Carrier Command 2 News & Announcements

Dear Players,

The new major update is out now!

The Defence and Resupply Update is the new major update, featuring the ability to defend and fortify captured islands, the new land chassis to resupply deployed vehicles in the field, and new consumable fighting droids to flood the battlefield with fire power.


From the vehicle control map, you can select your captured command centers and build static defences. There are 3 static defence turret loadouts, and it's the players decision where to place their fortifications. Static defences take time to manufacture and build so it is important to plan and start early and invest in securing your islands.

The Mule

The Mule is a new land vehicle chassis, with 6 attachment slots of the new utility type. Attachment options include fuel and ammo resupply modules, as well as combat droids. This new vehicle and attachment set allows resupply and replenishment in the field. This has been a popular request, with limited ammo being a major logistics consideration when deploying a landing group.

The Combat Droid

The new combat droid is a deployable fighting unit, similar to virus bots, except equipped with dual chain guns. These droids are consumable and last only as long as their fuel and ammo lasts, but with the ability to carry up to 6 on a single Mule, then deployment can dramatically increase firepower for a limited time.

Once deployed, the new droids work a lot like the other land vehicles, and can be commanded from the map and remote controlled with movement and weapons control.

Please see the notes below for full details of the changes. We also have minor updates in the works and will have more updates out to you as soon as they are ready.

We look forward to your feedback on this new update, and let us know what you want to see next too!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Feature - Defensive turrets can be built on captured islands by selecting the command center on the vehicle control map
- 3 turret loadouts can be constructed
Feature - Added new logistics support vehicle - the mule
- New logistics container attachments can be equipped on the mule
- Mules will automatically resupply nearby vehicles with ammo from their logistics containers
Feature - Added new deployable droid vehicle
- Droids can be attached to the mule and deployed using a deploy waypoint from the vehicle control map
- Droids have a finite amount of ammo but are powerful, making them a good temporary defense
- Up to 6 droids can be attached to a mule at once
- Droids retire and self-destruct when they run out of ammo or fuel
Rework - Rebalanced island control currency rewards
Fix - Fixed chaingun weapons not syncing in multiplayer in some situations

Dear Players,

Major Update 4 will be released on 29th September 2022!

This next major update is the island defense and resupply update. This is a gameplay focused expansion in response to player feedback and common requests, to extend your strategical capabilities.

The Mule

The mule is a new land vehicle chassis, designed specifically for a support role! This chassis has 6 attachment points for the new support modules. These modules include fuel resupply and various types of ammo resupply for replenishment in the field. Your other land vehicles can refuel and resupply when nearby these modules, allowing for extended operation time once ashore.

Fighting Droids

The new fighting droids are mounted to mules via the fighting droid support module - and can be deployed in a similar way to virus bots. These new droids are consumable, with limited power and lifetime, and cannot be recovered from the battlefield. However, they are also ferocious, with high damage output and up to 6 can be mounted to a mule at a time. They can also be remote controlled like any other vehicle.

Base Fortifications

In the next major update, you will be able to build defenses and turrets and fortify your captured islands. This is a critical capability, particularly for PvP games, where capturing neutral islands has been much more difficult than capturing player controlled islands.

This major update will be launching on Thursday 29th September so please do join us for the launch then!

We also have minor updates including fixes and improvements in the works and due for release soon.

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers

Dear Players,

In this minor update, we have continued to look at fixes and improvements. Please see below for the full list of changes in this update.

Changes are typically minor, as we have been keeping a close eye on issues and have been doing extensive internal testing throughout development. We are continuing to work through any remaining quality issues as we want the player experience to be tight and as smooth as possible.

Thanks to all the players who have reported these issues! We really appreciate your help and feedback.

You can expect more minor updates in the coming weeks and months, as well as details on our next major update which we are working on at the moment. The next major update will be gameplay focused with new gameplay features.

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Rework - VR version uses same application name as non-VR so saves/settings are in the same folder
Rework - Wheels no longer consume fuel on air vehicles
Rework - Fuel blueprint is always unlocked
Rework - Aircraft no longer fire guns at ground targets unless pitch delta is small enough
Rework - Waypoint line renders in grey if vehicle waypoints are unavailable
Fix - Safety hatch no longer appears interactable to non-admin players on dedicated servers
Fix - Fixed vehicle hud script not using modded script in multiplayer
Fix - Fixed dedicated server not restarting if all human teams have been defeated
Fix - Vehicle waypoints can no longer be modified when vehicle is in docking state
Fix - Fixed -dev command line option not live-reloading modded files
Fix - Splash sequence waits for main menu to finish creating before updating to fix splash sequence not rendering and starfield being visible when menu loads
Fix - Fixed map context menu opening when trying to add waypoint to docked vehicle
Fix - Fixed not being able to cancel air vehicle docking in some valid states
Fix - Fixed air vehicles sometimes failing to undock immediately after docking

Dear Players,

Today we release v1.3.2, including some fixes and improvements to Carrier Command 2.

We have more fixes and improvements planned in minor updates over the coming weeks and months, and are also working on the next major update which will have a gameplay focus. We will share more info as the work is completed!

Thanks to everyone who has reported issues on the official issue tracker, making this update possible.

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Fix - Fixed aircraft destroyed by impacting the ocean not showing on the ship log
Fix - Surface vehicles no longer try to pathfind through hangars or across runways to avoid collisions with aircraft
Fix - Selecting self-destruct monitor using VR controller no longer prevents deselecting
Fix - Fixed self-destruct timer overflowing UI when set to a value greater than 99
Rework - Enemy air units no longer run out of fuel and crash

Fix - Fixed crash on launch for Mac users
Fix - Fixed dedicated server password protection not working correctly
Fix - Fixed not being able to reconnect to a dedicated server after it has restarted at the end of the game
Fix - Fixed all players displaying as admins in the player list
Fix - Players with unsupported characters in their display name now display their player number in their name so they can still be identified
Fix - Specific "banned" message is now displayed when failing to connect to a server due to being banned
Fix - Fixed friend rich presence data not being set when playing on a dedicated server
Fix - Fixed password not being set in-game when connecting to a password-protected server from the Steam server list
Fix - Fixed Steam server list sometimes showing different number of players to actual player count
Fix - Fixed some minor UI inconsistencies
Rework - Admins can no longer kick/ban other admins from dedicated servers
Rework - Admins can join full servers for moderation purposes
Feature - Added option to mute an individual player's voice chat from multiplayer player list

Dear Players,

Major Update 3 is out now!

In this major update, we have added:

Dedicated Servers

We now include a new dedicated server with Carrier Command 2, and you can set up your own server by following the dedicated servers guide.

Public Server List

You can now browse and join public servers from the game (main menu > multiplayer > public games) and also from the Steam server browser that is built into Steam.


Servers can now be modded, and mods are shared automatically when you join a server. Modded servers show an icon in the server list so you can tell which servers are modded. Only certain files can be modded and the game scripts are all sandboxed to help protect players security.

These are frequently requested new features by the community, and an obvious next step for Carrier Command!

We hope you enjoy this new update and we look forward to supporting players more in the future with another major update and other improvements already in the works!

See you in the public servers!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Feature - Added dedicated server program for hosting public servers (see
Feature - Added public server browser
Feature - Added in-game text chat box
Feature - Server mods are downloaded on clients when joining a game
Rework - Mods are no longer loaded on the main menu (except for translations)
Rework - Modding enabled for game objects and tile definitions
Rework - Rebalanced CIWS ammo capacity

Dear Players,

There are just a few days left until the big major update release!

As a reminder, major update 3 includes new dedicated server support, public server lists, mods-over-wire, and more!

Public server lists and dedicated servers are something that players have been asking for, and for a long time! We are really excited to bring these tools to players and support the community with this new and convenient way to meet and play with others. It is an obvious next step for Carrier Command 2, with multiplayer being such a fun aspect of the game.

In preparation for the new update, you can read our technical guide on hosting dedicated servers.

Mods will be supported over multiplayer, in an automatic way, with no need to sync your subscriptions in order to play on servers. You will be able to see if a server is using mods from the server list before you join. Only certain files can be modded in Carrier Command 2, and the scripts are sandboxed meaning that access is limited to a set of API game functions that we provide, with no access to files, internet, or any other function that we haven't specifically added a function for.

See you on Monday for the big update!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers

Dear Players,

On the 23rd May 2022, we are releasing Major Update #3, including dedicated servers, public server lists, and mods-over-wire support!

From the 23rd May, you will be able to host and join public dedicated server games! This has been a popular and frequent request from players and we are really excited to introduce this to Carrier Command 2.

The new dedicated servers allow hosting multiplayer games without running the client. These servers are designed for non-attended operation and will automatically restart as required. Servers have various options and can be passworded, or otherwise open to anyone.

Dedicated servers will appear in the new public games server list in game, and in the Steam server browser. From the new public server list, players will be able to see a list of all dedicated servers, player counts, if they are modded, etc. and be able to join these servers.

Any modifications installed on the server are automatically downloaded and synchronized to all clients (for both dedicated and locally hosted games) meaning that servers can be run with their own custom modded content, and all players will see and use that same content.

This makes modding much more multiplayer friendly, where mod creators can have confidence that all players in a game are running the same mods, and players are not required to subscribe to join multiplayer games.

We are very excited for the big release and can't wait to share it soon! See you on the 23rd May for the big release!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers

Dear Players,

We have just released v1.2.7 which includes some bug fixes as well as some long awaited VR features and fixes.

We are very busy completing the next CC2 major update but have found some time for some of the fixes and improvements, which are included in this build.

With much fewer issues remaining on the issues board, some of these fixes are minor, for example some spotlight rendering artifacts could sometimes be still seen through waves, which has now been resolved.

We have also revisited the VR tasks, most of which where cleaned up shortly after initial release, but a few remained where they were minor issues. Recentering now recenters orientation rather than just position (to be more consistent with other VR games), hearing now uses the correct VR head orientation, you can now see the hover info for achievements in VR, and input is correctly passed only to the hovered screen, which hasn't always been the case.

With regard to VR, our original plan was to have the VR edition be a separate App on Steam to make it clear to players that Carrier Command 2 is both VR and non-VR (which is otherwise very confusing). Ultimately, this hasn't worked well for the game. Because the apps are linked, Steam assigns all sales to the base game and considers CC2 to have sold zero copies, meaning zero promotion in the VR category. There is also the issue with cross-platform play where players need to start the game in an unusual way to play CC2 VR in multiplayer.

We have now decided to integrate the Carrier Command 2 VR client in the base game, and add a VR launch option to the base game. This doesn't affect anyones access to the VR version of the game, or changes our support plans for VR, it just moves the launch button in the Steam client. It makes it easier to play multiplayer and it makes it easier for us to release updates.

These changes will be rolled out over the next week or so.

We have big plans for the next major update and will be back here very soon to talk about what is in the next major update, release dates, and more!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Fix - spot light volume rendering appearing in front of ocean waves
Fix - map data now correctly synced in all situations after loading a game or connecting to an MP game
Fix - some safety code to avoid most common CTD
Fix - VR corrected head orientation for hearing audio
Fix - VR can no longer interact with the tablet from the back
Fix - VR screen interactions now always consider which screen is being hovered so input isn't shared between tablet and other screens
Fix - VR interaction reworked so hovering achievements now shows achievement data
Fix - carrier_command_vr.exe now included in base game AppID.

Dear Players,

Today we release the latest Carrier Command 2 hotfix.

Many of these fixes are relatively minor, as there are only a couple of dozen live bugs on the issue tracker, and we aim to get this number right down.

The most impactful change is a fix for weather and ocean current sync - as we discovered a bug in our saving/loading that meant this data would not always save / load / sync over multiplayer correctly. This fix should mean it always works, and weather and ocean is now also seeded by the world seed when a game starts, rather than starting in the same state. This means that weather will now follow unique patterns, and match reliably between players in multiplayer.

We continue working on the next major update and will announce the update closer to release when the update is locked in and complete!

We hope you enjoy these fixes and improvements!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Fix - Fixed Petrel circling vehicle it was tasked to pick up instead of picking it up
Fix - Weather correctly saves/loads with saved games
Fix - Adjusted navmesh of some problematic cliff tiles to prevent land vehicles getting stuck on them
Fix - Fixed being able to walk inside carrier deck weapons
Fix - Fixed player being able to clip into carrier elevator shaft
Fix - Fixed player getting stuck in the wall near carrier elevator
Feature - Added screen mod script functions requested in issue #1824 (

Dear Players,

Today we release the v1.2.5 hot fix for naval combat in response to player feedback.

Torpedo behaviour and swordfish speed had been changed unintentionally, causing a change in balance to naval combat. We have now rebalanced this area of the game so naval combat is more effective and balanced.

We have reduced the Swordfish speed to be similar to the Needlefish, and improved torpedo tracking so that they lock by bearing rather than heading - allowing them to predict an intercept point and track ahead of the target. This torpedo change is very similar to the change we recently made to AA missiles and greatly improves their ability to hit targets at constant speed and course.

Separately, we have also decreased fuel consumption of the Needlefish and Swordfish, so that their effective range is much greater. This means your fleet vessels have the option to operate more autonomously, and depend less on the carrier.

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Fix - Improved torpedo target tracking
Rework - Reduced swordfish force emitter magnitude so they go slower
Rework - Decreased fuel consumption of ships so light ship can travel continuously at max throttle for roughly an hour before running out of fuel

Dear Players,

Today we release the v1.2.3 bug fix and improvement update including several important changes. Please see the patch notes below for the full list of changes in todays update.

Thanks to all other players submitting reproducible bug reports and feature requests on the official issue tracker. We are working our way through the reported issues that we are able to reproduce, and over the last few months we have made a huge number of changes, with only a small number of issues remaining active on the issue tracker.

We have more bug fix updates planned and are also working on the next major update! This next major update addresses a series of very popular player requests and we are excited to bring these changes to players. As always, we are more concerned with the doing rather than the talking, but we will announce more as we complete the update and are closer to a release!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Fix - Improved AA missile tracking capability so they are better at hitting their target
Fix - Fixed aircraft at the back of island hangars often getting stuck on vehicles at the front of the hangar when deploying
Fix - Fixed helicopters getting stuck in a loop and failing to execute bombing runs
Fix - Stabilised camera attached to aircraft no longer fights mouse movement when aircraft is rotating
Fix - Carrier stock count updates when fleet ships rearm
Fix - Fixed albatross aileron movement being reversed
Fix - Boat engine sounds vary with throttle level
Fix - Fixed some FBX mesh files not compiling with mod sdk compiler
Rework - Barges no longer do large amounts of impact damage to ships
Rework - Renamed gun attachments to have their ammo calibre displayed in their names

Rework - increased albatross wing size and lift to reduce albatross pitching up in forward flight
Rework - reduced albatross and manta buoyancy to reduce skimming water behaviour
Rework - inventory screen displays weight/capacity in red if carrier inventory is full
Fix - fixed texture atlas and mesh compiling in the mod dev kit
Fix - lowered rear CIWS so they do not float slightly above deck
Fix - missiles no longer ignore terrain collisions or collisions with vehicles other than their parent during impact cooldown so rockets can't tunnel through the ground
Fix - fixed rockets destroying carrier instantly in some cases
Fix - fixed barge unloading items into carrier when its inventory capacity is full

Fix - Fixed game consistently freezing in some saves
Fix - Observation camera remote support uses closest vehicle weapon to target location
Fix - Aircraft no longer drop to 0 altitude and crash when set to follow a surface vehicle from a great distance
Fix - Rebalanced fog causing camera vision range to be reduced even in clear weather
Fix - Fixed no longer being able to lock on to targets with surface IR missile attachment
Fix - Added individual descriptions for different ship types in warehouse production UI
Fix - Missile single/double attack options no longer display for aircraft with AA missiles when setting attack order on land/sea vehicles
Fix - Fixed unknown attachment being displayed on HUD for ship torpedo attachment

Dear Players,

Major Update 2 is now live!

In this new major update, we have added the new modding development kit, with all the tools you need to modify game textures, meshes, sound effects, screen scripts and more! With this, we have also added Steam Workshop support so it is very easy to share your creations or download modded content! The technical reference guide for modding is available on the new official wiki.

We have also added fleet ships, where both you and the enemy team may now manufacture patrol ships of various load outs, and build your naval presence. Carrier battles will now be fleet battles, and so introduces a major new dynamic to the naval gameplay.

With this update is also a host of new bug fixes and improvements. See the changelog below for full details!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Feature - Improved modding support
- Mods can be enabled/disabled from main menu
- Steam workshop support
- Enabled modding for textures/meshes/audio/shaders
- Mod SDK included in game folder with source game assets
- Modding wiki tutorial available at
Feature - Warehouse island can now manufacture ships
- Ships available with multiple loadouts
- Ships can be set to follow the carrier in formation
- Ships automatically resupply from the carrier's inventory when close enough
Feature - Enemy carrier will manufacture support ships over time from their warehouse island
Feature - General improvements and fixes to enemy carrier AI
Feature - Added option when starting new game to control initial blueprint unlocks

Rework - Loadout options when starting new game now control what inventory stock the carrier starts with
Rework - Increased range for scanning ships when using observation cameras
Rework - Removed unused secondary attachment key binding
Rework - Rocket pod attachment no longer has perfect accuracy
Fix - Vehicles spawn with 1 hitpoint when changing chassis to avoid chasses swap repair exploit
Fix - Aircraft debris no longer bounces on the ocean after being destroyed
Fix - Fixed enemy island aircraft not launching or getting stuck/crashing when launching
Fix - Fixed some enemy carrier vehicles spawning with no weapon attached
Fix - Vehicles no longer continue to attack island turrets after they have converted to their own team

Dear Players,

Carrier Command 2 Major Update 2 - The Steam Workshop and Modding Update - is coming on Monday the 21st February at 1700 UTC!

Please join us one hour before for the launch party live stream, where we will be deploying our own fleet of ships as we battle the enemy fleet, as well as making a simple mod to show how the new modding and steam workshop support works. We will also be chatting to players, answering your questions, talking about this new update, and what could be next!

Thank you to all the players who have already been creating incredible modifications and those who have inspired this update or made suggestions on the official issue tracker!

We can not wait to see what creations and content the community create with these new tools, and we are looking forward to the player feedback on what we have been working on the past few months.

See you on Monday!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers

Dear Players,

Major Update 2 is nearly here, and includes the new modding development kit, Steam Workshop support, and player manufacturable and controllable fleet ships!

The Modification Development Kit

We are extending modding support in Carrier Command 2 to include the ability to mod 3D models, textures, shaders, audio, localization, as well as the existing script modding. In Major Update 2, the game will include the complete development kit for creating these new types of mods, including the source assets, a simple compiling tool, the modification developers manual, and new in-game UI for activating and uploading mods to the Steam Workshop.

This is all in response to the huge levels of interest that players have shown to modding, with some players already putting huge effort and time into creating mods, and many mods already available. The new development kit will make more possible, and everything easier.

This new modding support will enable various new types of cosmetic game modding. This is the second big modding update we are pushing and will continue to listen to players and modders for what other types of support they would like to see next.

Steam Workshop Support

With Steam Workshop support, it will be much easier to share and download mods. You will be able to browse, subscribe, comment and vote up modifications.

It is also a much safer way to get mods, with Carrier Command 2 only allowing specific files to be modded, such as the textures, meshes, and audio. The scripting files are already sandboxed for safety.

Downloading and installation of mods is automatic, and there is convenient in-game UI for selecting and activating the mods you want to use.

Fleet Ships

We are adding the ability for fleet ships to be manufactured and controlled by both the player and AI teams. This is a very popular and frequent request from players and we are very excited to add this.

In Major Update 2, you can manufacture several loadout variants of the smaller fleet ship from your drydock. These ships are controllable from the map with waypoints, and can also be navigated from first person. They can be equiped with several loadouts, including the main artillery gun, cruise missiles, anti-air missiles, and CIWS.

These ships can also be assigned to support the carrier, in which case they take up vic formation. Note that their engines are less powerful than the carriers, and the fleet can only travel at the speed of it's slowest member.

Fleet ships resupply from the carrier when in proximity. This this visible on the map where you can see the mechanism and the resupply state.

The enemy AI will also manufacture fleet ships, which will also assist in capturing islands and fighting the other carrier teams, so expect carrier duels to have a new dynamic, with more firepower on the battlefield.

We have also been making various bug fixes and improvements with the upcoming release. Today we release hotfix v1.1.4 with several fixes to enemy aircraft and airfield behaviour, but we have continued to make improvements and expect all enemy airfield issues will be resolved in major update 2.

We are very excited to share this major update soon and thank all our players for the feedback and support.

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers

Fix - Fixed enemy aircraft not considering air/sea targets as valid when docking in a hangar.
Fix - Fixed island aircraft docking and operation states not being updated to correct states during dock/undock.
Fix - Increased enemy aircraft detection range and fixed aircraft not launching from hangar.
Known Issue - In some situations, enemy aircraft may have issues taking off from airfields. However these are fixed in v1.2.0.

Dear Players,

Hotfix update v1.1.3 is now live! We have fixed a series of issues and added improvements to several systems. The most important gameplay changes include improving AI aircraft behaviour to reduce accidental crashes, mouse flight control improvements, and some modding support issues. Please see the changelog below for full details.

Thank you to all the players who gave feedback and reported issues on the official issue tracker using the in-game buttons. This is really helpful to us and these bug fix and improvement updates are direct result of player feedback.

We are busy preparing for Major Update 2 - this is an ambitious update that will open up new possibilities in Carrier Command 2 involving mod support. We are working hard completing the new features and are really excited to share. We will announce more in the coming weeks.

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Fix - Increased waypoint consume distance of aircraft so they no longer get stuck circling waypoints
Fix - Increased Petrel yaw power to fix them flying sideways
Fix - Fixed aircraft crashing into the ground when attacking ground targets
Fix - Helicopter landing mode when docking now activates at 400m instead of 3200m to reduce chances of them crashing into islands
Fix - Improved aircraft attack order behaviour when approaching targets from high altitude
Fix - Fixed mouse flight controls not working for TV-guided missiles
Fix - Fixed mouse flight controls not working for vehicles that are very far away from the carrier
Fix - Torpedoes steer more aggressively when facing away from their target
Fix - Players can no longer interact with buttons through walls
Fix - Fixed stationary island turrets not displaying hitpoints on their HUD
Rework - Minor localisation fixes and improvements
Rework - Vehicle HUD script is synced to clients in multiplayer games

Dear Players,

Update v1.1.2 is now out! This is a hotfix release with several bug fixes and improvements.

Many thanks to all those players who have reported issues using the official issue tracker.


Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Fix - Barges cancel transferring items to carrier/from islands if they move too far away
Fix - Barge inventory item weight hidden from production UI as it cannot be stored in the carrier's inventory
Fix - Mouse flight inversion settings are correctly applied in offset mode
Fix - Observation camera zoom controls are consistent for land/air vehicles in mouse/keyboard mode
Fix - Updated some Chinese translations
Rework - Rockets and bombs are significantly less effective against the carrier's main hull hitpoints

Dear Players,

Major Update 1 is out now!

In Major Update 1, we have added mouse control support for flying aircraft (with customization), new modding features, and completely reworked the logistics system and economy balance.

These new updates are in response to the biggest and most requested changes to the game by the community (via the official issue tracker), and inspired by the incredible mods being created by the community.

We are really pleased with how this major update has turned out, with many aspects of playing the game being dramatically improved. The game is now much more balanced, the logistics system is much easier to use and more effective, and the aircraft are so much more fun to fly. We hope you enjoy the changes and look forward to your feedback!

There has been no shortage of quality suggestions and requests - we would have loved to add many more of the fantastic player suggestions that have been submitted. However, there is only so much time in a day and it is a matter of ordering the most important changes first. Rest assured, we will continue to develop future updates and we look forward to working with the community and continue to improve and support Carrier Command 2.

There are so many possibilities for what could be next. More modding and workshop support? Improved AI? Public server lists? Please let us know your thoughts on what should be prioritized by posting suggestions on the official issue tracker, and placing stars on your favourite suggestions.

See the full changes in the patch notes below.

Enjoy this new update!

Much love <3,

The Carrier Command Developers


Feature - Added mouse controls for flying aircraft with several options to suit different preferences, including:
- Continuous motion or offset from center of screen
- Mouse controls yaw/pitch or roll/pitch
- Invert X/Y control
- X/Y sensitivity (for continuous motion mode)
- UI options to enable/disable mouse joystick visualisation on aircraft HUD
Feature - Completely overhauled aircraft physics to be more responsive, easier to handle and generally more fun
Feature - Overhauled barge logistics management and economy
- Players now have more direct control over where barges go and what they do by setting waypoints
- Improved logistics screen UI that makes it easier to track what barges are doing
- Increased overall barge inventory capacity
- Many rebalances to item costs and production times
- Rebalanced currency awarded for destroying enemy vehicles and capturing islands
- Items can be discarded from the carrier's inventory without waiting for barges to collect them
- Logistics screen now displays barge hitpoints
Feature - Officially integrated some features from QuantX's CC2 UI Enhancer mod
- Holomap
- Cursor position is visible to other players in multiplayer
- Holding interact and moving cursor lets you take bearings, measure distances and indicate direction to other players
- Island names/difficulties/factories displayed
- Cursor coordinates displayed in bottom left corner
- Vehicle Control Screen
- Added option to enable/disable grid overlay
- Hovering air vehicle waypoints displays their altitude
- Propulsion Screen
- Added an overview of aircraft that are taking off/landing/taxiing
- Navigation Screen
- Added option to enable/disable island names
Feature - Improved screen modding support
- When connecting to a multiplayer game, clients automatically download modded screen scripts so all players are in sync
- Running the game with "-dev" command line argument enables realtime file updating for screen script files
Feature - Vehicles remember which bay they were last docked with on the carrier and try to dock in the same bay if available when returning
Rework - Removed manual control from artillery cannon attachment - this attachment is now for remote support only
Fix - Fixed screen brightness not loading with saved game
Fix - Using mouse to pan map screens around now has consistent behaviour across all map screens (vehicle control, logistics, holomap)
Fix - Moving mouse offscreen no longer causes maps/scrollbars to jump around when dragging