These are rules that apply directly to discord servers within our community.

1. Staff have the final say.
2. No pinging @everyone or @here.
3. No NSFW in any channel.
4. Do not spam, in messages or voice channels.
5. No making disruptive noises in voice channels.
6. No harassment.
7. Use channels properly, read the description of the channel to know its purpose.
8. You can ping @Staff for help.
9. No self-advertising, including discord invites on the server or you will be permanently banned.
10. Use common sense, you are responsible for everything that you post, be mindful.
11. Naming System, make sure to keep your discord nickname the same as your in-game steam name.
12. You may only use English in the text channels.
13. Use the channels for their intended purposes.
15. Malicious or exploitative use of alternate discord accounts is strictly prohibited
All roles and channel information can be viewed here.

In-Game Rules

1. Use common sense.
2. Don't spawn large or complex vehicles.
3. No Spawning vehicles from the Vehicle Ban List.
4. No stealing any other players vehicles.
5. Despawn unused & broken vehicles. (?clean)
6. No advertising in-game (example: having server names and/or logos on vehicles).
7. Staff have final say.


1. You need a Boat License to use boats on this server.

Our Systems
AutoAuth Enabled
AutoBan Enabled
Anti-steal Enabled
Advanced Mode
Fast Travel
Islands Unlocked
Time Cycle
Player Damage
Top-up Zone @ O'neill Airbase
Top-up Zone @ Tajin Airstrip
In-Game Rules
1. Use common sense.
2. Don't spawn vehicles that cause significant lag.
3. No messing with other players vehicles or Kerbals.
4. No removing other players vehicles unless you have the permission of the person who spawned them.
5. Remove vehicles that either you do not plan to use and/or will not benefit the server.
6. Staff have the final say.
In-Game Rules
1. Use common sense.
In-Game Rules
All up-to-date company rules can be viewed in Trucksbook.
In-Game Rules
General Rules
Punishment RP fine. X amount distributed among all farms online.
1. Do not block roads, sell points or other peoples fields with objects.
2. Only cut down trees on your property.
3. Do not sabotage other peoples work.
4. Always show respect for other peoples equipment, crops and livestock.
5. Always listen to the farm manager when working as a farm workers or contractor.
6. Do not create landscapes that will spoil the map for everyone (e.g a large unnatural mountain on your field).
7. Use common sense.

Other Rules
Punishment Farm delete
1. You can have buildings producing upto 500 an hour or 12k in one in game day. Caught with a building or a combination of buildings producing more then 500 an hour or 12 k in one in game day will result in immediate removal of farm.

FS22 Generators
Small farms* are allowed to use a generator that produces upto 14k a month.
*A small farm is a farm that owns upto or less then 2 land tiles.
All other farms are considered big and should be independant (Have no generators).
Breaking either of these will result in farm deleation.
In-Game Rules
1. Do not spawn at nations unless you have joined them(This is usually a DM group or just organized such as Currently the USA is taken.
2. Do not Abuse the in-game voice chat.
3. When selecting a squad make sure you join a separate group such as alpha 1-2, 1-3, and so on. if you see players that are not in your group don't join their squad.
4. Spawn camping. Player spawn locations are marked on the map. If you plan to attack their base, you will be able to occupy for 30 minutes max. if you die you have to wait 1 hour before you return to their base.
5. NO Team Killing.
6. No Cheating.
7. Report any issues on discord.