animation
    • Fixed backwards steering center adjustment slider for 3-wheel front suspension
    • Fixed hood camera position so it does not move in and out of the sound muffling area for the interior camera
    • Fixed bed crate exploding
  • Ibishu Wigeon
    • Adjusted default steering center for 3-wheel front suspension
    • Fixed rollcage causing doors to pop open slightly
    • Fixed backwards steering center adjustment slider for 3-wheel front suspension
    • Fixed alignment of driveshaft prop
  • SBR4
    • Fixed vibrations in front of car when accelerating using race center differential
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed floating trash
    • Fixed decal floating above traffic light
  • Gridmap V2
    • Removed test number decals from Demolition Zone
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed wrong default spawn thumbnail
Game Engine
  • Fixed file notifications not triggering for unpacked mods
  • Fixed an error regarding the retrieval of the My Documents folder
  • Fixed an error with retrieval of native paths for zipped folders
  • Fixed an issue in materials that caused the opacity map from layer 0 to always be used
Mod Manager
  • Added file system notification on activation/deactivation if mod is unpacked. For performance reasons this can be enabled only if you activated <code>Advanced UI</code>
  • Fixed mod vehicles sometimes getting selected for traffic when the mod option is off
  • Improved throttle control that was causing AI to not be using full throttle in the drag strip
Input & Force Feedback
  • Updated default bindings for T300RS wheel
  • Improved throttle control that was causing ScriptAI to significantly fall behind the script times
  • Added brake and clutch override electrics to vehicle controller
World Editor
  • Flowgraph Editor
    • Fixed and improved traffic signal flowgraph nodes
    • Updated Traffic Signals Demo graph
  • Implemented performance improvements of road editor on big levels
  • When changing the visibility or locked status of an object, the editor will be set to the dirty state now
With today’s minor release we are delivering several fixes to issues identified in version 0.23. We appreciate everyone's feedback and bug reports!

We have addressed the problem of some mods rendering cars undrivable, as well as breaking the user interface. The vehicle configuration menu will also no longer close itself constantly after each part change.

In addition, we've addressed a few issues with the launcher, and did minor work on several vehicles, Gridmap V2, UI, and more. You can find the full list of changes below!

We hope you are enjoying these updates. Thank you for your support!


  • ETK 800 Series

    • Added race oil pan to drift configuration
    • Fixed gauge exception on load

  • Gavril Grand Marshal: Fixed missing ECU and long block parts on 4.5L V8 engine
  • Gavril T-Series: Fixed node group on the inner front rear left tire
  • Hirochi Sunburst

    • Fixed oilpan refnode position
    • Fixed transparency issue on Sunburst grille badge

  • Ibishu Hopper: Fixed a problem where the wheels tried to connect to the differential directly instead of through half shafts
  • Ibishu Wigeon

    • Fixed the extreme deformation spiking of the front end
    • Fixed front fender flare meshes not disappearing when part removed

  • Ibishu Pigeon

    • Fixed conflicting variables/node names of the bed crate and roof bar crate that caused the crates to weight 10,000kg each and flatten the vehicle
    • Fixed headlight part names
    • Fixed fuel tank part name
    • Fixed mismatched taillight flare color

  • Common: Fixed tire_01i texture


  • Gridmap V2: Deleted hidden mesh in Offroad zone. Fixed missing collision in Offroad zone
  • Industrial Site: Fixed incorrect collisions with "ind_bld_tin_01_shed_b"

Game Engine

  • Disabling mods after major game updates for safety reasons
  • Fixed vehicles and user interface being almost unusable when certain mods replaced the electrics.lua file
  • Fixed precooked imposters not being loaded
  • Fixed rendering artifacts after changing graphics settings to Ultra


  • Fixed using wrong system language
  • Fixed Window's ransomware protection being erroneously triggered by a bug

User Interface

  • Fixed the Parts menu closing automatically after every part change in West Coast USA and in Gridmap
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle selection menu classifying official vehicles as mods
  • Improved visualization of coupler spheres when attaching trailers and in other situations


  • Improved ScriptAI: added time start delay and offset. Also fixed saving of those values. Added Fast Forward mode


  • Fixed inability to control the bus when hovering the mouse cursor over the top-right UI app of Bus Mode
  • Fixed vehicle controls sometimes not working after exiting the World Editor

Artificial Intelligence

  • Fixed AI and ScriptAI not being able to move through water


  • Fixed Collect Mountain scenario not resetting properly after completion
  • Fixed sounds not playing correctly after resetting a scenario sometimes
  • Fixed minor UI & text issues in the "Speedy Scramble" scenario

Welcome to another major update for — version 0.23 is here!

Expect to see a slew of upgrades throughout the game, as well as some brand new content and features. The new additions include a completely remastered Gridmap, the introduction of a new vehicle, some major changes to the render engine, and more.

Let's kick things off with the revamped Gridmap!

Gridmap Revamp

A little while back, we reached out to you, the community, for some ideas on how to improve Gridmap. Well, you delivered ideas and suggestions in spades, and now we're pleased to deliver a complete overhaul of the beloved map! There's a notable change in the overall visual style that still respects the look and feel of the original version.

Aside from visuals, Gridmap's layout and scale has changed significantly. We've split the map into 11 different zones, each with a designated purpose and theme including Offroad, Suspension, Handling, Rivers, and much more. As a result of these changes, the new version of the map is now four times the size of the original in order to accommodate these new zones. With that comes some added freedom to roam, as we've implemented some empty space and minor landscape elements to open up the map for an increased sense of exploration.

The original Gridmap level is available for download here.

Pigeon Remaster

Next up, we are proud to announce the long awaited remaster of's most well known bird of the flock; the tiny, quirky and hilariously unstable Ibishu Pigeon. The whole vehicle has been rebuilt from the ground up, sharing almost nothing in common with the old Pigeon. Completely new, highly detailed textures, 3D model and Jbeam structure all created to our most recent standards, as well as plenty of additions such as new 4-wheeled "Plus" models, a screaming 1.3L DOHC inline 4, new configurations, new customization parts and more.

Ibishu Wigeon

Not only does 0.23 include a remaster to everyones favorite 3-wheeled pickup, it also incudes the Ibishu Wigeon. The Pigeons lighter, sportier cousin. Featuring a shortened down chassis, lightweight fiberglass body and gas strut supported lifting canopy door, the Wigeon might seem more like something out of a sci-fi universe than something you would see on the road. Inspired by various Pigeon based kit cars and home-made sports cars, Ibishu developed the Wigeon in the late 1980s for European markets. Unsurprisingly, it was not particularly successful compared to the far more useful Pigeon, but carved out its own niche among quirky enthusiasts in Great Britain, its most popular market by a significant margin.

The Wigeon is available in two trim levels with 3 and 4 wheel versions, as well as sharing the same engine options as the Pigeon. 3 modified configurations are also present, for drag, track racing and off-road.

PBR Materials and Graphics Update

We've also been hard at work making the game feel even more immersive through significant improvements to the rendering engine. This includes the addition of physically based rendering, allowing for environments and objects to appear more true-to-life, especially from a lighting perspective. With that in mind, you'll be able to see updated textures across a diverse selection of assets. Here's a video showcasing just how much of a difference physically-based rendering makes.

A new Ultra mode, which enables Fresnel and specular color for direct lighting, has also been added.

It should be noted that we've experimentally implemented Vulkan renderer. At the moment it is still unstable, but offers promising upgrades to rendering speeds.

Please see this announcement for more information.

Traffic Signals

We're very excited to introduce a traffic signal system, which comes with fully-functional intersections and signal controllers. This particular update also includes improvements to AI, such as making the East Coast USA traffic lights compatible with AI, and improvements to some police actions. West Coast USA intersections are still in the works, and we appreciate your patience!

Oil Simulation

Lastly, combustion engines will benefit from an improved oil simulation coming in 0.23. Oil is now simulated as a variable mass that can change over time due to external factors. We've also added support for breakable oil pans and radiators, causing oil to leak should either of them face any damage.

There has also been a reworking of the oil starvation logic, as well as support for oil starvation during cornering and jumping. You as the player will also need to adhere to safe minimum and maximum oil levels that should not be exceeded.

Fixes & Improvements

As usual, we're always looking to improve the existing components of Starting with World Editor, we made some adjustments to Forest Editor, as well as some quality-of-life improvements to Scenetree. This includes cleaning up the UI for more clarity, as well as better gizmo drag behavior in grid snap mode.

When it comes to scenarios, we've added three new ones, remastered two, and completely removed scenarios that already exist as Time Trials. The new ones include Goliath, King Size, and Supercar Transport. The familiar scenarios that received the remaster treatment are Jump Course and Port Escape.

You'll also find plenty of bug fixes in the full patch notes to help enhance every part of the playing experience:

Please head over here to check out the full list of changes.

We thank you all so much for your continued support of and see you in the next devblog!
We’re back once again with another batch of quality of life improvements! Version 0.22.3 brings a few minor tweaks to a selection of vehicles and addresses several issues with World Editor.

You’ll also find various adjustments to the game engine, Walking Mode, and more. Check out the full list here!

And as always, thank you for your feedback and support!
In today's minor release, we have a slew of smaller improvements. This includes fixes for the migration process for Userfolder during updates.

Version 0.22.2 also addresses reported issues for multiple vehicles, including the recently added Soliad Wendover. We are also introducing several subtle refinements to the new Walking Mode, audio, input, World Editor, and more. Check out the full list of changes here!

As always, thank you for your continued support!
With today's release we are deploying a number of optimizations and fixes for the issues identified with version 0.22.

We would also like to address reports related to false positive identifications of the game by a number of antivirus providers and Windows Defender. We assure you that there are no malicious files distributed as part of the game or the update. Our software has not compromised the security of your computer.

Unfortunately, these issues often occur at random, sometimes simply recompiling the files with no changes yields different outcomes. Many legitimate programs and games have been falsely marked with those signatures in the past due to the unpredictable nature of these detections. You can check this Steam article for additional information and workarounds.

We will undertake further efforts to ensure that the game is not getting flagged as false positive in the future.

Check out the full patch notes here.
Hello everyone, we're thrilled to release V0.22 today! This update comes with some major content additions and updates. This includes audio polishing, quality of life improvements for various levels, a brand new gameplay perspective, and the inclusion of a long-awaited vehicle! We hope this content continues to bring some much-needed fun and immersion for you. As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Let's begin things with the highly anticipated and legendary Wendover! Produced from 1987 to 1995 by American automaker Bruckell and sold under their luxury marquee Soliad, the Wendover is the epitome of late 1980s technology and styling. Sharing much of its underpinnings with the smaller LeGran, the larger, sleeker coupe body allows for a powerful transverse-mounted V8 engine to be fitted in place of the factory standard V6. The LeGran's 4 cylinder engines can also be fitted, and all engine options have superchargers available to boost power. The Wendover features advanced mono-leaf rear suspension, allowing for the installation of a rear differential to transform the vehicle into a snappy, responsive handling machine.

Nestled in the luxurious, comfortable interior is the latest and greatest high-tech digital dashboard; the Wendover Information System, or WIS. Futuristic gauges and easy-to-read display can keep the driver constantly aware of everything they might need to know. The Wendover received a face lift in 1992, adding flip-up headlights, even sleeker, more modern styling and a lightly updated interior. Unable to recapture the initial popularity brought on by Bruckell's deal with the Belasco 400 to make the Wendover its official pace car, production stopped in 1995.

Despite its odd weight and size, the Wendover is considered by many to be an excellent performance car given the right modifications, and has been used for everything from track racing, rallies, hillclimb time trials or even demolition derbies. We hope you run the storied Wendover through this entire gamut of activities, and much more!

Aside from the latest addition of the Wendover, we even have a new Walking Mode to try out! With this mode, we've enhanced the feeling of being an actual, living driver in the game. Through the first-person perspective, you can hop out of a vehicle and traverse the environment at eye level, with movement speed changing depending on your surroundings and terrain. Simply hop from car to car in a parking lot for a whole different perspective.

Alongside this, we've added Vehicle Triggers that you can take advantage of in several camera modes. These small but specific sequences can be activated on a vehicle. It could be as simple as adjusting a pickup truck's trunk after loading it with materials, or guiding the ramp of a maintenance vehicle down to the ground. Triggers are fully configurable on each vehicle, but please keep in mind that only a few vehicles feature them at the moment.

While we're on the topic of increased immersion, we are happy to announce the addition of Vehicle Pooling for traffic. Once this feature is enabled, the variety of vehicles you encounter will be far greater. please note that this is still a work in progress, and we will continue to update this feature throughout development.

Last but not least, the Bruckell Legran Remaster is finally rolling in! Featuring new facelift variants, a remastered 3D model, highly improved interior, and loads of different configurations for various play styles. Whether it's a plain sedan or a police cruiser, there's lots to take on with the Bruckell Legran Remastered.

There's still plenty more to discover in 0.22. Many further fixes, optimizations, and improvements were implemented for game audio, physics, engine, World Editor, and more. Check out the full patch notes here.

With today's hotfix we are bringing several small fixes for reported issues and improvements for the official translations.

  • Fixed official translations and improved language selection menu

  • Fixed crash on console caused by excessively long text in the popup

  • Fixed wrong year on generated ZIP files

We’ve got a big batch of small changes coming your way! Let’s go over the fixes for tire vibrations, vehicle improvements, translations, and more.
  • Bruckell LeGran
    • Fixed duplicate shifter meshes
    • Fixed temperature gauge
  • ETK 800
    • Fixed license plate clipping
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Added adjustable Woodcrate and Woodplanks loads
    • Improved bed structure: better collision and more stable with heavy objects
    • Increased Desert Truck suspension link strength
    • Decreased Desert Truck IFS maximum steering axle (fixed wheel clipping into lower arm)
    • Fixed Desert Truck fuel cell breaking easily on frontal impacts
    • Fixed dually fender flare signals
    • Fixed bed cover mesh breaking too easily
    • Fixed off-road rear sway bar inverting
  •  Gavril H-Series
    • Added adjustable Woodcrate and Woodplanks loads
    • Added roof basket
    • Fixed off-road rear sway bar inverting
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed offroad rear bumper position
    • Fixed off-road rear sway bar inverting
  • Hirochi SBR
    • Updated configuration descriptions
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed collision triangle breakGroup leak
  • Vivace/Tograc:
    • fix ECS and TCS lights blinking instead of staying on when using disabling electronics mode
  • Common
    • Fixed positions of Hirochi TurboFan and Ibishu Dish hubcaps

  • Improved the ability to pass oncoming traffic in narrow roads

  • Fixed tire vibration at ~35 Kmh, that happened with certain vehicles, due to contact patch resonance effects

Game Engine
  • Fixed bug in Lua Virtual Input that would cause it to not emit received events

  • Fixed the Riverbed Race scenario for Rocky Start campaign, in which there was a missing coupler

  • Updated translations for Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Added ‘Experimental’ warning message to the triple screen option

Full list of changes can be found in the official Dev blog.

Today we prepared another small batch of fixes related to the release of v0.21. Most notably, the issue with Force Feedback has been addressed. Unfortunately, this is linked to the Remote Control App fix, which had to be reverted. We will investigate and restore functionality of the Remote Control App in a future hotfix. 

Smaller fixes have been implemented to reported issues with UI, vehicles, and audio. Full list of changes can be found in the official Dev blog.